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Kabbalah for Beginners: A Beginner's Guide to the Hidden Wisdom

por Michael Laitman

The Kabbalist Rabbi Laitman, who was the student and personal assistant to Rabbi Baruch Ashlag from 1979-1991, follows in the footsteps of his rabbi in passing on the wisdom of Kabbalah to the world. This book is based on sources that were passed down by Rabbi Baruch's father, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam), the author of 'the Sulam', the commentaries on The Book of Zohar, who continued the ways of the Ari and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and many great Kabbalists throughout the generations before them. The goal of this book is to assist individuals in confronting the first stages of the spiritual realm. This unique method of study, which encourages sharing this wisdom with others, not only helps overcome the trials and tribulations of everyday life, but initiates a process in which individuals extend themselves beyond the standard limitations of today's world.

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The Essence of Kabbalah

por Brian L. Lancaster

There can be no perfecting above without the perfecting influence of humans when they are righteous and act from love. (Zohar 2:155a) The Essence of Kabbalah explains the mysticism of the Torah and the other books in the Hebrew Bible, and presents an overview of the historical trends that have shaped Kabbalah as it is known today. It examines the interpretative methods that are viewed as unlocking the secrets of the Torah - those teachings that point to the inner fabric of creation. Acclaimed author Brian Lancaster explores key extracts from the seminal works of Kabbalah - the Sefer Yetsirah, the Bahir and the Zohar, and presents the major teachings of influential kabbalists. He places Kabbalah in the context of Judaism as a whole, and illustrates the ways in which Judiasm's teachings, prayers and rituals express a concealed inner tradition. Further, he shows how contemporary scholarship and science are enabling a creative dialogue with the ancient teachings preserved within Kabbalah, leading to a twenty-first century renaissance in the importance of mysticism for providing a much-needed and profound sense of connectedness and purpose in our world.

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Kabbalah Handbook: A Concise Encyclopedia of Terms and Concepts in Jewish Mysticism

por Gabriella Samuel

A comprehensive single-volume reference guide to the terms and ideas of Kabbalah by a longtime teacher of Jewish mysticism -perfect for the serious student and newcomer alike.

People of all faiths and backgrounds are drawn to the inspiration, knowledge, and spiritual insight that Kabbalah offers. But too often writings on Jewish mysticism are impenetrable for the novice, overly simplified for the advanced student, or misrepresent and sensationalize Kabbalistic practice. The Kabbalah Handbook is the first comprehensive single-volume Kabbalah reference guide that is indispensable for Kabbalah students of every level. The Kabbalah Handbook features: - more than five hundred key terms and concepts in straightforward, easy-to-read definitions and thorough, well-researched discussions;
- Hebrew, English, and Hebrew transliteration for each item;
- the language of origin for each term;
- a discussion of all sides of differing opinions within Kabbalistic philosophy;
- pronunciation guides;
- nondiscriminatory, gender-neutral language;
- important historical information;
- extensive cross-referencing that enables readers to find all terms, whether they are looking up a word in English or transliterated Hebrew;
- twenty-eight original and innovative illustrations;
- thirty-two tables and charts that organize and break down unwieldy material into manageable items; and
- appendices covering topics such as the 613 Mitzvot (biblical commandments), the lunar calendar, and the sacred names of God.

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The four Adams of the Kabbalah revealed

por Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

The original Kabbalah was entirely metaphysical; the later Kabbalah has suffocated the divine ideal under the heavy phallic element.

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Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot: The Keys of Radical Spiritual Transformation

por Samael Aun Weor

The most ancient sciences in the world are Alchemy and Kabbalah, which constitute the practical, spiritual knowledge hidden in the depths of every great religion and mystical tradition. Modern scientists are only recently discovering what these ancient teachings have always known: that we are a part of a multidimensional universe, and that our consciousness, our awareness, can expand to perceive matter and energy that are invisible to the flesh. Just as physics and chemistry illuminate our understanding of the physical world, Alchemy and Kabbalah constitute a scientific method to awaken the consciousness and fully develop the human being, opening the doors to vast worlds that are hidden from the physical senses. This awakening or alchemical birth requires a precise scientific method, for everything that exists depends upon causes and conditions. Hidden in centuries of mystical texts and obscure drawings are the specific instructions that lead towards the opening of their inner senses and the entrance into a higher life. The Philosopher's Stone, the secret of transmuting lead into gold, and many other sacred mysteries long restricted to initiates who had proven their trustworthiness were publicly revealed for the first time by the author Samael Aun Weor. These mystical sciences are hidden in the twenty-two primary Tarot cards, whose origins and precise meanings have never before now been publicly revealed. Now, see for yourself how these ancient traditions are all truly one science. Discover the keys to unlock the mysteries hidden in scriptures, mystical texts, and enigmatic images, and most importantly the mysteries hidden within us.

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The Kabbalah

por Adolphe Franck

This is a scholarly study of the origin and evolution of the Kabbalah. Originally published in French in 1843, with a second French edition in 1889, this book traces the origins of the philosophical concepts of the Kabbalah to the ancient Zoroastrians. Franck goes into fascinating detail about the doctrine of the Kabbalah, as expressed in the Sepher Yetzirah and the Zohar. He uses internal evidence to trace the origins of these texts many centuries prior to their first known publication in the thirteenth century C.E. Franck carefully compares the philosophy of the Kabbalah with Greek philosophy, the Alexandrians, Philo, and the Gnostics, and concludes that, although there are similarities, none of them can claim to be the source of the Kabbalah. However, he does find many more similarities with the ancient Zoroastrian beliefs. By this process of elimination, he comes to the conclusion that the doctrines of the Kabbalah had their origin during the Babylonian exile circa 500 B.C.E., which was also the time when Zoroaster was active in the same geographical region. This thesis is worth considering, and potentially adds more weight to the already numerous contributions of Zoroastrianism to world culture.

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Kabbalah Made Easy

por Maggy Whitehouse

Kabbalah Made Easy is a down-to-earth, no-red-strings-attached look at the Judaic mystical system that has been made famous by the Kabbalah Center. The book explains why Kabbalah can seem so complex and breaks the system down into simple, understandable chunks. It examines the different systems that are in operation today including the Lurianic tradition, the Golden Dawn, magical, alchemical and Christian Kabblah as well as the re-emerging Toledano Tradition, which is taking Kabbalah back to its roots while making it accessible to the modern world. The book explains the basics of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram as well as the four worlds of Jacob?s Ladder. It includes Kabbalistic lore on angels, astrology and gematria, as well as exercises and meditations that are simple but profound.

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Kabbalah for Beginners

por Michael Laitman

Discusses the discovery of the wisdom of Kabbalah and how it was developed. This book introduces the gist of the wisdom of Kabbalah, using 10 drawings to help us understand the structure of the spiritual worlds, and how they relate to our world. It also elaborates on means that we can take in order to make our lives here better and more enjoyable.

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The Essential Kabbalah: The Heart of Jewish Mysticism

por Daniel C. Matt

A translation of the Kabbalah for the layperson includes a compact presentation of each primary text and features a practical analysis and vital historical information that offer insight into the various aspects of Jewish mysticism.

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