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Mythology: The World’s Most Intriguing Myths, Gods, Heroes, and Dramas

por Bernard Hayes

A 4-book bundle!
Book 1: Egyptian Mythology - Learn more about the ancient beliefs of Egypt, with its rituals, fallacies, and conclusions. This audiobook is dedicated to exploring the gods and goddesses the Egyptians feared and worshiped.
Book 2: Celtic Mythology - In this audiobook, you will find the most important facts about Celtic mythology, a people that is often overlooked or undervalued. Their tales and folklores have their routes in ancient customs and historical events, and with those backgrounds, you will get a greater understanding of the Celts.
Book 3: Celtic Mythology - The ancient culture of the Celts, with its folklore and fairytales, has sparked the imagination of many. The mythological creatures, stories, and legends have their enchanting flair and have certainly been the topic of many historians and scholars.
Book 4: Indian Mythology - Gods and heroes in Indian mythology have made all the difference in their cultural and religious development. If you have ever been to India, you know you can find traces of these things and existing modern elements of Hindu and Krishna beliefs all over the place.

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The Beginner's Bible Children's Collection

por Zondervan,

This audiobook bundle includes four children's favorites from The Beginner’s Bible:
The Beginner’s Bible Joseph in Egypt
Joseph’s father loves him very much. When he gives him a colorful robe, Joseph’s brothers become very jealous. In order to get rid of Joseph, they sell him into slavery in Egypt. Will God rescue Joseph? Will Joseph ever see his family again?The Beginner’s Bible David Battles Goliath
David hears about the challenge made by the Philistine giant Goliath and believes he must do something to help. Knowing that God will always be at his side, the shepherd boy tells the king he wants to fight Goliath. Will David’s slingshot, stones, and faith in God’s love for him be enough to save the Israelite army?The Beginner’s Bible A Queen Named Esther
When the king of Persia is looking for a queen, Esther’s cousin Mordecai encourages her to step forward. And when the king sees her beauty, he chooses her to be the new queen. But God has a bigger job for Esther than just being queen. The safety of God’s people rests in the hands of the new queen. Can she find the courage to help save the Hebrews from Haman’s evil plan?The Beginner’s Bible Jesus Shows God’s Love
After Jesus is baptized, he chooses his disciples and begins his work. Young children will learn about Jesus’s mission on earth, teaching the message of God’s love to his disciples and people everywhere.

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Egyptian Mythology: A Concise Guide to the Gods, Heroes, Sagas, Rituals and Beliefs of Egyptian Myths

por Bernard Hayes

Learn more about the ancient beliefs of Egypt, with its rituals, fallacies, and conclusions. This audiobook is dedicated to exploring the gods and goddesses the Egyptians feared and worshiped. This guide includes subtopics such as:
The entire story of the creation of the world and human race the Egyptians embraced. Backgrounds and legendary tales about Osiris, Horus, and other gods and goddesses. The significance of the iconography, burial rituals, and pyramids in regards to their religion and civilization. The meaning of scarabs, the Tjet, and the Djed. And much more! This audiobook will contribute to your knowledge and understanding of one of the most ancient societies in our written history. Their beliefs, habits, and imaginary beings shape some of the consecutive historical events and passed on a culture that was advanced and sophisticated beyond our comprehension. In a way, Egyptian history and mythology has create a true mystery, and yet, we can learn from their correctness and mistakes in the same sense.

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Ancient Egypt: A Captivating Guide to Egyptian History, Ancient Pyramids, Temples, Egyptian Mythology, and Pharaohs such as Tutankhamun and Cleopatra

por Captivating History

Explore the captivating history of ancient Egypt.
Ancient Egypt is one of the most fascinating and sophisticated civilizations in the known history. The ancient Egyptians are remembered by their gods, pyramids, pharaohs, mummification, hieroglyphs, agriculture, and much more.
This audiobook reveals the secrets of the captivating world of ancient Egypt and the intriguing stories of its celebrities, such as the Akhenaten, Ramses the Great, Queen Cleopatra, and the boy-king Tut. You'll learn about mighty gods and the magical link between the sun and the people of Egypt, and explore the horrendous burial rituals that warranted a safe path to the afterlife. Find out the secrets of one of the most magnificent societies that ever existed and discover why it still manages to seize the attention of the world.
Some of the topics covered in this audiobook include:
Who Were Ancient Egyptians - Their Origins, History, and GeographyWho Held the Power: The Social Structure of Ancient EgyptKings and Their Military PowerThe Magnificent Pharaohs of the New Kingdom and Their EmpireThe Decay and End of the Egyptian CivilizationA Romance, Politics, and Tragedy: The Story of Cleopatra VIIThe Religion, Mythology, and Rituals of Ancient EgyptiansFunerary Beliefs and Rituals: Mummification and AfterlifeThe Architecture of Ancient Egypt: Temples and PyramidsAnd much more!Get this audiobook now to learn more about ancient Egypt!

