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quixotes, precepts, and galateas: - the didactic novel

1. The following books contain particularly useful discussions of precepts: J. Paul Hunter,. Before Novels: The Cultural Contexts of Eighteenth-Century English ...


A most exemplary writer of didactic literature of the modern era is. Hannah More. As one of the late ... spiritual biography, and didactic fiction.

Didacticism and Morality in the Novel and Children's ...

on morality and didacticism, criticism and censorship to be found in these books are worth attention. The Theory of the Novel: A Historico-.

Didactic Aspects of Transferred Social Values in Children´s ...

The aim of this essay was to examine adult-child power structures connected to the main character in Lois Lowry´s novel Number the Stars, ...

JAN FERGUS Jane Austen and the Didactic Novel

JAN FERGUS Jane Austen and the Didactic Novel: Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. Totowa, N.J.: Barnes and Noble, 1983, Pp. ix + ...

Trends in Didactic Children's Literature from the Twentieth ...

current didactic trends in modern fiction for children. It was the goal of this study to identify what influence secular educational philosophy has on ...

Contrast and didacticism in the novels of Jane Austen

Contrast and didacticism in the novels of Jane Austen ... diverges from Jan Fergus' Jane Austen and the Didactic Novel (1983, pp. 42-48).

Didactic Demons in Contemporary British Fiction

personalities dominate a fiction charged with strong didactic currents. Searching for the good within the realms of the grotesque, Iris. Murdoch ...

Codes of Conduct: Didacticism in the Works of Maria Edgeworth

centered her novels around was a rigid set of moral guidelines. Maria Edgeworth used the novel genre as a way to promote her own codes of conduct that she ...

Ludic Literature: Ready Player One as Didactic Fiction for ...

Didactic Fiction for the Neoliberal Subject. There is no way out of the game of culture. — Pierre Bourdieu, Distinction 6.

Variance in Arabic Manuscripts: Arabic Didactic Poems from the Eleventh to the Seventeenth Centuries - Analysis of Textual Variance and Its Control in the Manuscripts

por Book 5

In Arabic and Islamic studies, the subject of variance in general and that of textual variation in particular has not been investigated exhaustively so far. In the present book the variation in texts of the “closed transmission” will be studied, focusing on a small corpus of didactic and model poems, with a view to establishing what degree of text stability and change was allowed by the medium manuscript. Categories of variance (relating to work-titles, text, number of verses and their sequence, page-layout, context) and the means of controlling them in the manuscripts of the poems are identified and detailed descriptions of the copies are given.The monograph also includes a presentation of some major traits of the cultural background to the study of Arabic didactic poetry and of its dissemination in which memorization has played a crucial role. The intended readers,editors and other users of manuscripts, are helped to acquaint themselves with the methods employed in the manuscripts to control variation and they are given an overview of the large spectrum of Arabic didactic poetry and of its place in the traditional culture of learning in Islamicate societies.

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The Didactic Muse: Scenes of Instruction in Contemporary American Poetry

por Willard Spiegelman

Writing with the vigor and elan that readers have come to expect from his many astute reviews and essays, Willard Spiegelman maintains that contemporary American poets have returned to the poetic aims of an earlier era: to edify, as well as to delight, and thus to serve the "didactic muse." What Spiegelman says about individual poets--such as Nemerov, Hecht, Ginsberg, Pinsky, Ammons, Rich, and Merrill, among others--is wonderfully insightful. Furthermore, his outlook on their work--the way he takes quite literally the teacherly elements of their poems--challenges long-standing conceptions both about contemporary writing and about the poetry of the Eliot-Pound-Stevens-Williams generation. Beginning the book with a meditation on W. H. Auden's legacy to American poets, Spiegelman ends with a discussion of the multiple scenes of learning in Merrill's The Changing Light at Sandover, which he identifies as not only the major epic poem of the second half of the twentieth century but also as the period's most important georgic: a textbook full of scientific, mythic, artistic, and human instruction. The Didactic Muse reminds us that poets have traditionally acknowledged their function as teachers, from Horace's advice that poetry should please and instruct to Robert Frost's aphorism that a poem "begins in delight and ends in wisdom." Whereas many of the critical remarks of the most important Romantic and modern poets suggest their desperate attempts to separate poetry from instruction, Spiegelman demonstrates that their practices often contradicted their theories. And he shows that our best contemporary poets are now embracing the older, classical paradigms.

Originally published in 1989.

