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Some Big Books on Mathematical Logic

Teach Yourself Logic: Appendix. Some Big Books on Mathematical Logic. Peter Smith. University of Cambridge. December 2015 ...

The Logic Book, Sixth Edition

Our overall goal in the sixth edition of The Logic Book remains the same as in earlier versions: presenting deductive symbolic logic in an accessible yet ...

Hurley's A Concise Introduction to Logic, 11th Edition

This exercise serves as a metaphor for the process of learning logic. It is challenging, requires practice, but can be fun. Ideas for other ways to create your ...

Introduction to Logic - P. Suppes (1957) WW.djvu

This book has been written primarily to serve as a textbook for a first course in modern logic. No background in mathematics or philosophy is supposed.

Logic & Critical Reasoning

Finally, in coming up with examples for this book I have looked at Patrick Hurleyss A Concise Introduction to Logic, Irving M. Copi & Carl Cohenss Logic, and C ...


Also, in saying that logic is the science of reasoning, we do not mean ... Inductive logic is not the subject of this book. If you want to learn about.


Analytics, one of the six books of The Organon, he developed a sophisticated ... physicist P. W. Bridgeman in his 1927 book, The Logic of Modern Physics.

An Introduction to Logic: From Everyday Life to Formal Systems

This Book has been accepted for inclusion in Open Educational Resources: ... Logic is concerned with how we reason from certain propositions accepted as.

Mathematical Logic

This book owes an obvious debt to the standard works of Hilbert and ... examine the language of logic and mathematics to see what symbols may be.

Introduction to Philosophy: Logic

This book is part of the Introduction to Philosophy open textbook series, a set of nine (and counting?) open access textbooks that are designed to be used for ...

MateCompu - Lógica y Circuitos

por Manuel López Mateos

Aunque cada vez más jóvenes tienen ac­ce­so a e­qui­pos de cómputo, en su ma­yo­ría lo utilizan para di­ver­sión, soslayando la gran utilidad de las com­pu­ta­do­ras pa­ra comprender y trans­for­mar nuestro ha­bi­tat, tanto natural como social.El nivel escolar del bachillerato es ideal para in­te­re­sar a jóvenes en el estudio de las ciencias de la com­pu­ta­ción y en el uso inteligente de sus equipos de cóm­pu­to.
Muchos de los temas de cómputo al alcance de quien estudie bachillerato emplean ma­te­má­ti­cas que des­afor­tu­na­da­men­te no se en­se­ñan en ese ni­vel.
Ese es el propósito de este libro: pre­sen­tar varios te­mas de ma­te­má­ticas ac­ce­si­bles, para el es­tu­dio del cóm­pu­to y del arte de programar y que no forman par­te de los planes y programas de estudio.
Se invita a a participar, co­men­tan­do el a­van­ce del libro, en el grupo MateCompu de Facebook

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Logica Universalis: Towards a General Theory of Logic, Edition 2

por Jean-Yves Beziau

Universal Logic is not a new logic, but a general theory of logics, considered as mathematical structures. The name was introduced about ten years ago, but the subject is as old as the beginning of modern logic. It was revived after the flowering of thousands of new logics during the last thirty years: there was a need for a systematic theory of logics to put some order in this chaotic multiplicity.
The present book contains recent works on universal logic by first-class researchers from all around the world. The book is full of new and challenging ideas that will guide the future of this exciting subject. It will be of interest for people who want to better understand what logic is. It will help those who are lost in the jungle of heterogeneous logical systems to find a way. Tools and concepts are provided here for those who want to study classes of already existing logics or want to design and build new ones.

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Galen's Institutio Logica: English Translation, Introduction, and Commentary

por John Spangler Kieffer

Originally published in 1964. This book is a translation of Institutio Logica, which was probably written by Galen, although scholars disagree on the possibility of this work being a forgery. It provides a survey on the history of logic written around the third century.

