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Keeping Geese: Breeds and Management

por Chris Ashton

Keeping Geese is a complete guide to the domesticated goose. It shows how this intelligent bird has been absorbed into different cultures throughout history, from the taming of the Greylag and the Swan goose to the exhibition of the mighty Toulouse. Written from thirty years of first-hand experience of keeping, breeding and exhibiting these birds, Keeping Geese gives an insight into their habits and behaviour. Pure breeds of geese, hand-reared, are tame, responsive and intelligent and reared well, they will give hours of interest and pleasure for life. Illustrated with over 160 photographs and diagrams, this comprehensive study of geese covers the following and much more: domestication of the goose from the wild, and development of the breeds; why keep geese - as garden pets, eggs, exhibition, table birds; getting started with geese; understanding geese - breeds, physiology and behaviour; management of adult stock; breeding, incubation and rearing goslings; recognizing and treating ailments.

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Farming Meat Goats: Breeding, Production and Marketing

por Barbara Vincent

Goat meat is growing in popularity in Australia and is also an important export industry. It offers many opportunities for large- and small-scale farmers who need to diversify or seek alternative enterprises. Farming Meat Goats provides producers with comprehensive and practical information on all aspects of the goat meat industry. It covers selecting and preparing a property, choosing breeding stock, breeding, health care and nutrition, drought feeding, condition scoring and marketing. This second edition of Farming Meat Goats has been updated throughout and contains new information about the National Livestock Identification System, current regulations for ovine Johne's disease and animal welfare during transportation, and information about marketing. It will allow farmers to produce animals to specification for targeted markets in Australia and overseas including: butchers; supermarkets; restaurants; on-farm live sales; sales to abattoirs that specialise in Halal kills; and breeding stock either as replacements or for improved herd genetics.

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Domestic Duck

por Mike Ashton

Most domesticated ducks are descended from the wild mallard and over the centuries many different breeds have been created. They have been kept as pets, or for their ornamental value, or have been farmed for their meat, eggs and down. In The Domestic Duck, Chris and Mike Ashton explain how these breeds have been developed and how to look after them. Contents include: Breeds, their origins and characteristics; Classic ducks from all over the world; 'Designer' ducks of the twentieth century; Management of adult stock; Breeding and rearing ducklings; Common problems and ailments. Fully illustrated with over 170 black & white photographs and 35 colour photographs depicting examples of the pure breeds and all aspects of their management, this is the essential manual for all duck-keepers.

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Farm Livestock - With Information on Cattle, Sheep, Pigs and Horses

por V. C. Fishwick

This text contains a concise guide on the management of farm livestock, including sections on cattle, sheep, pigs, and horses. Including information on diet, breeding, rearing, and general management, this text will be of much value to the farmer and makes for a worthy addition to collections of farming literature. The chapters of this book include: Stock Breeding, Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Feeding, and more. We are proud to republish this antique book now complete with a new introduction on farming.

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General Points Concerning Fruit Tree Stocks - With Information on Budding, Grafting and Other Aspects of Fruit Tree Propagation

por Various

This vintage book contains a general and accessible guide to budding, grafting and other aspects of fruit tree propagation. Complete with a wealth of useful information, handy tips, and useful tables, this volume will be of considerable utility to the modern gardener, and would make for a wonderful addition to collections of allied literature. The chapters of this book include: 'Introduction To Fruit Growing', 'General Points Concerning Fruit Tree Stocks', 'Influence Of Stock Propagation Method', 'Pedigreed Trees', 'For Stock Breeding', 'Uncongeniality', 'Budding Differs From Grafting', 'Uncongenial Grafts', 'Types Of Quince Stocks', 'Whole Vs. Piece Root Vs. Buds In Apple Propagation', etcetera. This antiquarian book is being republished now in an affordable, modern edition complete with a specially commissioned new introduction on fruit growing.

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The Bullmastiff

por Eric Makins

Originally published in early 1900s. The detailed and illustrated contents include: Orgin and History - Clubs and Breeds - Standard - Shows - Famous Dogs - Management - Selection of Stock - Breeding - Training - Showing etc. Many of the earliest dog books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. Home Farm Books are republishing many of these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

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ベトナム日系企業年鑑2015: Japanese Companies in Vietnam 2015

por コム・バンコク編

収録数:1,964件Ⅰ.企業データ日本語社名 [Company Name in Japanese]
英語社名 [Company Name in English]
住所 [Address]
日本人代表者名 [Japanese Rep.]
設立年 [Established Year]
資本金 [Authorized Capital]
従業員数 [Total Employees]
主要株主 [Shareholders]
業務内容 [Detail of Business]

