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Mandeville Collection in the Occult Sciences

This exhibit highlights the University of Illinois Library's collection of occult materials supported by an endowment established by the.

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The greatest collection of alchemical books ever made by one man ... Nettesheim, Four Books of Occult Philosophy (London, 165 1)), Rosi-.

Books oN occult scieNces

Books on Occult Sciences. 735. Noah GardiNer. Books oN occult scieNces the 129 codices recorded in this section (tafṣīl) of the.


good copy. ¶ Historical fantasy novel set in 15th Century Cumbria, with much occultism, astrology and witchcraft. A rare book. $225.00 ...

The Occult Book A Chronological Journey From Alch Pdf

Getting the books The Occult Book A Chronological Journey From Alch Pdf now is not type of challenging means. You could not and no-one else going afterward ...

The Pitfalls of Occult Arts and Metaphysical Healing

por Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, William Quan Judge

Healing requires perfect benevolence, untainted even by latent selfishness. Therefore, a would-be healer must be physically healthy, morally healthy, and confident in his science and in himself. Only then can he heal effectively, safely, and permanently.There is nothing “spiritual” or “divine” in any of the latent occult powers in man. But interfering with someone else’s mind, whether consciously or unconsciously, is Black Magic, particularly since there is always more than a tinge of selfishness in the operator’s mind.
Theosophists neither intrude in others’ mind nor hinder others’ freedom of thought. Hypnotism is the new scientific name for the old ignorant “superstition.” What the operator is using is not his will, as it is commonly thought. He simply bewitches the patient by means of his auric fluid. No one has the right to take the mind of another, for any purpose, into his possession. Only a highly developed adept in life may grasp the nettle. The ignorant doing of good works may be vitally injurious, as all but those who are blind in their love of benevolence are compelled to acknowledge. Instead of healing, hypnotists awaken the dangerous forces of nature and end up inoculating patients with their own physical and mental ills and vices.
Learning and doing good rightly with knowledge, is far more effective and safe than an imprudent haste for good works. The acceptance of Truth and the practice of Virtue cannot avert Karma waiting from other lives, but can produce good effects in lives to come. Therefore, compassionate action is what really counts, not mere thoughts and wishful thinking. Central to spiritual development is compassion-sacrifice which, when enacted, becomes altruism.

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Seven Occult Tamil Proverbs: Esoteric truths for the masses.

por P.R. Venkatarama Iyer

 Wisdom crieth in the streets!

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Occult metaphysics unriddled from materialistic misconceptions and ignorance: And a hitherto unpublished discourse of Lord Buddha.

por Gautama Buddha, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Lord Buddha reconciles the metaphysical beliefs of the Buddhists of the Northern and Southern Churches. For the Occultist, the terms Space and Universe are one and the same. The Universe is a combination of a thousand elements, and yet the expression of One Element — a chaos to the sense, a Cosmos to the reason.The anima mundi, or world-soul, is not Deity but a manifestation. The visible effects of matter are but the effects of force. That which is now called matter is nothing but the aggregation of atomic forces, to express which the word matter is used; outside of that, for science, matter is a word void of sense. However, beyond the illusion of duality there is neither matter nor spirit. Instead, there is Will and Manifestation.
The matter of Science may be for all objective purposes a “dead and utterly passive matter,” but to the Occultist not an atom of it can be dead — Life is ever present in it.
The capital error of the Orientalists that Nirvana, as well as the Moksha of the Vedantins, is a synonym of annihilation is now exposed, making it incontestable that Buddhism does not teach annihilation. The meaning of the term nihil, having been misconceived from the first, it is continually used as a sledge hammer in the matter of Esoteric Philosophy. Nihil in the minds of the Ancient Philosophers meant “no-thing.” Nihil is a synonym for the impersonal divine Principle, the Infinite All, which is neither “being” nor “thing.” It is the Parabrahman of the Vedantist, The One Life of the Buddhist, “That” of the Chhandogya Upanishad, the Ain-Soph of the Kabbalah, The Absolute of Hegel.
Buddhism is founded upon secret doctrines, not dogmas. We are to believe only when the writing, doctrine, or saying is corroborated by our own reason and consciousness. But then we have to act accordingly and abundantly. Lord Buddha taught that the primitive Substance is eternal and unchangeable. Its vehicle is the pure, luminous Æther, boundless infinite Space, the creation of Maya.
Mastery of Buddhist doctrines can be attained only according to the Platonic deductive method — from universals to particulars. Thus annihilation means a dispersion of matter, in whatever form or semblance of form it may be. Even our astral bodies, pure ether, are but illusions of matter, so long as they retain their terrestrial outline.
Æther is incorruptible. The spirits of creatures, who are emanations of the most sublimated portions of Æther, are Breaths not forms.

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Ancient Oracles and Occult Prophecies

por Veda Vyasa, Hermes Trismegistus, Hesiod, Thomas Taylor, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

The future is now.Might will be right, and envy will run riot among men.
Heathen East will slay decadent West.
Egypt shall be forsaken when divinity returns back from earth to heaven.

