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Layered What I Learned in Galicia

in Galicia. Lau Cesarco Eglin ... Laura Cesarco Eglin is a poet and translator from. Uruguay. ... Books, 2020). claus and the scorpion, Cesarco Eglin's.


Laura Linares. Galicia 21. Issue I '19. At the turn of the 21st century, however, different attempts were made to conceptualize Galician culture beyond ...

bridge building or armchair traveling? the

This article will explore the main trends in translation and reception of Galician novels in the anglophone context in the period 2000-2018 and delve into the ...

The Internationalization of Galician Literature in English ...

More Welcoming Irish/British Book Market ... Galician publishing houses with books to sell, ... Laura Linares, University College Cork.

History - and the Dilemma of "Origin" in Two Recent Novels ...

the publication of narrative works by Galician women writing ... This essay looks at two recent novels ... for herself, in her friendship with Laura, a.

Language, Cultural Associations, and the Origins of ...

The members of the as- sociation recited poems and novels, and attempted to set up a library on topics related to Galician history and culture. The Galicia ...

Sociolinguistic Geographies in Galicia, Spain A thesis ...

Kathryn Laura Hannum. B.S., San Jose State University, 2011. M.A., Kent State University, 2016. Approved By. David H. Kaplan Advisor.

Landscape in Irish and Iberian Galician Poetry by Women ...

Pozo Garza's poems aspire to the fusion of the two Celtic communities, the Galician and the Irish, and they draw extensively on Lebor Gabála Érenn, the Book of ...

Rym Silbo Del Dromedario Que Nunca Muere Rosa YM

Right here, we have countless books Rym Silbo Del Dromedario Que Nunca. Muere Rosa Y M and collections to check out.

Queen (Band Records 4)

por Soledad Romero Mariño

¡Dios salve a los chavales!
Una historia gráfica de los inicios de Queen para toda la familia.
A finales de los años 60, en el ambiente artístico y universitario de Londres, cuatro jóvenes fascinados por la era del rock se hacen amigos. Ellos son Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor y John Deacon y, aunque provienen de orígenes muy diversos, de Cornualles a Zanzíbar, comparten un sueño: componer temas inmortales y ofrecer conciertos épicos.
Sus temas han pasado a la historia del rock y han entrado en el imaginario de varias generaciones: no hay nadie que no tararee «Bohemian Rhapsody», que no cante a voz en grito «We Are The Champions» ni siga el ritmo con «We Will Rock You» cuando suenan en la radio.

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The Camino Ingles and Ruta do Mar: To Santiago de Compostela and Finisterre from Ferrol, A Coruna or Ribadeo, Edition 3

por Dave Whitson

Guidebook to the Camino Inglés and Ruta do Mar camino routes through north-west Spain to Santiago de Compostela. The 116km Camino Inglés begins in Ferrol in Galicia and takes around a week to complete. It offers reliable waymarking, pilgrim facilities, and the opportunity to earn the Compostela certificate on completion. An alternative start in A Coruña gives a walk of 73km. The Ruta do Mar from Ribadeo provides a 190km coastal link between the Camino del Norte and the Camino Inglés. A newly recovered camino, its pilgrim infrastructure and waymarking is less well developed, but for those seeking solitude it offers striking scenery along a wild coastline. The book also includes an overview of a continuation route from Santiago to 'the end of the world' at Finisterre on the Atlantic coast. The guidebook presents the route in stages of a day's walking. In addition to the route description, there is full information on facilities, food and lodging, 1:100,000 scale maps of the route and town maps for key locations. With notes on preparation and planning, travel and equipment, a list of useful sources of information, and a glossary, the book is an indispensable companion for any one walking these caminos.

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The Camino del Norte and Camino Primitivo: To Santiago de Compostela and Finisterre from Irun or Oviedo, Edition 3

