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The Complete Checklist: 100 Must-Read Books

Our 100 Greatest Books for Kids list spans a variety of ages and genres, so there's something for everyone. Print out this checklist and make it yours: Mark ...
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“100 Children's Books that Belong in Every Library”

There are hundreds of fine and fabulous board books to choose from, but these three are my favorites. Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang—A great number book where a ...
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Great stories never grow old! Chosen by children's librarians at. The New York Public Library, these 100 inspiring tales have thrilled generations.
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top 100 childrens novels.pdf

The result is a list of the Top 100 Children's Novels for the 21st century. ... Ms. Silvey says in 100 Best Books for Children that the book “began as an ...
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There are many noteworthy children's books containing themes about environmental stewardship and social justice. Here is a selected bibliography of those ...
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Top 100+ Recommended African-American Children's Books Anti-Bias/Social Justice. 10 Books That Empower Kids to Stand Up ...
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The Best Children's Books of the Year [2022 edition] - Educate

(Henry Holt Books for Young Readers/Macmillan Children's Publishing Group) ... all listed informational books for children nine.
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100 Books Every Child Should Know Before Kindergarten

This booklist includes 100 fitles to read with children to help them develop their Early Literacy Skills. For more materials to help your.
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Table of Contents Therapeutic Books for Children

200-300 [therapeutic books for children] that I and some fellow students worked on in ... For Your Own Good: A Child's Book About Living In A Foster Home .
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Recommended Books for Children Coping With Loss or ...

Parents and caregivers who want to find other books should look for books that address children's grief and loss, natural disasters, anxiety, and dealing with ...
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Little Muslimah

por Umm Sumayyah

Little Muslimah is a heartwarming story depicting a day in the life of a young Muslim girl growing up in the West. More than just a kids' book about Islam, Little Muslimah beautifully captures the joy and innocence of childhood and the universal love between mother and child. Superbly presented with vibrant hand-painted illustrations by multi-award winning artist Hillary Scott. 
As a gentle introduction to the Islamic faith, complete with an Arabic-English glossary, this is a book to be enjoyed by children from all backgrounds and the perfect addition to any multi-ethnic library.

Proudly published by Minaret Press - changing the face of Islamic children's book at a time.

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Molly's Big Decision

por Book 1

Never in her wildest dreams did nine-year-old Molly believe she could be loved again.

Molly’s fed up with the cruel Mr and Mrs Furrows who run the orphanage. She wants out. When a mysterious palace appears outside her bedroom, she thinks ... Now’s my chance.

Molly is invited to join the royal family, but there’s a catch. It involves a secret mission and magic tokens.

She has only one month to complete her mission and accept the king’s invitation. If she doesn’t, will she ever get another chance to get away from Mr and Mrs Furrows?

Join Molly on her adventure and discover the hidden message of the story - secret missions happen every day when you’re a child of God.

A gift for you inside the book
Bonus offer: download the compelling prequel - Molly’s Sudden Problem

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Jonah's Whale

por Eileen Spinelli

God made Whale and gave him a home in the blue-deep waters of the sea, a family with whom he could play and splash, and a joyful song to sing. And then one day, when a wild storm raged above, God gave Whale a job to do. Whale"s faithful spirit fills the pages of this vibrant story and gives a new twist to the classic, well-loved biblical tale.

Eileen Spinelli"s charming retelling of this familiar story will delight readers of all ages, as will Giuliano Ferri"s rich and vivid illustrations.

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Buster's On the Job: Sight Words Easy Reader

por William Robert Stanek

From the award-winning, best-selling author/illustrator! Explore jobs and what people do for a living with Buster and friends. Start a conversation with your child about what grownups do. Great fun for adults to read aloud to children of any age or for children to read on their own.

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The Trick

por Chris Johnson

 The Trick is a tale of two brothers, both in blood and in the golden art of stage magic. Jealousy and blind ambition clash as Maximillian searches for The Trick of True Magic, and his brother Fanto would do anything to steal the Prize for himself. Set in Vaudeville's Golden Era, The Trick is a tale with a terribly true message that steps from the past into modern history and beyond.

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Desired (Book #5 in the Vampire Journals)

por Book 5

DESIRED is Book #5 of the Bestselling series THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS, which begins with TURNED (Book #1)--a FREE download! In DESIRED (Book #5 in the Vampire Journals), Caitlin Paine wakes to discover that she has once again traveled back in time. This time, she has landed in eighteenth century Paris, an age of great opulence, of kings and queens—but also of revolution.

Reunited with her true love, Caleb, the two of them finally have the quiet, romantic time together that they never had. They spend idyllic time together in the city of Paris, visiting its most romantic sites, as their love grows ever deeper. Caitlin decides to give up the search for her father, so that she can savor this time and place, and spend her life with Caleb. Caleb takes her to his medieval castle, near the ocean, and Caitlin is happier than she ever dreamed.

