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Healing a Broken Heart - Cindie Chavez

So, whatever the root cause associated with your heartbreak, be it romantic or otherwise, this small book of practical tips and workable wisdom when applied ...
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My intention in writing this series of books is to provide sup- port in life's most profound moments; be it heartbreak, death, sex,.
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The Breakup Book - Eastern Florida State College

Book. 100 Ways to Avoid, Leave, or. Recover from Negative Relationships. ACE METAPHOR ... Everybody on earth has experienced some type of heartbreak.
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Andrea Dworkin, Heartbreak

BOOKS BY ANDREA DWORKIN. Woman Hating. Our Blood: Prophecies and Discourses on Sexual Politics the new woman's broken heart: short stories.
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Heartbreak River April 2009 Razorbill (part of Penguin Books ...

Heartbreak River. April 2009. Razorbill (part of Penguin Books) ... Book 2 of six-book, multi-author Texas Rodeo Barons continuity series.
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Story of a Secret Heart. 'A broken heart hurts, but it can also be ...

heartbreak that we go through can often lead to some of the best times of our lives ... To download this full book, simply select the format you desire below.
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Suggestions for Young Adult books that… - City of Salem

books that… • Invite the reader to discover the spark of a new relationship, to root for an unlikely couple, or to shed a tear over a painful heartbreak.
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How To Fix A Broken Heart [PDF] - Lilly Fellows Program

Right here, we have countless book How To Fix A Broken Heart and ... heartbreak impacts our brain and our behavior in dramatic and ...
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Heart-healing Heartbreak - JSTOR

derful new book offers a unique opportunity. For this book is life sustaining: it affirms the value of heartbreak as integral to the soul's wellbeing.
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inspired about it because of movies and books my dad used to read to me. So one day I saw him. He was every thing I dreamed of (or so I thought).
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Heartbreak Me

por Book 1

He kidnapped me.That was how I met Atlas Hyde.
A man known by many names and admired by all.
But most didn't know he was ruthless, conniving, and always got what he wanted.
No matter the cost.

I was a good girl.
Never in trouble with the law.
Never took drugs.
Always did precisely what was expected of me.

Even with his hand around my throat and words that cut sharper than knives, I couldn't help but wonder what happened to this beautiful man to make him that way.

That wonder disappeared when he threatened to kill my sister if I didn't follow his dark demands.

The good girl I once knew had now been buried alive beneath this game of hatred and lust.
And I had a feeling Atlas Hyde never lost.

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Heartbreak You

por Book 2

Our story didn’t exist, it was broken before it began. Kisses were covered with lies.
Lies were covered with kisses. 
Hate turned into lust. 
And lust turned into fantasy. 
That’s what we were, a fantasy. 
Nothing more, nothing less. 
Now it’s time to move on. But how can you when your heart wants to say stuck in the fantasy? 
When even through all the lies and kisses, you still have lust.

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Heartbreak at Roosevelt Ranch

por Book 2

I had it all. Two beautiful children. A gainfully employed husband. A successful food blog.
The only thing missing from my life was . . . heat.
And I wanted to live. To live loudly and without fear.
I also wanted my husband to think I was as hot as I was when we were high school sweethearts. More, I wanted what my sister had: love, passion, and a husband whose love was infinite.
Because something was happening with Rob. Had he fallen out of love with me? Had he found someone else? Was I not—
Was I not enough?

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por Skye Warren

"It's a tale of survival, sacrifice and love between two teenagers with an uncertain future." - The Book Sirens

Some wounds never heal…

She's stuck in another foster home. He's the new boy with a bad reputation.

Falling in love in the wrong place and the wrong time never felt so good.

NOTE: This novella is a free prequel to the full-length standalone novel BETTER WHEN IT HURTS from New York Times bestselling author Skye Warren available now.

"Dark and gritty, the story of Hannah's love with Blue unfolds as we are taken back in time." - Lina's Reviews Book Blog

"Skye Warren. She writes with so much soul, you can taste it even after a few sentences." - Literaria Book Blog

Don’t Miss a Breathtaking Minute of Blue and Hannah…
Heartbreak – the prequel novella
Better When It Hurts
Even Better

1. Tough Love
2. Love the Way You Lie
3. Better When It Hurts
4. Even Better
5. Pretty When You Cry
6. Caught for Christmas
7. Hold You Against Me

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Heartbreak of a Hustler's Wife: A Novel

por Book 2

Long live the Queen of Hip Hop Lit! 
Nikki Turner is back with another explosive, page-turning sequel to her #1 bestselling novels A Hustler’s Wife and Forever a Hustler’s Wife.
Yarni Taylor is a successful corporate attorney who wants nothing more than for her husband, Des, to renounce his hustlin’ ways and commit to his life as a pastor—especially after someone tries to kill him. But Des isn’t ready to abandon his old habits just yet. He has to find out who is behind the murder attempt, and he wonders if the brazen robbery that took place during one of his church services is related in any way. But before he or Yarni can regain their footing, a young woman shows up on their doorstep—Desember Day, the eighteen-year-old daughter Des never knew he had. And, unfortunately, she takes after her father, so trouble isn’t far behind. 

With their lives on the line, Yarni must sacrifice everything and take it out of the office and back to the streets to save her husband and her family from their checkered but intricately connected pasts.

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Love After Heartbreak

por Stephan Labossiere

FINDING HAPPINESS AFTER HEARTBREAK BEGINS HERE!You may think your pain might never go away, but in this book you’ll discover how to feel at peace starting today.

You heal by releasing, not suppressing. Experience the life-changing effects of true release.

