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World History: From the Ancient World to the Information Age

por Philip Parker

A truly global view of history covering over 350 of the world's most important turning points. This is an essential audiobook for every history buff. World History is the most accessible guide to the history of human civilization, covering the Neanderthals, the Assyrian Empire, Chinese dynasties, Vikings, World War I, apartheid, the rise of ISIS, and everything in-between. This remarkable audiobook offers the most up-to-date coverage of global history, up to and including the Arab Spring, global terror, Russia and Ukraine, and the rise of populism in the EU.
Historical moments and movements from across the globe are brought to life.. Follow humanity's journey and discover all the key thinkers, leaders, ideas, and inventions that shaped the modern world.
Joan Walker has narrated over one hundred and fifty audiobooks, as well as appearing in over 500 plays on BBC radio. Joan has won awards for her voiceover work, including the Golden Earphones from AudioFile USA plus the American Library Journal Best Audio of 2016, narrated an array of documentaries, created voices for animations and video games and is the voice of audio guides in some of the greatest art galleries and museums in the world.
© 2017 Philip Parker © 2019 DK Audio

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Venturesome Vikings

por P. S. Quick

This audio-book describes what life was like for the Vikings, with an in-depth account of all aspects of the people at the time and how they lived their daily lives.
Narrator Jason Zenobia talks us through plenty of amazing facts about Viking voyages, invasions, ships and religion, including fascinating information about gods such as Odin, Thor and Loki.
This excellent audio-book is a great addition to the collection of anyone interested in the Vikings and is part of PS Quick's All About series of books, which introduce both children and adults to a number of extinct civilizations.
©2017 Acorn Books (P)2017 Acorn Books

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Magic Tree House Collection: Books 25-32: Stage Fright on a Summer Night; Good Morning, Gorillas; Thanksgiving on Thursday ; and more

por Mary Pope Osborne

Enjoy this collection of eight Magic Tree House audiobooks!

#25: Stage Fright on a Summer Night
The show must go on! That's what Jack and Annie learn when the Magic Tree House whisks them back to Elizabethan England. There they meet William Shakespeare himself—one of the greatest writers of all time! But Mr. Shakespeare's having a hard time with some of the actors in his latest show. Are Jack and Annie ready to make a big entrance? Or will it be curtains for Shakespeare?

#26: Good Morning, Gorillas
Gentle giants or giant monsters? That's the question Jack and Annie have about gorillas when the Magic Tree House sweeps them to the mountains of Africa. There they meet a group of amazing and sometimes frightening mountain gorillas. Annie knows how to play with the creatures right away. But Jack is left out. Will the gorillas be able to teach him some special magic?

#27: Thanksgiving on Thursday
It's a time for giving thanks when the Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie back to 1621 on the first Thanksgiving Day. The Pilgrims ask them to help get things ready. But whether it's cooking or clamming, Jack and Annie don't know how to do anything the Pilgrim way. Will they ruin the holiday forever? Or will the feast go on?

#28: High Tide in Hawaii
Catch the wave! That's what Jack and Annie do when the Magic Tree House whisks them back to a Hawaiian island of long ago. They learn how to surf and have a great time—until strange things start happening. Jack and Annie soon discover the cause: A tidal wave is headed their way! Can they help save their new friends in time?

#29: A Big Day for Baseball
PLAY BALL! Jack and Annie aren’t great baseball players . . . yet! Then Morgan the librarian gives them magical baseball caps that will make them experts. They just need to wear the caps to a special ballgame in Brooklyn, New York. The magic tree house whisks them back to 1947! When they arrive, Jack and Annie find out that they will be batboys in the game—not ballplayers. What exactly does Morgan want them to learn? And what’s so special about this game? They only have nine innings to find out!

#30: Hurricane Heroes in Texas
Jack and Annie are on a mission! When the magic tree house whisks them back to Galveston, Texas, in 1900, they find out that a big storm is coming. But even though there is rain and wind, no one believes there is any danger. As the storm grows, seawater floods the city. Now everyone needs help! Jack and Annie have a little bit of magic and a lot of hope—but will it be enough?

