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LEAN philosophy: Profitable Methods = Winning Business. LEAN | KAIZEN | KANBAN | SCRUM | AGILE. Six Sigma | Lean Startup | Lean Enterprise | Analytics | 5s Methodologies | Agile Project Management. NEW VERSION


Create your Ultimate Business with the help of the Proven LEAN System.Are you looking for a ground-breaking guide for business success?
Do you want to revolutionize your project management, streamline your business operations, and drastically improve your company?
Then this audiobook is for you.
Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, the CEO of a small to medium enterprise, or a team leader looking to overhaul your skillsets, the secret to running a successful business lies in the Lean system.
This complete guide unveils the foundations of essential project and business management systems, drawing on tried-and-tested advice to bring you a comprehensive plan for success. Covering Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, Kanban, Scrum and Agile Project Management, this book is your ticket to an all-new business management system.
-- In part 1, you’ll explore how Lean Six Sigma will help you analyze your business, improve what isn’t working, and streamline your process of operations.
-- In part 2, you’ll discover how Kaizen and Kanban can revolutionize your business philosophy and improve your workflow fast.
-- In part 3, you’ll uncover a step-by-step formula for implementing Scrum into your business and running a Scrum project.
-- In part 4, you’ll learn how Agile Project Management can help you become a better project manager and supercharge your business productivity.

Even if you’re new to these methodologies, inside you’ll find everything you need to know for a successful implementation.
Whether you want to make more profits, secure more clients, or create faster, more streamlined projects, the Lean system is a vital tool for long-term business success.
Buy Now to Uncover the Benefits of the LEAN System, today.

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LEAN Philosophy: Lean Six Sigma | Lean Startup | Lean Enterprise | Lean Analytics | 5s Methodologies. Process & Techniques for Building a Lean Enterprise to a Lean Business. NEW VERSION


Discover how to supercharge your business and take your startup to the next level with the power of Lean Six Sigma!Are you a CEO, entrepreneur, or owner of a startup?
Looking for the best way to streamline your business, become a better leader, and make more sales?
Want to harness the power of methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma and 5s?
Packed with a ton of real, practical strategies designed to take your business to the next level, this incredible guide explores the world of Lean methodologies. Lean is a proven, highly-effective way of streamlining your business, boosting productivity, getting more sales.
Far too many entrepreneurs feel like they’re stuck on an endless treadmill, or that they’re unable to grow their business past a plateau. But with the help of Lean, you can revolutionize the way your business functions and take things to the next level
You’ll discover:
-- The Fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma That You Need To Know
-- How To Apply Lean To Your Business and Experience The Benefits
-- Must-Know Tools and Techniques For Streamlining and Managing Your Business
-- Tips and Tricks For Building Event Chains and Getting Things Done
-- How Software Can Help Revolutionize Your Business Processes
-- Analysis Tips For Figuring Out What’s Working – and What Isn’t
-- Avoiding Discrepancies and False Information
So don’t let this opportunity pass you by! With real, actionable strategies that you can start implementing the second you finish this audiobook, now it’s never been easier to prime your business for success and revolutionize the way you work.
Even if you’re a beginner, inside you’ll find step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow advice that will change the way you look at business forever!
Uncover All Secrets of Lean Philosophy today!

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Lean Mastery Collection: 3 Books in 1: Lean Six Sigma, Agile Project Management, Scrum

por Homer Herring

Become a project management guru and get your life organized with this unique bundle.
What do saving up for a new car, organizing a wedding, and designing a rocket have in common?
All three are projects, or sequences of actions that aim for a certain goal.
Projects are literally everywhere.
This is why everyone should have at least a rough understanding of project management philosophies and a handy toolkit of project management techniques. This will make it much easier to achieve your goals on time and stay within your budget even if unexpected challenges come up.
This unique audiobook bundle will teach you everything you need to know about agile project management and its frameworks.
The audiobook Lean Six Sigma will introduce you to a fascinating methodology for optimizing the processes in your workplace or home.
The audiobook Agile Project Management is your ideal step-by-step introduction to this revolutionary approach and its key concepts such as Scrum and Kanban.
The audiobook Scrum offers an in-depth view of the Scrum methodology and its practical applications.
Here’s what you’ll learn:
What makes agile project management so special and popular in companies from Amazon to ZalandoWhat an agile project actually looks and feels likeHow agile techniques can make your life more organized and your family happierHow to become a certified Scrum or Lean Six Sigma professionalAnd much more!Agile, Scrum, and Lean Six Sigma aren’t just empty buzzwords, they are revolutionary approaches to management that will greatly improve your workplace and your private life.
Are you ready to transform your life and your work?

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Project Management: The Ultimate Guide to Help You Master and Innovate Projects with Lean Thinking, Including How to Dominate Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Six Sigma

por Ricky Toyoda

Do you want to learn how to manage and innovate projects with your team, save time, and achieve your goals?
Like it or not, good project management doesn’t just happen - just like excellent athletes and their coaches don’t just happen.
Good project management is a cumulus of factors that influence the outcome of a project. On the one hand, you need a team dedicated to working within deadlines and within the quality and functionality specifications of the client.
This Audiobook covers the following topics:
· Lean Thinking. It helps you have real-time experience with the customers, and you can build the product in line with their taste and expectations. You cannot always be in the same position. "No Growth" is terrible for business. Big enterprises, including startup businesses, are sure to have ups and downs at one point in time. There will be discouragement, break in production, and other hazards surround the business world.
· Agile. It is about a lot more than just hanging out in circles every day and playing little games when it comes to splitting larger tasks into smaller ones. In simple terms, a project is a series of activities meant to achieve a specific goal. The goal might be something pretty large, like a brand new, innovative software application. Or it might be something internal, like boosting the engagement among the employees.
· Scrum. It is possibly the very first thing that people think about when someone mentions Agile. It's no coincidence, and this is the most frequently used framework that teams use. It provides the highest possible value for products, allows developers to quickly and decisively adapt to changes, and keeps them productive. It's the values, the team, the work put in, and the communication necessary for the project.

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Project Charter: A Complete End-to-End Guide to Create an Impactful Project Charter for Any Type of Project | Business Case | Objectives | Scope | Business Case | Requirements | Stakeholders | Risks

por Rahul Iyer

Are you looking to create a Project Charter that is impactful, filled with insights and urges the Sponsor to take action of approving the project?If you have answered this question as "Yes," this is the audiobook for you. Project Charter is a formal document that signifies an official kick-off of your project. Project Charter consists of several components including the business case, project description, project deliverables, measurable project objectives, project scope, high-level requirements, project manager name and authority, project team, stakeholder list, project risks, assumptions, constraints, approval and closure requirements and project signoff. This audiobook prepares you to understand each of these components and have hands-on expertise in clearly documenting the specifics needed to convince the top management to approve your project.
Whether you are executing a Six Sigma, Lean, Agile, or even a large project management style of project, you would need to document the project charter. And this audiobook covers every aspect of the charter for any and every type of project.
Apart from seeking the desired theoretical knowledge of creating the project charter, this audiobook also provides you a practical example that evolves as you go through each chapter. By the end of the audiobook, you would see how a project charter is practically documented by virtue of this example.
Another feature of this book is its real-life anecdotes. While understanding any management concept, your learnings are enhanced multiple times if you are presented real-life stories for various topics. You will see these real-life anecdotes sprinkled throughout this book that will help you understand why certain things are done the way they are.
What are you waiting for? Hit the Buy Now button. Become a Master in creating brilliant Project Charters for each of your project!!!

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