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Audiobooks for Authors: How to Produce, Market, and Sell Audiobooks for Indie Authors

por Jamie W Davis

Ready to create your audiobook?

You need this book.

Jamie Davis, self-published author of more than twenty audiobooks in just two years, shares his lessons learned with you. Audiobook production is the fastest growing market in publishing. Don’t get tripped up when there’s a resource you can use to ease your path.

Jamie answers questions on recording your own audiobooks, auditioning and selecting narrators, audiobook financing options, audiobook marketing, and much, much more. Plus, he fills the whole book with his own hard-earned lessons so you don’t make the same mistakes he and others have.

Don’t get left behind. 

Get Audiobooks for Authors now.

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The Guide to Publishing Audiobooks: How to Produce and Sell an Audiobook

por Jessica Kaye

What You Need to Know to PUBLISH YOUR AUDIOBOOK!

The Guide to Publishing Audiobooks has everything you need to know to acquire rights, produce, publish, and distribute audiobooks to expand your audience for both fiction and nonfiction, and how you can increase your bottom line in the process. Multiple Grammy Award-winning audiobook producer and director Jessica Kaye shares invaluable knowledge garnered in her years as an entertainment and publishing attorney, and audiobook publisher, producer, director, and distributor. With her insights, you'll learn how to evaluate a potential audiobook project, obtain the rights for audio publishing, or self-publish your own audiobook.

This comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide shows you how to:

   • Create a high-quality production including best practices for effectively working with narrators, producers, directors, engineers, and sound editors.
   • Choose an appropriate narrator.
   • Understand and manage distribution in the digital age.

Plus, this guide includes examples of commonly used audiobook contracts and explanations of key industry terms so you can feel confident in your business dealings.

Whether you're an independent publisher looking to expand your business or an author trying to grow your readership, The Guide to Publishing Audiobooks is your go-to resource for navigating the audiobook industry.

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