#31: Warriors in Winter
We are warriors! Jack and Annie have met knights, pirates, ninjas, and Vikings, but they have never met the most fearsome warriors of all: Roman soldiers. When the magic tree house whisks them back to the early 100s AD, Jack and Annie find themselves in a Roman camp. Their mission: Be like a warrior. That is easier said than done! The Roman soldiers are much scarier in person—and suspicious of strangers. Then a mysterious man riding a black horse gives Jack and Annie some advice to help them on their mission. But the man may not be who he seems. Will Jack and Annie be good warriors? Can they learn what makes the Roman soldiers so great? And who is the mysterious rider . . . ?

#32: To the Future, Ben Franklin!
Jack and Annie know all about Ben Franklin. He was a Founding Father, a journalist, and a famous inventor! When the magic tree house whisks them back to meet the man himself, they're not sure what their mission is. But Ben Franklin has a mission of his own. Intrigued by Jack and Annie, he's curious to learn more about where they came from. And very curious about their tree house. . . .

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Norse Mythology: A Concise Guide to the Gods, Heroes, Sagas, Rituals, and Beliefs of Norse Mythology

por Bernard Hayes

In this audio book, Norse Mythology: A Concise Guide to the Gods, Heroes, Sagas, Rituals, and Beliefs of Norse Mythology, the listener will be transported to the ancient customs of beliefs of the ancient Vikings of the north. This audiobook is dedicated to exploring the gods and goddesses that the Nordic people worshiped.

You will discover:

A description and explanation of the Norse mythological gods and goddesses, and which tribe the gods mentioned belonged toAn introduction to the Nordic pagan belief systems, and the multifaceted ways in which their religious practices were incorporated into their daily livesPopular Nordic sagas, a description of what sagas were, and examples of the most important sagas within the Norse cultureAn explanation of the most revered Norse rituals and celebrations, and how their beliefs left their impression on religious practices that are still held by Christianity todayThe Nordic people had many heroes of myth and legend, and you will be introduced to both stories of myth and living, breathing Viking heroes that were revered. Norse mythology is intricate and complex, and the ideals behind their mythological beliefs were often intertwined with real life events. This audiobook will examine how both myth and fact contributed to the culture and traditions of the Nordic people, and how these influences and stories continue to live on throughout the centuries!

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Ragnar Lothbrok: The Tale of a Viking Warrior King

por Bernard Hayes

Ragnar Lothbrok: The Tale of a Viking Warrior King delves into the mystery surrounding the Viking warrior who conquered European nations and became a king in his own right. Over nine centuries after the death of this great warrior, ancient poems, songs, and sagas about him still remain today. This audiobook considers the facts as we know them, the myths attributed to Ragnar, and the way this iconic heathen from the north continues to impact modern culture today.

This audiobook will discuss:

The historical facts and suppositions surrounding this Viking of legendThe retelling of the Saga of Ragnar and his three wivesHow Ragnar’s sons became an integral part of the legend that Ragnar represents, and the stories that they inspiredHow, despite centuries of time, Ragnar and Vikings of his time helped shape ideas and common traditions that are still held onto todayThis audiobook is both fact and fictional recount and is dedicated to Ragnar and his endurable, legendary status in history.

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NORSE MYTHOLOGY: A Compelling Path Retracing Viking Mythology & Legacy. From Norse Gods to Heroes. Tales of Viking Myths, Beliefs, Rituals, and Legends. NEW VERSION


Unveil the Rich Mythology and Classic Tales from the Infamous Viking Warriors.The Norse are a legendary people who ruled the seas across Scandinavia and Europe with an iron fist, making their place in history as a race of terrifying warriors with unending bravery and skill in combat. Their tales of raiding and pillaging brought with them a powerful and gripping mythos, detailing all-powerful Gods, world-changing wars, and fearsome beasts unlike any other.
Now, this audiobook uncovers the secrets of the Norse Mythology, delving into the classic and infamous tales which have inspired artists and storytellers for generations. From the mighty halls of Valhalla to the frozen land of the giants and the mythological tree which holds the realms together, you’ll be taken on a journey to explore the vibrant and captivating heart of these sea-faring people, uncovering terrifying monsters, impossible heroes, and the warlike Gods and Goddesses which inspired the Vikings in battle.
Passed down through the ages and told with gripping detail and passion, these legendary sagas have stood the test of time to form a compelling and exciting series of tales, packed with dramatic wars, deceit and trickery, impossible deeds, and tales of love and humor. From the feats of the Thunder God Thor to Loki’s mischievous tricks and the endless battle against the giants, you’ll uncover the origin of Asgard’s unbreakable wall, the strange way the Norse believed the world began, and the fiery, world-ending battle which marks the end of days.
Buy now to explore the incredible world of NORSE MYTHOLOGY, today.

