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Geography Reading List

Geography Reading List. Here is a - not exhaustive - list of books, some fact and some fiction, which will help you get a feel for the places, issues.
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World Geography - This link will take you back to the main page.

This book itself is set around a series of questions, some smaller, some larger. Over the course of this entire world geography book, you will explore one major.
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High School Geography Textbooks - Central College

under as with ease as evaluation High School Geography Textbooks what you ... The Complete Book of Maps & Geography, Grades 3 - 6 2017-07-27 ...
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A Bibliography of Books in Geography and related ... - jstor

A Bibliography of Books in Geography and related disciplines published in the. United States 1939-1945. Prepared by Chauncy D. Harris Department of ...
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Introduction To Human Geography A Disciplinary Approach

Geography is a discipline that allows those who use it to ask questions, solve problems and communicate solutions about a wide range of issues.
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The Geography of the United States

spaces above in every book issued. ... Core Knowledge History and Geography™ and CKHG™ ... A public library, Admiral, is a place full of books and.
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Text Books in Elementary Geography

MODERN TEXT BOOKS AND REFERENCE BOOKS ... New Geography, Book 11, in preparation. ... Atlas of Reference Maps from School Geography, $35.
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AP Human Geography Summer Assignment 2018-2019

This summer your assignment will be to read ONE book from the following list and write a ONE page reflection. The books have been hand selected because they ...
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Schoolbooks and Ideology in the Antebellum United States

thor of the first geography book written by an American to be ... other geography books ofthe eighteenth and early nineteenth cen- turies.
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AP Human Geography Summer Reading List

I would like you to choose one book to read this summer for AP Human Geography and to write a book review for that book. You must also complete a textbook ...
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Captain Cook: Master of the Seas

por Frank McLynn

This “thoroughly researched and sharply opinionated” biography presents a nuanced portrait of the renowned 18th century navigator (The Wall Street Journal).
The age of discovery was at its peak in the eighteenth century, with bold adventurers charting the furthest reaches of the globe. Foremost among these explorers was Captain James Cook of the British Royal Navy. Recent writers have viewed Cook through the lens of colonial exploitation, regarding him as a villain. While they raise important issues, many of these critical accounts overlook his major contributions to science, navigation and cartography.
In Captain Cook, Frank McLynn re-creates the voyages that took the famous navigator from his native England to the outer reaches of the Pacific Ocean. Although Cook died in a senseless, avoidable conflict with the people of Hawaii, McLynn illustrates that to the men with whom he served, Cook was master of the seas and nothing less than a titan. McLynn reveals Cook's place in history as a brave and brilliant yet tragically flawed man.

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An Empire of Ice: Scott, Shackleton, and the Heroic Age of Antarctic Science

por Edward J. Larson

A Pulitzer Prize–winning author examines South Pole expeditions, “wrapping the science in plenty of dangerous drama to keep readers engaged” (Booklist).
An Empire of Ice presents a fascinating new take on Antarctic exploration—placing the famed voyages of Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, his British rivals Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton, and others in a larger scientific, social, and geopolitical context.
Recounting the Antarctic expeditions of the early twentieth century, the author reveals the British efforts for what they actually were: massive scientific enterprises in which reaching the South Pole was but a spectacular sideshow. By focusing on the larger purpose of these legendary adventures, Edward J. Larson deepens our appreciation of the explorers’ achievements, shares little-known stories, and shows what the Heroic Age of Antarctic discovery was really about.
“Rather than recounting the story of the race to the pole chronologically, Larson concentrates on various scientific disciplines (like meteorology, glaciology and paleontology) and elucidates the advances made by the polar explorers . . . Covers a lot of ground—science, politics, history, adventure.” —The New York Times Book Review

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Piri Reis Map of 1513

por Gregory C. McIntosh

One of the most beautiful maps to survive the Great Age of Discoveries, the 1513 world map drawn by Ottoman admiral Piri Reis is also one of the most mysterious. Gregory McIntosh has uncovered new evidence in the map that shows it to be among the most important ever made. This detailed study offers new commentary and explication of a major milestone in cartography. Correcting earlier work of Paul Kahle and pointing out the traps that have caught subsequent scholars, McIntosh disproves the dubious conclusion that the Reis map embodied Columbus's Third Voyage map of 1498, showing that it draws instead on the Second Voyage of 1493-1496. He also refutes the popular misinterpretation that Reis's depictions of Antarctica are evidence of either ancient civilizations or extraterrestrial visitation. McIntosh brings together all that has been previously known about the map and also assembles for the first time the translations of all inscriptions on the map and analyzes all place-names given for New World and Atlantic islands. His work clarifies long-standing mysteries and opens up new ways of looking at the history of exploration.

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Rising Sea Levels: An Introduction to Cause and Impact

por Hunt Janin

The fundamental point of this book is that, in the past, the world's political, economic, military and social development took place during a time of relatively stable sea level. That time, however, is now over: The world must begin to cope with rising seas. This book is a wide-ranging introductory survey. It addresses global warming, the hydrologic cycle, why we should care about the rise of the oceans, storm surges and other extreme events, the changing seas and their shorelines, cities and countries of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian ocean basins, the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and the Greenland Ice Sheet, case studies on how the Netherlands and the U.S. plan to cope with sea level rise, the likely impacts of this rise, getting to know the experts on sea level rise, and very long term prospects for the world's shorelines.

