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How to Draw Like a Fashion Illustrator: Skills and techniques to develop your visual style

por Robyn Neild

This step-by-step guide provides an insight into how to illustrate fashion designs and get your ideas down on paper. It is of interest to any designer, from the complete beginner or someone hoping to improve their skills and establish a career as a fashion illustrator, to professionals wanting to strengthen their visual impact. Using inspiration from past artists and illustrators, readers will learn how to adopt new and different ways of drawing.

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Fashion Figures: How Missy the Mathlete Made the Cut

por Melissa A. Borza

Missy Maker is a middle school girl who loves math and fashion. She sees math in everything she does. She tries to hide this from her friends, because she thinks it’s too geeky. Missy hears that the school math club needs more members, but she’s worried about what her friends will think if she joins, and she’s already committed to joining the fashion club.

After an epic internal struggle and with the support of her peers and her quirky, loving family, Missy finds that she can be both a Mathlete and a Fashionista. Missy figures out how to bring the two clubs together to help both groups win. In the process, she discovers that she can openly excel in math and science and still be popular with her peers. She also learns how her math and science skills can help her artistic endeavors.
Gain an inside perspective on what it’s like when you love math and science and happen to be a girl. Fashion Figures highlights the societal and internal pressures preteen and early-teen girls often face when they excel in these subjects, and it shows strategies for overcoming barriers to being themselves and doing what they love while still fitting in socially.

What You'll Learn

Girls can have a passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects and still be cool
Girls can be great at math
Math skills are important in non-STEM centered subject areas like fashion and art
Math can be fun

Who This Book Is For

Pre-teen and early-teen girls (9-14 years old)

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Creative Fashion Drawing

por Noel Chapman

This stylish introduction to fashion drawing is aimed both at practicing designers who want to brush up their skills, and at wannabe designers and fashion enthusiasts who want to learn how to design, draw and illustrate fashion from scratch. User-friendly, accessible and stylish, this book is an ideal guide to the world of fashion illustration and design. Fully illustrated throughout, this book contains examples from a range of practising fashion designers and illustrators, and step-by-step illustrations showing how to get the best results. Beginning with the materials and equipment that readers will need, the book goes on to explain how to get inspiration and ideas and use a sketchbook to develop design projects, before moving on to the process of drawing fashion figures. Readers are guided through the process of drawing fashion figures, with step-by-step illustrations showing proportions, men and women, and a range of different poses (standing, sitting, walking etc). Noel Chapman is a fashion author, lecturer, consultant and designer who has designed clothes for Urban Outfitters, Tommy Hilfiger, Quiksilver and Galeries Lafayette amongst others. Judith Cheek is a fashion illustrator who trained at Central Saint Martin's School of Art and has worked for clients including M&S, the Conran Group, Viyella and Littlewoods.

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Vintage Fashion

por Ottilie Godfrey

This stylish introduction to vintage fashion showcases the key designs and styles of the main vintage eras of the 20th century. It will be an inspiration to vintage enthusiasts and general readers alike, including iconic designs, trends and styles from each decade. It also includes commentary on the social changes that influenced fashion throughout the 20th century, plus photographs of film stars (such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly) modelling classic designs, as well as garment illustrations and authentic model photo-shoots from all eras.

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How to Design Your Own Clothes | Children's Fashion Books

por Baby Professor

Is your child showing interest in clothes and fashion? Then this book will surely be well loved! It is composed of tips and tricks on fashion design. By giving your child the chance to learn the basics of styling today, you are already molding his/her future in the industry tomorrow. Secure a copy of this Children’s Fashion Book today!

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Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Closet

por Tim Gunn

In the beginning there was the fig leaf...

and the toga. Crinolines and ruffs. Chain mailand corsets. What do these antiquated items have to do with the oh-so-twenty-first-century skinny jeans, graphic tee, and sexy pumps you slipped into this morning? Everything! Fashion begets fashion, and life—from economics to politics, weather to warfare, practicality to the utterly impractical—is reflected in the styles of any given era, evolving into the threads you buy and wear today.

