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The Clean Mama's Guide to a Peaceful Home: Effortless Systems and Joyful Rituals for a Calm, Cozy Home

por Becky Rapinchuk

The creator of the popular cleaning website Clean Mama and author of Clean Mama’s Guide to a Healthy Home shows you how to establish systems and rituals to transform your home into a clean, organized, and comfortable space for you and your family.   

We all want our homes to be cozy and comfortable spaces where we can leave the challenges of the outside world behind and connect with our families. But too often the mess and disorder only add stress.
For years, Becky Rapinchuk has taught people how to simplify and improve cleaning routines, and now she reveals a game-changing method to help us find joy and make our chores effortless. By pairing up systems—how we get things done so that they become automatic—with rituals—tasks that bring calm and happiness—we can feel more at peace in our homes.
Walking listeners through each room of the house, Rapinchuk shows how to put new systems and rituals in place that will make the whole home operate more efficiently. Featuring decision trees, checklists, and space to reflect and record progress, Clean Mama’s Guide to a Peaceful Home makes homekeeping a breeze, allowing us to slow down and focus on the things that really matter.
Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.

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The Bible Code: Finding Jesus in Every Book in the Bible

por O. S. Hawkins

You'll understand Jesus' presence in the Old Testament in a new way as you journey with Pastor O. S. Hawkins through the Bible. We often assume Jesus is only in the New Testament. Yet Christ appears in every book of the Bible, sometimes in words, sometimes in shadow, sometimes in prophecy.
As Jesus revealed to the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, He can be found “in all the Scriptures” (Luke 24:27). And as we learn to find Jesus in every verse, we realize His constant presence in our lives as well.
In The Bible Code, bestselling author of The Joshua Code, O. S. Hawkins, takes us from Genesis to Revelation as he illuminates Scripture through the light of Christ.
In Exodus, He is the Passover Lamb.In Deuteronomy, He is the Bread of Life.In Song of Solomon, He is our Bridegroom.This audiobook makes a beautiful gift for:
GraduationChristmasFather’s DayBirthdaysAs we seek Jesus in the whole Bible, we find life. Not just eternal life in the then and there, but abundant life in the here and now. And as you see Jesus’ redemptive story from Creation to eternity, you will draw closer to the God who has loved you from the beginning.

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Learn Python: A Crash Course On Python Programming and How To Start Coding With It. Learn The Basics Of Machine Learning and Data Analysis

por Damon Parker

Python programming language has rendered itself as the language of choice for coding beginners and advanced software programmers alike.
This book is written to help you master the basic concepts of Python coding and how you can utilize your coding skills to analyze a large volume of data and uncover valuable information that can otherwise be easily lost in the volume. Python was designed primarily to emphasize readability of the programming code, and its syntax enables programmers to convey ideas using fewer lines of code. Python programming language increases the speed of operation while allowing for higher efficiency in creating system integrations.
Some of the highlights of the audiobook include:
● Step by step instructions on how to install Python on your operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux).
● Learn how to create Python variables and assign desired data type to them.
● Basic concepts of writing efficient and effective Python codes, focusing on various programming elements such as Booleans, Tuples, Sets, Dictionaries, and much more.
● Learn the basic concepts of big data analysis and machine learning algorithms.
● Brief overview of various renowned machine learning libraries such as Scikit-Learn, NumPy, SciPy, and more.
All the concepts are explained with standard Python coding syntax supported with relevant examples and followed by exercises to help you test and verify your understanding of those concepts. Finally, as an added bonus you will learn some Python tips and tricks to take your machine learning programming game to the next level.
Don't you think it can be that easy? If you really want to have proof of all this, don't waste any more time!
Grab your copy now!

