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ZEN SHIATSU How to Harmonize Yin and Yang

In writing this book I hope to explain the techniques not only from a mechanical point of view but from a philosophical aspect that will enable you to ...

Shiatsu Short Form Handbook

Shiatsu Books & References. 76. About Jim Cleaver & Kata Shiatsu ... Shiatsu is both a general style of bodywork and a specific massage technique.

Shiatsu Pdf

Most likely you have knowledge that, people have see numerous time for their favorite books later this Shiatsu Pdf, but stop stirring in harmful downloads.

The Self Shiatsu Handbook

These books each present a complete course of instruction with easy-to- understand terms and exercises. The methods and philosophies found in ...

Ocean Of Streams Zen Shiatsu Meridians Tsubos And

Yeah, reviewing a book Ocean Of Streams Zen Shiatsu Meridians Tsubos And could build up your near friends listings. This is just one of the solutions for ...

Shiatsu Theory And Practice (PDF)

The customary book, fiction, history, novel, scientific research, as with ease as various other sorts of books are readily easy to use here. As ...

Zen Shiatsu How To Harmonize Yin And Yang For Better ...

About our service uguisu seitaiin massage. Shizuto masunaga author of zen shiatsu goodreads. Books on zen shiatsu stretching amp shiatsu.

Self Shiatsu Secondo I Principi Di Zen Shiatsu , Laozi (PDF)

If you desire to hilarious books, lots of novels, tale, jokes, and more fictions collections are moreover launched, from best seller to one of ...

Paul Lundberg Guidance Methods of the Seiki Way

A rare U.S. intensive with Paul Lundberg, author of The Book of Shiatsu. Paul is here to transmit his life's work, including the insights gained by 30 years.

The Book of Shiatsu: Vitality & Health Through the Art of Touch

por Paul Lundberg

With shiatsu (a Japanese word meaning "finger pressure") you can release and stimulate the energy flowing through your body -- using just your hands and fingers -- to awaken your body's natural healing modalities. The Book of Shiatsu is the authoritative, step-by-step guide to this uniquely effective therapy. The techniques offered are simple and can be used to treat a variety of health problems, particularly:

• Arthritic conditions

• Backaches

Emotional stress

• Headaches and migraines

• Intestinal disorders

• Menstrual and reproductive problems

• Muscular pain and tension

Here you'll find more than 240 color drawings and photographs in a brand-new, accessible format, demonstrating how to give both whole-body and specialized massages, diagnose specific conditions, and work with the body's energy meridians to promote sustained health and well-being.

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Orgone Shiatsu

por Alvin Avalon

Originating in Japan, Shiatsu is a popular form of holistic massage therapy that combines traditional Chinese five-element theory with the concept of Ki, or life-energy. Shiatsu uses a range of techniques to facilitate the flow of Ki through the body, resulting in a deep sense of wellbeing and relaxation. This short ebook presents an alternative form of Shiatsu, based around the esoteric concept of Orgone energy in place of Ki, and using the familiar four elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water in place of the Chinese elements. Orgone Shiatsu is specifically designed to give modern women the kind of vigorous stimulation and fulfilling release they need after a stressful day at work.

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Shiatsu: An Introductory Guide to the Technique and its Benefits

por Oliver Cowmeadow

Developed from a traditional form of Japanese massage, Shiatsu is based upon the same philosophy and medical theory as acupuncture and other oriental healing methods. Literally translated, Shi-atsu means "finger pressure", but practitioners also use their palms, knees and forearms, and employ stretching techniques. These combine in a simple but effective form of treatment used to promote health and general well-being, as well as to cure illness and prevent future problems.

In this straight-forward step-by-step guide, Oliver Cowmeadow introduces us to the ways in which Shiatsu can be beneficial to both the person giving and person receiving.

Shiatsu: A Practical Introduction clearly explains:
-The role of energy in Shiatsu
-How to give the full body Shiatsu treatment
-How to eat an energetically balanced diet to promote health
-How to treat simple health problems with Shiatsu
-Methods of oriental diagnosis
-Common uses of acupressure points
-Energy balancing exercises for yourself

Oliver Cowmeadow has been teaching Shiatsu for more than 20 years and is the founder and principal of the Devon School of Shiatsu.

