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Children's Emergent Reading of Favorite Storybooks

Children's emergent reading offavorite storybooks: A developmental study. ELIZABETH SULZBY. Northwestern University. CHILDREN IN literate societies have ...

Using Storybooks as a Character Education Tools

This study aims to investigate the views and implementations of preschool teachers in “giving character education through picture storybooks”. Descriptive ...

Scaffolding with storybooks

Scaffolding with storybooks : a guide for enhancing young children's language and literacy achievement / Laura M. Justice and Khara L. Pence with Angela R.

Relevance of Storybooks in Promoting Students' Reading ...

Pupils enjoy testing their minds, proving that they can remember or predict events in the storybook. Pupils' participation in reading storybooks positively ...

Children's Storybooks and Early Literacy

Does our modified dialogic reading program change behavior? • Do children learn new vocabulary words from the storybooks? • What is the optimal training ...

Using Storybooks to Support Young Children's ...

use of storybooks as a mathematics learning method has been discussed frequently in recent years. Shared book reading allows different mathematical ...

Storybooks: A Teaching Tool for Sustainability

Storybooks, which are a creative and imaginative learning tool, can influence children to pursue sustainable lifestyles. Early education through literature ...

The World Annie Created

por Annette Crespo

If I could have my own world, I would create a world for us on the bottom of the ocean. My world would be filled with magical seashells that open up and tell us about their tales. A world filled with many castles. This world would be our special place to live in. Let's go inside the world Annie created and find out why it is very special.

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Jack and the Beanstalk - Read Aloud

por Kate Friend

Jack and his mother are barely scraping by when a mysterious stranger gives them three magic beans. The resulting adventure takes Jack to a giant’s castle in the sky, where he encounters magical and sometimes terrifying things. Will Jack ever make it back to his mother? And will the magic beans change his fortunes, as the old man promised?

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Beauty and the Beast Read-Along Storybook

por Disney Books

Experience this tale as old as time in this wonderful storybook! This enhanced eBook includes word-for-word narration, vivid character voices, and thrilling sound effects from the beloved movie. Readers can relive the magic by following along with the story and discovering how Belle meets the Beast, befriends the Enchanted Objects, and finds her true love!

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The Lion Roars

por Annette Crespo

King James the lion roars loudly. Should the animals in his kingdom be afraid of him? Let us learn more about king James and why he roars very loud.

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Rumpelstiltskin - Read Aloud

por Kate Friend

Read Aloud version of beloved classic fairy tale. Retold and beautifully illustrated. Read and listen in the same time. This classic fairy tale is a cautionary story about making promises you don’t want to keep. A miller’s daughter must spin straw into gold for the king. She despairs, but an ugly little man appears who makes a deal with her. He will spin the straw into gold for her, for a price. A year later, the miller’s daughter is now the queen, and the little man returns for his price: her firstborn child. Will the queen guess the man’s name and win her daughter back, or will she have to pay a terrible price for the straw spun into gold? This charming fairy tale is beautifully illustrated to delight the young at heart of all ages.

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Peter Pan - Read Aloud

por Kate Friend

What would happen if you never had to grow up? In this charming retelling of a beloved story, a young girl and her brothers are whisked away to Neverland, where children never grow up. They find pirates, mermaids, and Indians. But are eternal adventures better than having a mother, after all?

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The Fisherman and the Golden Fish - Read Aloud

por Kate Friend

We all have something we want. If we just get that one thing, we will be happy. But usually, as soon as we get the thing we wanted so much, it doesn’t make us happy. We just find something else that we want. This is a charmingly illustrated retelling of a classic children’s tale about a fisherman who finds a magic fish, and his wife who is never happy with what she has. How many things do you need before you can be content? Or is true happiness found in learning to be content with what you have? 

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Frozen Read-Along Storybook

por Disney Books

When the kingdom she loves is trapped in an eternal winter, it is up to Anna and the daring mountain man Kristoff to set out on an adventure filled with danger, magical creatures and a hilarious snowman in order to find her sister, the Snow Queen. Based on the Disney film, Frozen, this enhanced storybook features thrilling sound effects, word-for-word narration, and original movie voices!

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The Swineherd - Read Aloud

por Kate Friend

A read-along version of a classic fairy tale. What are you willing to do to become rich? In this children’s story, a prince of a poor kingdom wants to marry the Empress’s daughter so he can become rich. But when he disguises himself as a swineherd so as to be close to her, he finds out that she is greedy and heartless. This charmingly illustrated classic fable asks the age-old question: if you could choose between money and happiness, which would you pick?

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