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Where To Download The Heart Has Its Reasons A Novel ...

The Heart Has Its Reasons A Novel By Maria Duenas is easy to use in our digital library an online admission to it is set as public hence you can download it ...

The Heart Has Its Reasons A Novel By Maria Duenas

We find the money for The Heart Has Its Reasons A Novel By Maria Duenas and numerous ebook collections from fictions to scientific research in ...

The Vineyard by María Dueñas

This is a story of facing adversity with courage and changing destiny through the power of passion. ABOUT MARÍA DUEÑAS. María Dueñas holds a Ph.


How would you cast the movie version of The Time in Between? Who would play the role of Sira? Marcus Logan? Ramiro Arribas? 17. Maria Duenas is an academic.

Get Free The Heart Has Its Reasons A Novel By Maria ...

Right here, we have countless book The Heart Has Its Reasons A. Novel By Maria Duenas and collections to check out. We additionally come up with the money for ...

The Captain S Daughters Las Hijas Del Capitan Spani Pdf

books that will find the money for you worth, acquire the no question best seller ... las hijas del capitan spanish edition duenas maria amazon sg books.

Pobre Ana Translated Into English / Maria Duenas (PDF)

When people should go to the book stores, search start by shop, shelf by shelf, it is in point of ... The Heart Has Its Reasons - Maria Duenas 2014-11-11.

The Heart Has Its Reasons A Novel By Maria Duenas

The Heart Has Its Reasons A Novel By Maria. Duenas. When people should go to the book stores, search introduction by shop, shelf.

The Vineyard: A Novel

por Maria Duenas

New York Times bestselling author Maria Dueñas returns with The Vineyard, a magnificent story “destined to become a classic” (Armando Lucas Correa, bestselling author of The German Girl) about ambition, heartbreak, and desire set in Mexico, Cuba, and Spain in the 1860s—perfect for fans of Kate Morton and Kristin Hannah.

Mauro Larrea’s fortune, the result of years of hardship and toil, comes crashing down on the heels of a calamitous event. Drowning in debt and uncertainty, he gambles the last of his money on daring ploy that wins him a neglected house and a vineyard in Spain, an ocean away. He journeys to Jerez de la Frontera in Andalusia with every intention of selling the property and returning to Mexio—until Soledad Montalvo, the wife of a London wine merchant, bursts into his life, determined to regain the property which was her family’s legacy. With his plans derailed, Larrea glimpses an opportunity in the flourishing sherry trade and finds himself increasingly drawn to the rich, intoxicating culture of his new surroundings. As his feelings for Soledad ripen into a consuming passion, he vows to restore the vineyard to its former glory, setting the stage for a future he never could have imagined.

Moving from the turbulent young Mexican republic to flourishing city of Havana, and onward to the fertile vineyards of Jerez as the wine trade with England is transforming the Andalusian city, María Dueñas’s new novel spans the New World and the Old. Her tale of family intrigue vividly conjures the noise and grit of silver mines, the sophistication of the Mexican capital, and the earthier lure of ancient vineyards and magnificent cities whose splendor has faded. Here is an “evocative, tender, and lush” (Diana Gabaldon, #1 New York Times bestselling author) story of courage in the face of adversity and of a destiny forever altered by the force of passion.

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The Time In Between: A Novel

por Maria Duenas

The inspiring international bestseller of a seemingly ordinary woman who uses her talent and courage to transform herself first into a prestigious couturier and then into an undercover agent for the Allies during World War II.

Between Youth and Adulthood…

At age twelve, Sira Quiroga sweeps the atelier floors where her single mother works as a seamstress. At fourteen, she quietly begins her own apprenticeship. By her early twenties she has learned the ropes of the business and is engaged to a modest government clerk. But everything changes when two charismatic men burst unexpectedly into her neatly mapped-out life: an attractive salesman and the father she never knew.

Between War and Peace…

With the Spanish Civil War brewing in Madrid, Sira leaves her mother and her fiancé, impetuously following her handsome lover to Morocco. However, she soon finds herself abandoned, penniless, and heartbroken in an exotic land. Among the odd collection of European expatriates trapped there by the worsening political situation back on the Continent, Sira reinvents herself by turning to the one skill that can save her: her gift for creating beautiful clothes.

Between Love and Duty…

As England, Germany, and the other great powers launch into the dire conflict of World War II, Sira is persuaded to return to Madrid, where she takes on a new identity to embark upon the most dangerous undertaking of her career. As the preeminent couturier for an eager clientele of Nazi officers’ wives, Sira becomes embroiled in the half-lit world of espionage and political conspiracy rife with love, intrigue, and betrayal.