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Magic Tree House Collection: Books 9-16: #9: Dolphins at Daybreak; #10: Ghost Town; #11: Lions; #12: Polar Bears Past Bedtime; #13: Volcano; #14: Dragon King; #15: Viking Ships; #16: Olympics

por Mary Pope Osborne

Books 9–16 of the New York Times bestselling Magic Tree House series!

These eight titles are the perfect gift for a Magic Tree House fan or any child who loves a good adventure. Parents, teachers, and librarians hail the chapter-book series as a tool to promote reading, as even the most reluctant readers want to know where the Magic Tree House will take the brother-and-sister team next.
In books 9–12, Morgan le Fay, the magical librarian of Camelot, challenges Jack and Annie to find the answers to four riddles. To do so, they must travel under the sea and to the Wild West, the African plains, and the frozen Arctic. It’s a difficult and dangerous task, but if Jack and Annie succeed, they will become Master Librarians! In books 13–16, Jack and Annie must save stories that have been lost in history. Morgan, the magical librarian of Camelot, sends them to find the books in the ancient worlds of Roman Pompeii, imperial China, Dark Age Ireland, and classical Greece. Will Jack and Annie be able to save the stories in their darkest hours . . . or will the books be lost forever?
Audiobooks in this set include: Dolphins at Daybreak (#9), Ghost Town at Sundown (#10), Lions at Lunchtime (#11), Polar Bears Past Bedtime (#12), Vacation Under the Volcano (#13), Day of the Dragon King (#14), Viking Ships at Sunrise (#15), and Hour of the Olympics (#16).

"Osborne's narration is low-key and well-paced. A great way to introduce children who are reluctant readers or can't yet read to this highly entertaining book series and to reading in general."--Chicago Parent
“Osborne's soothing, beautifully articulated voice and knack for characterization are reliably pleasing."—AudioFile

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Vikings: A History of the Norse People: Digitally Narrated Using a Synthesized Voice

por Martin J. Dougherty

Beginning in 789AD, the Vikings raided monasteries, sacked cities and invaded western Europe. They looted and enslaved their enemies. But that is only part of their story. In long boats they discovered Iceland and America (both by accident) and also sailed up the Seine to Paris (which they sacked). They settled from Newfoundland to Russia, founded Dublin and fought battles as far afield as the Caspian Sea. A thousand years after their demise, traces of the Vikings remain all the way from North America to Istanbul. They traded walruses with Inuits, brought Russian furs to Western Europe and took European slaves to Constantinople. Their graves contain Arab silver, Byzantine silks and Frankish weapons.
In this accessible audiobook, the whole narrative of the Viking story is examined from the eighth to the eleventh centuries. Arranged thematically, Vikings: A History of the Norse People examines the Norsemen from exploration to religion to trade to settlement to weaponry to kingdoms to their demise and legacy. But today questions remain: what prompted the first Viking raids? What stopped their expansion? And how much of the tales of murder, rape and pillage is myth? Vikings: A History of the Norse People is an expertly written account of a people who have long captured the popular imagination.
This recording is presented by DeepZen Limited and has been digitally produced by DeepZen Limited, using a synthesized version of an audiobook narrator’s voice under license. DeepZen uses Emotive Speech Technology to create digital narrations that offer a similar listening experience to human narration.

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Introduction to the Vikings

por Centre of Excellence

Known for their fighting prowess and instilling fear into those they besieged, was there more to the Vikings than marauding? The Introduction to the Vikings Audiobook takes you on a voyage through history that considers more than just their atrocities, looking at their impressive innovations in travel, trade and technology. You’ll also learn about the Vikings as a people, examining their society and religion and how they adapted to global changes.

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The Vikings: History of the Norsemen

por Maven Gauss

Want to Learn More About The Vikings? Do You Want an In-Depth Book tAbout The History of the Norsemen? This Book by Maven Gauss is For You As The Author Explores The Origin, Culture, and Civilization of the Vikings in Its True Historical Account. Never Before on Audiobook Has The Vikings Been Explored to This Depth. Learn About The Norsemen Today & Learn More About The Historical & Cultural Significance That The Vikings Bring To Our Modern Imagination.

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