por Dave Whitson

This guidebook describes the Camino del Norte and Camino Primitivo pilgrim routes to Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain. The 820km Camino del Norte follows the coast from Irún, on the French border, through Bilbao and takes about 5 weeks to complete. The 355km Camino Primitivo splits off from the Camino del Norte near Villaviciosa and passes through Oviedo and Lugo en route to Compostela. It takes roughly 2 weeks to walk. This book also includes an overview of a continuation route from Santiago to Finisterre on the coast. Physically demanding, but not difficult, the caminos are best walked from late spring to autumn. The guidebook is broken into stages of between 15 and 35km, most of which end in a town or village with a pilgrim albergue. There is indispensable information on facilities, food and lodging, 1:100,000 scale maps of the route and town maps for key locations. With notes on preparation and planning, travel and equipment, a list of useful sources of information, and a glossary, the book provides all you need to know to walk the camino. Santiago de Compostela, whose cathedral houses the relics of St James, was one of three major centres of Catholic pilgrimage in the Middle Ages. In modern times the Caminos de Santiago have seen a resurgence in popularity, drawing walkers for all sorts of reasons. Passing through the Spanish regions of the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias, and Galicia, the northern caminos are popular enough to offer sufficient facilities, clear routes, and a community of pilgrims, without suffering the overcrowding of the Camino Frances.

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Multilingualism and Modernity: Barbarisms in Spanish and American Literature

por Laura Lonsdale

This book explores multilingualism as an imaginative articulation of the experience of modernity in twentieth-century Spanish and American literature. It argues that while individual multilingual practices are highly singular, literary multilingualism exceeds the conventional bounds of modernism to become emblematic of the modern age. The book explores the confluence of multilingualism and modernity in the theme of barbarism, examining the significance of this theme to the relationship between language and modernity in the Spanish-speaking world, and the work of five authors in particular. These authors – Ramón del Valle-Inclán, Ernest Hemingway, José María Arguedas, Jorge Semprún and Juan Goytisolo – explore the stylistic and conceptual potential of the interaction between languages, including Spanish, French, English, Galician, Quechua and Arabic, their work reflecting the eclecticism of literary multilingualism while revealing its significance as a mode of response to modernity.

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POPULAR BASQUE LEGENDS AND TALES - 13 Children's illustrated Basque tales

por Anon E. Mouse

In this volume you will find 13 illustrated Popular Tales from the Basque region of Spain. Here you will find tales like Aquelarre, Arguiduna, The Song of Lamia, the Prophecy of Lara, the Virgin of the Five Towns in which mermaids, heroes, magical horns and ghosts abound.

If you have ever travelled through the province of Galicia in North Western Spain, you can’t fail to notice the Celtic influences in the region’s art and culture. So it is therefore not surprising to also find the story of Jaun-Zuria - A Prince Of Erin included in this volume.

So take some time out and travel back to a period before television, or even radio for that matter, to a time when families would gather around a crackling and spitting hearth and granddad or grandma,  or an uncle or aunt, would delight and captivate their audience with stories passed on to them from their parents and grandparents.

This collection of Basque legends, fairy tales, ballads, and popular stories having their origin in the ancient traditions which formed a portion of the sacred inheritance bequeathed to the Basque people by their forefathers, and handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation. These tales constitute the archives of the Basque people, the treasures of their science and of their beliefs; they are the records of the lives of their forefathers, the landmarks of the grandeur of their past history.

In the midst of the great revolutions which have agitated the whole of Europe, causing radical changes, levelling to the ground or converting into ruins great empires, powerful nationalities, monuments; sweeping away languages, and even the very races themselves--the Basques have somehow passed unscathed through the many storms of devastation, preserving intact their nationality, institutions, laws, language, and customs.

10% of the net sale from this book will be donated to Charities.
KEYWORDS/TAGS: folklore, fairy, Tales, children, stories, bedtime, fables, illustrated, myths, legends, heroes, ghost, magical horn, aquelarre, Galicia, arguiduna, maitagarri, roldan's bugle-horn, jaun-zuria, prince of erin, branch of white lilies, song of lamia, virgin of the five towns, kurucificatuaren canta, raids, holy war, prophecy of lara, hurca-mendi, iturrioz, witch of zaldin, the avowal, the duel, maitagarri, the pilgrim,

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St. James’ Rooster

por Tracy Saunders

The Camino Chronicles Continues When newlyweds Laura and Felix arrive in the pilgrim city of Santiago de Compostela their married bliss seems untouchable. But when Laura walks into a "cold spot" outside their apartment in the historic centre, her doctoral thesis on Feudal Galicia begins to come alive as she begins to question who is Pedro the Crooked and what is her apparent connection to Diego Gelmirez, first archbishop of Compostela. As her husband begins to doubt her state of mental health, Laura retreats more and more into the twelfth century and Felix sets out once again on the Camino de Santiago--alone. Or is he?
Part fiction intertwined with much historical fact, St James' Rooster takes the reader to the turbulent times of the Middle Ages and the beginnings of the cult of St James known as El Camino de Santiago. Diego Gelmirez follows his driving ambitions to make Compostela into another Rome. In so-doing he must challenge a queen, and rival a Pope, even if it means putting his own life in the gravest danger.

