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Joaquin Fuertes-(The Fuertes Cartel Book 1): Dark Mafia Romance

por Chiquita Dennie

Joaquin is afraid of no one. He doesn’t have to be. His position with the Cartel keeps him one step ahead of everything. But nothing he’s experienced has prepared him for the woman in red who would capture his attention, and eventually, his heart.

Sofia is living the dream. Night after night she delivers a standout performance as a actress and singer, gaining accolades from near and far, but when a handsome stranger starts leaving her flowers and notes after every performance, some of her business associates and friends are alarmed.

When Joaquin and Sofia meet, sparks fly. They’re soon swept up in a whirlwind romance, but not everyone is as excited as they are. Her family worries that the well-known Cartel member will destroy her career and place her in harm’s way.

That fear comes to fruition when her career takes a hit because of her connection to him, so he must sacrifice his heart to save her, but his efforts are sidelined when a rival cartel member goes after her in retaliation for the murder of one of their own.

Can Joaquin protect her from the unthinkable?
Order of series
Antonio And Sabrina Book 1 released 2017
Antonio and Sabrina Book 2 released 2018
Antonio and Sabrina Book 3 released 2018
Janice and Carlo Captivated By His Love released 2019
Antonio and Sabrina Book 4 (Enemy of My Enemy is my Friend) 
Antonio De Luca-The Early Years-A Prequel Short
Joaquin Fuertes-The Fuertes Cartel Book 1 (Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love Series)
Joaquin Fuertes-The Fuertes Cartel Book 2 (Antonio and Sabrina Struck In Love Series)
The Carrington Cartel
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Search and research: teacher education for contemporary


Descripción / Resumen (Inglés): The present volume represents a compilation of international teacher education practice and research with a focus on Teacher Education for Contemporary Contexts. It draws upon the diverse educational perspectives, teaching procedures, knowledge, and situated contexts where the discipline takes shape. 
The sections of this book comprise research papers accepted for presentation during the 18th International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching (ISATT) Biennial Conference that will take place from July 3rd to July 7th in Salamanca, Spain. Around 300 delegates from 57 countries across the globe and a large Scientific Committee of 80 colleagues have contributed academically and professionally to support our ability to share the contents of this volume. 

The main conference topic is search and research. Searching is the action of looking carefully at people, objects, and situations in order to find something concealed or to discover something beyond the ordinary. This is what teachers do in their classrooms and, primarily, ‘search’ represents their endeavours to construct professional knowledge as a result of developing practice. Researching is systematic inquiry that intends to discover new knowledge and/or to refute educational theories, a process typically rendered by teacher educators and other researchers. The focus of this 18th biennial ISATT conference is to bring together both “search” and “research”, connecting practice and theory (or ‘praxis’), with the purpose of offering relevant solutions to realistic classroom problems. 

The editorial process followed three differentiated phases: The first phase required abstract submission with the purpose of being accepted for the conference. A double (or triple) blind review was conducted to evaluate whether the papers submitted were suitable for the conference. A rate of 87% of the papers were accepted for presentation. The second phase encouraged authors to voluntarily submit a full paper of 3,000 words. A total of 111 full papers were then subjected to an open review process with the main purpose of suggesting to authors ways of further improving the presentation of their valuable research. 

A third phase, not yet completed and therefore beyond the scope of this book, was the review and selection of the outstanding papers, papers that were deemed eligible for the post-proceeding publication (i.e., less than 15% of the total). 
The central intent of the book is to contribute to fostering scholarly discussions and to inform future teaching trajectories, strengthen lines of research in teacher education and demonstrate the opportunities and constraints in our professional work. Its added value highlights the commonplace in international research that serves to depict how the field of teacher education is moving forward in an increasingly global society. 

All in all, teachers, teacher educators and researchers learn by effective communication processes, whether in in personal/professional interactions or in the use of digital technologies. Positive interactions lead to building strong communities of learners, which in turn, leads to the production of valuable knowledge and better understandings about learning and teaching. 

With the upcoming commemoration of its 800th anniversary in the year 2018, the University of Salamanca, as the oldest university in operation in Spain, is proud to host the ISATT 18th biennial conference and to support the exceptional work of many researchers in the field of Teacher Education by compiling and editing the work in this volume. 