With the candidness, intelligence, and charm that made him a household name on Project Runway, Tim Gunn reveals the fascinating story behind each article of clothing dating back to ancient times, in a book that reads like a walking tour from museum to closet with Tim at your side. From Cleopatra’s crown to Helen of Troy’s sandals, from Queen Victoria’s corset to Madonna’s cone bra, Dynasty’s power suits to Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits, Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible takes you on a runway-ready journey through the highs and lows of fashion history.

Drawing from his exhaustive knowledge and intensive research to offer cutting-edge insights into modern style, Tim explains how the 1960s ruined American underwear, how Beau Brummell created the look men have worn for more than a century, why cargo capri pants are a plague on our nation, and much more. He will make you see your wardrobe in a whole new way. Prepare to be inspired as you change your thinking about the past, present, and future of fashion!

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In Fashion: From Runway to Retail, Everything You Need to Know to Break Into the Fashion Industry

por Annemarie Iverson

If you've ever dreamed of working at Vogue, photographing supermodels, or outfitting celebrities, In Fashion will equip you with everything you need to know to get an “in” into fashion. Former beauty and fashion news director of Harper's Bazaar and editor in chief of Seventeen, Annemarie Iverson—the outsider’s insider—knows just how to get noticed and stay on top. In Fashion is packed with her insightful tips, along with advice from leaders at Michael Kors, Bergdorf Goodman, Condé Nast, and more. Straightforward, honest, and insightful, Iverson has put together a book that will help you determine your best fashion career fit will providing a bird’s eye view into the most elite fashion companies. Along the way, you’ll learn what school may be best for you, as well as how to write a chic resume, handle the pressures of a fast-paced environment, hone your skills to make you a success in your ideal job, and more. 
The most comprehensive guide available for a notoriously competitive industry, In Fashion exposes all of its seams, with plenty of details on what it's like to work at dozens of of elite and cutting-edge companies. Whether you're just getting started or are considering a career switch, In Fashion offers all the resources you need to land your dream job in fashion.

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Fashion Drawing For Dummies

por Lisa Arnold

The fast and easy way to learn the art of fashion drawing This fun guide gives you dozens of step-by-step diagrams that walk you through the process of preparing creative illustrations that you can later develop into dynamic presentations for your design portfolio. Plus, you'll not only learn how to draw clothes and fabric, but also how to show details that make up the total look: faces and hairstyles, fashion accents, and a wide variety of textures.
If you're an aspiring fashion designer, you know it's essential to be able to draw, prepare, and present a fashion drawing. Whether you have little or no prior drawing experience, Fashion Drawing For Dummies gives you easy-to-follow, non-intimidating instructions for mastering the drawing skills you need to design like a pro.
Learn the rules and techniques of fashion drawing Draw the fashion figure in different poses and from multiple angles Discover how to complement your drawings with accessories, clothing, and style If you're a fledgling designer looking for non-intimidating guidance on learning the ins and outs of fashion drawing, this friendly guide has you covered!

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Fashion OffBeat: 20 Designs for Shirts & Jackets

por SANJAY GROVER संजय ग्रोवर

 The cloth was reversible, looking like Blue Denim and the inner side was gray. My father was a wholesale cloth merchant. He used to inform us whenever  fancy cloths were available within the shop. 'Why should not I design it myself', seeing the cloth the thought came to my mind. There was only one showroom for readymade garments in the town, which used to make us greedy by showing its stylish and colourful garments. We were almost lower-middle-class people (still.I am the same), so it was not possible for us  to buy expensive things daily or monthly. When I illustrated my design before tailor, he was not ready to stitch, and mocked also at me. According to my idea, shirt must be gray and will have design of blue on it and the pants/jeans would be vice versa.  I persisted continuously and he was convinced finally. In this way I opened my innings. Before this I used to get my school-bags and sweaters (designed by me) stitched/woven by my mother or sisters.

One day when I was in a tailor's shop for getting repaired my canvas jeans’ zip, after repair I asked how much money I had to pay? He told with a miny smile that money did not matter but your heavy jeans destroyed two of my needles, so give me two rupees only. By saying so he touched my heart. It was beginning of a friendship. In the beginning I convinced my friends-relatives-acquaintances somehow and decorated my designs on their bodies. I remember I created some stylish Khadi (kind of an Indian cotton) shirts within 50 rs of budget (including stitching charges). Naturally, whenever any third person would praise the style/design, the shirt-owner returned to me for a new design.

