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An Introduction to Genetic Engineering: Third Edition

The text is divided into three sections: Part I provides an introduction to the relevant basic molecular biology; Part II, the methods used to manipulate genes; ...

An Introduction to Genetic Engineering Third Edition

Genetic engineering, gene manipulation, gene cloning, recombinant DNA technology, genetic modification, new genetics, molecular agriculture, genethics, DNA ...


This book contains information obtained from authentic and highly regarded sources. Reasonable efforts have been made to publish reliable data and information, ...


The book contributes chapters on the basics of genetic engineering, on applications of the technology to attempt to solve problems of greater importance to ...

Principles of Gene Manipulation and Genomics

This material was originally published in two separate volumes: Principles of Gene Manipulation, 6th edition (2001) and Principles of Genetic Analysis and ...

introduction-to-biotechnology-and-genetic-engineering- ...

By purchasing or using this book/CD-ROM package(the “Work”), you agree that this license grants permission to use the products contained herein, but does not ...

Genetic Engineering: Dream or Nightmare? The

up to buy the update, assuring the book of another long run. Foot has ... Books. Since restrictions on genetic engineering could push U.S..

The Story of Genes and Genetic Engineering. ...

Book reviews. The Thread of Life: The Story of Genes and Genetic. Engineering. Susan Aldridge. Cambridge University Press,. Cambridge. 1996. Pp. 258.


"One of the most important books of the last 50 years. ... Genetic engineering, also known as bioengineering or recombinant DNA technology, restructures the ...

Principles of gene manipulation: an introduction to genetic ...

book on genetic engineering: the spectacular progress in the past few years and the practical exploitation of the results put this modern line of biological ...

Genetic Engineering

por Anil Kumar

This book has a distinguishing feature of having condensed material with adequate information on genetic engineering especially of the microbes. The book covers almost all the topics of genetic engineering for the graduate, postgraduate students and young research scholars of biological sciences. The book is written as per syllabus of genetic engineering paper for Masters course in biotechnology, biochemistry, life sciences of most of the universities. The book is much useful for the students of Masters degree. Emphasis is given on the basic fundamentals. The book contains twelve chapters starting from ' Isolation, purification and estimation of nucleic acids' as chapter 1. The chapter describes general techniques for the isolation and purification of DNA as well as RNA. It also describes methods for quantitative estimation of the nucleic acids. The second chapter describes general characteristics of the vectors used in genetic engineering and also the general account of commonly used individual vectors. The chapter also describes expression vectors. The third chapter describes various commonly used restriction endonucleases. The fourth chapter describes commonly used enzymes in genetic engineering viz. Reverse transcriptase, DNA polymerase I, polynucleotide kinase, teminal dcoxynucleotidyl transferase, alkaline phosphatase, SI nuclease, DNA ligase etc. The fifth chapter describes electrophoresis for the separation of nucleic acids fragments. The sixth chapter is of cloning strategies. It describes construction of genomic DNA library , chromosomal walking, cDNA library, cDNA cloning. The seventh chapter describes DNA sequencing techniques and includes chemical modification method of Maxam and Gilbert, dideoxy sequencing method of Sanger, modifications of chain terminator sequencing, analysis of the sequencing data. The eighth chapter includes various methods of site directed mutagenesis. The ninth chapter describes polymerase chain reaction (PCR). It also includes primer designing and various types of polymerase chain reactions viz. reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), nested PCR, multiplex PCR etc. Besides, there are chapters 10, 11 and 12 on gene therapy, human genome and proteomics. At the end, glossary has been put which explains main terms used in genetic engineering. One of the important factor introduced in the book is the chapter structure given in the beginning of each chapter that provides, at a glance, the contents of the whole chapter which offers a better learning mechanism. Each chapter is also presented with an introduction that covers the concept of the whole chapter in brief and offers clear understanding of the subject matter to the students. The author on the basis of his experience in teaching genetic engineering at the university level for more than a decade has offered the text in an easily understandable form to the postgraduate students. The book should be of invaluable help to the students, researchers and all those interested in understanding genetic engineering.

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Overload Flux: A Scifi Space Opera Novel with Genetic Engineering, Adventure, and Romance: Central Galactic Concordance Book 1

por Book 1

When the cure for a deadly disease is stolen, two misfits are all that stands between greed and intergalactic tragedy.

Luka Foxe can’t let anyone know about his secret mental abilities. Debilitated by their influence when faced with violence, the brilliant forensic investigator now only takes assignments involving theft. But when he has to hunt down a hijacked vaccine for a galaxy-wide pandemic, the tragic first clue is his best friend’s brutal murder.

