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Recommended Cat Books. Cat Vs. Cat: Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat, by Pam Johnson-Bennett. Starting from Scratch: How to Correct Behavior ...

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From Chronicle Books and Our Distribution Partners. Cool Cats Magnetic Bookmarks. $5.99 • Misc Novelty •. 9780735354302. Christmas Chorus 500 Piece.

The Everything Book Of Cats And Kittens Everythin Pdf

An enthralling tale of books, first love, fantasy, and an unusual friendship with a talking cat, The Cat Who Saved Books is a story for those for whom books are ...

THE CAT IN THE HAT | Cambridge School

THE CAT. IN. THE. HAT. READ IT. CAN. ALL BY. Beginner Books. MYSELF. By Dr. Seuss ... Seuss, Dr. The cat in the hat, by Dr. Seuss [pseud.] ...

newly added books for cats courses for winter and spring ...


BOOK REVIEWS - Cats among the Conservationists

pet cats kill millions of small mammals, reptiles, and birds each ... The 2 books that are subject of this review, Cats in Australia.

It's Raining Cats and Dogs in Children's Books Janet Alsup

From The Cat in the Hat and The Velve- teen Rabbit, to The Very Hungry Caterpillarand Olivia the Pig, animals are a recurrent presence in popular picture books.

The MasTer CaT

The Great Books Foundation. Open Educational Resources. 1. ®. The MasTer CaT. Charles Perrault amiller died, leaving as sole riches to his three sons his ...

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Total Cat Mojo: The Ultimate Guide to Life with Your Cat

por Jackson Galaxy

This comprehensive cat care guide from the star of the hit Animal Planet show "My Cat from Hell," Jackson Galaxy, shows us how to eliminate feline behavioral problems by understanding cats' instinctive behavior.

Cat Mojo is the confidence that cats exhibit when they are at ease in their environment and in touch with their natural instincts—to hunt, catch, kill, eat, groom, and sleep. Problems such as litter box avoidance and aggression arise when cats lack this confidence. Jackson Galaxy's number one piece of advice to his clients is to help their cats harness their mojo.
    This book is his most comprehensive guide yet to cat behavior and basic cat care, rooted in understanding cats better. From getting kittens off to the right start socially, to taking care of cats in their senior years, and everything in between, this book addresses the head-to-toe physical and emotional needs of cats—whether related to grooming, nutrition, play, or stress-free trips to the vet.

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Cats' Lives Matter

por P.S. Athene

A portion of the proceeds from this e-book will be donated to help shelter animals across the country.
Cats' Lives Matter is a short e-Picture Book on my kitty, who was once a shelter cat. Along with the pictures, I tell a little about her playful antics, our interactive companionship, and how she has had a tremendous impact on my life.
There are millions of shelter dogs and cats across America that need homes. Approximately 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted each year (1.6 million dogs and 1.6 million cats). However, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized (670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats).  After reading and viewing this e-Picture book on kitty, hopefully you will want to help these wonderful animals find homes…

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Cat Daddy: What the World's Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean

por Jackson Galaxy

Cat behaviorist and star of Animal Planet's hit television show My Cat from Hell, Jackson Galaxy, a.k.a. "Cat Daddy," isn't what you might expect for a cat expert (as The New York Times noted, with his goatee and tattoos, he "looks like a Hells Angel"). Yet Galaxy's ability to connect with even the most troubled felines -- not to mention the stressed-out humans living in their wake -- is awe-inspiring. In this book, Galaxy tells the poignant story of his thirteen-year relationship with a petite gray-and-white short-haired cat named Benny, and gives singular advice for living with, caring for, and loving the feline in your home.

When Benny arrived in his life, Galaxy was a down-and-out rock musician with not too much more going on than a part-time job at an animal shelter and a drug problem. Benny's previous owner brought the cat to the shelter in a cardboard box to give him up. Benny had seen better days --- his pelvis had just been shattered by the wheels of a car -- and his owner insisted he'd been "unbondable" from day one. Nothing could have been further from the truth. An inspiring account of two broken beings who fixed each other, Cat Daddy is laced throughout with Galaxy's amazing "Cat Mojo" advice for understanding what cats need most from us humans in order to live happier, healthier lives.

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Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat--Not a Sour Puss

por Pam Johnson-Bennett

America's favorite cat behavior expert, author of Catwise and Cat vs. Cat, offers the most complete resource for cat owners of all stripes, now fully updated.

