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The Poet X

por Elizabeth Acevedo

Don't miss this acclaimed audiobook, read by the author—winner of an Odyssey Honor and an AudioFile Earphones Award winner!
The Poet X is also the winner of the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature, the Michael L. Printz Award, and the Pura Belpré Award.
Fans of Jacqueline Woodson, Meg Medina, and Jason Reynolds will fall hard for this astonishing New York Times-bestselling novel-in-verse by an award-winning slam poet, about an Afro-Latina heroine who tells her story with blazing words and powerful truth.
Xiomara Batista feels unheard and unable to hide in her Harlem neighborhood. Ever since her body grew into curves, she has learned to let her fists and her fierceness do the talking.
But Xiomara has plenty she wants to say, and she pours all her frustration and passion onto the pages of a leather notebook, reciting the words to herself like prayers—especially after she catches feelings for a boy in her bio class named Aman, who her family can never know about.
With Mami’s determination to force her daughter to obey the laws of the church, Xiomara understands that her thoughts are best kept to herself. So when she is invited to join her school’s slam poetry club, she doesn’t know how she could ever attend without her mami finding out. But she still can’t stop thinking about performing her poems.
Because in the face of a world that may not want to hear her, Xiomara refuses to be silent.
“Crackles with energy and snaps with authenticity and voice.” —Justina Ireland, author of Dread Nation
“An incredibly potent debut.” —Jason Reynolds, author of the National Book Award Finalist Ghost
“Acevedo has amplified the voices of girls en el barrio who are equal parts goddess, saint, warrior, and hero.” —Ibi Zoboi, author of American Street
This young adult novel, a selection of the Schomburg Center's Black Liberation Reading List, is an excellent choice for accelerated tween readers in grades 6 to 8, in the classroom or for homeschooling.
Plus don't miss Elizabeth Acevedo's With the Fire on High and Clap When You Land!

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Male Fertility: The Ultimate Guide to Male Fertility, Learn About Impotence and All the Effective and Natural Ways of Dealing With It

por M. J. Sharpe

Experts widely agree that impotence or erectile dysfunction is common and that the risk of developing it increases with age. Some studies cite that this is the most common form of sexual dysfunction that affects men. According to a 2018 review commissioned by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine, impotence or ED affects about a third of men. The Massachussets Male Aging Study found that around 52% of men experience some form of ED, and that total ED increases from about 5 to 15% between ages 40 and 70. There are many possible causes for ED, both physical and psychological. Over the past years, there have been a lot of drugs introduced in the market that are said to counter impotency. While these drugs may have been effective to a significant number of men, there have also been reports of some adverse side-effects caused by these pharmaceutical chemicals. Some of the side-effects are irreversible and it should definitely make us pause before considering these drugs. In this audiobook, we present the benefits of using natural impotency treatments. You will discover: - What Causes Impotency - Lifestyle Changes to Get Rid of Impotence - Other Methods of Addressing your Impotence Problem - Natural Treatment for Mental or Psychological Conditions that Cause Impotence - Natural Treatment for the Physical Conditions that Cause Impotence - Direct Natural Solutions for Impotence - Natural Substances and Herbs to Combat Impotence - Commercially Produced Herbal Compounds Treating your impotence using natural substances is definitely the safer choice and they can also be as effective as using pharmaceutical drugs. To discover all these natural methods, scroll up and click "Add to Cart" now.

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This Changing World: An Official Production of the Napoleon Hill Foundation

por Napoleon Hill

This content is included in the book/audiobook Napoleon Hill's Greatest Speeches, and made available here in this stand-alone audiobook. This article was also published many years ago in Plain Talk Magazine. This Changing World audio includes a brief bio of Napoleon Hill. The subject of the audiobook is straight forward and profound: The power of faith. Some of the key points covered include:
Faith creates an Abraham Lincoln; fear develops an Al Capone.
Faith evolves a great leader; fear creates a cringing follower.
Faith makes men honorable at trade; fear makes men dishonest and stealthy-minded.
Faith causes one to look for and to find the best there is in men; fear discovers only their shortcomings and deficiencies.
Faith unmistakably identifies itself through the look in one’s eyes, the expression on one’s face, the tone of one’s voice, and the way one walks; fear identifies itself through the same avenues.
Faith attracts only that which is helpful and constructive; fear attracts only that which is destructive.
Right works through faith; wrong works through fear.
Anything that causes one to be afraid should have close examination.

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The Public Domain's Greatest Hits: 50 Amazing Stories - Volume 1

por Various Authors

"When you read (or listen to) a short story, you come out a little more aware and a little more in love with the world around you." ~ George Saunders

Here you will find 50 of the greatest public-domain short stories ever written, as curated by the staff of The Bookquarium, all performed by Frank Marcopolos. ("Thee perfect voice for audiobooks--it is so listenable!" said one reviewer.)

Some of the greatest writers in history are included in this collection--Ernest Hemingway, Ayn Rand, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jack London, William Faulkner, Kate Chopin, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Stephen Crane, H.P. Lovecraft, Willa Cather, and Edgar Allan Poe among them.