Furthermore, the local Organizing Committee and the ISATT Executive Committee hope you will experience a rewarding intellectual experience as a result of your contributions and knowledge, as both academics and practitioners. Thank you very much for providing us this exciting opportunity to work with you. We warmly welcome you to Salamanca – a truly historic and a contemporary context!

Descripción / Resumen (Español / Castellano): El presente volumen está integrado por una recopilación de prácticas e investigaciones internacionales de formación docente centradas en la formación de profesores en la sociedad actual. Se basa en las diversas perspectivas educativas, los procedimientos de enseñanza, conocimiento y contextos sociales.

Las secciones de este libro comprenden trabajos de investigación aceptados para su exposición en las XVIII Conferencia Bienal Internacional de Estudios de Profesores y Enseñanza (ISATT) que tendrá lugar del 3 al 7 de julio en Salamanca, España. Alrededor de 300 delegados de 57 países de todo el mundo y un gran Comité Científico de 80 colegas han contribuido académica y profesionalmente en favor de este evento.

El tema principal de la conferencia es la búsqueda y la investigación. «Buscar» es la acción de mirar cuidadosamente a las personas, objetos y situaciones para encontrar algo escondido o descubrir algo más allá de lo ordinario. Esto es lo que los maestros hacen en sus clases y, sobre todo, la búsqueda representa sus esfuerzos para construir conocimiento profesional como resultado del desarrollo de la práctica cotidiana. La «investigación» es una investigación sistemática que pretende descubrir nuevos conocimientos y/o refutar teorías educativas, un proceso que suelen dar los educadores de profesores y de otros investigadores. El objetivo de esta 18ª conferencia ISATT es reunir tanto la «búsqueda» como la «investigación», conectando la práctica y la teoría (o praxis) con el propósito de ofrecer soluciones relevantes a los problemas reales de la clase.

El proceso editorial siguió tres fases diferenciadas: 
1. Requirió el envío de resúmenes con el propósito de que fuesen aceptados para la ser expuestos en la conferencia. Se realizó una revisión doble ciego (o triple) para evaluar si los artículos presentados eran adecuados. Se aceptó una tasa de 87% de los trabajos para su presentación. 
2. La segunda fase requirió de los autores en envío en período voluntario de un trabajo completo de 3.000 palabras. Un total de 111 trabajos fueron sometidos a un proceso de revisión abierta con el propósito principal de sugerir a los autores formas de mejora.
3. Una tercera fase, aún inconclusa, y por lo tanto fuera del alcance de este libro, fue la revisión y selección de los documentos pendientes, los documentos que se consideraron electos para la publicación posterior al procedimiento (es decir, menos del 15% del total).
La intención central de esta obra es contribuir a fomentar el debate académico e informar sobre futuras trayectorias de enseñanza, fortalecer las líneas de investigación en la formación del profesorado y demostrar las oportunidades y limitaciones en nuestro ámbito. Su valor es el de destacar el lugar común en la investigación internacional que sirve para describir cómo el campo de la formación de maestros avanza en una sociedad cada vez más global.

En general, los maestros, los educadores de educadores y los investigadores aprendan mediante procesos de comunicación eficaces, ya sea en interacciones personales/profesionales o en el uso de tecnologías digitales. Las interacciones conducen a la construcción de comunidades fuertes de estudiantes, que a su vez, conduce a la producción de conocimientos valiosos y mejores sobre el aprendizaje y la enseñanza.

Con la próxima conmemoración de su 800 aniversario en el año 2018, la Universidad de Salamanca, como la decana de las españolas, se enorgullece en acoger la XVIII Conferencia Bienal de ISATT y apoyar el trabajo excepcional de muchos investigadores en el campo del Profesor Educación Investigador, editando la obra.

Además, el Comité Organizador Local y el Comité Ejecutivo de ISATT esperan que experimente una lectura gratificante como resultado de sus contribuciones y conocimientos, tanto académicos como profesionales. Muchas gracias por brindarnos esta emocionante oportunidad de trabajar con usted. ¡Les damos la bienvenida a Salamanca un contexto verdaderamente histórico y a su vez contemporáneo!