Nightshift guard Mairwen Morganthur knows she must keep a low profile. The product of illegal genetic alteration, she’s a lethal weapon with no social graces. But when she’s tasked to protect a detective with frightening intuition, she finds herself falling for him even though he could expose her.

Racing to recover the cure for a galaxy-wide pandemic, Luka is surprised by his developing feelings for the capable-but-mysterious guard. And Mairwen may have to risk everything by revealing her identity, with deadly mercenaries hot on their tail.

Can the unlikely pair survive an interplanetary conspiracy long enough to save lives and find love?

Overload Flux is the first novel in the sweeping Central Galactic Concordance space opera series. If you like haunted characters, compelling mysteries, and interstellar romance, then you’ll enjoy Carol Van Natta’s epic tale.

Buy Overload Flux to uncover cosmic corruption today!

"Overload Flux is a brilliant, suspenseful tale that will keep readers captivated from beginning to end." ~ S.E. Smith, New York Times & USA TODAY Bestselling Author of The Alliance series.

- - - - - - - - - -
The Central Galactic Concordance series:
*-*-* Last Ship Off Polaris-G (Novella)
*-*-* Overload Flux (Book 1)
*-*-* Minder Rising (Book 2)
*-*-* Zero Flux (Novella)
*-*-* Pico's Crush (Book 3)
*-*-* Pet Trade (Novella)
*-*-* Jumper’s Hope (Book 4)
*-*-* Cats of War (Novella)
*-*-* Spark Transform (Book 5 – coming soon)

- - - - - What reviewers are saying about Overload Flux - - - - -
"This book offers a lot – fighting action, detective work, humans in space, humans with special abilities, a pharmaceutical conspiracy relevant to our own world, and a romance between two unique individuals. Take away the sci-fi, and you have a romantic suspense novel. But, you wouldn’t want to take the sci-fi away, because it’s well done, fun and makes for a good read." — C. E. Kilgore, award-winning author of The Ghost in the Machine and the Corwint science fiction romance series

"Overload Flux is a action-packed , riveting novel. It's got great characters, lots of mystery and intrigue and is definitely well written. I absolutely loved Luka and Mairwen! A must read for sci-fi lovers!" – Ash, Goodreads
"Excellent, well written, exciting, insightful. A gem. ... This is actually a mystery, romance, political commentary, genre spanning tale told by a master wordsmith." — Katy M, Davis, CA
"Carol Van Natta has written a book that includes action, adventure, mystery, betrayal, space travel, danger, violence, a well written, believable love story and such amazing world building I could picture myself along for the ride. Overload Flux is now one of my favorite books." – Jenster, Georgia, USA

Series keywords: science fiction romance, action & adventure, space opera, romance, fantasy, mystery, corporations, pharma, pharmaceutical, detective, private investigator, paranormal, telepathy, genetic engineering, strong female lead, mental talent, mercenaries, exploration, galactic civilization, technology, suspense, thriller, interstellar travel, space battle, SFR, scifi, sci fi

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Genetic Engineering: A Reference Handbook

por Harry LeVine

ABC-CLIO's Contemporary World Issues series comprises comprehensive, balanced, one-volume reference handbooks on important topics related to science, technology, and medicine; the environment; society; politics, law, and government; criminal justice; and gender and ethnicity. -- An authoritative introductory essay on the subject -- A chronology of events, legislation, movements, and initiatives -- Biographies of activists, advocates, and legislators -- A compilation of relevant facts in the form of tables, figures, and documents -- A directory of leading organizations and agencies -- An annotated list of print resources -- An annotated list of valuable nonprint resources, such as computer databases, information available on the Internet, and audiovisual materials -- A glossary of relevant terms -- A comprehensive subject index -- Well suited for circulating collections as well as reference shelves -- Covers America and the worldA complete overview of genetic engineering, including important background information to help readers understand this important and often controversial science. -- A historical account of genetic engineering -- Biographical sketches of leading contributors -- Data and documents central to the debate -- A glossary that explains technical terms -- Includes resources for those who wish to delve deeper into the subject

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Genetic Engineering

por Verma P.S. & Agarwal V.K.

The book Genetic Engineering although developed for B.Sc., students of all Indian Universities is also useful to students of M.Sc. BE/B.Tech and Medical entrance exams. The matter is presented in simple,lucid language and student friendly style. Well illustrated pictures support to clarify the text. Glossary and Index at the end of the book helps students for easy reference and understanding.

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Genetic Engineering

por Mark Y. Herring

Genetic engineering has quickly become one of the more controversial issues of our time. Herring provides a detailed history of the debate in a fair and balanced manner, using proponents' points of view to make individual cases, both pro and con. Narrative chapters cover such topics as the Human Genome Project, gene splicing, cloning, genetically altered foods, and DNA and crime-solving.
Students and the general public will find a comprehensive survey of the genetic engineering debate. Appendices include statements from Robert P. George and Peter Singer, two of the most prominent scholars on the subject, and a bibliography of print and electronic resources for further research.