But their idyllic time together is not destined to last forever, and events intercede that force the two of them apart. Caitlin once again finds herself united with Aiden and his coven, with Polly and with new friends, as she focuses again on her training, and on her mission. She is introduced to the lavish world of Versailles, and encounters outfits and opulence beyond what she ever dreamed. With never ending feasts and parties and concerts, Versailles is a world of its own. She is happily reunited with her bother Sam, who is also back in time, and having dreams of their father, too.

But all is not as well as it seems. Kyle has traveled back in time, too—this time, with his evil sidekick, Sergei—and he is more determined than ever to kill Caitlin. And Sam and Polly each fall ever deeper into toxic relationships, which just might threaten to destroy everything around them.

As Caitlin becomes a true and hardened warrior, she comes closer than ever to finding her father, and the mythical Shield. The climactic, action-packed ending, takes Caitlin through a whirlwind of Paris’ most important medieval locations, on a hunt for clues. But surviving this time will demand skills she never dreamed she had. And reuniting with Caleb will require her to make the hardest choices—and sacrifices—of her life.

DESIRED is Book #5 in the Vampire Journals (following TURNED, LOVED, BETRAYED and DESTINED), and yet it also stands alone as a self-contained novel. DESIRED is 70,000 words.

Books #3--#11 in THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS are now also available! Morgan Rice's new trilogy, THE SURVIVAL TRILOGY, a post apocalyptic thriller, is now also available for sale. And Morgan's new epic fantasy series, the #1 Bestselling THE SORCERER'S RING, comprising 10 books and counting, is now also available--with the first book, A QUEST OF HEROES, as a FREE download!

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Forty Bedtime Stories: Excellent for Bedtime & Young Readers

por Agnes Rahoza

This collection of bedtime stories is specifically designed for both parents and children, with forty lively tales! These are short, written in an appealing style and are in turn, exciting, amusing, whimsical and involving; there are tales to suit every taste. In addition, all forty tales are richly illustrated. This volume promises to be a veritable treasure trove of stories for bedtime, long car journeys or even just rainy afternoons!

The collection includes the following titles:
1) The Scarecrow
2) Tim’s Train
3) The Great War
4) Hidden Treasures
5) Mr. Frog
6) Ice Cream for Refreshment
7) The Snowman and the Hare
8) Mr. Nightingale’s Music School
9) Night Encounter
10) The Favorite Tasks of Lou Trumpet

...and 30 more.

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Destined (Book #4 in the Vampire Journals)

por Book 4

DESTINED is Book #4 of the Bestselling series THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS, which begins with book #1, TURNED—a FREE download! In DESTINED (Book #4 in the Vampire Journals), Caitlin Paine wakes to discover herself back in time. She finds herself in a cemetery, on the run from a mob of villagers, and seeks refuge in the ancient cloisters of Assisi, in the countryside of Umbria, Italy. There, she learns of her destiny and her mission: to find her father and the ancient vampire Shield needed to save mankind.
But Caitlin’s heart still pines for her lost love: Caleb. She desperately needs to know if he has survived their trip back in time. She learns that her mission requires her to go to Florence, but if she wants to pursue matters of the heart, she must go to Venice. She chooses Venice.
Caitlin is overwhelmed at what she finds. Venice of the eighteenth century is a surreal place, men and women dressed in elaborate costumes and masks, celebrating an endless, lavish party. She is thrilled to discover and reunite with some of her close friends, and to be welcomed back into their coven. And she is excited to join them in Venice’s Grand Ball, the most important costume dance of the year, where she hopes, once again, to find Caleb.
But Caitlin is not the only one who can travel back in time: Kyle soon arrives, too, and is determined to hunt her down and kill her once and for all. Sam, too, arrives, determined to save his sister before it is too late.
At the Ball, Caitlin searches everywhere, and finds no sign of Caleb. That is, until the very last dance. She dances with a masked man who takes her heart away, and she feels certain that it is him. But as the partners change, she loses him again. Or does she?
Caitlin soon finds herself torn between the two loves of her life, and discovers that she has to be careful what she wishes for. Her joy at finding what she wants might just come mixed with tragedy and heartbreak.
In a climactic, action-packed ending, Caitlin finds herself up against true evil, Rome’s ancient vampire coven, and the most powerful vampire coven that ever existed. Surviving will demand all her skills, as she finds herself battling for her very life. She will have to sacrifice more than ever, if she is to save the one she loves….
Books #3--#11 in THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS are now also available! Morgan Rice's new trilogy, THE SURVIVAL TRILOGY, a post apocalyptic thriller, is now also available for sale. And Morgan's new epic fantasy series, the #1 Bestselling THE SORCERER'S RING, comprising 10 books and counting, is now also available--with the first book, A QUEST OF HEROES, as a FREE download!

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I Love My Mami! (Dora the Explorer)

por Nickelodeon Publishing

Nickelodeon's Dora the Explorer celebrates her mother on Mother's Day! Join Dora and her mami as they spend the day together!

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The Three Little Pigs

por Dev Ross

A humorous retelling of the classic story recounts the fatal episodes in the lives of two foolish pigs and how the third pig managed to avoid the same fate.

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