"The queen of cat behavior" - Steve Dale, author of My Pet World

Think it's impossible to train a cat? Think again! By learning how to think like a cat, you'll be amazed at just how easy it is. Whether you are a veteran cat lover, a brand-new owner of a sweet kitten, or the frustrated companion of a feline whose driving you crazy, Pam Johnson-Bennett will help you understand what makes your cat tick (as well as scratch and purr). Topics range from where to get a cat to securing a vet; from basic health care to treating more serious problems; choosing an inrresistible scratching post and avoiding litterbox problems.

A comprehensive guide to cat care and training, she helps you understand the instincts that guide feline behavior. Using behavior modification and play therapy techniques, she shares successful methods that will help you and your cat build a great relationship.

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Cat vs. Cat: Keeping Peace When You Have More Than One Cat

por Pam Johnson-Bennett

From the author of Catwise and Think Like a Cat, the ultimate resource for managing a multi-pet household.

Pam Johnson-Bennett, the award-winning author and feline behaviorist, shows how adding another cat to your home does not have to be the start of a kitty apocalypse. Although cats are often misunderstood as natural loners, Johnson-Bennett shows how to plan, set up, and maintain a home environment that will help multiple cats—and their owners—live in peace. Cat vs. Cat will help readers understand the importance of territory, the specialized communication cats use to establish relationships and hierarchies, and how to interpret the so-called “bad behavior” that leads so many owners to needless frustration. Offering a wealth of information on how to diffuse tension, prevent squabbles and ambushes, blend two families, or help the elder kitty in your family, Cat vs. Cat is a welcome resource for both seasoned and prospective guardians of cat families large and small.

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On Cats

por Charles Bukowski

A raw and tenderly funny look at the human-cat relationship, from one of our most treasured and transgressive writers.“The cat is the beautiful devil.”
Felines touched a vulnerable spot in Charles Bukowski’s crusty soul. For the writer, there was something majestic and elemental about these inscrutable creatures he admired, sentient beings whose searing gaze could penetrate deep into our being. Bukowski considered cats to be unique forces of nature, elusive emissaries of beauty and love.
On Cats offers Bukowski’s musings on these beloved animals and their toughness and resiliency. He honors them as fighters, hunters, survivors who command awe and respect as they grip tightly onto the world around them: “A cat is only ITSELF, representative of the strong forces of life that won’t let go.”
Funny, moving, tough, and caring, On Cats brings together the acclaimed writer’s reflections on these animals he so admired. Bukowski’s cats are fierce and demanding—he captures them stalking their prey; crawling across his typewritten pages; waking him up with claws across the face. But they are also affectionate and giving, sources of inspiration and gentle, insistent care.
Poignant yet free of treacle, On Cats is an illuminating portrait of this one-of-a-kind artist and his unique view of the world, witnessed through his relationship with the animals he considered his most profound teachers.

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How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You

por The Oatmeal

Jesus Rollerblading Christ--another helping of TheOatmeal! Mrow, MOAR kitty comics. Mr. Oats delivers a sidesplitting serving of cat humor in his new book, How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You.If your cat is kneading you, that's not a sign of affection. Your cat is actually checking your internal organs for weakness. If your cat brings you a dead animal, this isn't a gift. It's a warning. How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You is a hilarious, brilliant offering of comics, facts, and instructional guides about crazy cat behaviors from the creative wonderland at
How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You presents fan favorites, such as "Cat vs. Internet," "How to Pet a Kitty," and "The Bobcats," plus 17 brand-new, never-before-seen cat-themed comic strips. This Oatmeal collection is a must-have for cat-lovers from Mr. Oats!

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Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats (4th Edition)

por Richard H. Pitcairn

For more than 30 years, Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats has been the go-to resource for health-conscious animal lovers. This fourth edition is updated with the latest information in natural pet health, including groundbreaking research on the benefits of vegan diets for pets, as well as nutritionally complete recipes to give your pets optimal health that you can also enjoy, making home prepared diets easier than ever. The Pitcairns also discuss behavior issues, general nutrition, and a more humane approach to caring for pets.

The Pitcairns have long been the trusted name in holistic veterinary care and continue to be at the forefront of natural pet health. Written with the same compassion and conviction, the fourth edition of Natural Health for Dogs & Cats will help you give your beloved animals the healthiest, happiest life.

