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Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to the feet and hands ... Mildred Carter's book “Helping Yourself with Foot Reflexology” in 1970.
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Reflexology master Chen Ming-Jen's book is here to show us how to do everything we need to do using only the tools we have at home. Drawing on four decades of ...
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Feet First A Guide To Foot Reflexology

Getting the books Feet First A Guide To Foot Reflexology now is not type of inspiring means. You could not deserted going once.
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Recommended book list - ITEC

The Reflexology Handbook. L Norman with T Cowan £20.00. Piatkus Books. ISBN 9780749927387. An Introductory Guide to Anatomy & Physiology.
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Hand Reflexology: A text book for students

Most books about reflexology describe how ear, nose and throat specialist, Dr William Fitzgerald (1872–1942), developed zone therapy in the United States early ...
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Reflexology: Integrating the Four Theories

Integrative Reflexology® is based on the premises that when you understand ... read the book my favorite book Staying Healthy with the Seasons by Elson Haas ...
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Complete Reflexology for Life: The Definitive Illustrated Reference to Reflexology for All Ages—from Infants to Seniors

por Barbara Kunz

This comprehensive guide teaches you how to work reflexology into your busy daily routine. Featuring fully-illustrated reflexology sequences for all ages and different scenarios, this calming, relaxing technique will help you forge stronger bonds with everyone in your life, and bring about gentle healing through touch. Complete Reflexology for Life includes reflexology routines for every age, from babies to great-grandparents and everyone in between. This guide shows you how to use reflexology to relieve stress, reduce pain, and recover from injuries.

Pressing reflex points on the feet and hands is ideal for encouraging health and overall well-being. Complete Reflexology for Life covers over 30 common ailments, from sore throats to diabetes. Featuring step-by-step sequences with unique arrow illustrations to highlight techniques, you'll learn how to treat all kinds of conditions, from asthma and allergies to high blood pressure and stress. Whether playfully squeezing the toes of tiny tots to help them relax, or helping to relieve arthritis, this book gives you the tools to discover the power of healing feet.

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The New Reflexology: A Unique Blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Reflexology Practice for Better Health an

por Inge Dougans

Reflexology has always been an effective way to relieve stress, alleviate pain, and combat ailments, but in The New Reflexology, internationally acclaimed instructor Inge Dougans shows readers a unique and proven method for getting even better results. Her system -- an integration of traditional Chinese medicine (particularly the 5 elements and their 12 meridians), diet, and standard Western reflexology practice -- allows practitioners to treat a much wider variety of ailments with greater accuracy and success. In simple and straightforward terms, Dougans explains why the meridians are essential for reflexology, how to use meridian therapy and the 5 elements for effective assessment and treatment, how to relate structural foot problems to imbalances in the rest of the body, and much more. Illustrated with dozens of line drawings that guide readers step-by-step through the treatments, this fresh and highly effective approach is sure to revolutionize the practice of reflexology as we know it.

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Reflexology: The Definitive Practitioner's Manual: Recommended by the International Therapy Examination Council for Students and Practitoners

por Beryl Crane

This reflexology text includes coverage of such topics as: the art and practice of reflexology; the physiological and energetic theories of reflexology; the mapping of organs and body systems onto the foot; hand reflexology; taking case histories and patient care; and running a successful practice. Reflexology is the ancient technique of treating the whole body by pressing reflex points on the foot which affect different organs in the body through the meridian system and through different zones relating to each organ. This reflexology text includes coverage of such topics as: the art and practice of reflexology; the physiological and energetic theories of reflexology; the mapping of organs and body systems onto the foot; hand reflexology; taking case histories and patient care; and running a successful practice.

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The Self-Help Reflexology Handbook: Easy Home Routines for Hands and Feet to Enhance Health and Vitality

por Sonia Ducie

Reflexology is a complementary healing technique, second only to aromatherapy in popularity. The feet and hands are a 'map' of the organs of the body. Reflexology can be used to relieve symptoms and as a preventative health measure. It involves applying pressure to reflex points on the hands and feet, each point relating to a part of the body. The book explains how easy it is to use reflexology techniques every day at home, without a practitioner, to enhance your health and well-being. Part 1 illustrates basic reflexology techniques and explains how to apply them. Part 2 includes easy step-by-step routines especially devised to help improve confidence, build strength, relax, increase vitality, enjoy better sex, boost metabolism and speed up detoxification. Part 3 includes 22 common health problems such as headaches, toothache, backache, travel sickness and panic attacks and provides techniques for dealing with them. Devised with everyday health in mind, this book has something for everyone.

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por Bill Flocco

Reflexology is a safe and gentle therapy that combats stress, boosts the immune system, and stimulates our natural healing processes. But for the beginner, it can be an overwhelming technique to try to learn. With dozens of pressure points on the hands and feet alone, learning not only where they are but how to use them can seem a daunting task.

