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Young Viking Book List

2022 Young Viking Books. Black Brother, Black Brother. By: Jewel Parker Rhodes. The Canyon's Edge. By: Dusti Bowling. Don't Check Out This Book.

Book Reviews 163 The Vikings: A History. By robert ...

The Vikings: A History. By robert ferguson. London: Pen. Books, 2009. 464 pp. $32.95 (cloth); $18.00 (paper);. $9.99 (e-book). Robert Ferguson's The Vikings ...

8 Historical Novels Set In Time Of Vikings Boxed Pdf

Journey to a world of princes and castles with this boxed set, containing the first four books in the After Cilmeri series: Daughter of Time (prequel), ...

Northern Lights book 2 The Vikings and the Oracle

In Northern lights - The Vikings and the oracle Sonja's wonderful adventures through. Jontundale continues as the conflicts increase, and ...

The Vikings - Voyagers of Discovery and Plunder

This book The Vikings: Voyagers of Discovery and Plunder is presented in three sumptuously illustrated parts. The profuse photographs are given.

8 Historical Novels Set In Time Of Vikings Boxed

Vikings Boxed.Most likely you have knowledge that, people have see numerous period for their favorite books later than this 8 Historical ...

The Vikings

The following terms should be used in recording the condition of the book: New; Good; Fair; Poor; Bad. Page 3. The Vikings. Reader. Page 4 ...

The World Of Vikings

If you want to humorous books, lots of novels, tale, jokes, and more fictions collections are next launched, from best seller to one of the most ...

The World of Vikings

por Justin Pollard

MGM's hit show Vikings on the History Channel has drawn millions of viewers into the fascinating and bloody world of legendary Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok, who led Viking warriors to the British Isles and France. Covering the first three seasons of the series, this official companion book delves into the real history as well as the behind-the-scenes stories. Viking historian Justin Pollard explains shipbuilding and navigation, Norse culture and religion, and the first encounters between Viking warriors and the kings of England and France. Interviews with cast and crew reveal the process of dramatizing this gripping story, from reviving the Old Norse language to choreographing battle scenes and building ancient temples for human sacrifice. This spectacular ebook is a must for fans of the show and history buffs alike.

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The Vikings

por Robert Wernick

In the eighth century, The Vikings, the water-borne warriors of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, conquered much of the British Isles. They pillaged the coast of France, pushed inland to sack Paris, and seized Normandy. Sweeping south down the great rivers of central Europe, they overwhelmed the Slavs of Russia, captured Kiev, and clashed with the people of Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire.

In all this, the Vikings took untold treasures, but they weren't just barbarians, content to plunder and burn. They were builders of cities, founders of states, writers of poetry, and makers of laws. The Vikings also were bold and tenacious explorers who ventured across oceans to discover new territories - including the New World. Indeed, not since the golden age of the Roman Empire had any people so powerfully influenced the Western world. Here, from award-winning journalist Robert Wernick, is their dramatic story.

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The Vikings: A History

por Robert Ferguson

A comprehensive and thrilling history of the Vikings for fans of the History Channel series

From Harald Bluetooth to Cnut the Great, the feared seamen and plunderers of the Viking Age ruled Norway, Sweden, and Denmark but roamed as far as Byzantium, Greenland, and America. Raiders and traders, settlers and craftsmen, the medieval Scandinavians who have become familiar to history as Vikings never lose their capacity to fascinate, from their ingeniously designed longboats to their stormy pantheon of Viking gods and goddesses, ruled by Odin in Valhalla. Robert Ferguson is a sure guide across what he calls "the treacherous marches which divide legend from fact in Viking Age history." His long familiarity with the literary culture of Scandinavia with its skaldic poetry is combined with the latest archaeological discoveries to reveal a sweeping picture of the Norsemen, one of history's most amazing civilizations.

Impeccably researched and filled with compelling accounts and analyses of legendary Viking warriors and Norse mythology, The Vikings is an indispensable guide to medieval Scandinavia and is a wonderful companion to the History Channel series.

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Vikings: A Concise History of the Vikings

por Hourly History

The saga of the Vikings rises and falls on the banks of history, ebbing and flowing with popular opinion and whimsical anecdotes. The Vikings are routinely typecast and labeled anywhere from bloodthirsty tyrants to valiant heroes. They have been condemned as pirates and praised as explorers. We have all heard the stories of the fierce warriors with long ships and horned helmets storming onto the shores of medieval Europe; but who were these men really?

Inside your will read about...
✓ From the Fury of the Northmen
✓ Retaliation, Royal Ambition, and Bribery
✓ The Viking Age of Exploration and Expansion
✓ Tidings from the East
✓ The End of the Viking Age
✓ The Vikings Come to Christ
✓ The Second Viking Invasion

This book helps to unravel the mystery. Helping to finally shed the light on why the Vikings abruptly descended onto the world stage in such dramatic fashion, this book begins to explore the motives of the Viking exodus like no other and takes an in depth evaluation of all the geographical, political, economic and religious underpinnings that led the Viking Age.

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The Vikings: A New History

por Neil Oliver

Archaeologist Neil Oliver ventures beyond the myths about seafaring Norsemen to reveal the true lives of their chieftains, warlords, and explorers.

