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Tarot Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Reading for Beginners, Learn How to Understand and Interpret Tarot Spreads

por Lauren Meine

Tarot Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Reading for Beginners, Learn How to Understand and Interpret Tarot Spreads
If you have always wanted to explore and master your psychic abilities by learning how to read tarot cards, this audiobook is made for you. Tarot cards have been used to gain insight on the past, present and future by formulating questions and interpreting the tarot cards. Tarot card reading can give guidance on what is happening in certain aspects of your life like love, career, money, goals and life in general.
This audiobook will teach you all the important information about tarot card reading. You will learn all about the tarot card meanings and how you can use it to discover your destiny. You will discover how to read tarot like a professional so it can help your personal life. Understanding tarot reading will help you make important decisions in your life. You may also learn to give psychic readings to earn extra income.
This audiobook will discuss the following topics:
An Historical Overview Intuition and the Tarot Clearing your Tarot Deck and Space The Major Arcana The Minor Arcana Cups PentaclesSwordsIt is said that tarot cards won’t really predict your future but it can help figure it out. It gives an incredible insight in your life that would help you prepare for the future. To get started on your tarot reading journey, download a copy today! Scroll up and click “add to cart” now.

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Tarot: The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Reading

por Jane M. Chamberlain

Master your Psychic Ability and Learn to Give Accurate Professional Level Tarot Card Readings!
Discover how to give an accurate Tarot Reading to find the path to love, your perfect career and the best path to improve your income and investments by learning how to read tarot like a professional.
By listening to this tarot audiobook you will learn to read like a professional tarot reader for personal use, or to give psychics readings to earn income.
You will also master how to give accurate psychic readings while discovering your own spiritual path to success.
By studying the tarot card meanings from this psychic development audio program, you can help others discover their destiny and make important decisions to improve their lives in a gentle and easy way.
Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

An Historical OverviewIntuition and the TarotGetting Started — Clearing your Tarot Deck and SpaceThe Major ArcanaThe Minor ArcanaCupsPentaclesSwordsAnd much, much more!
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The Six-Gun Tarot

por R. S. Belcher

The Six-Gun Tarot is the first audiobook in the twisted weird west world of the Golgotha series by R.S. Belcher.

Nevada, 1869: Beyond the pitiless 40-Mile Desert lies Golgotha, a cattle town that hides more than its share of unnatural secrets. The sheriff bears the mark of the noose around his neck; some say he is a dead man whose time has not yet come. His half-human deputy is kin to coyotes. The mayor guards a hoard of mythical treasures. A banker's wife belongs to a secret order of assassins. And a shady saloon owner, whose fingers are in everyone's business, may know more about the town's true origins than he's letting on.
A haven for the blessed and the damned, Golgotha has known many strange events, but nothing like the primordial darkness stirring in the abandoned silver mine overlooking the town. Bleeding midnight, an ancient evil is spilling into the world, and unless the sheriff and his posse can saddle up in time, Golgotha will have seen its last dawn...and so will all of Creation.
R.S. Belcher's The Six-Gun Tarot is "an astonishing blend of first-rate steampunk fantasy and Western adventure." (Library Journal, Starred Review)
Other Books by R.S. Belcher:
The Golgotha Series
The Six-Gun Tarot
The Shotgun Arcana
The Brotherhood of the Wheel

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Astrology and Numerology Bundle: 3 in 1 Bundle, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot

por Venus G. Sullivan

Do you hold an interest in astrology and believe that the stars can predict your future?
Would you like to dig even deeper and learn more on this fascinating subject?
This bundle provides the ultimate experience!
The stars have impressed the human imagination since ever we first looked to them and wondered what they were. As humans began to increase their understanding of the objects that lit up the night sky, new thinking emerged about the possibilities that our lives and futures were eternally linked to them and that they influenced our life path.
This three-in-one bundle series includes the following audiobooks:
1. Astrology: The Ultimate Astrology Book for Interpreting Your Horoscope
2. Numerology: Uncover Your Destiny Using Numerology. How to Find Out Details about Your Character, Life Direction, Relationships and Finances with Numbers
3. Tarot: The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Reading

Get your copy of Astrology and Numerology Bundle: 3 in 1 Bundle today!

