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Vegan: The Ultimate Vegan Cooking Guide for Beginners: Learn from This Cookbook How to Cook Plant Based Meals and How to Keep an Amazing Vegan Diet for Rapid Weight Loss

por Timothy Moore

If you think eating vegan is boring, think again. Listen to this audiobook and find main courses, salads, soups, and more that'll fit your needs.
There's no doubt that a vegetarian diet, particularly a vegan one, can be great for your health. With the popularity of health-food stores, due to the fact that many are looking to improve their health, it's easier than ever to enjoy a satisfying vegan diet. This audiobook will teach you how to do that.
Here is a preview of what you'll learn:
Typical ingredients in vegan cookingSetting up the vegan pantryBasics of vegan cookingCreating a complete mealSpecial nutritional considerationsRecipesAnd basically everything you need to start your vegan lifestyle today!

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The Plant Paradox Quick and Easy: The 30-Day Plan to Lose Weight, Feel Great, and Live Lectin-Free

por Steven R. Gundry, MD

From bestselling author Dr. Steven Gundry, a quick and easy guide to The Plant Paradox program that gives readers the tools to enjoy the benefits of lectin-free eating in just 30 days.
In Dr. Steven Gundry’s breakout bestseller The Plant Paradox, readers learned the surprising truth about foods that have long been regarded as healthy. Lectins—a type of protein found in fruits, vegetables, legumes, dairy, and grains—wreak havoc on the gut, creating systemic inflammation and laying the groundwork for disease and weight gain. Avoiding lectins offers incredible health benefits but requires a significant lifestyle change—one that, for many people, can feel overwhelming.
Now, in The Plant Paradox Quick and Easy, Dr. Gundry makes it simpler than ever to go lectin free. His 30-day challenge offers incentives, support, and results along with a toolkit for success. With grocery lists, meal plans, time-saving cooking strategies, all-new recipes, and guidance for families and those following specialized diets (including ketogenic and vegan), The Plant Paradox Quick and Easy is the all-in-one resource Plant Paradox fans and newcomers alike need to jumpstart results reap the health benefits of living lectin-free.
Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.

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Excel French Cooking: Get into the Art of French Cooking

por Excel Cooking

Learn the culinary art of French cooking.
Imagine being able to cook a delicious French meal for your family and friends. Imagine being able to slice and dice like a pro, and have beautiful knife cuts that would make you the next Food Network star.
French cooking is one of the most delectable cooking around. Some of the most expensive restaurants in the world provide the most exquisite French dishes, and people go there just to taste the very best delicious delicacies of what French chefs have to offer.
But no one simply decides that they want to have French for the night, then be able to cook it. There are many things that you have to know in order to properly cook French cuisine.
The secret's out. You can actually learn to start cooking up your own French recipes at home. That is what Excel French Cooking is all about.
Here's a sample taste of what you'll get:
The different terms that are used in French cooking, such as Mother Sauce and Bouquet Garni. The different knife skills and types of cuts used by French chefs, from the brunoise to the mirepoix. Breakfasts: You'll hear the truth about French breakfasts and the history as creator of its most famous item. Lunches: Learn how to make French pop salads, bouillabaisse, and the well-known and irresistible soufflés and crepes. Dinners: This discusses formal affairs and has recipes for things such as butternut squash soup, paysanne soup, and green veggie au gratin. And that's just for starters. Unlike other French cookbooks, you don't only get the recipes to make the French food that you love. You learn about the skills that French chefs have, the history of the different types of food, and much more!
With easy-to-follow steps and a glossary of terms that you can easily understand, Excel French Cooking is the audio-book that you want, if you are interested in trying French cooking, and you want to impress your guests at your next dinner party.
Bon appétit!
An Author's Republic audio production.

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Anti Inflammatory Diet: A Complete Guide for the Anti Inflammatory Diet Including 250+ proven recipes to Heal Your Immune System and Live a Healthy Life

por John Carter

Beat Inflammation and Live a Healthy Life Using The Anti Inflammatory Diet...
*** 2 Audiobooks in 1 - The Anti Inflammatory Diet Cookbook and The Anti Inflammatory Slow Cooker Recipes ***
** Inside the Anti Inflammatory Diet Cookbook **
This new book, Anti-Inflammatory Diet Cookbook: The 3 Week Action Plan, aims to get your body back on track to optimum health in just 3 weeks, with easy recipes to get you started, like:

Apple oats granola Fig yoghurt smoothie Sesame bok choy side Salmon bites Eggplant pork stew Spinach baked chicken Chickpea veggie lunch And more...There are more than 120 easy to follow recipes inside these pages, complete with a meal plan that will bring you proven results when it comes to beating inflammation.
And whether you are following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, or love chicken and beef, there is something suitable for every taste...
** Inside The Anti Inflammatory Slow Cooker Recipes **
In this book, you will learn much about inflammation and find dozens of slow cooking recipes that will help keep you in top condition, like:
Greek eggs breakfast casserole
Kung pao chickpeas
Sweet potato chipotle chili
Moroccan chicken and squash
Quinoa energy bars
Spicy fajita soup
Spanish sardines
And a whole lot more...
With meal idea for any day of the week, as well as recipes that would be suitable for vegetarians, vegans, dinner parties and more, you can eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet and combat inflammation at the same time...
Get a copy of the 2 in 1 Anti-Inflammatory Diet Cookbooks now!
Lose weight, feel great, be healthy!