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Biodiversidad y ecología mexicana: Nuevos conocimientos y tecnologías para los retos actuales

por Acosta-Godoy, Francisco

La compilación presenta información actual sobre temas de diversidad biológica y ecología de especies relevantes en términos de conservación, así como aspectos de uso sustentable de recursos naturales. La diversidad biológica comprende el cúmulo de organismos vivos considerando todos los niveles de su organización (genes, poblaciones, especies, comunidades, hábitats, ecosistemas y paisajes). Por su parte, la ecología busca comprender las relaciones que existen entre los organismos y los elementos bióticos y abióticos en su medio ambiente. Ambas líneas de investigación se encuentran estrechamente relacionadas y conforman la base para el aprovechamiento adecuado de los recursos naturales disponibles.

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La producción alfarera en el México antiguo: Volumen I

por Beatriz Leonor Merino Carrión

La alfarería en el México antiguo, sólo cubre escasos 400-4500 años; a diferencia de la presencia humana en nuestro territorio. Sin embargo, desde el mismo momento de su utilización, la cerámica es una de las herramientas primordiales con que cuenta el investigador para ubicar con cierta precisión temporal al grupo humano que fabricó y/o utilizó este elemento en su vida cotidiana, de ahí la importancia del estudio de la Producción alfarera en México. 

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Iconografía mexicana IX y X: Flora y fauna

por Alicia Blanco Padilla

 La trascendencia de la flora y la fauna en la vida del hombre inspiró esta compilación de relatos, en la que destacados autores profundizan en el quehacer iconográfico y realizan un análisis de plantas y animales de diversas partes del mundo.

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Género, poder y desarrollo: análisis antropológico de la política local gallega tras la implantación de la Ley de Igualdad (Ley 3/2007)

por Sánchez Pérez, Laura

Descripción / Resumen (Español / Castellano): Con la entrada en vigor de la Ley Orgánica 3/2007 (conocida como la Ley de Igualdad), la imposición de cuotas de representación paritaria en las candidaturas españolas supuso una alteración de la composición de género en la administración local (por ser el nivel más amplio y elemental de la organización política española), en donde los individuos han tenido que reconfigurar y redefinir tanto sus prácticas como su imaginario, para adaptarse a un escenario forzosamente heterogéneo.En esta tesis se evalúa el estado de la igualdad de género en la política municipal gallega para conocer en qué medida la Ley de Igualdad ha resultado efectiva para generar entornos de participación igualitaria y, al mismo tiempo, para detectar prácticas encubiertas de discriminación que reduzcan su efectividad.
A través de una metodología desarrollada específicamente para esta investigación, se presenta un análisis detallado de la situación del acceso femenino al poder, así como de las diferentes situaciones de vulnerabilidad con la que se topan las mujeres en las distintas fases del proceso político: desde la selección de candidatos, pasando por la designación de cargos y también en el reparto de la gestión de las áreas municipales. Así, esta tesis contribuye a identificar situaciones potenciales de riesgo para las mujeres surgidas de este nuevo escenario de participación política, para que puedan ser corregidas a partir de la implementación de medidas específicas para reducir la desigualdad y, de este modo, ayudar a conseguir una igualdad de género efectiva.
 Descripción / Resumen (Inglés): The Spanish Organic Law 3/2007, on women and men equality, establishes a double quota of gender representation on electoral lists. This fact changed the gender composition of local governments at the most general and elementary level of the Spanish political organization. Politicians have had to reconfigure and redefine both their practices and their imaginary, to adapt to this new necessarily heterogeneous social stage.
This dissertation evaluates the gender equality situation in Galician local governments in order to know if the Gender Equality Law has been an effective tool to create an equal participation environment. At the same time this research analyzes and discerns covert practices of discrimination against women.
Through a specifically developed methodology, this research presents a detailed analysis of the female access to municipal power, as well as of the different situations of vulnerability in which women are found in the different stages of the political process: from the selection of the candidates, to the appointment of political positions and in the distribution of the management of the work’s areas. This dissertation contributes to identify potential risk situations for women arising from this new stage of gender political participation. In consequence, these bad practices could be corrected through the implementation of specific measures to reduce inequality and, contributing to achieve effective gender equality.

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