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Children's Storybooks and Early Literacy

Does our modified dialogic reading program change behavior? • Do children learn new vocabulary words from the storybooks? • What is the optimal training ...

It's Busy Being 3!

they are just as important for your child's development. This book will show you what to look for as your child grows and develops. Ask your child.

Effects of Reading Storybooks Aloud to Children

fects of teachers' various interactional patterns in storybook reading on children's vocabulary growth. From their observations, they derived three ...

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African Storybook Guides

This Guide focuses on storybook development with children, especially younger children – less than 12 years of age. Creating and writing a story and ...

Scaffolding with storybooks

Scaffolding with storybooks : a guide for enhancing young children's language and literacy ... early childhood activity of adult–child storybook reading, ...

Parents and Preschool Children Interacting with Storybooks

Relationships were found between parents' and children's interactions in storybook reading and chil- dren's early literacy achievement. The ...

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Three kindergarten teachers taught a mathematics unit using various children's storybooks and the characters in the stories as the context for mathematical ...

Using Storybooks to Support Young Children's ...

Early math skills are crucial to children's math and school success in the following years. The use of storybooks as a mathematics learning method has been ...

The Story of the Wright Brothers and Their Sister

por Lois Mills

Few stories rival the fascinating and exciting adventures of the Wright brothers both prior to and during their early days of flight. This illustrated reader contains a wonderful story that features that special relationship between the Wright brothers and their sister. 3rd grade level, 160 page softcover.

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The Story of Orion: A Roman Constellation Myth

por Eric Braun

The great hunter Orion and Diana are in love. But Diana's brother, Apollo, is not happy about it. Will Apollo's evil plot to get rid of Orion work, or will Diana be able to save her beloved hunter?

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Affirmation Weaver: A Children's Bedtime Story Introducing Techniques to Increase Confidence, and Self-Esteem

por Lori Lite

Affirmation Weaver is a story that teaches children how to increase self-confidence and self-esteem by using affirmations and positive statements. This simple technique is woven into the story allowing children to follow along and read how a self-doubting dolphin uses positive statements to increase self-confidence.Children relate to the self-doubting dolphin and love reading how the sea creatures show the dolphin how saying positive statements can turn self-doubt into self-belief. Watch your child increase self-esteem and build confidence as the sea creatures weave a web of positive statements. This positive thinking technique can be used to bolster self-esteem, manage stress, accomplish goals, and increase optimism. This encouraging story will bring a smile to your face and give your child a tool that will last a lifetime. This story is longer making it ideal for older children or those with a longer attention span.
Affirmation Weaver is also featured on the Indigo Ocean Dreams Audio/CD and is also available in several eBook formats.
Note to Parent:
Children truly enjoy hearing and saying positive statements out-loud. They are willing and eager to give themselves a compliment and quickly learn that doing this throughout the day makes them feel better. Every child has a different emotional maturity, attention span, and need. While the stories are best suited for ages 6-12, do not let this be your primary reason for selecting. You know your child best and remember this is not about the reading level. The focus is on the actual techniques.
"This wonderful book offers children the chance to learn relaxation skills and a positive psychological outlook like no other work I am aware of. The beautiful illustrations and engaging dialogue surpass any other resources I have come across in my field of psychology. I look forward to utilizing this book and Lori's other products in my practice." --Dr. Rasin-Waters

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Forty Bedtime Stories: Excellent for Bedtime & Young Readers

por Agnes Rahoza

This collection of bedtime stories is specifically designed for both parents and children, with forty lively tales! These are short, written in an appealing style and are in turn, exciting, amusing, whimsical and involving; there are tales to suit every taste. In addition, all forty tales are richly illustrated. This volume promises to be a veritable treasure trove of stories for bedtime, long car journeys or even just rainy afternoons!

The collection includes the following titles:
1) The Scarecrow
2) Tim’s Train
3) The Great War
4) Hidden Treasures
5) Mr. Frog
6) Ice Cream for Refreshment
7) The Snowman and the Hare
8) Mr. Nightingale’s Music School
9) Night Encounter
10) The Favorite Tasks of Lou Trumpet

...and 30 more.