Idiot's Guides: Reflexology is geared for the absolute beginner; in addition to learning about the zones and what part of the body each zone targets, you learn how to perform each technique with beautiful step-by-step color images that clearly outline the hand positions and how to apply pressure correctly. Idiot's Guides: Reflexology not only covers the techniques for the hands and feet, but the ears as well. In addition, the book covers:

- How to treat specific ailments (headaches, back pain, asthma, etc.) with reflexology
- Sequences that show how to perform the technique on yourself as well as someone else
- Information on how to read a reflexology chart
- Complete color reflexology charts for the hands, feet, and ears for reference
- Tips for performing reflexology on children

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Principles of Reflexology: What it is, how it works, and what it can do for you Revised Edition

por Nicola Hall

Reflexology is a form of complete healing that can detect and correct energy imbalance and restore balance to the body by relating each zone of the body to different points on the hands and feet.This introductory guide covers the theory on which reflexology is based, as well as its history, and the principles of practice. The author includes an description of how treatment works and how it is given, a guide to the reflex areas and their relationship to the rest of the body, effective reflexology treatments and case studies, reflexology as a preventative therapy and how to find a reliable reflexologist.
This will be an enlightening guide for anybody interested in what reflexology has to offer and for those wanting to learn more about therapies that present alternatives to traditional treatment. Students and practitioners of reflexology and related practices will find it a useful reference, and a perfect introduction to recommend to clients.

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Reflexology (Collins Gem)

por Collins

Reflexology is increasing in popularity as more people turn towards natural forms of medicine. This is a practical introduction, full of diagrams, photographs and clear advice on using reflexology to treat medical problems. The basis of reflexology is that areas in the foot correspond to different parts of the body. The art of reflexology is to recognise any imbalances and correct them through manipulation.
The book starts with an introduction to the origin of reflexology and then covers
• How reflexology works
• The reflex areas of the feet
• The position of the reflex areas
• How to give treatment
• General advice on treatment
• The complete treatment to cover the whole body from the brain to the lymphatic system
• Specific treatments for particular ailments
• Possible reactions to treatment
Let this Collins Gem introduce you to the theory and practice of reflexology. It gives you a clear, step-by-step guidance to help you understand and practice the benefits of reflexology.

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Acupressure and Reflexology For Dummies

por Synthia Andrews

Features healing routines and illustrations to guide you Ease your aches and find relief through the power of touch
Searching for alternative treatments for pain? This friendly, do-it-yourself guide introduces you to the basics and benefits of acupressure and reflexology, showing you step by step how to nurture your emotional and physical well-being and that of someone else. You'll see how to target specific body parts to address your ailments and improve your emotional as well as your physical well-being.
Understand basic healing principles Relieve your specific aches and pains
Boost your immune system
Address age-related ailments
Find professional help

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Reflexology: Reference to Go: 50 Healing Techniques

por Katy Dreyfuss

Encourage well-being in yourself and others with reflexology, an age-old, hands-on therapy. Using gentle pressure on specific spots of the hands, feet, and ears, the practice of reflexology relieves the tensions of everyday ailments and promotes energy flow throughout the body. Featuring maps of reflexology regions and flows, easy-to-follow sequences, and color-coded instruction pages, this ebook helps you to achieve good health and natural balance.

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Total Reflexology of the Hand: An Advanced Guide to the Integration of Craniosacral Therapy and Reflexology

por Martine Faure-Alderson

How to apply the precise treatment techniques of Total Reflexology, which combines craniosacral therapy and foot reflexology, to the hands

• Explains the special relationship between the hand and the brain, making hand reflexology ideal for treatment of neurological, mental, and emotional disorders

• Details how to use the occipital zones of craniosacral therapy to pinpoint which zones and points on the hands to treat

• Includes full-color detailed maps of the pressure points and zones of the hands

One of the most defining physical characteristics of humanity, the hands contain reflex zones and pressure points related to the systems and organs of the body just like the feet. The reflex zones and points of the hands present the most effective means of treating psychological and neurological disorders due to their sophisticated relationship with the brain.

Applying her ground-breaking combination of reflexology and craniosacral therapy to the hands, Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson explains how to use hand reflexology to treat the brain and each of the body’s systems, from the digestive system to the human energetic system. She provides precise full-color mapped hand diagrams illustrating the exact placement of the points according to the bones of the hands, the result of more than 40 years of research and clinical practice. She explains how to use the occipital zones of craniosacral therapy to pinpoint which zones and points on the hands to treat.

Examining the psychological level of brain-hand interactions, the author reveals how neurological dysfunctions and mental disorders respond more readily to hand reflexology than to other forms of therapies. She explains how many physical ailments have a psychological component and how reflexology automatically triggers the release of endorphins by working directly on the autonomic nervous system.

The author explores the role of nutritional supplements, including Omega 3s, as a support to reflexology therapy and shows how finely tuned reflexology stimulates the body’s self-healing abilities and cellular regeneration, making this an indispensable resource for holistic health practitioners and for home self-care.

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