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The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything

por Paul Vigna

"Views differ on bitcoin, but few doubt the transformative potential of Blockchain technology. The Truth Machine is the best book so far on what has happened and what may come along. It demands the attention of anyone concerned with our economic future." —Lawrence H. Summers, Charles W. Eliot University Professor and President Emeritus at Harvard, Former Treasury Secretary

From Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna, the authors of The Age of Cryptocurrency, comes the definitive audiobook on the Internet’s Next Big Thing: The Blockchain.
Big banks have grown bigger and more entrenched. Privacy exists only until the next hack. Credit card fraud is a fact of life. Many of the “legacy systems” once designed to make our lives easier and our economy more efficient are no longer up to the task. Yet there is a way past all this—a new kind of operating system with the potential to revolutionize vast swaths of our economy: the blockchain.
In The Truth Machine, Michael J. Casey and Paul Vigna demystify the blockchain and explain why it can restore personal control over our data, assets, and identities; grant billions of excluded people access to the global economy; and shift the balance of power to revive society’s faith in itself. They reveal the disruption it promises for industries including finance, tech, legal, and shipping.
Casey and Vigna expose the challenge of replacing trusted (and not-so-trusted) institutions on which we’ve relied for centuries with a radical model that bypasses them. The Truth Machine reveals the empowerment possible when self-interested middlemen give way to the transparency of the blockchain, while highlighting the job losses, assertion of special interests, and threat to social cohesion that will accompany this shift.
With the same balanced perspective they brought to The Age of Cryptocurrency, Casey and Vigna show why listeners must care about the path that blockchain technology takes—moving humanity forward, not backward.

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Operating System Bundle: 2 in 1 Bundle, Windows 7, Android

por Charlie Jeffs

"Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it" ~Lao Tzu
To gain the fullest use of a computer, a person should make it a goal of learning all they can about their operating system. Windows 7 is a system that offers a potpourri of features that can enhance anyone's experience. It features a solid foundation in which any computer system can grow and thrive.
This bundle takes a no-nonsense approach to allow the user to learn in a simple to understand language. It goes in-depth and provides the reader with an up close and personal look into all it can offer. It offers tips, tricks, and features that often go undiscovered.
Take your computer journey to a new level, dive into the knowledge of the true makings of what Windows 7 has to offer and use it to your advantage. No matter what your education level, there is something that anyone can learn and put to good use in a very short time.
This two-in-one bundle series includes the following audiobooks:
1. Windows 7: The Ultimate Guide To Learning How To Use Windows 7 Operating System On Your PC
2. Android: The Ultimate Guide To Using Your Android Tablet
Get your copy of Operating System Bundle: 2 in 1 Bundle today!

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The Call: Finding and Fulfilling God's Purpose For Your Life

por Os Guinness

Why am I here? What is God's call in my life? How do I fit God's call with my own individuality? How should God's calling affect my career, my plans for the future, and my concepts of success?
First published in 1997 by distinguished author and speaker Os Guiness, The Call remains a treasured source of wisdom for those who ask these questions. According to Guinness, "No idea short of God's call can ground and fulfill the truest human desire for purpose and fulfillment."
In this newly updated and expanded anniversary edition, Guinness explores the truth that God has a specific calling for each one of us and guides a new generation of readers through the journey of hearing and heeding that call.
With more than 100,000 copies in print, The Call is for all who desire a purposeful, intentional life of faith.
Study guide available in the audiobook companion PDF download.

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Windows 7 User Guide: The Essential Guide on Windows 7 OS, Learn the Ins and Outs of the Windows 7 Operating System for Your PC

por Alex Trafford

Windows 7 User Guide: The Essential Guide on Windows 7 OS, Learn the Ins and Outs of the Windows 7 Operating System for Your PC
When using your computer, it’s important to have a great understanding of the operating system it is currently using so that you will have an optimum experience. If your computer is using Windows 7 OS and you want to know more about it, this audiobook is for you. Windows 7 was the successor to Windows Vista and offered many improvements from its predecessor.
This audiobook will teach you all the information you need regarding Windows 7 OS. You would learn its key features as well as useful tips and undiscovered tricks on how to use it. This is an easy-to-understand guide that would easily explain how to get the most out of this operating system.
Whether you’re not technically savvy or don’t know a lot about computers, this guide will be able to help you get a better understanding of Windows 7. To learn more, download your copy of the Windows 7 User Guide today!

