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Acupuncture: Finding the Right Acupuncture Treatment with the Best Benefits

por Quinn Spencer

A lot of people don’t understand acupuncture. Will that be you?
Pressure points to heal? Sounds like an oriental myth, doesn’t it? Well, it’s real. It’s more real than anything else. Those wise men in the East knew what they were doing. And the movement has slowly come to the West, too.
Did you know acupuncture can increase fertility, reduce headaches, help break free from addiction, fight depression, and help you lose weight? And those are only a few of the amazing effects this ancient therapy has caused.
In this audiobook, you will learn everything you must know to begin understanding what to do or what to ask of your therapist. Acupuncture can change your life. Don’t underestimate this. Thousands have tried it and have become happier and healthier because of it.
You will learn more about:
The best things you can do with acupuncture that will help you live a better life.Pain management, weight loss, migraine alleviation, and more benefits. All the basics, therapy techniques, and supplies you need to get started. The most important safety measures and the risks you need to know about. The difference between Chinese, Japanese, and Korean traditional acupuncture - there really is a difference. You’d be surprised. The three phases of acupuncture therapy explained. Crazy myths you may have heard about acupuncture that actually aren’t true at all. How acupuncture integrates with the diet and nutrition you maintain. If you are ready to become more energetic, healthier, and in a better mood every day, then acupuncture may the thing for you. Find out what this can do and how to make sure it has the effects you want by becoming an expert at it and avoid costly mistakes.
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Acupuncture Therapy: The Essential Guide on How to Use Acupuncture to Reduce Your Pain and Heal Your Body

por Theodore Gray

Acupuncture Therapy: The Essential Guide on How to Use Acupuncture to Reduce Your Pain and Heal Your Body
Acupuncture is a well-known alternative to mainstream medicine that originated from China. It is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine that dates back thousands of years and is a widely accepted alternative form of medicine in the Western healthcare industry.
Today, it is widely used to treat different specific ailments such as chronic backache and headaches, osteoarthritis, postoperative pain and vomiting, allergies, cancer-related conditions, stroke, and even infertility. The procedure is literally the act of puncturing the skin with the use of fine needles with the aim of stimulating the body’s acupuncture points. This audiobook will help you understand the benefits of acupuncture. Learn how to reduce your pain and heal your body through acupuncture.
Here is the preview of what you’ll learn in this audiobook:
The History Of Acupuncture & How It Affects YouThe Concepts Of Qi & MeridiansIs Acupuncture Safe & Is It Right For Me?Conditions That Can Be Treated With AcupunctureAcupuncture TechniquesThings To Consider Before Getting TreatmentAfter Treatment...Now What?Acupuncture has proven its worth time and again. Modern practice guidelines make it effective, reproducible, and safe. It is a gift of healing from ancient sages that has the potential to bring relief to millions of people. If you want to learn more, simply download Acupuncture Therapy now!

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Acupuncture: Learn How to Reduce Your Pain and Start Healing Your Body with this Acupuncture Guide

por T. M. Ramsden

Do you suffer from chronic and unrelenting pain and are desperate for a cure?
Have you heard about acupuncture but are worried that it sounds too bizarre and may not work?
Do you have lots of questions before deciding to try the treatment for yourself?
Acupuncture is centuries old and has formed part of traditional Chinese medicine for most of that time. It is mainly used to help with pain relief but many practitioners use it to alleviate symptoms of other medical conditions as well. If you have been suffering from a long term problem that gives you constant pain, then perhaps trying acupuncture could give you the relief you want.
Inside this audiobook, Acupuncture: Learn How to Reduce Your Pain and Start Healing Your Body with this Acupuncture Guide, you will find an in-depth look at why this amazing practice is so popular, with chapters that cover:
- The History Of Acupuncture & How It Affects You
- The Concepts Of Qi & Meridians
- Is Acupuncture Safe & Is It Right For Me?
- Conditions That Can Be Treated With Acupuncture
- Acupuncture Techniques
- Things To Consider Before Getting Treatment
- After Treatment...Now What?
You could be just a few short sessions away from living a pain free life once more, if you decide that acupuncture could be the treatment to help you.
Get a copy of this book now and start being pain free today!

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The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good

por Holly Phillips

A CBS News Medical Contributor’s definitive and prescriptive guide to correcting one of women’s top health complaints: inexplicable exhaustion—available as an audiobook read by the author.