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Didactic Novels and British Women's Writing, 1790-1820

por Hilary Havens

Tracing the rise of conduct literature and the didactic novel over the course of the eighteenth century, this book explores how British women used the didactic novel genre to engage in political debate during and immediately after the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. Although didactic novels were frequently conventional in structure, they provided a venue for women to uphold, to undermine, to interrogate, but most importantly, to write about acceptable social codes and values. The essays discuss the multifaceted ways in which didacticism and women’s writing were connected and demonstrate the reforming potential of this feminine and ostensibly constricting genre. Focusing on works by novelists from Jane West to Susan Ferrier, the collection argues that didactic novels within these decades were particularly feminine; that they were among the few acceptable ways by which women could participate in public political debate; and that they often blurred political and ideological boundaries. The first part addresses both conservative and radical texts of the 1790s to show their shared focus on institutional reform and indebtedness to Mary Wollstonecraft, despite their large ideological range. In the second part, the ideas of Hannah More influence the ways authors after the French revolution often linked the didactic with domestic improvement and national unity. The essays demonstrate the means by which the didactic genre works as a corrective not just on a personal and individual level, but at the political level through its focus on issues such as inheritance, slavery, the roles of women and children, the limits of the novel, and English and Scottish nationalism. This book offers a comprehensive and wide-ranging picture of how women with various ideological and educational foundations were involved in British political discourse during a time of radical partisanship and social change.

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Didactic Poetry of Greece, Rome and Beyond: Knowledge, Power, Tradition

por Lilah Grace Canevaro

Here a team of established scholars offers new perspectives on poetic texts of wisdom, learning and teaching related to the great line of Greek and Latin poems descended from Hesiod. In previous scholarship, a drive to classify Greek and Latin didactic poetry has engaged with the near-total absence in ancient literary criticism of explicit discussion of didactic as a discrete genre. The present volume approaches didactic poetry from different perspectives: the diachronic, mapping the development of didactic through changing social and political landscapes (from Homer and Hesiod to Neo-Latin didactic); and the comparative, setting the Graeco-Roman tradition against a wider backdrop (including ancient near-eastern and contemporary African traditions). The issues raised include knowledge in its relation to power; the cognitive strategies of the didactic text; ethics and poetics; the interplay of obscurity and clarity, playfulness and solemnity; the authority of the teacher.

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Didactic Literature in England 1500–1800: Expertise Constructed

por Sara Pennell

Ranging from music to astronomy, gardening to the Bible, this essay collection is the first multi-disciplinary volume to examine a kind of text that was a staple of early modern English publishing: the how-to book. It tackles a wide range of subjects - grammars, music books, gardening manuals, teach-yourself book-keeping - while highlighting the commonalities of diverse texts as didactic works, and situating this material in wider intellectual and material contexts. An introductory essay explores the uses of didactic texts in early modern culture, evaluates their relationships with other literary forms, and establishes the significance of such texts within the cultural history of the period. There follow contributions by an international group of scholars from a broad range of disciplines, including the history of science, literature, lingustics, and musicology. The volume addresses the important issue of how texts that tend to be regarded today as 'non-literary' functioned within early modern literature. It also evaluates relationships between textual prescription and actual practices, and the early modern conception of experience as opposed to knowledge, that presently concern social and cultural historians and historians of science. Drawing attention to non-fictional, didactic texts as opposed to the imaginative and political writings that have been its focus until now, Didactic Literature in England 1500-1800 adds a new dimension to the study of reading, readership and publishing. All in all, it constitutes a substantial contribution to histories of knowledge, of educational processes and practices, and to the history of the book in early modern England.

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Didactic Poetries

por Philippe Beck

Complex, haunting, imaginative and profoundly literary, Didactic Poetries is Beck’s response to Schiller’s statement: “We are still waiting for a didactic poem where thought itself would be and would remain poetic,” and Hegel’s claim that, “strictly speaking, didactic poetry isn’t poetry.”For the acclaimed French poet, Philippe Beck, Schiller’s task of attempting a didactic poetry remains as vital today as it was for Schiller’s time.  Is there a way to construct a poetry built and chiseled, hammered and stitched, from out of past narratives and poetries, condensed in such a manner as to make new poetic verses sing new truths? Forging a singular attempt to echo the poets and tales of a bygone age, Beck’s didactic poetries perhaps carve out the path for renewing a poetic thought as a quasi-musical atmosphere where the reader can glimpse “A small country “sculpted” as spiritual, supposed to be so at home in the Bygone Country. Alluvial layers so light, that weather disappeared, weary of variety a priori.”  Beck’s deftly textured poems interweave contemporary commentary with cultural, historical, literary, and philosophical allusions, drawing the reader into a world of lived poetic experience.

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Didactic Essays: From a Piece of Dark Matter, Somewhere in the Milky Way?

por Damon Dion Reed

How you-all doing?! When I say words, you say definitions! Words(Silence) I cant hear you! Words(Crickets). Wow, tough crowd. Have you ever noticed that the universe is arranged as a spectrum of battery systems? (Silence and cough) So did you guys here the one about the electron that walked into a bar so that it could see the bar? (Silence) You know, an electron doesnt release photons unless it is stimulated. Get it? (Frog Robot, Rooooobots) What? Cant a brother get a heckler up in this hizzy? (Silence) Did someone ask a what-what is this book about? (Silence) Seriously, I throw a what-what out there and nothing? (Silence) Fine, Ill just talk about the contents of this book. There are a lot of words, a couple sentences, two or more paragraphs, some science, a whole-lot of scientific satire, a few meaningless definitions, and some New Age Adages. Are you happy now? Peace Out! (A microphone drops to the floor.)

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