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The Fool's Journey Through The Tarot Pentacles

por Noel Eastwood

Book 2 The Fool’s Journey Series
Noel Eastwood’s unique blend of rollicking good storytelling and the wisdom of the Tarot continues in this expanded 2nd Edition.
Follin, The Fool, returns to the Tarot Empire to continue his Fool’s Journey – this time in the Pentacles Kingdom. By day Follin comes to understand the power of the Pentacles and discovers the joy in everyday life, the magic of self-discipline, dedication and hard work. By night, in his meditations, the characters of the Pentacles cards come to life.
A thorough grounding in the Pragmatic Pentacles Kingdom sets up Follin – and us – for further exploration of the Intellectual Swords, the Emotional Cups and the Passionate Wands.
Originally written for Tarot practitioners Noel’s Fool’s Journey Series has found a wider audience in those interested in personal growth. Through Follin we come to respect, and delight in, The Fool in all of us.
As the Magician would say: this book can change your life...
'Wonderful!!!!! An excellent example of the diverse interpretation of the tarot. A deep understanding and discernment of the tarot and so it's varied aspects.KUDOS!!!!!!' IL
'Wow! What a treasure! Brilliant and insightful. A must read for anyone interested in tarot.' MM
'Using a story to walk through the minor arcana is really helping me solidify the 'feel' of the suit in my mind.' KC
"I am so enjoying your books in audio! Big fan! The narration and writing is amazing. I bought the other audio books off your site! Thank you for putting in this effort to make these! Best Tarot contemplative storyline text ever!" ES

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TAROT: guide for beginners to discover the Timeless Wisdom for your personal growth. Learn Tarot reading, Ancient cards Meanings, simple spreads, Decision Making and Divination techniques.

por Oprah Phillips

Life is a journey...
Do you ever feel lost, as if you are walking along a dark street with no signs or signs to follow?
The Tarots, specifically the Major Arcana, tell you a story, which speaks of a journey, the Cosmic Journey of Man, to which no one is prepared, but which we are all called to perform.
Do you want to know the mysterious Tarot cards for what they really are?
They are extra-ordinary Counselors, very precious and powerful, who open the doors of a dimension of timeless Wisdom to you and give you the answers of how to face life.
If you're wondering:
...Is it easy to read the Tarot cards?
...Can I read them for myself?
...Can I start working as a card reader?
Then this Tarot audiobook is the one for you!
This is the first easy to comprehend audiobook that covers everything you need to know to incorporate tarot as a daily practice, develop your own intuition, while exuding an extremely honest and positive vibe and answering your most common questions regarding love, career, and personal development.
Only this audiobook shows you:
The mysterious history of Tarot and some very curious factsHow to ground yourself before a reading, tips for interpreting on the fly, and moreThe insider secret to learn the meanings of every card—as well as their reversed meanings—with the ancient art of memoryThe foolproof way to master tarot spreadsThe correct and original meaning of all the cards, including their reversed meaningHow to make better decisions with tarotThe A-B-C formula to defend yourself from negative cardsAnd much, much more!The purpose of the audiobook is to transmit the authentic method of reading, whose decoding keys have been lost over the centuries.
You have made a wise decision obtaining it. Now scroll up, click the ‘Buy Now’ button, and dig in!

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Chakras for Beginners, Crystal Healing for Beginners, Tarot Cards for Beginners 2020: The Manual with Step by Step to Chakras for Beginners, Crystal Healing for Beginners and Tarot Cards for Beginners, Aromatherapy and Meditation.

