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Chinese Mythology A to Z

So it is not surprising that China has a long history, rich with events and achievements. This long history has produced a tapestry of interwo- ven myths, ...

Myths and Legends of China

On Chinese Mythology. III. Cosmogony--P'an Ku and the Creation Myth. IV. The Gods of China. V. Myths of the Stars. VI. Myths of Thunder, Lightning, Wind, ...

Handbook of Chinese Mythology

To my knowledge, there are no Chinese mythology books written in En- ... Second, these books usually view Chinese myths from Western values and.

An Anthology of Sources on Chinese Mythology

Chinese book titles, indexes of Chinese names, terms, and concepts. Hardcover ... The introduction to Chinese Mythology (1-22) is short but extremely.


This book contains more than 120 myths and various versions that are spread among ten ethnic groups in contemporary Sichuan province. Among them, over ninety ...

The Mythology of All Races

exhaustive study o f Chinese mythology, which would re quire many volumes. ... o f Taoism as a religion, and the obje ct o f this book being to dis.


Chinese mythology is a term used to describe the varied folk tales and legend of China that ... This is because she looks after the book of life and death.

Chinese Mythology

Exposure of students to the mythology of China. Materials: 1. Copies of the Chinese Creation Myths from websites and/or books (see resources below).

Review of Research on Chinese Mythology

ancient Chinese and the Japanese translation of the ... The study of mythology in Chinese academic ... fragments in Shan Hai Jing and other books of.

Historical Background— Chinese Myth & Culture

Scholars believe that many of the Chinese myths that have come down to us are ... 213 B.C., when the first emperor of China burned all books that were not ...

Myths & Legends of China

por E.T.C. Werner

In this fascinating and comprehensive collection of Chinese myths and legends, E. T. C. Werner drew upon material readily available to him as a member of the Chinese government's' Historiographical Bureau in Peking. A former barrister and British consul in Foochow, Werner presents a wealth of information illuminating the ideas and beliefs that governed the daily lives of the Chinese people long before the revolutions of the 20th century.

Offering a provocative glimpse into a world dominated by traditional rules of etiquette and inhabited by demons, dragon-gods, and spirits, the volume opens with an introductory chapter on the origins of the Chinese people. In succeeding chapters, Mr. Werner's readable, well-illustrated text considers the gods of China and myths of stars, thunder, lightning, wind and rain; of water and fire; of epidemics, medicine, and exorcism; as well as tales about the goddess of mercy, the guardian of the gate of heaven, accounts of how the Monkey became a god, and much more.

In addition, 32 striking illustrations depict such traditional deities as the Spirit That Clears the Way, civilian and military Door Gods, the Kitchen-God, Dragon-Gods, the Gods of Happiness, Office, and Longevity, and others. Engrossing and informative, Myths and Legends of China will appeal not only to lovers of folklore but to anyone interested in Chinese art, culture, or philosophy.

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Myths and Legends: From Cherokee dances to voodoo trances

por John Pemberton

 Many ancient legends in circulation, either through verbal story-telling, ancient script or paintings, have assisted the human race in understanding the complex world we live in, even if they have been embellished over the years. They have helped us form societies and have given people reason to live, they are the blocks that when linked together can help us find the answers we as a human race have been searching for. Myths and Legends gathers together the principal mythologies, legends and folklore of ancient and modern cultures and explores the relationship that they have with their people and with the major religions of the world.Contents : Creation; male and female relationships; natural disaster; survival; death and the afterlife. Principal myths and legends of the world: Greek, Roman, Celtic; pagan; Arthurian; Greenman, Norse, Voodoo; Caribbean folk heroes; giants, dragons and unicorns; Maori gods rangi and papa (sky and earth); dream-time of the indigenous Australians; Bon of Tibet; Chinese mythology; Native American tribal stories; mythology and religion: Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Sikhism, Taoism.