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Vegan Diet 101: The Essential Guide on Vegan Meals and Diet, Learn All About How to Cook and Prepare Delicious Vegan Meals That Will Help You Lose Weight

por Lorayne Todd

Vegan Diet 101: The Essential Guide on Vegan Meals and Diet, Learn All About How to Cook and Prepare Delicious Vegan Meals That Will Help You Lose Weight

Although more people are starting to convert to a vegan diet, there are still a lot of misconceptions about the vegan lifestyle. Some vegans chose this diet because of health reasons or dietary needs while some chose this lifestyle because of more serious reasons like not wanting to contribute to the abuse of animals. Whatever the motivation behind the change, there is no question that turning vegan has many benefits. It can help you lose weight and help you maintain a healthy heart rate. It can also prevent you from having type 2 diabetes and other forms of cancer.
Converting into a vegan lifestyle may seem overwhelming for some but this audiobook will help guide you through the whole process. You will learn all about the diet, how to prepare your food, and basically everything you need to know about living the vegan lifestyle. This audiobook will discuss the following topics: Typical Ingredients In Vegan Cooking - Setting Up The Vegan Pantry - Basics Of Vegan Cooking - Creating A Complete Meal - Special Nutritional Considerations - Recipes and many more!
If you’re looking to improve your health, you may want to consider a vegan diet because this is a diet that is rich in nutrients and low in saturated fats. To learn more, download your copy of Vegan DIet 101 today!

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Vegan Diet for Beginners: Delicious Plant Based Recipes. The Perfect Vegan Lifestyle for Weight Loss with a Meal Plan Easily to Combine with Keto Diet. An Effective Cookbook to Start Eating Healthy

por Sarah Meyers

Do you wonder what is the best way to lose weight naturally, safely and without too many sacrifices?Do you want to monitor your blood values, cholesterol, and detoxify your body?
All this is possible!

Very often vegan nutrition is associated with a life of renunciation and tasteless foods.
You'll find that there's nothing more wrong than this!

If you want to start improving your body, this beginner's guide is just what you should read, because it will allow you to start, without stress, a plant-based diet easily applicable every day, without sacrificing tasty foods.

All the tips you'll find in this audio-cookbook are designed to help you develop healthy dietary preferences and safely abandon the carnivorous diet, which can be so harmful to your body.

This guide has the best vegan diet recipes to get you started with your newly found lifestyle.
Here are the recipe groups covered:
BreakfastMain dishesSidesGrains and dishesSauces, dressing and dipsInternational vegan cuisine...and more!
The simplicity of the recipes you'll find inside will leave you amazed, not to mention the taste of the meals you can create and that, I'm sure, will leave your guests speechless!

All you have to do is click the BUY button!
What are you waiting for? Take this audiobook to be happy and start a new healthy vegan lifestyle.

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Vegan Diet and Lifestyle: The Comprehensive Guide on How to Live a Vegan Lifestyle, Learn All About this Cruelty-Free Diet and How it Can Help Improve Your Body and Mind

por Brian Henning

Vegan Diet and Lifestyle: The Comprehensive Guide on How to Live a Vegan Lifestyle, Learn All About this Cruelty-Free Diet and How it Can Help Improve Your Body and Mind
We all have the right to choose the way we eat, and it is a privilege that in this day and age we have the resources available to us to actually cut meat out of our lives safely. A vegan lifestyle is something that is often unfamiliar to people and so it is natural to wonder about it. A vegan lifestyle is one in which the person undertaking it is conscientious about the origins of the products they use and the foods that they eat.
This audiobook will help you learn more about veganism and what it means if you are seriously considering a vegan lifestyle and want a guide to help to show you the way, this audiobook will help you to learn the basics of going vegan and how it can benefit not only your body and mind but also the world around us.
Here are the topics you’ll learn in this audiobook:
What is a Vegan Lifestyle and Why Does It Matter?What is the Difference Between Vegetarianism and Veganism?Staying Healthy While Living VeganProtein, Protein, Protein!Old Habits Die Hard, Here's HowIdentifying Your Values and Sticking To ThemLiving Vegan Beyond the Food You EatMeal Planning and PreparationCompleting the Vegan Lifestyle with Exercise and Proper HydrationA vegan lifestyle is particularly challenging at first because you often go from not paying much attention to the ingredients in your food to having to do a lot of research to figure out what all those ingredients on boxes of processed foods are and whether or not they may be ethical or healthy. If you want to learn more, download a copy of Vegan Diet and Lifestyle now!