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Aspectos históricos da geografia brasileira

por Helio de Araujo Evangelista

 Aspectos históricos da geografia brasileira - o Brasil, ao tempo das Capitanias Hereditárias, era desenhado num território de cerca de três milhões de quilômetros quadrados. Porém, ele alcançou 8,5 milhões de quilômetros quadrados! Quando comparamos esta situação com a chamada América Espanhola, verificamos o quão esta foi parcelada, ao contrário da chamada América Portuguesa, por que?
O que carece de heróis em nossa história, em contrapartida, há um abundância de geografia. 
A geografia aqui tratada em - Aspectos históricos da geografia brasileira - tem tanto o lado histórico do país, quanto o lado disciplinar, a geografia enquanto campo de conhecimento. Há uma mescla. 
É uma obra constituída ao sabor dos anos, sem uma prévia intenção de que assim fosse constituída, tanto que há artigos sobre o início de nossa colonização produzidos bem depois de artigos relacionados a aspectos do século XIX, por exemplo. 
Todos os artigos aqui expostos estão acessíveis na internet. Mas esta engana, é só faltar luz ou perder a conexão e ... Assim, nada como o velho e tradicional meio de comunicação, conhecido pelo nome de livro, para deixar registrada a passagem de uma pessoa que durante um tempo esteve voltado às origens da geografia brasileira; esta enquanto fato e enquanto saber.

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Geografía de la España morisca

por Henry Lapeyre

Aquesta obra clàssica que ara es reedita s'emmarca en la història econòmica i social de l'escola dels Annals. Lapeyre creia que tot estava dit sobre els aspectes polítics i religiosos de la qüestió morisca i que els aspectes geogràfics i demogràfics seguien sent desconeguts. Aborda el problema des del punt de vista estadístic, des de la perspectiva de la història quantitativa, i es basa en les enquestes molt precises de l'administració dels Àustries. Demografia, geografia, xifres, mapes són les quatre paraules clau. Avui, en una època en la qual els historiadors refusen qualsevol quantitativisme, la tornada a un text com el d'Henri Lapeyre és particularment sana i profitosa. Ens ensenya com un treball meticulós, basat en xifres i mapes, estableix les indispensables fundacions de l'edifici morisc.

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The World's Beaches: A Global Guide to the Science of the Shoreline

por Orrin H. Pilkey

Take this book to the beach; it will open up a whole new world. Illustrated throughout with color photographs, maps, and graphics, it explores one of the planet’s most dynamic environments—from tourist beaches to Arctic beaches strewn with ice chunks to steaming hot tropical shores. The World’s Beaches tells how beaches work, explains why they vary so much, and shows how dramatic changes can occur on them in a matter of hours. It discusses tides, waves, and wind; the patterns of dunes, washover fans, and wrack lines; and the shape of berms, bars, shell lags, cusps, ripples, and blisters. What is the world’s longest beach? Why do some beaches sing when you walk on them? Why do some have dark rings on their surface and tiny holes scattered far and wide? This fascinating, comprehensive guide also considers the future of beaches, and explains how extensively people have affected them—from coastal engineering to pollution, oil spills, and rising sea levels.

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Writing East: The "Travels" of Sir John Mandeville

por Iain Macleod Higgins

No work revealed more of the mysterious East to statesmen, explorers, readers, and writers of the late Middle Ages than the Book of John Mandeville. One of the most widely circulated documents of its day, it first appeared in French between 1356 and 1371 and was soon translated into nine other European languages. Ostensibly the account of one English knight's journeys through Africa and Asia, it is, rather, a compilation of travel writings first shaped by an unknown redactor.

Writing East is a study of how Mandeville's Travels came to appear in its various versions, explaining how it went through a series of transformations as it reached new audiences in order to serve as both a response to previous writings about the East and an important voice in the medieval conversation about the nature and limits of the world. Higgins offers a palimpsestic reading of this "multi-text" that demonstrates not only how the original French author overwrote his precursors but also how subsequent translators molded the material to serve their own ideological agendas.

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Traveling the 38th Parallel: A Water Line around the World

por David Carle

Between extremes of climate farther north and south, the 38th North parallel line marks a temperate, middle latitude where human societies have thrived since the beginning of civilization. It divides North and South Korea, passes through Athens and San Francisco, and bisects Mono Lake in the eastern Sierra Nevada, where authors David and Janet Carle make their home. Former park rangers, the authors set out on an around-the-world journey in search of water-related environmental and cultural intersections along the 38th parallel. This book is a chronicle of their adventures as they meet people confronting challenges in water supply, pollution, wetlands loss, and habitat protection. At the heart of the narrative are the riveting stories of the passionate individuals—scientists, educators, and local activists—who are struggling to preserve some of the world's most amazing, yet threatened, landscapes.

Traveling largely outside of cities, away from well-beaten tourist tracks, the authors cross Japan, Korea, China, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Greece, Sicily, Spain, Portugal, the Azores Islands, and the United States—from Chesapeake Bay to San Francisco Bay. The stories they gather provide stark contrasts as well as reaffirming similarities across diverse cultures. Generously illustrated with maps and photos, Traveling the 38th Parallel documents devastating environmental losses but also inspiring gains made through the efforts of dedicated individuals working against the odds to protect these fragile places.

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