It’s become the norm to complain that we’re always tired. It is Dr. Holly Phillips’s goal to change the accepted state of exhaustion and send a message to women that they don’t have to be drained of energy just because they have a demanding job, a family, an active social life, or all three. In The Exhaustion Breakthrough, Dr. Holly explains the insidious nature of fatigue, educating listeners on why sleep is just a tiny part of the picture and describing in detail the havoc that persistent tiredness wreaks on the body and mind.

Dr. Holly’s passion for the subject stems from the quest to cure her own constant weariness, which she struggled with for more than twenty years, as well as the countless complaints of chronic exhaustion she hears from patients each day in her internal medicine practice. Dr. Holly was diagnosed with everything from depression and recurrent mononucleosis to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome before finally landing on a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, and she knows that getting the correct diagnosis is incredibly relieving and empowering. While some listeners might find a link between their fatigue and a possible medical condition, Dr. Holly also knows that a greater number of women have discovered non-disease-related factors that are contributing to their lack of energy—and that is empowering, too. These women will come away with actionable advice on how to mitigate each of them with diet and lifestyle changes and, when appropriate, by using alternative therapies including acupuncture, massage, yoga, and herbal supplements.

The Exhaustion Breakthrough helps women understand their exhaustion, rule out any underlying illnesses, correct any allergies or hormonal issues that may be contributing to extreme tiredness, and incorporate lifestyle factors that will improve overall energy. Clear, comprehensive, and practical, Dr. Holly’s guide shines a bright light on an issue many women have simply accepted—but that they don’t have to any longer.

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Cupping Therapy Guide: The Essential Guide on How to Use Cupping Therapy for Healing, Pain Relief, Reducing Inflammation and Injury Prevention

por Jacintha Dolly

Cupping Therapy Guide: The Essential Guide on How to Use Cupping Therapy for Healing, Pain Relief, Reducing Inflammation and Injury Prevention

With all sorts of disease outbreaks and chronic illnesses happening today, people are looking for alternative treatment therapies to supplement existing western pharmacological methods.
Side effects have always been one of the problems of common western medicine. Alternative or holistic treatment methods have been proven to be effective and also have less or no side effects, thus encouraging more and more people to search for such methods.
This audiobook will reveal to you one of the most highly sought after traditional Chinese treatment methods besides acupuncture, known as Cupping.
History of CuppingBasics of CuppingTools Of CuppingHow To Perform CuppingApplication of CuppingBenefits of CuppingWho Cupping is Not Suitable ForWhether you’ve got a backache or simply want to cure some acne, cupping can be a quick and easy way to improve your condition under the hands of a skilled practitioner.
If you think cupping is your thing, try it out, get a copy of Cupping Therapy Guide and see how it could help you today!

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Pain: The Search for Relief

por Scientific American

Burning. Shooting. Stabbing. Sometimes the cause is unknown. Sometimes it begins as the result of an injury. Whatever form it takes, chronic pain often resists treatment. In this audiobook, we examine the latest advances in understanding the pathology of chronic pain and the efforts to find better, nonopioid treatment options including electrical stimulation of nerves, venom from spiders and other creatures, and psychological interventions including virtual-reality therapy and acupuncture.

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Feeling Happy, Feeling Strong: Exercises for Transforming Stress, Anxiety, Worry and Fear into Deeper Connection with Ourselves

por Suzanne Wylde

Have you been feeling anxious, stressed, worried or fearful recently? Do you feel that you need more control over your emotions and that you'd like to feel more grounded and calm?
This audiobook may be the solution.
This experiential guide will take you through a range of simple and effective tools for working through fear, stress, anxiety or worry.
The relatable and practical information and exercises will teach you how to transform the difficult emotions that arise from uncertainty and loss of control, into opportunities for growth and empowerment. Read and experience the method at the same time as you are walked through this grounded and fun approach Suzanne has created from her 15 years' experience of working with clients holistically.
A self-development coach, acupuncturist, stretching trainer, energy worker and author (of Moving Stretch and The Art of Coming Home), Suzanne works with clients in London and has had great reviews from The Times, The Guardian, Marie Claire, Elle, Psychologies and other major publications for her effective and eclectic work. She creates simple tools that modern people can use to feel better without unnecessary complication or ideology, so whatever your background, lifestyle or beliefs you can use these exercises to start feeling happier and stronger today.

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