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Ideal for cardiologists, surgeons, and referring physicians who need a clinical guide to interventional procedures,. Textbook of Interventional Cardiology ...

LWW Cardiology Books on Ovid

These texts are essential for education, fellowship training and practitioner reference. LWW Cardiology Books on Ovid. Leading Cardiology Books Essential for ...

Your Health Sciences Digital Library's Cardiac and ...

Nature Reviews Cardiology. ISSN: 1759-5002 (print), ... Current Problems in Cardiology. ISSN: 0146-2806 (print), ... Featured Electronic Books.


While every effort is made by the publisher to see that no inaccurate or misleading data, opinions, or statements appear in this book, they wish to make it ...


providing interactive online access to essential textbooks, multimedia & imagery, real-life case studies, and quizzes. LWW Health Library: Cardiology has ...

Clinical Cardiology, 6th Edition

This moderate length, richly illustrated textbook on cardiac pathophysiology is designed to expand the Limited sections on dis- ease processes usually found in ...

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basic understanding of cardiac pacing is required to jump in and ... Snider and her colleagues provide a comprehensive textbook.

Oxford Handbook Of Cardiology Pdf

Right here, we have countless books Oxford Handbook Of Cardiology Pdf and collections to check out. We additionally provide variant types and as a ...

Braunwald: Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular ...

These include Cardiac Imaging, Cardiovascular Therapeutics, Molecular Basis of Heart Disease, and Clinical Trials in Cardiovascular Disease. These books.

Oxford Handbook of Cardiology: Edition 2

por Punit Ramrakha

Cardiovascular disease remains the major cause of morbidity and mortality throughout developed countries and is also rapidly increasing in developing countries. Cardiovascular medicine and the specialty of cardiology continue to expand, and the remit of the cardiologist is forever broader with the development of new sub-specialties. The Oxford Handbook of Cardiology provides a comprehensive but concise guide to all modern cardiological practice with an emphasis on practical clinical management in many different contexts. This second edition addresses all the key advances made in the field since the previous edition, including interventional cardiology, electrophysiology, and pharmacology. It expands the remit to medical students and the more junior doctor while retaining the level of detail required by more senior practitioners within the field.

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Proceedings of 22nd International Conference on New Horizons in Cardiology and Cardiologists Education 2019: Journal of Heart and Cardiovascular Research

por Euroscicon

 March 07-08,2019, Berlin,Germany, Key Topics: Heart Diseases, Cardiologists, Endocrinology Of The Heart, Cardiac Anaesthesia, Cardiac Nursing And Healthcare, Paediatric And Fetal Cardiology, Geriatric Cardiology, Cardiac Immunology, Women In Heart Disease, Cardio-Oncology, Cardiac Technology, Psychiatry And Neurocardiology, Veterinary Cardiology, Genomics In Heart Disease, Microbiology Of Heart, Cardiac Regeneration, Therapeutic Advances In Heart Failure, Cardiac Markers, Innovative New Cardiac Imaging, Heart Disease And Nutrition, Predictive Risk Factors For Heart Disease, Cardio Metabolic Health, Adverse Drug Reactions Monitoring, Cardiovascular Rehabilitation, Palliative Care And Heart Failure, Advances In Heart Diseases, Myths About Heart Disease, Heart Healthy Lifestyle, Case Reports On Cardiology, Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Rate, Cardiology Fellowship Competitiveness,

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The Lancet: Cardiovascular Disease 2012: Clinical Series

por The Lancet

This book, featuring content from the Aug 11, 2012, issue of The Lancet, has been released to coincide with the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) meeting in Munich, Germany, which is to be held on Aug 25–29, 2012. The Lancet is strongly supportive of cardiology as can be seen from the substantial relevant content in this compilation. In 2011, The Lancet published more papers in this specialty than any other: cardiovascular research contributed about one in four of all published research papers. Featured within are three research articles on lipids and cardiovascular disease which provide balance on the role of high density lipoproteins in cardiovascular disease, and on statins in prevention of cardiac events. There are also three commissioned reviews being presented at the joint ESC–The Lancet session at the Munich meeting that are focused on hypertension. It is estimated that some 40% of the adult population around the world will have high blood pressure, and it is well established that hypertension is strongly associated with other cardiovascular outcomes. Hypertension is by no means a problem only in high-income countries—one of the reviews reports on the prevalence of high blood pressure in low-income and middle-income countries, and on specific health problems and solutions in these countries. The interrelation between hypertension and diabetes (another disease that is rapidly becoming more prevalent) is examined in a second review. In light of the high prevalence and subsequent outcomes it is important to be able to treat hypertension effectively, and the third review discusses drugs and devices that have recently reached the market or are in development. These reviews have been commissioned with the advice and help of Lars H Lindholm.

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Cardiology: General Practice: The Integrative Approach Series

por Kerryn Phelps

Cardiology - General Practice: The Integrative Approach Series, explores the basic elements of assessing the cardiovascular system and then describes the major cardiovascular conditions presenting in the primary healthcare setting. Lifestyle and complementary therapy recommendations are made, where they can be supported by evidence.