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Chinese Mythology

por Jim Ollhoff

Who is Pan Ku? What is Yi? Why are myths so important in our lives? Myths are a rich source of history. People use them to make sense of our world. Even before myths were written down, people told and retold the stories of the gods and goddesses of their homeland. Readers of Chinese Mythology will learn the history of myths, as well as their deeper meaning. From the Jade Emperor who invented many things for humanity to Fu Hsi, emperor called the Father of China, this book helps kids understand the myths that shape and direct people's lives. Abdo & Daughters is an imprint of Abdo Publishing, a division of ABDO.

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Handbook of Chinese Mythology

por Lihui Yang

Compiled from ancient and scattered texts and based on revelatory new research, Handbook of Chinese Mythology is the most comprehensive English-language work on the subject ever written from an exclusively Chinese perspective.
This work focuses on the Han Chinese people but ranges across the full ethnic spectrum of ancient and modern China, showing how key myths endured and evolved over time. A quick reference section covers all major deities, spirits, and demigods, as well as important places (Kunlun Mountain), mythical animals and plants (the crow with three feet; Fusang tree), and appurtenances (Xirang--a kind of mythical soil; Bu Si Yao--mythical medicine for long life). No other work captures so well what Chinese mythology means to the people who lived and continue to live their lives by it.

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Chinese Mythology: Oriental Gems of Beliefs, Religion, and History

por Jane Hampton

Have you ever heard about the Old Mother of Waters? How about Miao Shan? Or the medicine god?

The Chinese had so many gods that it was probably a huge task to remember or memorize them all. For almost everything, there was either a god or a goddess.

But a simple list of all the gods wouldn’t suffice to satisfy your appetite for the mystery of religious history in this massive country. So to help you enjoy the book, the intricate stories of betrayal, supernatural powers, love, and hatred are described in detail in this guide. You will learn about the fire and water gods the Chinese believed in, the ruler of the heavens they perceived, and the complicated patterns some of these heroes or villains supposedly created in their lives.
Go ahead and begin.

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Chinese Mythology: Dragons, Monkeys, Spirits, Deities, and more

por Jane Hampton

As you begin to read or listen to this book, you will become familiar with all the gods and goddesses of Chinese culture. The historical context will become clear, as well as the institutions, the law, the rules about sexuality, marriage, and children, and so much more. Understanding these aspects of their society before fully becoming engaged in the folklore that was the popular belief at the time, is essential to your comprehension of the cultural anecdotes in those tales. Towards the end of the book, you’ll also learn about Confucianism, Monism, Taoism, Buddhism, and other dominating religious or spiritual paths that have been common in China.

Are you curious yet? Then get ready for a unique combination of mystery and historicity.

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Chinese Mythology: Engaging Tales and Intricate Stories from China

por Jane Hampton

In this book in the series, the most important legends from China will come to light. You will read about the famous monkey who became a god through his clever trickery and struggles, for instance. This is an amazing story that has inspired millions to depict the protagonist in paintings, sculptures, and other art works. Another interesting story that has been shown in Asian movies in great detail, is the battle of all the Chinese gods. The eight immortals that are mentioned in Chinese mythology will be described, and so many other things that will keep you reading or listening.

So pick up this book and enjoy!

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Chinese Mythology Rocks!

por Irene Dea Collier

Chinese myths have been passed down through the oral tradition for thousands of years. In many Chinese tales, there is no clear separation between the mythical and the real, between heaven and earth. These myths weave together figures from conflicting time periods, differing religions and philosophies. Author Irene Dea Collier, a native of China, has collected some of the most important traditional Chinese myths and presents them with an authentic appreciation for their unique characters, landscapes, and philosophies. Each of the stories is enhanced by the expert commentary of scholars and specialists in Chinese literature.

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Myths of the Creation of Chinese

por Zhaoyuan Tian

Drawing on the sun, moon, dragon, phoenix, Nuwa, Yandi, Huangdi and other widely circulated cultural elements as examples, this book addresses the development and evolution of the most representative Chinese creation myths regarding nature, totems, ancestors and saints. The book not only interprets key creation myths, but also elaborates on the connection between the myths and some of the core values and concepts in Chinese civilization. For example, the long and jade culture is rooted in the Yellow Emperor’s revered jade weapon. Further, the book reveals the kernels of truth in the myths by presenting new research findings and research methods.

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