An outstanding success around the world, The Time in Between has sold more than two million copies and inspired the Spanish television series based on the book, dubbed by the media as the “Spanish Downton Abbey.” In the US it was a critical and commercial hit, and a New York Times bestseller in paperback. It is one of those rare, richly textured novels that enthrall down to the last page. María Dueñas reminds us how it feels to be swept away by a masterful storyteller.

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La Templanza (Spanish Edition): Una Novela

por Maria Duenas

La autora bestseller de El Tiempo Entre Costuras, María Dueñas nos regala una novela brillante, un tributo a las segundas oportunidades y al poder irrefrenable del amor.

Nada hacía suponer a Mauro Larrea que la fortuna que había levantado tras años de tesón y arrojo se la derrumbaría con un estrepitoso revés. Ahogado por las deudas y la incertidumbre, apuesta sus últimos recursos en una temeraria jugada que abre ante el la oportunidad de resurgir. Hasta que la perturbadora Soledad Montalvo, esposa de un comerciante de vinos londinense, entra en su vida para arrasarlo a un destino que jamás sospecho.

De la joven república mexicana a la Habana colonial; de las Antillas al Jerez de la segunda mitad del siglo XIX, cuando el comercio de vinos con Inglaterra convirtió la ciudad andaluza en un enclave cosmopolita y legendario. Por todos estos escenarios transita La Templanza, una novela que habla de glorias y derrotas, de minas de plata intrigas de familia, vinas, bodegas y ciudades soberbias cuyo esplendor se desvaneció en el tiempo. Una historia de coraje ante las adversidades y de un destino alterado para siempre por la fuerza de una pasión.

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El tiempo entre costuras: A Novel

por Maria Duenas

An outstanding success around the world, The Time in Between has sold more than two million copies and inspired the Spanish television series based on the book, dubbed by the media as the "Spanish Downton Abbey." In the US it was a critical and commercial hit, and a New York Times bestseller in paperback.

La joven modista Sira Quiroga abandona el Madrid agitado de los meses previos al alzamiento arrastrada por el amor desbocado hacia un hombre a quien apenas conoce. Con él se instala en Tánger, una ciudad exótica y vibrante donde todo puede suceder. Incluso la traición.

Sola, desubicada y cargada de deudas ajenas, Sira se traslada a Tetuán, capital del Protectorado Español en Marruecos. Gracias a la ayuda de nuevas amistades forjará una nueva identidad y logrará poner en marcha un taller de alta costura en el que atenderá a clientas de orígenes lejanos y presentes insospechados. A partir de entonces, con los ecos de la guerra europea resonando en la distancia, el destino de Sira queda ligado al de un puñado de carismáticos personajes que la empujarán hacia un inesperado compromiso en el que las artes de su oficio ocultarán algo mucho más arriesgado.

El tiempo entre costuras es una novela de amor, de ritmo imparable cargada de encuentros y desencuentros, de identidades encubiertas y giros inesperados; de ternura, traiciones y ángeles caídos.

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Mision olvido (The Heart Has Its Reasons Spanish Edition): Una novela

por Maria Duenas

La mejor historia está siempre por vivir. Un giro al destino. Un viaje. Una segunda oportunidad.

Incapaz de recomponer sus propios pedazos, la profesora Blanca Perea acepta a la desesperada lo que anticipa como un tedioso proyecto académico. Su estabilidad personal acaba de desplomarse, su matrimonio ha saltado por los aires. Confusa y devastada, la huida a la insignificante universidad californiana de Santa Cecilia es su única opción. El campus que la acoge resulta, sin embargo, mucho más seductor de lo previsto, y la labor de catalogar el legado de su viejo compatriota y profesor Andrés Fontana, fallecido décadas atrás, dista enormemente de ser tan insustancial como prometía. A medida que se afana en vertebrar la memoria de aquel hispanista olvidado, junto a ella va ganando cercanía Daniel Carter, un colega americano veterano y atractivo que no ocupa el sitio que debería ocupar. Entre ambos hombres, uno a través de sus testimonios póstumos y otro con su complicidad creciente, Blanca se verá arrastrada hacia un entramado de sentimientos encontrados, intrigas soterradas y puertas sin cerrar. Antes de encontrar respuestas, Blanca aún tiene mucho que entender.

Con la misma narrativa lírica y personajes inolvidables característicos de El Tiempo entre Costuras, María Dueñas nos regala una segunda novela luminosa, un tributo a las segundas oportunidades, la reconciliación y la reconstrucción.

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The Heart Has Its Reasons: A Novel

por Maria Duenas

Declared “a writer to watch” (Publishers Weekly, starred review), New York Times bestselling author María Dueñas pours heart and soul into this story of a woman who discovers the power of second chances.

