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This article will focus on books for this population, with sugges- tions for basic tools for helping readers use computer books, software that can be used to ...

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Teenage hackers want to know about computers and many of them are turning to books to get the information they want. Those of us who guide.

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All of these a. Analog computer b. Digital computer c. both d. Hybrid Computer a. Mainframe b. Microcomputer c. Minicomputer d. Both (B) & ( ...

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Summary: A full-color guide teaches seniors everything they want to know about computing from using office applications and checking e-mail to working with ...

Computer Science One

There are dozens of introductory textbooks for Computer Science; ... “plug-in” style approach to Computer Science: the same book could ...

Andrew S. Tanenbaum - Computer Networks

these are to papers and books written in 2000 or later, and the rest are ... Throughout the book we will use the term ''computer network'' to mean a col-.

Giant Book of Computer Games (Tim Hartnells). ...

ZX Computing and the National ZX Users'. Club. He is the author of more than thirty books on microcomputers, including. Tim Hartnell's Giant Book of ...

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If you desire to entertaining books, lots of novels, tale, jokes, and more fictions collections are as well as launched, from best seller to one of the most ...

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s book in. Order it e from. PC Confidential. Michael A. Banks. ISBN 0-7821-2747-9. April 2000 . . Your Computer Says a Lot About You to Anyone Who Wants to.


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Computer science has been the basis for the creation of the Internet and communication technologies. It is the sector that gives us immediate access to any kind of information, allows us to communicate remotely and perform operations without lifting a finger. It also has two areas of work: software and hardware. The former is the study and development of computer programs, while the latter is the physical structure of computers.

Therefore, it is one of the most important and necessary sectors nowadays, since it covers image processing, data, cryptography, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics and teleinformatics, among others. If you are interested in becoming a computer scientist, in our virtual library you will find all the necessary computer basics related to all fields so you can specialize only with the best content, all this material for free with free PDF download whenever you want!

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Computer science is a very complex science and mastering it requires a lot of study and discipline as its responsibility falls on many sectors, in fact, it is very difficult, nowadays, to find any sector that remains unaffected by computer advances. For this reason, we offer you a selection of introductory books to computer science so that you can begin to navigate the world of computer science in the easiest and most effective way possible. Get into and know the methods, operating systems, techniques and all the processes of the hand of manuals adapted to all types of public, whether you are a first-time student of computer science, as an amateur. 

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Here we bring you a selection of computer engineering books, whether you are a student of systems engineering or want to specialize on your own, our books are the best choice for self-learning. Computer science is one of those sciences that is full of theories and applications, that's why we offer you quality content so you can understand it step by step.

Discover books that will help you to program operating systems and databases, as well as to understand development methods and software engineering. With these books you will have access to excellent learning methods that you can use whenever you want.

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