Frank Marcopolos Bio:

Frank Marcopolos founded "The Whirligig" literary magazine in 1999, which has been called "a landmark, demonstrating the power of the literary underground." One reviewer said that "you get this true lion-roaring sense that Editor Frank Marcopolos knows what he likes, and how to read, and how to publish, and he has guts, and eats insects on Wheaties with bleach." Frank's long-form fiction has been reviewed with such praise as "thorough-goingly entertaining" and "highly readable...recalls the style of Michael Chabon or John Irving. A literary gem that should not be missed." A broadcasting-school graduate, Frank's unique literary-audio work has been featured in movie trailers, scholastic environments, underground mixtapes, and on YouTube, with one of his audiobooks achieving over 100,000 "views" there. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA, without a dog, and records at The Bookquarium Recording Studio.

The stories included are as follows:

My Old Man by Ernest HemingwayAnthem by Ayn RandThe Most Dangerous Game by Richard ConnellThe Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott FitzgeraldAn Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose BierceThe Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins GilmanTo Build a Fire by Jack LondonBartleby, the Scrivener by Herman MelvilleLanding in Luck by William FaulknerThe Fly by Katherine MansfieldThe Kiss by Kate ChopinThe Minister's Black Veil by Nathaniel HawthorneThe Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan PoeThe Lady, or the Tiger? by Frank R. StocktonThe Open Boat by Stephen CraneYoung Goodman Brown by Nathaniel HawthorneThe Gift of the Magi by O. HenryThe Dead by James JoyceThe Gun by Philip K. DickThe Big Trip Up Yonder by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington IrvingThe Purloined Letter by Edgar Allan PoeThe Door in the Wall by H.G. WellsOn the Gull's Road by Willa CatherThe Story of an Hour by Kate ChopinThe Last Leaf by O. Henry2BR02B by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.The Picture in the House by H.P. LovecraftThe Monkey's Paw by W.W. JacobsA Dark Brown Dog by Stephen CraneAraby by James JoyceThe Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan PoeThe Luck of Roaring Camp by Bret HarteThe Interlopers by Saki (H.H. Munro)Up in Michigan by Ernest HemingwayWilliam Wilson by Edgar Allan PoeThe Street by H.P. LovecraftThe Damned Thing by Ambrose

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The Road to Cuba: The Opportunities and Risk for US Businesses

por Knowledge Wharton

A Knowledge@Wharton Originals After President Barack Obama's announcement in December 2014, investors, business leaders, and entrepreneurs began asking questions: What will this historic change mean for economic relations between the United States and Cuba? What opportunities-and risks-should US companies consider as they explore the business potential of one of the largest markets in the Caribbean? The Road to Cuba: The Opportunities and Risks for US Business answers those questions and more. In this original in-depth audiobook, Knowledge@Wharton, The Wharton School's online journal of business analysis, addresses: Quick-win opportunities: travel and tourism, telecoms, financial services, and food industries Longer-term prospects: construction and real estate, energy production and mining, manufacturing and retail, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, and agriculture The political and economic risks and hurdles: An analysis of what could speed up-or derail-progress in relations The Road to Cuba is a comprehensive guide for business leaders in the United States who want to understand the opportunities the Cuban market holds. It is also a must-hear for business leaders in Cuba and around the world who want to understand the investment and competition that is on its way. Gildan Media is proud to bring you another Wharton Digital Press Audiobook. These notable audiobooks contain the essential tools that can be applied to every facet of your career.

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The Case Against Perfection: Ethics in the Age of Genetic Engineering

por Michael J. Sandel

Breakthroughs in genetics present us with a promise and a predicament. The promise is that we will soon be able to treat and prevent a host of debilitating diseases. The predicament is that our newfound genetic knowledge may enable us to manipulate our nature—to enhance our genetic traits and those of our children. Although most people find at least some forms of genetic engineering disquieting, it is not easy to articulate why.
The Case Against Perfection explores these and other moral quandaries connected with the quest to perfect ourselves and our children. Michael Sandel argues that the pursuit of perfection is flawed for reasons that go beyond safety and fairness. The drive to enhance human nature through genetic technologies is objectionable because it represents a bid for mastery and dominion that fails to appreciate the gifted character of human powers and achievements.
Carrying us beyond familiar terms of political discourse, this audiobook contends that the genetic revolution will change the way philosophers discuss ethics and will force spiritual questions back onto the political agenda. In order to grapple with the ethics of enhancement, we need to confront questions largely lost from view in the modern world. Since these questions verge on theology, modern philosophers and political theorists tend to shrink from them. But our new powers of biotechnology make these questions unavoidable.