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Trading Strategies: Master the Financial Markets with Options, Futures, and Stocks - 3 Audiobooks: Swing Trading, Dividend Investing, Stock Trading Strategy

por Mark Zone

Interested in having a highly profitable job with flexible working hours, and being your own boss? You heard about people getting rich on the stock market, and want to be one of them but don’t know where to start? A career of a day trader can be an extremely exciting and successful one if you have the right tools. Without them, you risk losing money by making costly mistakes that could otherwise be avoidable. With the right guide, even someone completely new to stock trading can be successful and make a profitable career out of it. In this detailed, comprehensive book you’ll find precious tips about day trading, and strategies you can implement to start making big money in no time! The audiobook entails information about every relevant type of financial market, from stock to cryptocurrencies and everything in between. If you’re thinking about starting a career as a day trader, use this audiobook to learn: ● How the trader’s career actually works, and what it entails ● Trading terms and types, including the advantages and strategies of each one ● How to avoid beginner’s mistakes, and invest smartly ● How to calculate the risk factor or when to invest, and when to back out ● Strategies for purchasing and selling stock ● How to recognize bad stock ● How to deal with sudden upturns and breakouts A stock market is, simply put, a money-making machine, but only for those than know how to push the right buttons and operate it the right way. A lot of people feel threatened by the complex trading system and shy away from trying out their luck. You’ve probably heard a fair share of horror stories about beginners making some crucial mistakes and losing all their investment. Use this book to start investing the right way, by choosing profitable and secure stocks. Follow the tips and advice only an insider or a professional trader usually knows, and get ready to make a fortune! Start Your Career as a Trader with this Guide, Even if You’re an Absolute Beginner!

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Group Genius: The Creative Power of Collaboration

por Keith Sawyer

Creativity has long been thought to be an individual gift, best pursued alone; schools, organizations, and whole industries are built on this idea. But what if the most common beliefs about how creativity works are wrong? In this authoritative and fascinating new audiobook, Keith Sawyer, a psychologist at Washington University, tears down some of the most popular myths about creativity and erects new principles in their place. He reveals that creativity is always collaborative - even when you're alone. Sawyer's audiobook is filled with compelling stories about the inventions that changed our world: the ATM, the mountain bike, and open-source operating systems, among others. In each case, Sawyer tells the true story of innovation. In spite of the "lone genius" myths that always spring up after an invention's success, these important inventions always originate in collaboration. To understand the hidden collaborations that drive exceptional creativity, Sawyer spent 15 years studying jazz groups and theater ensembles, small businesses, and large corporations. In Group Genius he distills the essence of this acclaimed research and shows us how to be more creative in collaborative group settings, how to change organizational dynamics for the better, and how to tap into our own reserves of creativity. The empowering message is that all of us have the potential to be more creative; we just need to learn the secrets of group genius.

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Python for Beginners: 2 Books in 1: Coding for Beginners Using Python + Python Crash Course

por Mark Matthes, Eric Lutz

Are you new to software development? Are you curious about learning what artificial intelligence is? Do you want to master the Python programming language?
Well, this book is your best choice!
There may be a lot of different languages that you can work with when it comes to the coding, but none are going to provide you with the benefits that you are working with. This language is so popular and used so often that there are a few different operating systems that already have some version of Python found on them for you to use. This can make it easier to get some of the coding done that you would like and will ensure that you will get the best benefits out of it in no time.
This audiobook covers:
What is Python and its historyWhy learn PythonGetting started with PythonVariables and operatorsBasic operatorsData types in PythonFunctions and modulesDefining your functionsWorking with your module Working with files Using a "for loop" to write and read text files...and so much more!
This guidebook is going to take the Python language to the next level and look at some of the more advanced features that you can enjoy with this kind of writing, but when you look at some of the codes - even some of these that are more advanced than what you may have worked with in the past - you will find that it is easy to write some codes that have a lot of power, and even easy to complete your projects.

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