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This book attempts to organize topics in a logical order, but the reader is unlikely fully to understand even the first topic unless the reader also understands ...

Gorman & Finkin's Basic Text on Labor Law: Unionization ...

Finkin's 2004 edition of Basic Text on Labor Law: Unionization and. Collective Bargaining, published by Thompson-West, is no ordinary.

Labor Relations and the Law by Robert E. Mathews

The publication of these two lengthy text books (each one over iooo pages) is a pointed reminder of how complicated and extensive the subject of labor law ...

Industrial Relations And Labour Law Pdf

Getting the books Industrial Relations And Labour Law Pdf now is not type of challenging means. You could not and no-one else going like ebook amassing or ...

Labor Law for the Rank & Filer

This book will discuss those reasons for which an employer may not take adverse action against a worker, even an “at will” worker. We will also show that just ...

Books Available on Bloomberg Law

Books available on Bloomberg Law. American Law Institute. Restatement (Third) of Agency. Restatement (Second) of Contracts. Restatement of Employment Law.


To regard it as only a casebook for a law school course in labor law is to ignore what may be its greatest utility. It is a comprehensive text and source book.

Labor Law-Cases, Materials, and Problems. - Chicago Unbound

These areas are covered in most standard textbooks, but Professor Meltzer's book goes much further. It projects itself into areas of growing and novel concern: ...

Read Book The Developing Labor Law The Board The ...

Getting the books The Developing Labor Law The Board The Courts And The National Labor Relations Act now is not type of challenging.

Labor and the Legal Process, by Harry W. Wellington

The book examines and attempts to answer several troubling and enduring legal questions in the industrial relations sector: (1) To what extent should the law ...

Labor Law for the Rank & Filer: Building Solidarity While Staying Clear of the Law, Edition 2

por Staughton Lynd

Blending cutting-edge legal strategies for winning justice at work with a theory of dramatic, bottom-up social change, this practical guide to workers' rights aims to make work better while reinvigorating the labor movement. A powerful organization model called &“solidarity unionism&” is explained, showing how the labor force can avoid the pitfalls of the legal system and utilize direct action to win fair rights. The new edition includes new cases governing fundamental labor rights and can be used not only by union workers, but can serve as a guerrilla legal handbook for any employee in this unstable economy.

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Employment and Labor Law: Edition 9

por Patrick J. Cihon

Readers who are majoring in business or another non-legal professions will find EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR LAW, 9E offers the ideal comprehensive introduction to employment and labor relations. This book uses excerpts from real law cases to illustrate how labor-related disputes arise and are resolved in the courts. Eye-opening features, such as The Working Law and Ethical Dilemmas, demonstrate how labor legislation and ethical decision-making impact employees at all levels -- from hourly workers to owners. Readers review the most up-to-date information on the NLRB and EEOC, the Fair Labor Standards Act, President Obama’s executive orders regarding undocumented immigrants and LGBT rights, Obamacare, the Defense of Marriage Act, and other employee-benefits developments. This edition also addresses relevant issues, such as FLSA and NLRB rights for unpaid interns, teaching assistants, and student-athletes. No other book combines such balanced coverage with a reader-friendly approach.
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Labor Law: A Basic Guide to the National Labor Relations Act

por David E. Strecker

Whether you are a supervisor, a business owner, or an HR professional, it is essential that you understand the laws and rules governing how one treats employees and interacts with unions. In a comprehensive and accessible format, Labor Law: A Basic Guide to the National Labor Relations Act provides a practice-oriented foundation on labor law. The b

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An Introduction to Labor Law: Edition 3

por Michael Evan Gold

An Introduction to Labor Law is a useful and course-tested primer that explains the basic principles of the federal law regulating the relationship of employers to labor unions. In this updated third edition, which features a new introduction, Michael Evan Gold discusses the law that applies to union organizing and representation elections, the duty to bargain in good faith, economic weapons such as strikes and lockouts, and the enforcement of collective bargaining agreements. Gold describes the structure and functions of the National Labor Relations Board and of the federal courts in regard to labor cases and also presents a number of legal issues presently in contention between labor and management.