A talented college professor in Madrid, Blanca Perea seems to have it all. But her world is suddenly shattered when her husband of twenty years leaves her for another woman. Questioning the life she once had and whether she truly knows herself, Blanca resolves to change her surroundings. She accepts what looks like a boring research grant in California involving an exiled Spanish writer who died decades ago. Anxious to leave her own troubled life behind, she is gradually drawn into his haunted world, with its poignant loves and unfulfilled ambitions.

But in delving into the past, Blanca finds herself simultaneously awakened to the present by Daniel Carter, a charismatic professor with crucial knowledge about the dead writer that he has never before revealed. Amid this web of passion, conflict, and hidden feelings, including her own, Blanca advances like an avid detective, refusing to quit, and ultimately discovers startling answers that resonate deeply in her own life.

Evocative, lyrical, and humorous, The Heart Has Its Reasons is a journey of the soul from the pangs of the past to the vibrant present. It is a story about the thrill of creating one’s life anew.

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Meanings of Violence in Contemporary Latin America

por Maria Helena Rueda

This volume includes contributions of scholars from various fields - the social sciences, journalism, the humanities and the arts - whose work offers insightful and innovative ways to understand the devastating and unprecedented forms of violence currently experienced in Latin America. As an interdisciplinary endeavor, it offers an array of perspectives that contribute to ongoing debates in the study of violence in the region.

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Corporate Social Responsibility for Valorization of Cultural Organizations

por Dueñas, María del Pilar Muñoz

The decisions a corporation makes affect more than just its stakeholders and can have wide social, environmental, and economic consequences. This facilitates a business environment built around the practical regulations and transparency necessary to ensure ethical and responsible business practice. Corporate Social Responsibility for Valorization of Cultural Organizations is a critical scholarly resource that examines organizational management through a new perspective that considers corporate social responsibility within the relationship between companies and society. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics, such as organizational innovation, corporate strategy, and cultural enterprises, this book is geared towards professionals, economists, students of business and finance, policy makers, and government agencies.

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Coming into Clover. Femininity in Irish-American Literature and in Mary Lavin’s "A Memory"

por Benjamín Dueñas

Seminar paper from the year 2014 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, grade: 2,0, University of Bamberg, course: Coming Into Clover, language: English, abstract: This paper is about how Mary Lavin deals with the complexity of being a born American writing about Irish women in Ireland, and by taking her short story "A Memory" as an example. The questions this study deals with are: How is femininity represented in "A Memory"? Does the American born author Mary Lavin follow the traditional picture of Irish women in Irish literature and its historical context? What are her motives for doing or not doing so? For as much as there are Irish female authors, they represent a minority. When revising different anthologies of literature coming from Ireland though, one is predestined to encounter Mary Lavin’s name in at least most of them. Lavin was born in America, and that might also contribute to the fact, that she stood out between so many male writers. As published by Daphne Wolf in an Irish America magazine issue of 2013, “In the male-dominated field of Irish writers, Mary Lavin was a pioneer” (60), it is of no minor relevance to focus on her work, and how she, herself, as an Irish-American avant-gardist female author, created women in the Irish literature. This research will firstly analyze the short story "A Memory" and the definition Lavin gives there to femininity in both a formal perspective, taking in count the story’s narrative point of view, style and theme, and its content, like the plot and the conflict of the story. Secondly, it will explain the role and position of women in the Irish society through its literature and authors, and it will explore the historical events in which women were involved during the 1960’s and 1970‘s that is the time when "A Memory" was published (1973). For this, relevant pieces of information of Irish history and analysis of Irish literature will serve to answer to the question. In the third place, this work will compare the results to Mary Lavin’s background in order to give a concise explanation for her motives, if the fact of being a born American woman has an influence in her perspective of femininity, and how she transfers that into Irish literature. Lavin’s biography and articles about her, such as her obituary, are relevant for the study.

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Unwanted Witnesses: Journalists and Conflict in Contemporary Latin America

por Gabriela Polit Dueñas

Gabriela Polit Dueñas analyzes the work of five narrative journalists from three countries. Marcela Turati, Daniela Rea, and Sandra Rodriguez from Mexico, Patricia Nieto from Colombia, and María Eugenia Ludueña from Argentina produce compelling literary works, but also work under dangerous, intense conditions. What drives and shapes their stories are their affective responses to the events and people they cover. The book offers an insightful analysis of the emotional challenges, the stress and traumatic conditions journalists face when reporting on the region’s most pressing problems. It combines ethnographic observations of the journalists’ work, textual analysis, and a theoretical reflection on the ethical dilemmas journalists confront on a daily basis. Unwanted Witnesses puts forward a necessary discussion about the place contemporary journalists occupy in the field of production, and how the risks they run speak directly about the limits of our democracies.

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