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Thirteen by Lovecraft: Short Stories by H.P. Lovecraft

por H.P. Lovecraft

Heavily influenced by Edgar Allan Poe and other gothic-horror writers, American writer Howard Phillips "H.P." Lovecraft (1890-1937) is considered a master of the horror and weird fiction genres. His stories, including those of the Cthulhu Mythos, have influenced a number of distinguished authors, most notably Stephen King.
"There are, I think, four distinct types of weird story: one expressing a mood or feeling, another expressing a pictorial conception, a third expressing a general situation, condition, legend or intellectual conception, and a fourth explaining a definite tableau or specific dramatic situation or climax." - H.P. Lovecraft
In this collection, we have examples of all four. Performed in his unique narration style by Frank Marcopolos, the listener is transported into thirteen magical worlds of wonder.
"The vocals on this are fabulous. I loved listening and you will too! Great voice on this guy." - From a Scribd review
"Thee perfect voice for audiobooks! It is so listenable!" - From a YouTube comment
Frank Marcopolos Bio:
A broadcasting-school graduate, Frank's unique literary-audio work has been featured in movie trailers, scholastic environments, underground mixtapes, and on YouTube, with one of his audiobooks achieving over 100,000 "views" there. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA, without a dog, and records at The Bookquarium Recording Studio in Pittsburgh, PA.
The stories included are:
The Picture in the HouseThe AlchemistThe Cats of UltharDagonThe Beast in the CaveThe White ShipNyarlathotepThe Shunned HouseThe TombBeyond the Wall of SleepThe Crawling ChaosThe Terrible Old ManThe Street

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Dare to Lead: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Leadership, Learn Effective Ways and Strategies on How You Can Command People With Ease

por Jabe Frederik

Dare to Lead: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Leadership, Learn Effective Ways and Strategies on How You Can Command People With Ease

Do you want to be a better leader? Some people think that the great leaders are only those with titles like CEO, President, or Manager on their bio or business card. But anyone can become a great and admirable leader. Some also think being a great leader is like a popularity contest wherein you need to be liked to be respected. Being a great leader is being able to influence others in an effort to achieve a certain goal. If you want to be a great leader but not sure how to achieve it, this audiobook will show you how.

This audiobook will teach you the important knowledge you need in order to be a great leader. It will guide you on how you can enhance your influence and inspire loyalty from your followers. You will learn different strategies that can help you influence people to a common goal.

This audiobook will discuss the following:

- Who is a Leader

- Leadership Qualities

- Leadership Skills

- The Most Effective Leadership Styles

- Leadership Principles

- Handling Opposition in Your Leadership

- So What do Followers Look For In Their Leaders

You have to believe in your ability to bring change to your organization, team or society, If you want to learn more about leadership and how to be a great leader, scroll up and click “add to cart” now.

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Girls Who Run the World: 31 CEOs Who Mean Business

por Diana Kapp

Part biography, part business how-to, and fully empowering, this book is the perfect gift for future entrepenuers...because you're never too young to dream BIG! With colorful portraits, fun interviews and DIY tips, Girls Who Run the World features the success stories of 31 leading ladies today of companies like Rent the Runway, PopSugar, and Soul Cycle.

Girls run biotech companies.
Girls run online fashion sites.
Girls run environmental enterprises.
They are creative. They are inventive. They mean business.
Girls run the world.
This collection gives girls of all ages the tools they need to follow their passions, turn ideas into reality and break barriers in the business world.

Jenn Hyman, Rent the Runway
Sara Blakely, Spanx
Emma Mcilroy, Wildfang
Katrina Lake, Stitch Fix
Natasha Case, Coolhaus
Diane Campbell, The Candy Store
Kara Goldin, Hint Water
Anne Wojcicki, 23andMe
Rachel Haurwitz, Caribou Bioscience
Nina Tandon, EpiBone
Jessica Matthews, Uncharted Power
Jane Chen, Embrace
Emily Núñez Cavness, Sword & Plough
Hannah Lavon, Pals
Leslie Blodgett, Bare Escentuals/Bare Minerals
Katia Beauchamp, Birchbox
Emily Weiss, Glossier
Christina Stembel, Farmgirl Flowers
Mariam Naficy, Minted
Maci Peterson, On Second Thought
Stephanie Lampkin, Blendoor
Sarah Leary, Nextdoor
Amber Venz, RewardStyle
Lisa Sugar, Pop Sugar
Beatriz Acevedo, MiTu network
Julie Rice and Elizabeth Cutler, Soul Cycle
Suzy Batiz, Poo-Pourri
Tina Sharkey, Brandless
Jesse Genet, Lumi
Tracy Young, Plan Grid

This audiobook edition includes a PDF of glossary terms, a business plan template, and examples of cash-flow statements.

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Skin in the Game: No Longer Just a C-Level Employee

por Jim Gilreath

This audiobook is the definitive resource for learning the tricks of the trade and potential pitfalls in the hiring process, as well as how to conduct an effective skin-in-the-game C-Suite job search. Skin in the Game is about middle-market private equity hiring of C-Suite executives, coupled with the author's unique due diligence screening process.In this audiobook, you'll discover examples of hires who earned millions,the difference between a stakeholder and a hired hand,how to write an incredible bio and elevator pitch,how to find private equity investors that fit your profile,secrets to hiring effective C-level employees, andsample job offers and bonus materials.The award-winning author has twenty-eight years of experience placing CEOs and other C-level executives in middle-market portfolio companies for private equity firms. Skin in the Game is essential listening for M&A industry professionals, C-Suite executive job seekers, middle-market private equity partners, headhunters, HR executives, MBA students, and corporate hiring authorities.

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