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Seitai (Lymphatic) Shiatsu, Cupping and Gua Sha for a Healthy Immune System

por Richard Gold

To ensure a well-functioning immune system, the lymphatic system must be healthy. This book provides detailed information on the principles and practice of techniques from East Asian medicine which vitalize and move the lymphatic system to get the immune system working at its optimal level. These techniques include shiatsu, cupping therapy and gua sha. Highlighting the significance of the omentum (a layer of peritoneum that surrounds abdominal organs), the book describes the dynamic physiological attributes of this mostly ignored component of human anatomy. Using the author's decades of experience working in East Asian and Integrative medicine, he expertly builds a bridge between Western theories of the immune system with Asian bodywork's emphasis on abdominal treatment. Innovative and insightful guidance for students and practitioners working in Asian Healing modalities and lymphatic techniques.

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Tratamiento del cuello con Shiatsu

por Shigeru Onoda

La zona cervical sostiene la cabeza, siendo esta una de las partes más pesadas del cuerpo. Gracias a esta zona la cabeza dispone de movilidad. El cuello es la parte con más movilidad de la columna y la menos sólida, por ello se convierte en la zona más delicada. Cuando hay dolor en el cuello, se tensa y se vuelve rígido, como consecuencia perdemos flexibilidad en todo el cuerpo.
Después de más de 30 años sanando pacientes, hemos realizado este libro didáctico en el que mostramos la manera óptima de tratar la zona cervical.
Con multitud de imágenes y comentarios.
En este tomo hacemos hincapié en el diagnóstico para determinar el orden de trabajo, fundamentos básicos del tratamiento del cuello mediante Shiatsu, drenaje y finalizamos  mostrando las pautas para el tratamiento de la zona anterior y las zonas reflejas.

Autor. Shigeru Onoda.
Nivel de dificultad. Medio.
Idioma. Castellano.
Portada blanda. 71 Páginas.

Teoría: Dolores relacionados, la forma de pensar en Aze Shiatsu
Diagnóstico para determinar el orden de trabajo
  1. Palpación de las apófisis espinosas de vertebras cervicales
  2. Palpación de la región cervical posterior (ambos lados a la vez)
  3. Palpación de la región cervical posterior (lado derecho y lado izquierdo)
  4. Palpación de la región occipital (ambos lados a la vez)
Fundamentos del tratamiento de cuello con Aze Shiatsu
  1. Región Interescapular (lado derecho)
  2. Región Deltopectoral (lado derecho)
  3. Región Supraescapular (lado derecho)
  4. Estiramiento de brazo del paciente (lado derecho)
  5. Región intercostal lateral (lado derecho)
  6. Región axilar y región braquial medial
  7. Cervical lateral (lado izquierdo)
  8. Cervical posterior (lado izquierdo)
  9. Occipital (lado izquierdo)
  10. Interescapular (lado izquierdo)
  11. Deltopectoral (lado izquierdo)
  12. Supraescapular (lado izquierdo)
  13. Estiramiento del brazo izquierdo
  14. Intercostal lateral (lado izquierdo)
  15. Axilar y braquial medial (lado izquierdo)
  16. Región cervical lateral (lado derecho)
  17. Región cervical posterior (lado derecho)
  18. Región occipital (lado derecho)
  19. Flexión de cuello
  20. Estiramiento de la región occipital (ambos lados)
  21. Tracción del cuello
  22. Deltopectoral (ambos lados)
  23. Región supraclavicular (ambos lados)
  24. Región esternal
  25. Interescapular (ambos lados)
  26. Tracción de hombros, brazos paralelos a la camilla. Ambos a la vez
  27. Tracción de hombros, brazos al frente. Ambos a la vez
  28. Presión sobre el punto 20VG (hyakue)
  29. Tracción del cuello
Tratamiento Zona anterior
  Tratamiento Zonas reflejas
  30. Infraclavicular (lado derecho)
  31. Supraclavicular (lado derecho)
  32. Base del cuello (lado derecho)
  33. Cervical anterior, 1ª línea (lado derecho)
  34. Cervical anterior, 2ª línea (lado derecho)
  35. Cervical anterior, 3ª línea (lado derecho)
  36. Zona Subclavicular (lado izquierdo)
  37. Zona Supraclavicular (lado izquierdo)
  38. Base del cuello (lado izquierdo)
  39. Cervical anterior, 1ª línea (lado izquierdo)
  40. Cervical anterior, 2ª línea
  41. Cervical anterior, 3ª línea
  42. Comparación de regiones después del tratamiento (I)
  43. Comparación de regiones después del tratamiento (II)
Para terminar