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Ancient History: A Captivating Guide to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome

por Captivating History

If you want to discover captivating stories of people and events of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome then pay attention...
Three captivating manuscripts in one audiobook:
Ancient Egypt: A Captivating Guide to Egyptian History, Ancient Pyramids, Temples, Egyptian Mythology, and Pharaohs such as Tutankhamun and CleopatraAncient Greece: A Captivating Guide to Greek History Starting from the Greek Dark Ages to the End of AntiquityAncient Rome: A Captivating Introduction to the Roman Republic, The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire, and The Byzantine EmpireSome of the topics covered in part 1 of this audiobook include:
Who Were Ancient Egyptians—Their Origins, History, and GeographyWho Held the Power: The Social Structure of Ancient EgyptKings and their Military PowerThe Magnificent Pharaohs of the New Kingdom and Their EmpireAnd much more!Some of the topics covered in part 2 of this audiobook include:
Dawn of the Dark AgesFrom Darkness to DemocracyOlympic OriginsGreece Grows from War to WarThe Fight for DemocracyThe Peloponnesian WarEnter Alexander the GreatAnd much more!Some of the topics covered in part 3 of this audiobook include:
The Seven Kings of Seven Hills: the Foundation of Rome and Its First RulersThe Early RepublicThe Punic Wars and Mediterranean Dominance: The Middle RepublicDecay, Corruption, and Civil Wars: The Late RepublicGaius Julius Caesar, Crossing the Rubicon, and Death that Shook the CityThe Rise of First Roman EmperorAnd much, much more!So if you want to learn about ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome without having to read boring textbooks, click "add to cart"!

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Myths, Legends, and Sacred Stories: A Children's Encyclopedia

por Philip Wilkinson

From lightning-wielding Zeus, the supreme Greek god, to protective Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love - heroes, gods, and monsters are brought to life in these retellings of myths from around the world.

Myths, Legends, and Sacred Stories is a children's audiobook that invites you to explore all the well-known stories from Greek and Norse mythology, and a range of other cultures across more than 100 tales.

Discover the fascinating myths of Anansi, the West African trickster god who takes the form of a spider; the story of the Wawilak Sisters of Arnhem Land in northern Australia, who form the land as they walk across it; or the Slavic tale of Ivan as he chases the mischievous Firebird.

Read about ferocious, man-eating monsters such as the Minotaur and Fafnir the dragon, and the legendary heroes that fought them, like Theseus and Sigurd. Also included are the legends of Robin Hood, and of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, epics from Asia, such as the Mahabharata and Gilgamesh, and a host of tales from Aztec mythology and a range of other cultures.

As well as offering the retellings themselves, Myths, Legends, and Sacred Stories: a children's encyclopedia investigates the meanings of these primal stories, examining why these tales have stood the test of time over thousands of years. Themed features draw together elements that are common to myths from all over the world, such as shapeshifters, mythical beasts, and magical weapons. Panels on modern retellings, such as Percy Jackson and The Little Mermaid, help to show why these myths are still relevant to our lives today.

Philip Wilkinson has more than 50 titles to his credit in the fields of history, mythology, and the arts. He is the writer of DK's Myths and Legends: a guide to their origins and meanings, a co-writer of Eyewitness Companion: Mythology, and the consultant on The Mythology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained.