Then I started to illustrate these designs in a diary. Also created a new name for myself - KG Sanjay. Mostly I used to create one design for one particular person. Sometimes people selected one from my pre-drawn designs. The same designs are now safe in this diary. Most of designs are created in 1984-85. Pages of the lined diary (I got as a gift with my first bicycles in 1979) got yellow and blury, Actually at that time I could not know exactly what to do with diary and designs thereafter! In fact even I did not know that Fashion designing is a profession or there are some courses for it. NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) had been established later.

Thankfully I got an app like SuperPhoto-Free which made these pictures quite clear, attractive and impressive. Originally these designs had been created for Gents' shirts and jackets, but these can be used easily in place of each other. As far as I am concerned, can create a few new designs from these and can also beautifully convert these into T-shirts or Ladies Garments. Few of these designs I made with old and useless clothes like design no. 118 had been made of two waste pants and an old jacket. You too can try this if you are creative and imaginative somewhere inside. In inverted (white in black), there are many designs where you can try painting, screen printing, patchwork, embroidery etc. The original sketch is also there with each design.

See you again with a new attempt. Of course, there will be a new job and most probably this will be for women's clothings. It will take some time but hopefully something new and different will come out.

The first part of the old and yellow diary is now in your hands-

with best wishes,

-Sanjay Grover

(To be continued & corrected)

कपड़ा देखने में ब्ल्यू डेनिम जैसा था, अंदर ग्रे कलर था। पिताजी की कपड़ों की दुकान थी यानि कि होलसेल क्लॉथ मर्चेंट थे। जब कभी दुकान पर कोई फ़ैंसी कपड़ा आता, वे घर ले आते थे। इस कपड़े को देखकर मन हुआ क्यों न इसका डिज़ाइन ख़ुद ही बनाया जाए। शहर में रेडीमेड कपड़ों का एक ही शोरुम था, जहां टंगे रंग-बिरंगे, अलग-अलग डिज़ाइनों वाले कपड़े देखकर मन ललचा जाता। हम लगभग निम्नमध्यवर्गीय लोग थे, इसलिए आए दिन महंगी चीज़ें खरीदना संभव नहीं था (अभी भी मैं वही हूं)। मैंने दर्ज़ी को डिज़ाइन बताया तो वह तैयार ही न हुआ, हंसने लगा। मैं कह रहा था कि ग्रे कलर की शर्ट और उसपर ब्ल्यू से डिज़ाइन और पैंट पर ठीक इसका उल्टा करना है। मैं ज़िद करता रहा और अंततः वह मान गया। इस तरह डिज़ाइनिंग की शुरुआत हो गई। उससे पहले घर पर अपने ड़िज़ाइन किए स्वेटर, स्कूल बैग आदि बनवाता रहता था।

एक दिन  कैनवास की एक जींस पर ज़िप लगवाने एक दर्ज़ी के पास गया। काम करवाने के बाद पैसे पूछे तो उसने कहा कि पैसे तो क्या लेने हैं मगर इस मोटी जींस पर दो सुई टूट गईं हैं, दो रुपए दे दो। बात दिल को छू गई। दर्ज़ी लड़का-सा ही था। आना-जाना शुरु हो गया। दोस्तों-रिश्तेदारों-परिचितों को शुरु में तो कभी-कभी ज़बरदस्ती ही, किसी भी तरह कन्विंस करके, डिज़ाइन वाले कपड़े पहना देता था। मुझे याद है कि ख़ादी की स्टाइलिश शर्टें मैंने लोगों को, सिलाई समेत, पचास-पचास रुपए में पहनाई थी। ज़ाहिर कि जब कोई तीसरा तारीफ़ करता तब वे दूसरे फिर लौटकर अगला कपड़ा डिज़ाइन करवाने मेरे पास आ जाते।