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Labor Guide to Labor Law: Edition 5

por Bruce S. Feldacker

Labor Guide to Labor Law is a comprehensive survey of labor law in the private sector, written from the labor perspective for labor relations students and for unions and their members. This thoroughly revised and updated fifth edition covers new statutes, current issues, and the latest developments in labor and employment law.The text emphasizes issues of greatest importance to unions and employees. Where the law permits a union to make certain tactical choices, those choices are pointed out. Material is included on internal union matters that tend to be ignored in management texts. Bruce S. Feldacker and Michael J. Hayes cover applicable labor law principles from a union's initial organizing campaign to the mature bargaining relationship, including such subjects as the employee right to engage in protected concerted activity, the duty to bargain, labor arbitration, the use of strikes, picketing and other economic weapons in resolving a labor dispute, the duty of fair representation, internal union regulation, and employment discrimination.This book is also a useful reference and review for full-time union officers and representatives who have a working knowledge of labor law but wish to brush up on certain points as needed in their work. Both authors have extensive experience in the construction field, and they have been careful to include material on those aspects of labor law that are unique to that field.Labor Guide to Labor Law is structured to present an unbiased and comprehensive explanation of labor law principles for anyone interested in the field. Thus, labor relations educators, as well as practitioners in the field representing labor, management, or individual employees, should also find the text suitable for their use. Each chapter includes a summary, review questions and answers, a restatement of "Basic Legal principles" with citations to key cases, and a bibliography for additional research.

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A Primer on American Labor Law: Edition 5

por William B. Gould IV

A Primer on American Labor Law is an accessible guide for non-specialists and labor lawyers - labor and management representatives, students and general practice lawyers, and trade unionists, government officials and academics from other countries. It covers topics such as the National Labor Relations Act, unfair labor practices, the collective bargaining relationship, dispute resolution, the public sector and public-interest labor law. This updated fifth edition contains extensive new materials covering developments that include the repeal or change in public employee labor law and the development of case law relating to wrongful dismissals and pension reform in the public sector; bankruptcy in both the private and public sector; ADA litigation and 2008 amendments of that statute; new cases on all subjects, but particularly Bush and Obama NLRB decisions, sexual harassment, sexual orientation, and retaliation; and the globalization of labor disputes in labor-management relations in the United States, with particular reference to professional sports disputes and the extraterritoriality of American labor law generally.

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Comparative Labor Law

por Matthew W. Finkin

Economic pressure, as well as transnational and domestic corporate policies, has placed labor law under severe stress. National responses are so deeply embedded in institutions reflecting local traditions that meaningful comparison is daunting. This bo

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Labor Law: Cases, Materials, and Problems, Edition 8

por Michael H. Harper

A rigorous, analytical, modern, and practical approach to the issues and challenges of labor law and labor policy.

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Airline Labor Law: The Railway Labor Act and Aviation After Deregulation

por William E. Thoms

Although Americans enjoy the convenience and economic benefits of the world's most advanced air transportation system, the future of the airline industry is clouded by capacity constraints, safety and environmental concerns, the consolidation of carriers, and, especially, airline labor relations under the Railway Labor Act. In this volume, William E. Thoms and Frank J. Dooley provide a comprehensive, authoritative overview of the history, the law, and the mechanics of modern airline labor bargaining. The authors trace the development of airline labor law, the representation and labor bargaining processes, and labor protection. The discussion is enhanced throughout by the inclusion of up-to-date case law. Other statutes which have an important impact on the employment relationship such as the Airline Deregulation Act are also considered in detail. Finally, the authors explore future issues which may affect relations between labor and management in the aviation industry.
The book begins by reviewing the background of airline labor law, providing insights into the origins of airline regulation. The authors then provide a thorough discussion of the Railway Labor Act negotiating process, including the requirements of the Act, procedural steps in major and minor disputes, the role of the National Mediation Board, and mandatory bargaining subjects. Six areas related to the settlement of disputes are then studied in greater detail: the distinction between major and minor disputes; the role of air transport system boards of adjustment; the purpose of emergency boards; the related concepts of impasse, economic self-help, and reinstatement; strikes, boycotts, and injunctions under the Railway Labor Act; and restrictions on subcontracting. The next two chapters examine other statutes affecting airline labor relationships and the labor protection provisions of the Railway Labor Act. The authors conclude by looking at future trends in aviation labor law and the impact of issues such as drug testing, employee ownership plans, and mergers on airline labor relations. Ideal as a set of readings for courses on transportation law, labor economics, and transportation management, this book will also be of significant interest to regulators, union leaders, and attorneys specializing in transportation issues.

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Labor Law

por Dr. Roberto Miguel Rodriguez

Brief exposition and analysis of the main aspects of labor law

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