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The Practice of Shiatsu - E-Book

por Sandra K. Anderson

Be prepared to answer certification questions about shiatsu, and develop the skills you'll need to become a successful practitioner! This comprehensive, easy-to-use textbook covers foundational information and methods, followed by more complex theory and practice. You'll learn how the channels (meridians) affect clients' health, how to conduct assessments, how to maintain proper body mechanics during practice, how to address imbalances in each of the Five Elements, and much more. Workbook-style exercises and questions at the end of each chapter improve your understanding and retention of the material. A title in the Mosby's Massage Career Development Series.Comprehensive textbook introduces you to all the essentials of shiatsu, offering a complete background on the history of shiatsu, relevant Eastern philosophies and Asian bodywork concepts, the channels (meridians), and proper body mechanics.A separate Theory and Practice section explores various assessment methods and how to evaluate assessment information, techniques and positions to address imbalances in each of the Five Elements, and advanced techniques.Includes all of the helpful learning features you expect from a Mosby's Massage Career Development Series title, such as a vibrant, full-color design, chapter outlines and learning objectives, key terms, workbook sections, and a companion DVD.Authored by a leading expert and certified practitioner with a background in shiatsu education and instruction.DVD packaged with the book contains over 90 minutes of video showing specific applications and techniques performed by the author, such as qigong, basic shiatsu techniques, jitsu and kyo, basic kata, including the hara techniques, and a standard treatment session.Each video clip on the DVD is referenced in the textbook with numbered icons that direct you to particular clips on the DVD.Over 330 full-color illustrations visually represent concepts and techniques.Special quote boxes interspersed throughout each chapter, contain thoughts and proverbs from Buddha, Eleanor Roosevelt, the Dalai Lama, Helen Keller, and many others.

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Tao Shiatsu: Revolution in Oriental Medicine

por Ryokyu Endo

Human beings in the modern age are increasingly wired into a global computer network that surrounds and interconnects the whole earth. Yet ironically, the distortions and stresses of urban living cut people off from the direct experience of the earth as one single living entity. The healing that Tao Shiatsu brings is for all who suffer and wish to be healed. It is for everyone.

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The New Book of Shiatsu: Vitality and health through the art of touch

por Paul Lundberg

The New Book of Shiatsu is the classic guide to the philosophy and practical techniques of the healing art of shiatsu. Beautifully illustrated with clear step-by-step instructions and full-colour photography, the techniques in this book will help improve your health and well-being, bring relief to a wide range of common ailments, and help you to combat stress by teaching you how to relax.

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Secrets of Shiatsu

por Cathy Meeus

Secrets of Shiatsu is the ultimate beginner's guide to shiatsu, explaining the history and principles of the therapy, along with an illustrated step-by-step routine, and easy to follow self-treatment remedies.

Part of the updated and reformatted Secrets of series, this book explores the secrets of shiatsu, including:Preparing physically and mentally to give shiatsuBasic shiatsu techniques and terminologyAn extensive shiatsu routineShiatsu treatments to try on yourselfDerived from an Eastern healing tradition dating back nearly 2000 years, shiatsu, meaning “finger pressure”, is a relatively modern therapy that is gaining popularity in the West. It involves improving energy flow by applying pressure to stretching, or manipulating specific parts of the body. This book explains shiatsu terminology, describes the therapeutic value of the practice, and gives step-by-step instruction on how to perform shiatsu on yourself and others. Master these complex, often subtle techniques to help treat ailments such as anxiety, insomnia and back pain, and bring harmony to body and mind.

If you like this, you might also be interested in Secrets of Reiki . . .

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Shiatsu Anma Therapy Doann's Short and Long Forms

por DoAnn T. Kaneko

Shiatsu Anma Therapy, DoAnn's Short & Long Forms, outlines the history, principles and practice of Shiatsu-Anma and Shiatsu, and teaches both forms of this Oriental massage, otherwise known as Long Form and Short Form, which have been developed by Dr. Kaneko, a pioneer in the field with over forty years experience. Used as a course book at the Shiatsu Massage School of California, and in many schools in the U.S. and beyond, the book, like its author, is considered to be an authority on the subject, and useful for both lay and professional practitioners of Shiatsu-Anma. The book includes a step-by-step guide, with illustrations, on how to practice Shiatsu-Anma and Shiatsu.

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