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Thornton Burgess Bedtime Stories: Includes Downloadable MP3s

por Thornton W. Burgess

A beloved storyteller takes young readers—and listeners—to the Green Forest to recount the adventures of Peter Cottontail, Mrs. Quack, Jimmy Skunk, Danny Meadow Mouse, and other woodland friends. Author and conservationist Thornton Burgess (1874–1965) wrote thousands of stories reflecting his fascination with wildlife and concern for nature, teaching generations of children gentle lessons about ecology and respect for the environment. These stories are exclusive to this edition and are unavailable in any other Burgess collection.
Easy-to-download MP3 files accompany this book, so kids can read along with the spoken narration, as they simply listen or enjoy the book. Numerous color illustrations, rendered in a charming mid-century style, enhance the tales of Buster Bear's fishing trip, Paddy the Beaver's argument, Reddy Fox's new trick, and Unc' Billy Possum's escape. Boomer adults will delight in sharing this nostalgic storybook with the next generation.

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The Story of Easter: A Spark Bible Story

por Martina Smith

Colorful art and rich storytelling engage young children with the extraordinary story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. Perfect for reading aloud with kids, The Story of Easter includes fun activities and questions to help children connect with the narrativeÑas well as Squiggles, an expressive little caterpillar that responds to the story.Ê Spark Bible stories are designed to help kids grow in faith as they explore, discover, and wonder about GodÕs Word.Ê

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Stories of Women in the 1960s: Fighting for Freedom

por Cath Senker

In the 1960s, a woman's place was seen as being in the home. She even found it hard to make a big purchase if a man wasn't with her. African-American women faced racism daily and were given low-paid, exhausting jobs. It was time for women to stand up for equal rights and equal pay. These are the stories of four trailblazers who achieved amazing things in difficult circumstances: Betty Freidan protested at the Miss America pageant against judging women on appearance. Ella Baker helped organize Freedom Schools, where black history was taught for the first time. Barbara Castle was one of the few women members of Parliament and fought for equal pay. Mary Quant showed women they could dress for themselves and not men. Many of the rights women have today are down to their actions. They helped change society's image of women forever.

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Little Red Riding Hood Stories Around the World: 3 Beloved Tales

por Jessica Gunderson

Think there's just one fairy tale with a girl who meets danger in disguise? Think again! Cultures all around the world have their own Little Red Riding Hood stories. Visit Germany, Italy, and Taiwan, and find out whose sick grandmother is a tiger, and who is saved not by a kind hunter but by a talking river.

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The Smoking Mountain: The Story of Popocat‚petl and Iztacc­huatl [An Aztec Legend]

por Dan Jolley

From the ancient legends of the Aztecs, comes the story of a love as enduring as a mountain: The Aztec Emperor has many children, but Princess Izta is dearest to his heart. The Emperor has enemies as well, but he also has brave warriors, and Popo is one of the best. Popo cares only about battle . . . until he meets Izta. To prove his worth he accepts a difficult task, but he promises Izta he will come back to her and watch over her--always. With jealous rivals plotting against him, will Popo find a way to keep his vow?

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Storybook Stars

por Sandy Tasker

This fully revised series of photocopiable activity books uses a structured, three-tiered approach to cater for gifted and/or talented students working within the regular classroom. There are titles available for: Junior Primary, Middle Primary and Upper Primary. Activities have been presented in a range of interesting and motivating theme books linked to junior primary outcomes. The Pacemaker Series can be used for advanced students working independently or as an adjunct for topics studied by the class throughout the year. Storybook Stars can be used in conjunction with any fictional text that the student is reading. Students develop language, design and problem solving skills by exploring fictional characters in a variety of new and unusual scenarios. These tasks will help to enrich students' appreciation of characterisation whilst eliciting creativity and risk-taking in an open-ended context.

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