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De tigres y corderos: Habilidades directivas en un mundo competitivo

por Fernández-Galiano Blanca, Andreu Carlos, Borja Ángela, Chiquero Sánchez Lorenzo, Díez Fuertes Alberto, Estalella Jordi, García Gómez Lola, García González Florentino, García Ramírez Julio, Gil Coto José Miguel, González Posada Ignacio, Lafuente Zorrilla Á

A través de los expertos autores que participan en
el libro, podemos pasear por la posición del management en el pasado, el presente y el futuro; es decir, podemos
adentrarnos en un cuidadoso análisis sobre la raíz de la que procedemos, la
situación en que nos encontramos y las tendencias de hacia las que nos
dirigimos si decidimos acompañar a este mundo que cambia a velocidad de
vértigo. Los
autores exponen de una manera brillante y amena algunas reflexiones sobre cómo
tomar decisiones y cómo dirigir personas, sobre la importancia de conocernos a
nosotros mismos  y nuestras
emociones, sobre cómo ser diferentes potenciando nuestra marca personal. Todo
ello desde una perspectiva muy personal y original y, además,  y aún más interesante si cabe,  aplicando  sentido común.

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e-Lexicography: The Internet, Digital Initiatives and Lexicography

por Pedro A. Fuertes-Olivera

This book looks at current research and future directions in e-lexicography. Online dictionaries and reference tools are increasingly prevalent in a digitized and internet-led era in language study that has embraced computational linguistics. This book responds with theoretical and practical analysis of key topics, from a global range of contributors.

Since COBUILD in the 1980s, lexicographers have found it essential to engage with and utilize electronic computational tools. Internet dictionaries, online reference tools and even search engine optimization demand a knowledge of electronic lexicography and force a reassessment of the field. This volume looks at, amongst other topics:
• Polyfunctional versus monofunctional dictionary tools
• Developing theories of lexicography for electronic mediums
• Distinguishing between the database and the dictionary
• Online dictionaries not as data repositories but as sophisticated search engines

This volume will appeal to scholars in
lexicography and to practicing lexicographers.

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Sonidas fuertes, sonidas suaves: Loud Sounds, Soft Sounds

por Patty Whitehouse

Explores The Difference Between Sounds From Various Machines And Tools.

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Specialty Competencies in Counseling Psychology

por Jairo N. Fuertes

Counseling psychologists have led the field of professional psychology in many areas including psychotherapy, supervision, vocational psychology, consultation, the promotion of human strengths, and the use of humanistic and empowering approaches to mental health promotion and treatment. As such, the specialization may be one of the broadest, most flexible, and widely applicable specialties in the field of applied and professional psychology. In Specialty Competencies in Counseling Psychology, Fuertes, Spokane, and Holloway provide a striking balance of the rich history of the counseling specialty and a thorough articulation of the professional practice domains conducted by the counseling psychology specialist. The authors deliver informative examples of each foundational and functional domain of competency as well as a comprehensive discussion of the historic roots that support the specialty's leadership role in professional psychology. In addition to interested individuals who wish to learn about the specialization of counseling psychology, readers from all specialties who are committed to developing professional competencies in psychotherapy assessment and intervention, supervision, vocational psychology, consultation, and contemporary issues having to do with human diversity and multiculturalism will also be served well by reading this volume. In order to assist such readers, the authors successfully capture how counseling psychology interfaces and overlaps with the other psychology specialties yet also distinguishes itself from them. Series in Specialty Competencies in Professional Psychology Series Editors Arthur M. Nezu and Christine Maguth Nezu As the field of psychology continues to grow and new specialty areas emerge and achieve recognition, it has become increasingly important to define the standards of professional specialty practice. Developed and conceived in response to this need for practical guidelines, this series presents methods, strategies, and techniques for conducting day-to-day practice in any given psychology specialty. The topical volumes address best practices across the functional and foundational competencies that characterize the various psychology specialties, including clinical psychology, cognitive and behavioral psychology, school psychology, geropsychology, forensic psychology, clinical neuropsychology, couples and family psychology, and more. Functional competencies include common practice activities like assessment and intervention, while foundational competencies represent core knowledge areas such as ethical and legal issues, cultural diversity, and professional identification. In addition to describing these competencies, each volume provides a definition, description, and development timeline of a particular specialty, including its essential and characteristic pattern of activities, as well as its distinctive and unique features. Written by recognized experts in their respective fields, volumes are comprehensive, up-to-date, and accessible. These volumes offer invaluable guidance to not only practicing mental health professionals, but those training for specialty practice as well.