•Are You Constantly Rehearsing Past Hurts and Disappointments?
•Have You Lost Hope in Love Because of Failed Relationships?
•Do You Feel Tension & Frustration When Expressing Your Feelings?
•Does Bitterness, Anger, or Negativity Cloud Your Vision?

Don’t stay in bondage to emotional turmoil from past lovers, failed relationships, broken family cycles, or old ways of thinking. Instead, learn how to pinpoint and let go of any unresolved pain, hurt, and resentment lingering from heartbreak that you may be holding onto, which doesn’t serve you.

Finding Love After Heartbreak, Volume I is a must-read guide to help you self-heal, find inner peace and true happiness. In the first volume of a two-part series, Stephan Speaks gives you the tools you need to begin your self-healing journey. Your life will never be the same.

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A Family’s Heartbreak

por Kitty Neale

All they ever wanted was somewhere to call home... Beaten
When Jenny’s mother abandons her and her younger siblings, Jenny is left at the mercy of her abusive father Henry. And when Henry beats his eldest daughter so badly that she ends up in the hospital, it seems like there’s nowhere left for them all to go.
But carpenter Craig has fallen head over heels for Jenny, and he offers her a place to stay. Happy at last, Jenny begins a new life with him, but when tragedy strikes, she’s left to pick up the pieces of both her broken home – and her broken heart.
Desperately trying to make ends meet, Jenny is alone and working round the clock. Will she ever be able to give her siblings the happy home they deserve? Or is the worst yet to come...?
The Sunday Times bestseller is back in a gritty family drama, perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries and Dilly Court.

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Heartbreak: A Motorcycle Club Romance

por Book 1

This is book 1 of the Red Dragon Riders MC series! Books 2 and 3 are available everywhere now!

The only one who can keep me safe is the one man I can't stand – a biker.

Mack Steel is exactly what I don't need. He's trouble through and through, and his motorcycle club is even worse.
He's got a violent past, a loud mouth, and big ambitions.
All I want to do is make art.
We're about as compatible as oil and water.
People warned me about him. I didn't listen. Because some hidden part of me wanted to feel his rough hands on my body, his filthy commands that made my heart hammer and my blood boil for hours.
He's ridden me harder than his bike, and I've gone along with every feverish moment. Now we're linked by something we never could have seen coming.
He says we'll come out on top. But I just want to stay on top of him.

I need a relationship like I need a hole in my head.
Especially with a fiery, stubborn minx like Ana. I live in the real world, and she thinks she can tell me how to run my business.
But I've had a hit of her and now I want more. She's become an addiction and a sickness all in one. She drives me crazy with that body, that mouth, that mind, and the way she looks at me when I tell her what to do.
One problem – her ex is a crazy b*stard and he's now the President of my club's biggest rival. He thinks he can get her back by taking me out.
Good luck with that. He'll never take what's mine.

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Heartbreak Hotel: An Alex Delaware Novel

por Book 32

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Alex Delaware and LAPD detective Milo Sturgis investigate the death of Alex’s most mysterious patient to date in the sensational new thriller from the master of suspense, #1 New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman.

At nearly one hundred years old, Thalia Mars is a far cry from the patients that child psychologist Alex Delaware normally treats. But the charming, witty woman convinces Alex to meet with her in a suite at the Aventura, a luxury hotel with a checkered history.

What Thalia wants from Alex are answers to unsettling questions—about guilt, patterns of criminal behavior, victim selection. When Alex asks the reason for her morbid fascination, Thalia promises to tell all during their next session. But when he shows up the following morning, he is met with silence: Thalia is dead in her room.

When questions arise about how Thalia perished, Alex and homicide detective Milo Sturgis must peel back the layers of a fascinating but elusive woman’s life and embark on one of the most baffling investigations either of them has ever experienced. For Thalia Mars is a victim like no other, an enigma who harbored nearly a century of secrets and whose life and death draw those around her into a vortex of violence.

Heartbreak Hotel is classic Delaware and classic Kellerman.

Praise for Heartbreak Hotel

“Easy to dive into for mystery fans unfamiliar with the series, and a welcome treat for readers who have been with Officer Sturgis and Dr. Delaware since the beginning.”—Booklist

Praise for Jonathan Kellerman

“Jonathan Kellerman’s psychology skills and dark imagination are a potent literary mix.”—Los Angeles Times

“Kellerman doesn’t just write psychological thrillers—he owns the genre.”—Detroit Free Press

“A master of the psychological thriller.”—People

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Heartbreak Creek

por Book 1

Four unlikely brides make their way west—and find love where they least expect it in award-winner Kaki Warner’s heartwarming series, one “as stellar as her Blood Rose trilogy…”* For fans of Linda Lael Miller and Jodi Thomas...

Edwina Ladoux hoped becoming a mail-order bride would be her way out of the war-torn South, but as soon as she arrives in Heartbreak Creek, Colorado, and meets her hulking, taciturn groom, she realizes she’s made a terrible mistake. Declan Brodie already had one flighty wife who ran off with a gambler before being killed by Indians. He’s hoping for a practical farm woman who can corral his four rambunctious children. Instead, he gets a skinny Southern princess who doesn’t even know how to cook.

Luckily, Edwina and Declan agreed on a three-month courtship period, allowing them time to get the proxy marriage annulled. Yet as the weeks pass, thoughts of annulment turn into hopes for a real marriage—until the unspeakable happens, and suddenly Declan is torn between duty and desire, and Edwina has to fight for the family she’s grown to love…

*The Romance Dish

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