© 2019 Dorling Kindersley Ltd © 2020 DK Audio

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Ancient Egypt

por Edward Macuski

In this audio book, you will find both the history and the mythology of ancient Egypt. This period of time in the Egyptian history is commonly accepted to be between the years circa 3900 B.C and 332 B.C. These are the years when the land of Egypt was united into a single kingdom and when Alexander the Great, the king of Macedonia, conquered Egypt and forced Queen Cleopatra the VII to surrender to the Roman Empire. Whether you want to learn more about Tutankhamun, whose tomb was discovered in the year 1922 and filled with gold and riches, or Cleopatra the VII, the famed last queen of Egypt, you will have the opportunity in this book to learn all about some of the most prominent rulers of Ancient Egypt. As well as the history of the pyramids, temples, and religion, how the Nile was an integral part to survival, the Egyptian army, and battle practices, how transportation and trade affected life, the daily life of ancient Egyptians, as well as their mythology, time periods, and dynasties. The life of the ancient Egyptians was not easy. If the water level of the Nile was only too low or high, it would cause devastation. They were isolated, yet they always have to be ready for an attack on the Pharaoh and their capital. Upper and Lower Egypt were both quite different and separated, making it more difficult to govern. Yet, in order to live prosperously, both portions of Egypt had to work synergistically. This took the effort of the Pharaoh, local governments, and the people. It was not an easy environment to live in, but by working together, the people were able to survive.

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When They Severed Earth from Sky: How the Human Mind Shapes Myth

por Elizabeth Wayland Barber

Why were Prometheus and Loki envisioned as chained to rocks? What was the Golden Calf? Why are mirrors believed to carry bad luck? How could anyone think that mortals like Perseus, Beowulf, and St. George actually fought dragons, since dragons don't exist? Strange though they sound, however, these "myths" did not begin as fiction.
This absorbing audiobook shows that myths originally transmitted real information about real events and observations, preserving the information sometimes for millennia within nonliterate societies. Geologists' interpretations of how a volcanic cataclysm long ago created Oregon's Crater Lake, for example, is echoed point for point in the local myth of its origin. The Klamath tribe saw it happen and passed down the story - for nearly 8,000 years.
We, however, have been literate for so long that we've forgotten how myths encode reality. Recent studies of how our brains work, applied to a wide range of data from the Pacific Northwest to ancient Egypt to modern stories reported in newspapers, have helped the Barbers deduce the characteristic principles by which such tales both develop and degrade through time. Myth is in fact a quite reasonable way to convey important messages orally over many generations - although reasoning back to the original events is possible only under rather specific conditions.
Our oldest written records date to 5,200 years ago, but we have been speaking and mythmaking for perhaps 100,000. This groundbreaking audiobook points the way to restoring some of that lost history and teaching us about human storytelling.

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Mighty Acts of God: A Family Bible Story Book

por Starr Meade

"One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts." Psalm 145:4 From the creation of the world and everything in it, to a massive flood that destroyed it all; from the dramatic exodus of God's people from bondage in Egypt, to the earthquake that released Paul and Silas from jail; from Gideon leading a tiny army of Israelites to victory over the Midianites, to Jesus dying on the cross in ultimate victory over sin-the Bible is full of powerful stories of the mighty acts of God. In this audio book, parents and children alike will discover the Almighty God in Scripture. Ninety Bible stories are retold in lively, modern-day language, teaching particular truths about God's character. Each story is followed by a section of application with discussion-sparking questions and prayer points that will make family devotions a time of discovery and worship.

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Cleopatra: The Queen who Challenged Rome and Conquered Eternity

por Alberto Angela

One of Italy’s most revered cultural figures reconstructs the extraordinary life of the legendary Cleopatra at the height of her power in this epic story of passion, intrigue, betrayal, and war.

Our world today would not be the same without Cleopatra. While she is one of the most famous figures in history, the legendary Egyptian queen remains, in many ways, an enigma. In this mesmerizing history, Alberto Angela offers a fresh and dynamic portrait of this extraordinary ruler, revealing a strikingly modern woman born in an ancient era and skilled in the art of diplomacy and war, who would conquer the heart of a general—Marc Antony—and Rome itself.
Cleopatra focuses on a twenty-year period that marked a sweeping change in Roman history, beginning with the assassination of Julius Caesar that led to the end of the Republic, and ending with the suicides of Antony and Cleopatra and the birth of the Augustan Empire. Angela brings the people, stories, customs, and traditions of this fascinating period alive as he transports us to the chaotic streets of the capital of the ancient world, the exotic port of Alexandria in Egypt, and to the bloody battlefields where an empire was won and lost. 
Meticulously researched and rich with vivid detail, this sweeping history, reminiscent of the works of Simon Schama, Mary Beard’s SPQR, and Tom Holland’s Rubicon, recreates this remarkable era and the woman at its turbulent center.
Translated from the Italian by Katherine Gregor
“[Cleopatra] combines scholarship with novelistic detail and character depth...[Alberto Angela] effectively draws on previous scholarship, wading through legend and myth to get at the truth of what actually occurred... a character-rich historical biography.” -- Kirkus
Supplemental enhancement PDF accompanies the audiobook.

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