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Keto Vegan Diet: The Plant Based Solution to Lose Weight. An Easy to Follow Guide to Organize Your Healthy Low-Carb Meal Plan. Change Your Body in 21 Days with a Vegan Lifestyle

por Sarah Meyers

Have you decided to start a healthier lifestyle but the call of junk food is stronger than your good intentions?
Do you keep looking in the mirror and see a body you don't want to have?
Today's society is bombarding us with junk food made from meat, protein and fats of animal origin, and you can't imagine how dangerous this could be for you. What they want to keep hidden, but which has now been amply demonstrated by important studies, is that omnivorous food is harmful to humans.
Instead, in veganism, any form of food that is obtained from an animal, including their flesh or their milk, or a non-plant living thing, is off-limits.
Veganism has closely been tied to human health, and it's a large part of why people are going vegan. The ethical boundaries around eating other living beings are a sore point for most other vegans, but the health benefits are not to be overlooked.
In this audiobook I will introduce you to what you can't find anywhere else. With a simple, critical and comprehensive approach, you will fully understand the great benefits you can have in terms of personal well-being and weight loss by gradually adopting a vegan diet.
Here are some of the chapters covered in this guide:
What is keto diet and how does it work?The health benefits of following keto dietWhat is veganism and the benefits of following itHow is it like combining keto and vegan dietsThe foods to eat and those to avoidBest Vegan Keto SupplementsWeight loss and keto lifestyleMaintaining a healthy lifestyle while on keto vegan dietAnd so much more!Now dive into this reading right away and I'm sure that, even if you think you can't leave the carnivorous diet, you'll find dozens of reasons to change your mind, right from the first chapter!
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Vegan: 101 Delicious Vegan Diet Recipe Plans for Vegetarians and Raw Vegans

por Sam Kuma

This audiobook provides a practical guide to adopting a vegan lifestyle. If you are thinking about adopting a vegan diet, you are probably worried about the time commitment and the lack of choices. Then let this quick vegan cookbook awaken your mind. This vegan cookbook has a long list of recipes that can be done within 20 minutes. It has a list of vegan recipes that are classified by type: appetizers, snacks, sauces, desserts, beverages, etc. Yes, you can live your entire life with vegan recipes. It’s not just about salads. It can be about vegan cheese, vegan ice cream, vegan burgers, etc. Highlights of this audiobook: How a vegan diet improves your long-term health and benefits the ecosystem Vegan stir-fries Vegan smoothies Vegan sauces Vegan pasta Vegan burgers and sandwiches Vegan soups Vegan appetizers Vegan salads Vegan beverages Vegan deserts What's special? What differentiates this vegan cookbook from other vegan books is it lets you get from the kitchen to the table in under 20 minutes. Most similar vegan books focus on certain areas of vegan diets. This audiobook discusses all types of foods, with a focus on ensuring that no time is wasted in the kitchen. Vegan: 101 Vegan Recipes also wants to make sure you understand just how much of a difference a vegan diet makes to the planet and to your health. No matter which of the vegan books and quick vegan recipe books you choose, I would be glad to have you healthy and save the environment by adopting a vegan diet plan.

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Vegan Diet for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide for Rapid Weight Loss, Improve Heart Health and Reduce Inflammation with Vegan Foods

por Laura Haworth

Have you been considering stopping taking meats, eggs, dairy, and the use of all products derived from animals for health and other personal reasons, as you not wanting to support the cruelty of animals?
And are you looking for an easy-to-follow, beginner-friendly, comprehensive guide that answers all questions you may have about this switch to a vegan diet so that you make the most out of your transition?
If you’ve answered YES, keep reading...
You Are About To Discover Exactly How To Make A Switch To A Vegan Diet Fully Confident About What To Do Every Step Of The Way!
Here’s a bit of what you can expect to discover:What a vegan diet is and how it worksHow you would benefit from a vegan diet if you started todayWhat to eat as a vegan and what to avoidA 7-day vegan diet meal plan to start you off perfectlyThe most amazing vegan diet recipes...And much more!
It’s clear that to lose weight and improve your health, you don’t need to limit or deny yourself food. You don’t have to struggle to put up with the early morning chills working out or kill yourself with weird quick-fix diets.
All you need is a well-balanced vegan diet.
And this audiobook is here to assure that you benefit from the vegan diet in all possible ways and change your life effortlessly and painlessly, even if you’ve tried everything else but failed!
Ready to get started?
Scroll up and click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!

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