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Pocket Cardiology

por Marc S. Sabatine

Be prepared for the challenges of patients with complex cardiovascular disease! Prepared by cardiologists at Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, this supplement to the bestselling Pocket Medicine internal medicine handbook uses bulleted lists, tables, and algorithms to put key clinical information about a broad range of problems in cardiovascular medicine at your fingertips. In-depth coverage of an extensive array of cardiovascular conditions beyond what it is Pocket Medicine, including comprehensive discussions of cardiomyopathies, advanced heart failure, cardiopulmonary exercise testing, peripheral artery, renovascular, and cerebrovascular disease, wide complex tachycardias, sudden cardiac death, and electrophysiology studies. Applythe latest treatment options for major cardiovascular diseases with incorporation of more detailed diagnostic testing and sophisticated treatment algorithms. Provide informed, effective patient care with current, evidence-based clinical recommendations, supported by key references to the most recent practice guidelines, high-tier reviews and important clinical trials. Enjoy this portable, user-friendly reference by adding Pocket Cardiology to your Pocket Medicine.

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Emergency Cardiology: Edition 2

por Karim Ratib

This fully revised and updated second edition offers practical advice on the diagnosis and management of acute cardiac conditions. Throughout the book, the authors employ an evidence-based approach to clinical practice and provide detailed guidance for day-to-day practice in a wider variety of settings-from the emergency department to intensive care and the cardiac ward. Authored by four cardiologists with extensive experience in the emergency setting, it includes the results of the most groundbreaking clinical trials. Topics include arrhythmias, acute aortic syndromes, pericarditis, and cardiac trauma.

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Cardiology: Clinical Cases Uncovered

por Tim Betts

Cardiology: Clinical Cases Uncovered is the ideal integrated text to help you recognize, understand and know how to investigate and manage many heart-related disorders and conditions. Written by three practising cardiologists, it leads students through a clinical approach to managing problems with 26 real-world cardiovascular cases. There is strong emphasis on high-quality figures, particularly 12-lead ECGs, as these play such a major role in the evaluation of the cardiac patient. Following a question-answer approach throughout the narrative, with self-assessment MCQs, EMQs and SAQs, Cardiology: Clinical Cases Uncovered includes sections on cardiac anatomy, physiology and pathology which provide the essentials required to understand clinical cardiology, and is ideal for medical students and junior doctors on the Foundation Programme, specialist nurses and nurse practitioners, and for those with plans for a career in cardiology.

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Cardiology: A Practical Handbook

por David Laflamme

There has been an exponential increase in the amount of information available on the pathophysiology and management of heart diseases. Meanwhile, understanding of the underlying pathology and physiology has deepened and broadened with new methodologies to monitor cardiac structure and function. These developments have led to an overwhelming amount of information available to students, trainees, and physicians. What is in short supply is a comprehensive yet concise and clear description of the important cardiac conditions and disorders, an approach to their management, and an easily consulted and well-indexed summary to be used at the bedside or in the clinic. This book addresses that need.

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Practical Handbook of Advanced Interventional Cardiology: Tips and Tricks, Edition 4

por Thach N. Nguyen

Written and edited by today's most-recognized inteventional cardiology thought leaders, this popular guide focuses on key procedures and techniques. Each strategic or tactical move is graded by complexity level and described in a simple, step-by-step approach that includes guidance on how to overcome practical difficulties and navigate particularly challenging clinical scenarios and complications. It offers interventional cardiologists, fellows in interventional cardiology, cath lab nurses and technicians; vascular surgeons and fellows, interventional radiologists:
"Tips and tricks" gathered from the personal experience of over fifty international experts Clear, practical, step-by-step guidance on the latest procedures and techniques, performing challenging interventions, and managing complications and other difficult situations where evidence may be limited or inconsistent New coverage of hot topics such as percutaneous aortic valve replacement, renal artery ablation, intracranial interventions, and more

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Current Diagnosis and Treatment Cardiology, Fifth Edition: Edition 5

por Michael H. Crawford

A concise, authoritative compilation of the essential knowledge needed to diagnose and manage cardiovascular disease A Doody’s Core Title for 2019!

• 37 chapters cover the major disease entities and therapeutic challenges in cardiology today
• Chapters on major management issues such as pregnancy and heart disease, the use of anticoagulants in heart disease, and the perioperative evaluation of heart disease patients
• Each chapter written by experts in that area, without losing the readability or coherence found in single-author texts
• Logically organized into six sections: Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease, Ischemic Heart Disease, Arrhythmias, Valvular Disease, Cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure, and Systemic Disease and the Heart
• NEW MATERIAL on the latest hypertension guidelines, new therapies for dyslipidemia management, new oral anticoagulants, and new antiplatelet and antithrombotic drugs
• Organized for speed, ease of use, and clinical functionality
• An essential quick reference for experienced physicians in the clinic or on the ward, cardiology fellows, students and residents, nurses, technicians, and other health care staff who provide care for the cardiology patient
• More than 200 illustrations, including ECGs, imaging studies, drawings, graphs and charts
• Emphasis on must know information makes it perfect for board review

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