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Dividend Policy of Logica and BP AMOCO

por Isabell Keil

Essay from the year 2003 in the subject Business economics - Investment and Finance, grade: 1,7, University of Glamorgan, language: English, abstract: Initially some words about the companies this paper will analyse. BP p.l.c. is the holding company of one of the world largest petroleum and petrochemicals groups (BP p.l.c., 2003). Logica “provides an all-embracing portfolio of services from strategic consultancy and products to systems integration, solutions delivery and business process outsourcing” (Logica, 2002, front cover inside). It is important to state that Logica Plc and CMG Plc have merged to LogicaCMG on the 30th December 2002 (LogicaCMG, 2003).

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Opuscula logica, physica, allegorica, alia

por Michael Psellus

Die Bibliotheca Teubneriana, gegründet 1849, ist die weltweit älteste, traditionsreichste und umfangreichste Editionsreihe griechischer und lateinischer Literatur von der Antike bis zur Neuzeit. Pro Jahr erscheinen 4-5 neue Editionen. Sämtliche Ausgaben werden durch eine lateinische oder englische Praefatio ergänzt.
Die wissenschaftliche Betreuung der Reihe obliegt einem Team anerkannter Philologen:

Gian Biagio Conte (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa)
Marcus Deufert (Universität Leipzig)
James Diggle (University of Cambridge)
Donald J. Mastronarde (University of California, Berkeley)
Franco Montanari (Università di Genova)
Heinz-Günther Nesselrath (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
Dirk Obbink (University of Oxford)
Oliver Primavesi (Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München)
Michael D. Reeve (University of Cambridge)
Richard J. Tarrant (Harvard University)

Vergriffene Titel werden als Print-on-Demand-Nachdrucke wieder verfügbar gemacht. Zudem werden alle Neuerscheinungen der Bibliotheca Teubneriana parallel zur gedruckten Ausgabe auch als eBook angeboten. Die älteren Bände werden sukzessive ebenfalls als eBook bereitgestellt.
Falls Sie einen vergriffenen Titel bestellen möchten, der noch nicht als Print-on-Demand angeboten wird, schreiben Sie uns an:
Sämtliche in der Bibliotheca Teubneriana erschienenen Editionen lateinischer Texte sind in der Datenbank BTL Online elektronisch verfügbar.

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Chrysippi fragmenta logica et physica: Edition 3

por Hans von Arnim

The series was founded in 1896. it is dedicated to rare Greek and Latin texts together with translations and commentaries, as well as detailed introductions, so rendering them more accessible to a broader readership. Since 2000 the series has concentrated on "Homer's Iliad. A full commentary", presenting the text of the Iliad (by M. L. West), a translation (by J. Latacz) and a commentary in German. Since January 2007, the series is being published by de Gruyter. For backlist titles please visit .

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Conjuntos, Lógica y Funciones: tercera edición

por Manuel López Mateos

Conjuntos, Lógica y Fun­cio­nes, temas que alguna vez fue­ron con­si­de­ra­dos de alta es­pe­cia­li­dad, van ubi­cán­do­se en gra­dos cada vez más ele­men­ta­les de la for­ma­ción es­co­lar, por lo pron­to se exi­ge fa­mi­lia­ri­dad con esos temas en casi cual­quier pos­gra­do y ni qué decir en las li­cen­cia­tu­ras de matemáticas, fí­sica, in­ge­nie­rías, cómputo, eco­no­mía, fi­nan­zas, ad­mi­nis­tra­ción e incluso leyes y fi­lo­so­fía. El te­ma de Fun­cio­nes, que se presenta como obli­ga­da ex­ten­sión de las Re­la­cio­nes de­fi­ni­das en con­jun­tos, es fun­da­men­tal para el estudio del Cálculo di­fe­ren­cial e integral y de temas avan­zados como el A­ná­li­sis ma­te­má­ti­co, la To­po­lo­gía y otros.La tercera edición es una nueva compilación con LuaLaTeX, se ha mejorado el formato y actualizado las ligas a las fuentes en la Bibliografía.

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