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An Introduction to Genetic Engineering: Edition 3

por Desmond S. T. Nicholl

In this third edition of his popular undergraduate-level textbook, Des Nicholl recognises that a sound grasp of basic principles is vital in any introduction to genetic engineering. Therefore, the book retains its focus on the fundamental principles used in gene manipulation. It is divided into three sections: Part I provides an introduction to the relevant basic molecular biology; Part II, the methods used to manipulate genes; and Part III, applications of the technology. There is a new chapter devoted to the emerging importance of bioinformatics as a distinct discipline. Other additional features include text boxes, which highlight important aspects of topics discussed, and chapter summaries, which include aims and learning outcomes. These, along with key word listings, concept maps and a glossary, will enable students to tailor their study to suit their own learning styles and ultimately gain a firm grasp of a subject that students traditionally find difficult.

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Laboratory Manual For Genetic Engineering


This systematically designed laboratory manual elucidates a number of techniques which help the students carry out various experiments in the field of genetic engineering.

The book explains the methods for the isolation of DNA and RNA as well as electrophoresis techniques for DNA, RNA and proteins. It discusses DNA manipulation by restriction digestion and construction of recombinant DNA by ligation. Besides, the book focuses on various methodologies for DNA transformation and molecular hybridization. While discussing all these techniques, the book puts emphasis on important techniques such as DNA isolation from Gram positive bacteria including Bacillus sp., the slot-lysis electrophoresis technique which is useful in DNA profile analysis of both Gram negative and positive bacteria, plasmid transduction in Bacillus sp., and the conjugal transfer of plasmid DNA in cyanobacteria, Bacillus and Agrobacterium tumefaciens.

This book is intended for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of biotechnology for their laboratory courses in genetic engineering. Besides, it will be useful for the students specializing in genetic engineering, molecular biology and molecular microbiology.


Includes about 60 different experiments.

Contains several figures to reinforce the understanding of the techniques discussed.

Gives useful information about preparation of stock solutions, DNA/protein conversions, restriction enzymes and their recognition sequences, and so on in Appendices.

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Overview of Basic Tools and Methods for Genetic Engineering

por Manoj Parakhia

Abstract from the year 2015 in the subject Biology - Genetics / Gene Technology, Junagadh Agricultural University (Department of Biotechnology), language: English, abstract: This summary provides key words as an overview of basic tools and methods used to modify genetic material. The manipulation of genetic material requires the knowledge of basic tools and procedures used for the manipulation of the genome. The aim of the text is to help understand some processes of genetic engineering.

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Genetic Engineering

por Robert Williamson

Genetic Engineering 1 is the first of a series containing reviews of particular topics using genetic recombinant DNA techniques. This three-chapter volume describes the construction of libraries of expressed gene sequences, the use of gene-specific probes in antenatal diagnosis, and the expression of isolated genes in cellular and cell-free systems.

Chapter 1 presents particular series of steps for the preparation and screening of cDNA clone bank. Chapter 2 discusses the advances in DNA analysis techniques that have profound effects upon the understanding of some genetic diseases and on the ability to reduce the incidence of these diseases by antenatal diagnosis and therapeutic abortion. Chapter 3 considers the experimental systems for studying the expression of isolated eukaryotic genes, concentrating on microinjection into Xenopus oocytes and incubation in cell-free systems in vitro.

This book is of great value to genetic engineers, geneticists, and biochemists.

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The Ethics of Genetic Engineering

por Roberta M. Berry

Human genetic engineering may soon be possible. The gathering debate about this prospect already threatens to become mired in irresolvable disagreement. After surveying the scientific and technological developments that have brought us to this pass, The Ethics of Genetic Engineering focuses on the ethical and policy debate, noting the deep divide that separates proponents and opponents. The book locates the source of this divide in differing framing assumptions: reductionist pluralist on one side, holist communitarian on the other. The book argues that we must bridge this divide, drawing on the resources from both encampments, if we are to understand and cope with the distinctive problems posed by genetic engineering. These problems, termed "fractious problems," are novel, complex, ethically fraught, unavoidably of public concern, and unavoidably divisive. Berry examines three prominent ethical and political theories – utilitarianism, Kantianism, and virtue ethics – to consider their competency in bridging the divide and addressing these fractious problems. The book concludes that virtue ethics can best guide parental decision making and that a new policymaking approach sketched here, a "navigational approach," can best guide policymaking. These approaches enable us to gain a rich understanding of the problems posed and to craft resolutions adequate to their challenges.

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