4.0/5.00 Read the book for free
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The Cat Whisperer: Why Cats Do What They Do--and How to Get Them to Do What You Want

por Mieshelle Nagelschneider

Practical and effective strategies for solving every feline behavior problem imaginable—from litter box issues to scratching, spraying, biting, and beyond.
“Mieshelle Nagelschneider is a wizard at demystifying cat behavior and providing easy-to-follow steps for solving vexing problems.”—Bob Tarte, author of Kitty Cornered
Cat Whisperer Mieshelle Nagelschneider has been helping people deal with these dilemmas for two decades, achieving a near-perfect success rate. Central to her approach is a keen understanding of the unique way cats see the world—their need for safety and security, their acute territoriality, and their insatiable desire to catch and kill prey. Her proven C.A.T. cat behavior modification plan is a commonsense course of action that can be specifically tailored to your cat in the context of its behavior problems and its particular household environment. Easy-to-implement solutions help transform even the most anxiety-riddled companions into confident, gregarious, and relaxed cats who live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Inside you’ll discover 
• how to harness the power of “friendly pheromones” to improve your cat’s appetite, exploration, grooming, and play 
• where, when, and how to create a litter box environment that will provide ease of access and reduce anxiety for you and your cat
• how to end aggression in multiple-cat households and help your cats coexist peacefully
Who says you can’t train a cat? In this fascinating and indispensable book, the Cat Whisperer takes you inside the mind of a feline to explain why members of one of the world’s most inscrutable species act the way they do—and how you can convince them to change their behaviors for the sake of your peace of mind . . . and theirs.

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Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book

por Grumpy Cat

Internet sensation Grumpy Cat's epic feline frown has inspired legions of devoted fans. Celebrating the grouch in everyone, the Grumpy Cat book teaches the fine art of grumpiness and includes enough bad attitude to cast a dark cloud over the whole world. Featuring brand new as well as classic photos, and including grump-inspiring activities and games, Grumpy Cat delivers unmatched, hilarious grumpiness that puts any bad mood in perspective.

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The cat is man's other great friend. For millions of years it has been considered a companion animal and even in the Egyptian civilizations they venerated it for being such a wonderful creature. Nowadays, we are not so far from antiquity, as several studies show that most Spaniards prefer these felines. Lack of time and small houses are one of the main reasons for this decision. However, we should not take away merit from the animal itself, since its independence and affectionate behavior contrasts in a fascinating way, making it an ideal companion. Likewise, felines have always been very curious and intelligent animals and, as expected, the cat does not remain indifferent. With the right training, the coexistence between human and pet can become ideal. 

In addition, it is proven that those who have a cat as a companion animal experience benefits such as low stress or better self-esteem. So, if you want to discover the dazzling world of cats and all their curiosities, come in and read online or download free PDF at!

Download free cat books for kids PDF 
Surprise your child with a protagonist of the most peculiar and somewhat different from all the stories he is used to. An elegant, curious, intelligent and, above all, very elusive protagonist. If the little ones at home adore felines, in our section of cat books for children you will find the most entertaining stories along with illustrated stories for your children to have fun while they learn. Also, if you are looking for coloring books, go to animal coloring books and you will find cats everywhere.

Encourage love for animals, respect for these little creatures is fundamental when it comes to living with them. Make it all easier and more fun, come in and download free PDF. 

Download books on how to understand and train your cat PDF for free 
Cats are known for their temperament. They have a reputation for being independent, neurotic even, and we often excuse certain behaviors because of the reputation that precedes them. However, it must be taken into account that as unpredictable as they may seem, they are also very intelligent animals and with proper training can become wonderful companions. 

In this section we bring you a selection of books, written by veterinary experts, full of instructions and guides that will help you to interpret the body language of your pet, as well as to understand where bad behaviors come from and how to prevent them. 

Don't wait any longer and learn the techniques necessary for you and your cat to speak the same language!

Download free cat nutrition books in PDF 
Learn from veterinary experts how to provide a happy and healthy life for your cat. Unlike other pets, cats are carnivores and meat must be included in their diet. So, in this section you will discover how to prepare the right recipes that contain the right amount of essential nutrients for your little feline to be full of vitality. 

For this reason, in the section of nutrition books for cats you will learn how to prepare the ideal recipes for the good development of their metabolism and, in the same way, avoid any harmful or detrimental food for their health. You will find one of the most recommended and innovative diets such as the BARF diet, one of the most practical guides to introduce you to the world of natural food. Have complete control over what your pets eat and improve their health thanks to a healthy and quality nutrition. If you don't know where to start, we make it easy for you to find the method you like best. 

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