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American Mythology: The Art of Native American, Inuit, Aztec, and Inca Myths

por Bernard Hayes

Book 1: Native American Mythology.
Stretching from the north to the south of the Western Hemisphere, the indigenous Americans have a long-forgotten history, and with that, myths, legends, and stories that have been passed on through generations. Many of them were in tune with nature and had their rituals, beliefs, and mythological creatures. To get a grasp of the original inhabitants of the United States, Canada, and Latin American nations, it is crucial to understand the roots of where it all came from and what was going on in people’s minds before the European settlers arrived.
Book 2: Inuit Mythology
Inuit mythology is intricate and complex, and the ideals behind some of their mythological beliefs were often intertwined with real-life events. This audiobook will examine how both myth and fact contributed to the culture and traditions of the Inuit people and how these influences and some stories continue to live on throughout the centuries.
Book 3: Inca Mythology
This book is dedicated to exploring the gods and goddesses that the Incas on the American continent worshiped, and within the pages, you will find subtopics like:
Historical background of the Inca empire before the colonists arrivedThe myths about creation, death, procreation, and moreStrange gods and goddesses they worshipped - sometimes in brutal, macabre ways

Book 4: Aztec Mythology
This book is dedicated to exploring the gods and goddesses that the Aztec people on the pre-Columbian American continent worshiped, and within the pages you will find subtopics like:
The origins and influences on Aztec beliefs, or in other words, where they got it all fromThe most important themes in Aztec mythologyGods and goddesses and their background stories from Aztec mythology

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Myths, Legends, and Sacred Stories: A Children's Encyclopedia

por Philip Wilkinson

From lightning-wielding Zeus, the supreme Greek god, to protective Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love - heroes, gods, and monsters are brought to life in these retellings of myths from around the world.

Myths, Legends, and Sacred Stories is a children's audiobook that invites you to explore all the well-known stories from Greek and Norse mythology, and a range of other cultures across more than 100 tales.

Discover the fascinating myths of Anansi, the West African trickster god who takes the form of a spider; the story of the Wawilak Sisters of Arnhem Land in northern Australia, who form the land as they walk across it; or the Slavic tale of Ivan as he chases the mischievous Firebird.

Read about ferocious, man-eating monsters such as the Minotaur and Fafnir the dragon, and the legendary heroes that fought them, like Theseus and Sigurd. Also included are the legends of Robin Hood, and of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, epics from Asia, such as the Mahabharata and Gilgamesh, and a host of tales from Aztec mythology and a range of other cultures.

As well as offering the retellings themselves, Myths, Legends, and Sacred Stories: a children's encyclopedia investigates the meanings of these primal stories, examining why these tales have stood the test of time over thousands of years. Themed features draw together elements that are common to myths from all over the world, such as shapeshifters, mythical beasts, and magical weapons. Panels on modern retellings, such as Percy Jackson and The Little Mermaid, help to show why these myths are still relevant to our lives today.

Philip Wilkinson has more than 50 titles to his credit in the fields of history, mythology, and the arts. He is the writer of DK's Myths and Legends: a guide to their origins and meanings, a co-writer of Eyewitness Companion: Mythology, and the consultant on The Mythology Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained.

© 2019 Dorling Kindersley Ltd © 2020 DK Audio

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Ancient Civilizations: A Complete Overview on the Incas History, the Byzantine Empire, Maya History & Maya Mythology

por Eric Brown

Discover the history of ancient civilizations and how they lived! This bundle contains three books: Incas, Maya Civilization, and The Byzantine Empire.
Have you always wanted to learn about the great Inca Empire, but your teachers refused to listen? Are you confused between Inca, Aztec, and Maya? Do you want to learn how the Inca people were unique from their Mesoamerican predecessors? Could you even draw the Inca Empire on a map? All this and more will be covered within this audio book!
Inside this book, you will find:
How an empire grew from such humble, and hostile, beginnings
The geographic location of the empire
An in-depth look at the Incan gods
The terrible civil war
The conquistadors
And more
Maya Civilization
This book’s coverage begins with the development of the Maya through the ancient eras.
Inside this book, you will find the following:
The history of the Maya people and where their civilization began and expanded from
How the name “Maya” came to be used for these people
Results of the Spanish conquest of Mesoamerica and what it meant for the Maya
Why archaeologists believe the Maya empire fell
And much more!
The Byzantine Empire
The history of the Byzantine Empire tells a tale of monumental victories and equally significant defeats - of a phoenix rising from the ashes over and over again, until it simply ran out of miracles.
In this book, you will learn about:
The division of east and west
The Fall of Rome
Justinian’s Golden Age
The Crusades
The final fall
And much more...
Don’t wait another moment to enjoy this information. Get your copy of Ancient Civilizations right away!