फिर मैंने ये डिज़ाइन एक डायरी में दर्ज़ करने शुरु कर दिए। अपना एक नया नाम भी रख लिया- के.जी.संजय। ज़्यादातर एक डिज़ाइन एक व्यक्ति के लिए बनाया जाता। अकसर मैं कपड़ा देखकर डिज़ाइन बनाता या कभी-कभी लोग बने हुए डिज़ाइनों में से ही कोई चुन लेते। वही सब डिज़ाइन इस डायरी में सुरक्षित हैं। ज़्यादातर डिज़ाइन 1984-85 के हैं। हीरो साइकिल के साथ मिली 1979 की इस लाइनोंवाली डायरी के पन्ने पीले पड़ गए हैं, स्केच धुंधला गए हैं क्योंकि उस वक़्त मुझे मालूम नहीं था कि इसका कब तक, क्या और कैसा इस्तेमाल होगा ? सही बात तो यह कि उस वक़्त मुझे यह भी मालूम नहीं था कि फ़ैशन डिज़ाइनिंग कोई कैरियर/प्रोफ़ेशन है और इसकी कोई पढ़ाई/कोर्स भी होती/होता है। निफ़्ट यानि कि नेशनल इंस्टीट्यूट ऑफ़ फ़ैशन टैक्नोलॉजी काफ़ी बाद में ख़ुला था।

शुक्र है कि सुपरफ़ोटो-फ़्री जैसा ऐप मुझे मिला जिससे कि ये रेखांकन काफ़ी स्पष्ट, आकर्षक और प्रभावशाली हो गए हैं। मूलतः ये डिज़ाइन जेंट्स् शर्टसª और जैकेट्स् के लिए बनाए गए हैं मगर इन्हें बदलकर एक-दूसरे की जगह बड़ी आसानी से इस्तेमाल किया जा सकता है। जहां तक मेरी बात है, इन्हीं डिज़ाइनों में से कई नये डिज़ाइन बना सकता हूं और इन्हें टीशर्ट्स् या लेडीज़ गारमेंट्स् में बड़ी ख़ूबसूरती से ढाल सकता हूं। इनमें से कई डिज़ाइन मैंने पुराने और बेकार कपड़ों से बनाए हैं,जैसे कि डिज़ाइन नं.118 दो ख़राब पैंटों और एक पुरानी जैकेट से बना है। आप भी ऐसी कोशिश कर सकते हैं। आपके अपने अंदर अगर कलाकारी, क्रिएटिविटी या कल्पनाशीलता है तो उसके लिए मैंने पूरी संभावना/गुंजाइश छोड़ी है। इनवर्टेड (काले में सफ़ेद) में बहुत-से डिज़ाइन हैं जिनमें जिनमें आप पेंटिंग, स्क्रीन प्रिंटिंग, पैचवर्क, कढ़ाई आदि के प्रयोग कर सकते हैं। मूल/ओरिजनल स्केच हर डिज़ाइन के साथ नीचे दिया गया है।

नई कोशिश के साथ फिर मिलेंगे। ज़ाहिर है कि इसमें बिलकुल नया काम होगा और संभावना है कि ज़्यादा काम स्त्रियों के कपड़ों के लिए होगा। थोड़ा वक़्त तो लगेगा पर उम्मीद है कि कुछ नया और अलग ही सामने आएगा।

पुरानी पीली डायरी का पहला हिस्सा आपके सामने है-

शुभकामनाओं सहित,

-संजय ग्रोवर


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Fashion Myths: A Cultural Critique

por Roman Meinhold

Besides products and services multinational corporations also sell myths, values and immaterial goods. Such »meta-goods« (e.g. prestige, beauty, strength) are major selling points in the context of successful marketing and advertising. Fashion adverts draw on deeply rooted human values, ideals and desires such as values and symbols of social recognition, beautification and rejuvenation. Although the reference to such meta-goods is obvious to some consumers, their rootedness in philosophical theories of human nature is less apparent, even for the marketers and advertisers themselves. This book is of special interest for researchers and students in the fields of Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Marketing, Advertising, Fashion, Cultural Critique, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology, and for anyone interested in the ways in which fashion operates.

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Book Review: Against Fashion: Clothing as Art, 1850-1930

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Eighteenth-Century Pocket Books for Women - Project MUSE

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Design The Design Book 36 Fashion The Anatomy ... - Phaidon

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