The Vikings are infamous for taking no prisoners, relishing cruel retribution, and priding themselves on their bloodthirsty skills as warriors. But their prowess in battle is only a small part of their story, which stretches from their Scandinavian origins to America in the West and as far as Baghdad in the East.
As the Vikings did not record their own history, we have to discover it for ourselves, and their tale, as Neil Oliver reveals, is an extraordinary story of a stalwart people who came from the brink of destruction to develop awesome seafaring power that reached a quarter of the way around the globe, building an empire that lasted nearly two hundred years.
Drawing on discoveries that have only recently come to light, Oliver follows the Vikings’ trail to uncover what drove them to embark on such extraordinary voyages more than 1,000 years ago.
An epic tale of one of the world’s great empires, The Vikings will fascinate all history buffs interested in finding out more about these real-life adventurers.

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Vikings: A History of the Norse People

por Martin J Dougherty

“From the fury of the Northmen, good Lord deliver us.” – Anonymous monk,
Noirmoutier, France, 9th century AD

Beginning in 789AD, the Vikings raided monasteries, sacked cities and invaded
western Europe. They looted and enslaved their enemies. But that is only part
of their story. In long boats they discovered Iceland and America (both by
accident) and also sailed up the Seine to Paris (which they sacked). They
settled from Newfoundland to Russia, founded Dublin and fought battles as far
afield as the Caspian Sea.

A thousand years after their demise, traces of the Vikings remain all the way
from North America to Istanbul. They traded walruses with Inuits, brought
Russian furs to Western Europe and took European slaves to Constantinople.
Their graves contain Arab silver, Byzantine silks and Frankish weapons.

In this accessible book, the whole narrative of the Viking story is examined
from the eighth to the eleventh centuries. Arranged thematically, Vikings: A
History of the Norse People examines the Norsemen from exploration to religion
to trade to settlement to weaponry to kingdoms to their demise and legacy. But
today questions remain: what prompted the first Viking raids? What stopped
their expansion? And how much of the tales of murder, rape and pillage is myth?

Illustrated with more than 200 photographs, maps and artworks, Vikings: A
History of the Norse People is an expertly written account of a people who have
long captured the popular imagination.


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The Age of the Vikings

por Anders Winroth

A major reassessment of the vikings and their legacy

The Vikings maintain their grip on our imagination, but their image is too often distorted by myth. It is true that they pillaged, looted, and enslaved. But they also settled peacefully and traveled far from their homelands in swift and sturdy ships to explore. The Age of the Vikings tells the full story of this exciting period in history. Drawing on a wealth of written, visual, and archaeological evidence, Anders Winroth captures the innovation and pure daring of the Vikings without glossing over their destructive heritage. He not only explains the Viking attacks, but also looks at Viking endeavors in commerce, politics, discovery, and colonization, and reveals how Viking arts, literature, and religious thought evolved in ways unequaled in the rest of Europe. The Age of the Vikings sheds new light on the complex society, culture, and legacy of these legendary seafarers.

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The Vikings

por Frank R. Donovan

At the height of their power in the ninth and tenth centuries, the Vikings seemed invincible – conquering, well-armed warriors whose ships were the ultimate in seafaring technology. From island bases near the deltas of major rivers, they used the waterways to scour the countryside, looting and burning towns, plundering merchant shipments, and stripping churches and monasteries of their gold, silver, and jeweled treasures.  
The Norsemen eventually penetrated all of England and Scotland, founded cities in Ireland, gained a powerful province in France, controlled Frisia and the modern Netherlands, and raided lands around Spain, passing into the Mediterranean to attack Italy and North Africa. They established the first Russian kingdom, challenged Constantinople, and provided a personal guard for the Byzantine emperor. They settled Iceland, where they developed Europe’s first republic, founded two colonies on Greenland, and explored parts of North America five centuries before Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas. Then, like the abrupt end of a summer thunderstorm, their adventures ceased.
Here is their dramatic story.

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Saxons vs. Vikings: Alfred the Great and England in the Dark Ages

por Ed West

A witty and concise look at the beginnings of English history, when the nation consolidated after clashes between the Saxons and invading Vikings.

In 871, three of England's four kingdoms were overrun by Vikings, the ruthless, all-conquering Scandinavian raiders who terrorized early medieval Europe. With the Norsemen murdering one king with arrows and torturing another to death by ripping out his lungs, the prospects that faced the kingdom of Wessex were bleak. Worse still, the Saxons were now led by a young man barely out of his teens who was more interested in God than fighting. Yet within a decade Alfred—the only English king known as the Great—had driven the Vikings out of half of England, and his children and grandchildren would unite the country a few years later. This period, popular with fans of television shows such as Vikings and The Last Kingdom, saw the creation of England as a nation-state, with Alfred laying down the first national law code, establishing an education system and building cities.

Saxons vs. Vikings also covers the period before Alfred, including ancient Britain, the Roman occupation, and the Dark Ages, explaining important historical episodes such as Boudicca, King Arthur, and Beowulf.

Perfect for newcomers to the subject, this is the second title in the new A Very, Very Short History of England series. If you’re trying to understand England and its history in the most informative and entertaining way possible, this is the place to start.

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The Vikings

por Else Roesdahl

Far from being just 'wild, barbaric, axe-wielding pirates', the Vikings created complex social institutions, oversaw the coming of Christianity to Scandinavia and made a major impact on European history through trade, travel and far-flung consolidation. This encyclopedic study brings together the latest research on Viking art, burial customs, class divisions, jewellery, kingship, poetry and family life. The result is a rich and compelling picture of an extraordinary civilisation.

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