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Specialised Dictionaries for Learners

por Book 136

The need for constructing a lexicographical theory with a particular focus on specialised dictionaries for learners is well documented in recent publications. This will imply paying attention to, at least, four basic lexicographic categories: learners; the learner's situation; the learner's needs; dictionary assistance. In one or other way, these categories are analysed in this book, whose eleven chapters are grouped into three parts. Part 1 reflects on some of the main ideas defended by the function theory of lexicography, perhaps the theoretical framework that has paid more attention to specialised lexicography. Part 2 presents some proposals that have already being explored in the field of general learner's dictionary and must be incorporated into specialised metalexicography: cultural aspects; figurative meaning; the inclusion of grammatical information; the use of corpora. Part 3 introduces the state of play regarding specialised dictionaries in China and offers some ideas for coping with the proliferation of terminological glossaries in Internet. The book also describes Enrique Alcaraz's academic achievements, together with some personal anecdotes, and a personal short tribute to his memory.

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Pedagogical Specialised Lexicography: The representation of meaning in English and Spanish business dictionaries

por Book 11

This stimulating new book, which combines dictionary research and linguistic knowledge, analyses the representation of meaning in business dictionaries from a pedagogical perspective. By examining in detail the macrostructure, mediostructure, access structure and microstructure of eight business dictionaries, this book presents interesting findings on how the dictionaries studied represent the ‘noun-term’, and on how they cope with the principles of new lexicography that aims at solving the needs of a specific type of user with specific types of problems related to a specific type of user situation. This exhaustive study, which makes simultaneous contributions to the theory of terminology, lexicography, and LSP teaching, defends a methodological confluence between LSP lexicography and terminology, and proposes some guiding principles towards the construction of pedagogically-oriented specialised dictionaries that must target students enrolled in LSP courses: Business English, Business Spanish, Business Translation, etc.

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Working Alliance Skills for Mental Health Professionals

por Jairo N. Fuertes

Working Alliance Skills for Mental Health Professionals provides expert guidance to mental health providers who wish to develop and augment their skills and competence in this area of practice. Each chapter deconstructs a dimension of the working alliance in psychotherapy, defining and describing specific mechanisms and interventions that can help professionals establish an alliance with their clients. The book includes skills in nonverbal communication, ways to foster the working bond with diverse clients, goal and task setting strategies, and verbal and interpersonal therapeutic skills, as well as mechanisms for repairing ruptures and for fostering the working alliance through supervision. The authors provide "in session" examples of how each skill may be implemented, and highlight the use of interventions through clinical vignettes and masked clinical cases. Working Alliance Skills for Mental Health Professionals is ideal for use in training programs in counseling, clinical psychology, and social work. It may also be valuable to professional-level practitioners interested in honing their skills in optimizing the working alliance.

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Birds of New York: Over 100 Plates

por Louis Agassiz Fuertes

In 1910 and 1914, a two-volume study of New York's native birds was issued as part of the State Museum's annual report. A vast catalog of hundreds of species, the survey was illustrated by Louis Agassiz Fuertes (1874–1927), a rising star in scientific bird studies. Fuertes was highly influenced by John James Audubon's The Birds of America, and today he ranks second only to Audubon in terms of output and recognition for ornithological illustration. A frequent lecturer at Cornell University, he honed his expertise during numerous scientific expeditions throughout the United States and abroad, collaborating with Frank Chapman of the American Museum of Natural History on field research, museum dioramas, and book illustrations.
This reproduction of all 106 of Fuertes's stunning full-color images spotlights more than 300 birds. It marks the first time that the artwork from Birds of New York has been available in decades, and the volume has never been so affordable. The captions have been reset for easy identification, and a complete Index offers a quick reference. Noted Fuertes expert Robert McCracken Peck provides an informative Foreword. Bird watchers at all levels of experience as well as illustrators, artists, and naturalists will find this book an excellent resource.

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