por Brown Kadmon

Are you interested in learning more about Chakras? Feel like your Chakras are blocked and unbalanced, leaving you tired and overwhelmed with life? Then keep reading.
Chakras, the seven energy points of the body, are a fundamental part of ancient Eastern teachings. But so many people have their Chakras blocked and unbalanced in the modern world, and are unable to benefit from their spiritual and physical healing powers.
Now, this audiobook uncovers the secrets of the seven Chakras, and how we can unlock them. With reference to aromatherapy, meditation, and more, inside this guide you’ll discover:
A practical guide for Crystal Healing for BeginnersWhy Chakras become unbalanced, and how to recognize thisHow to balance and charge your ChakrasThe link between Aromatherapy Natural ways for Chakra for BeginnersA powerful techniques for MeditationAnd reading to Tarot Cards for beginnersNo matter your experience or knowledge of Chakras, this audiobook is your ticket to their ancient and spiritual powers. Heal your mind, body, and soul, and discover how you can live a happier and more balanced life.
Plus, with an audiobook version, you can listen along no matter how busy you are!
Buy now to discover how you can open Chakras and feel the countless benefits today!

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por Brown Kadmon

Unlock the secrets of the world of Tarot.
Are you looking for a tool to guide your toughest life decisions? Need a way to peer inside the inner workings of your own psyche? Then it’s time to try Tarot.
Tarot cards are a powerful way of looking inside your subconscious mind and discovering more about how you think and act. Practiced for centuries across countless religions, their almost mystical abilities have been proven to be an incredibly effective way of gaining a deeper insight into yourself.
Delving into the history of Tarot, the different kinds of cards, and how you can read and analyse their meanings, Ultimate Guide for Tarot Beginners is a powerful way for even complete beginners to begin using Tarot and uncover the hidden meanings of their cards.
Inside this detailed guide, you’ll discover:
A History of Tarot Cards
Using Tarot Cards – Everything You Need to Know
Playing Cards, Divinations, and Card Reading
The Meanings Behind Different Cards
Step-By-Step Instructions for Reading Tarot Cards
Telling Fortunes Using Tarot Cards
Tarot Psychic Readings
And Much More!
With a wide range of Tarot tips and tricks, as well as detailed instructions and explanations, now you can become a master at Tarot and discover why they have been used for hundreds of years. No matter your goals, Tarot is a highly effective tool to have – and now it’s never been easier to learn why.
Plus, with an audiobook version, you can listen along no matter how busy you are!
Buy now to uncover the incredible world of Tarot today!

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Tarot for Beginners: The Complete Guide To Tarot Spreads and Card Meanings. How to Read any Tarot Card Using Your Intuition in 7 days.

por Lindsay Silva

Nothing in this world is ever certain and the tarot does not clearly define your life’s outcomes. The cards are there to guide you, to reveal issues you might not even have been aware of or turned a blind eye too. They are a tool of self-awareness and when unprecedented opportunities and challenges pop up in our lives, the tarot works as a little beacon of light. You will gain completely different perspectives from a situation. I will teach you everything you need to know to get started; from choosing your deck to interpreting every card to the simplest of spreads that anyone can do. With this book I will guide you through the steps to get you up and going and even take you as far as doing readings for yourself and friends. If you are curious enough to join this wonderful journey without prejudice, this audiobook can give you all the basics you need to start!

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Tarot Reading: A Complete Guide For Tarot Reading, Tarot Card Meanings, and Tarot Spreads

por Derick Connor

Is tarot reading something that has always fascinated you?Is it something that you have always wanted to know more about, or even try for yourself?Tarot dates back several hundred years and first came to prominence in Europe in the 15th century. It later developed into what many people see its purposes as today – divination and the occult. But tarot is much more than that and it takes skill, patience and a great deal of knowledge to understand it fully.
In this audiobook, Tarot Reading: A Complete Guide for Tarot Reading, Tarot Card Meanings and Tarot Spreads, you will find all the information that you will need to form a broad understanding of the basics of tarot, including:
A history of tarot and the deck used Kabbalah and astrology The modern tarot deck The cards of the Major and Minor Arcanas How to get started Attuning, reading and cleansing your deck Tarot spreads And more...This Audiobook is a great place to start for anyone who wants to know a little more about the mystery of tarot and didn’t know where to start. It is an informative guide that provides the fundamentals, that you can then build a solid base of knowledge upon, if you decide that you want to learn how to master it.
If tarot fascinates you and is drawing you towards it with its mysterious and perplexing practices, get a copy of Tarot Reading and investigate for yourself the enigma!

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