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Occult laws and paradoxes

por Helena Petrovna Blavatsky


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Occult Interpretation of Alphabets and Numerals

por Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

The occult systems of interpreting numerals solves the problem of cosmogony; and the systems of geometrical figures represents the numbers objectively.

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Occult Astrology predates modern Astronomy: Success in Astrology requires a pure life, physically, morally, and spiritually.

por Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Astrology existed before astronomy, and Astronomus was the title of the highest hierophant in Egypt. Among the stars and constellations, the planets alone had a right to the title of Theoi (Gods), i.e., to run or to circulate.The angels worshipped in the Church of Rome are none else than their “Seven Planets,” the Dhyani-Chohans of Buddhistic Esoteric Philosophy, or the Kumaras, the mind-born sons of Brahmā. There are seven Kumaras, four exoteric and three secret. They are all “Virgin Gods,” who remain eternally pure and innocent, and decline to create progeny. In their primitive aspect, these Aryan seven mind-born sons are not the regents of the planets, but dwell far beyond the planetary region.
Archangel Michael is called “the invincible virgin combatant” as he “refused to create,” which would connect him with both Sanat Sujata and the Kumara who is the God of War called in the Hindu system the “eternal celibate” and “the virgin warrior.” He is the Aryan St. Michael.
The whole sidereal court of the Babylonian heaven was represented in the temples by globes made of sapphires, supporting golden images of their respective gods. An immense machine, fabricated for King Chosroes in Persia, represented the night sky with the planets and all their revolutions, and with angels presiding over them.
All the discoveries of modern astronomy, like all the secrets that can be revealed to it in future ages, were contained in the secret observatories and Initiation Halls of the temples of old India and Egypt. Uranus is a modern name. The ancients had a planet, “a mystery planet,” that they never named and that only the highest Astronomus, the Hierophant, could “confabulate with.” But this seventh planet was not the sun but the hidden Divine Hierophant, who was said to have a crown, and to embrace within its wheel “seventy-seven smaller wheels.”
The rapid growth of human intellect has paralysed spiritual perceptions. It is at the expense of wisdom that intellect generally thrives, and mankind is quite unprepared in its present condition to comprehend the awful drama of human disobedience to the laws of Nature and the subsequent “Fall,” as a result. Occultism has a strange theory of its own with regard to Neptune.
We lift our diminished heads and look heavenward: worlds, suns, and stars, the shining myriads of the heavenly hosts, remind the poet of an infinite, shoreless ocean, whereon move swiftly numberless squadrons of ships, millions upon millions of cruisers, large and small, crossing each other, whirling and gyrating in every direction. But there are no proofs of the existence and presence in space of intelligent supramundane Beings, of either Gods or Angels. It is the behaviour of the stars and planets themselves that has to be analysed, and inferences be drawn therefrom.

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Occult truth is Nature without the illusory veil of the senses: She is the Rainbow of Hope and our only hope.

por Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

On the essence of Truth beneath and beyond external appearances.1. The Beacon-Light of occult truth is Nature without the illusory veil of the senses. She is the Rainbow of Hope and our only hope.
2. True wisdom, being a projection of our perceptive consciousness, acts within without, and not vice versa, awakening the spiritual senses in us and the power to act. Brain power and logic, being outward looking, can only serve the interests of lower minds.
3. Inner Wisdom is the Wisdom of Love and code of sublime ethics. Its noble ideals alone can empower people to reject the parasitic plants of human fabrication which are choking all goodness and truth in the world.
4. The ancient Egyptians, the Ethiopians of the East who came from Lanka or Ceylon, were a colony of dark-skinned Aryans, the Dravidians of Southern India, who took an already existing civilization with them to Egypt. He who dissipates the darkness of ignorance by the torch of truth awakens in our benumbed souls the faculty of distinguishing the true from the false, and kindles a divine flame hitherto absent.
5. Theosophy is the white ray from which arise the seven colours of the solar spectrum, each human being assimilating one of these rays to a greater degree than the other six. Theosophy, or rather the occult sciences it studies, is something more than simple metaphysics: it is universal transcendentalism.
6. The numerical value of the names of old divinities was taught in the Lesser Mysteries. But Mystery Language itself was reserved for the high initiates alone. Envy, jealousy, and rivalry, reign supreme in a society whose principal object is brotherhood. Instead of helping one another, many look askance at each other, always ready to make fun of each other and criticise.
7. The Theosophical Society is a Republic of Conscience. Knowledge of Cosmogenesis is the key to All-knowledge. The Theosophical Society is the Tree of Brotherhood, grown from a kernel planted in the earth by the angel of Charity and Justice. It depends upon its members to make of their Society an ark destined, in a future not too distant, to transport the humanity of a new cycle beyond the vast muddy waters of the deluge of hopeless materialism. In the meantime, we all should seek to bring some peace on earth to the hearts of those who suffer, by lifting for them a corner of the veil which hides from them divine truth.

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