業種01) 金融・保険・証券 [Finance, Insurance, Securities]
02) 運輸・倉庫 [Transport, Warehouse]
03) 報道・出版・印刷製本・広告 [Mass Media, Publishing, Printing & Bookbinding, Advertising]
04) 通信・コンピュータ・IT [Communications, Computers, IT]
05) 商社・貿易 [Trade]
06) 流通・サービス業 [Distribution, Services]
07) 不動産・建設・土木・インテリア [Real Estate, Construction, Civil Engineering, Interiors]
08) 環境保全・廃棄物 [Environmental Protection, Waste]
09) 食品・農業・林業・畜産・漁業・水産 [Foodstuff, Agriculture, Forestry, Stockbreeding, Fishery]
10) 石油・鉱業・エネルギー [Petroleum, Mining, Energy]
11) 繊維・繊維製品 [Textiles, Textile Products]
12) 材木・木製品 [Wood, Wooden Products]
13) 紙・パルプ [Paper, Pulp]
14) 化学・化粧品・製薬 [Chemicals, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals]
15) 合成樹脂・プラスチック [Synthetic Resin, Plastic]
16) ゴム・ゴム製品 [Rubber, Rubber Goods]
17) 窯業・土石・ガラス [Ceramic, Glass]
18) 鉄鋼・非鉄金属・金属製品 [Steel, Non-Ferrous Metals, Metal Products]
19) 機械 [Machinery]
20) 電機・電子機器 [Electric, Electronic Equipment]
21) 輸送・運搬機器 [Transport Machinery]
22) 計量/計測/科学/光学/医療機器/時計 [Measuring/Scientific/Optical/Medical Instruments, Watches]
23) 貴金属製品・宝飾品・アクセサリ [Precious Metal Products, Jewelry, Accessories]
24) 日用品・雑貨 [Daily Necessaries, Sundries]

Ⅱ.会社名さくいんⅢ.A-Z Company Index

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Klemtopus: An Alternative to Earth

por A. S. Avunduk

The year is 2028. Dave and Lisa Pitusbaum live with their kids in New York and aren't happy with their lives. The particle physicist Ricardo Fornusilis sends them through a cosmic hole to the planet Klemtopus. Life on Earth ends by a nuclear war which breaks out in 2136 and Klemtopus is colonized by humans. The Pitusbaums arrive in Klemtopus in 2228. In this country technology isn't allowed to harm nature and humans, and is used with restriction. People live together with nature, agriculture and stockbreeding are done entirely organically, and only renewable energy is used. Dave and Lisa like Klemtopus a lot, and serve its most important values: nature and humans. While Lisa forms new natural species and provides new food sources to humans, Dave protects the natural life by preventing artificial species.

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Animal breeding and genetics for BSc students - WUR

This textbook contains teaching material on animal breeding and genetics for BSc students. The text book started as an initiative of the ...
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The Animal-Breeding Industry - jstor

stage of development or progress which the live stock breeding industry of the country has attained. ... herd-books, stud-books and the like.
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159078a0.pdf - Nature

SCIENCE AND STOCKBREEDING. Animal Breeding. By Dr. A. L. Hagedoorn. (Agricultural and Horti- cultural Handbooks.) Second edition. Pp. 304+ 15 plates.
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grassland, and had a stockbreeding farm built there. The General, ... have sent the officials concerned a book, Cultivation of Pastures.
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Book Review - Brill

The book under review was born out of curiosity. As Bert Theunissen was ... Stockbreeding practices changed profoundly in the twentieth century, and.
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The Mutual Relations of Science and Stock Breeding

horn Herd Book" was published in 1822. The forerunner of breeding by pedigree as now prac- tised was breeding in-and-in, which came into use for.
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Dynamic Evaluation of Water Quality Improvement - MDPI

Effective Utilization of Stockbreeding Biomass Resource. Jingjing Yan 1,2,3,*, ... in books by Hadley [3], Hillier [4] and Wagner [5].
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ownership. (Law from 01.02.96,N2 223).

Pedigree activity in stockbreeding is carried out by the state pedigree ... certificates, licenses, conduct and edition of the state books (registers) of.
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17.6 Books published and reprinted' and copies sold, by ...

17.6 Books published and reprinted' and copies sold, by language, according to UN ESeD classification, 1976-78 (continued) ... Agriculture, stockbreeding.
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TOKAT CITY EXAMPLE - Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural ...

There is not a specific stockbreeding sector policy that has continuity and ... made about the relevant subject and journals, books,.
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