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The Billionaire Boondoggle: How Our Politicians Let Corporations and Bigwigs Steal Our Money and Jobs

por Pat Garofalo

"An alarming, fact-driven jeremiad urging change and action." –Kirkus

This program is read by the author.

The first comprehensive look at how politicians let the entertainment industry bilk taxpayers, hijack public policy and hurt economic investment, starting and ending with Trump.
From stadiums and movie productions to casinos and mega-malls to convention centers and hotels, cities and states have paid out billions of dollars in tax breaks, subsidies, and grants to the world's corporate titans. They hope to boost their economies, create new and better jobs, and lure well-known events such as the Super Bowl--not to mention give their officials the chance to meet celebrities. That Big Entertainment drives bigger economies is a myth, however. Overwhelming evidence shows catering public policy to its promises results in a raw deal for the taxpaying public.

In The Billionaire Boondoggle, Garofalo takes listeners on a tour of publicly-subsidized corporate America to explain how that myth came to be, how much money America's elected officials throw away, and why courting Big Entertainment just courts disaster.
You’ll learn how Maryland gave millions of dollars to Netflix to make House of Cards, and Nevada spent hundreds of millions on a new home for the NFL’s Raiders. New Mexico paid big money to host The Avengers, while city after city fell prey to the debt trap that is the Olympics. You’ll see how big sporting goods stores like Bass Pro Shops and big casinos across the country all get in on the subsidy scam. And you’ll see how many cities got in bed with hotel titans, including Donald J. Trump himself.
This audiobook is the go-to guide for the many ways in which American taxpayers unknowingly subsidize the TV shows they watch, the sports teams they root for and the hotels they sleep in, all based on an economic theory that only adds up for CEOs and bigwigs.

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Doctor Who: The History Collection: : Five classic novelisations of TV adventures set in Earth’s history

por John Lucarotti

Five classic novelisations of TV adventures set in Earth’s history.
In Doctor Who: The Aztecs the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan materialise in Mexico during the bloodthirsty Aztec civilisation.
In Doctor Who and the Crusaders the First Doctor and his friends are embroiled in the 12th Century conflict between Richard the Lionheart and the Sultan Saladin.
In Doctor Who: The Myth Makers the First Doctor, Steven and Vicki arrive on the plains of Ursa Minor, in the middle of the Greek and Trojan battlefields.
In Doctor Who and the Masque of Mandragora, the Fourth Doctor and Sarah fight swords, sorcery and an alien influence in 15th Century Italy.
In Doctor Who and the Visitation, the Fifth Doctor, Adric, Tegan and Nyssa materialise in 17th Century London and find themselves playing a key role in gruesome historical events...
Read by William Russell, Stephen Thorne, Tim Pigott-Smith and Matthew Waterhouse. Duration: 23 hours approx. Each purchase is accompanied by a PDF booklet featuring full cast and credits, chapter-by-chapter navigation, and sleeve notes for each book by David J. Howe.
“This range of classic Target audiobooks continues to go from strength to strength...”
Doctor Who Magazine
Sound design by Simon Power
TARDIS sound effect by Brian Hodgson
Executive producer: Michael Stevens
Cover illustration by Andrew Skilleter
(P) BBC Worldwide 2018 © BBC Worldwide 2018
BBC logo © BBC 1996
Doctor Who logo © BBC 2014
A stereo recording
Digital Edition Chapter Listing
Doctor Who: The Aztecs
Files 1-15
Doctor Who and the Crusaders
Files 16-25
Doctor Who: The Myth Makers
Files 26-53
Doctor Who and the Masque of Mandragora
Files 54-65
Doctor Who and the Visitation
Files 66-76

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