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The World's Least Interesting Master Swordsman

por Vol 5

The world's least interesting master swordsman has entered a new phase in his life: matrimony. A husband for the first time, Sansui must contend with his libido, his giddy wife, and an adopted daughter dead-set on writing down every tentative step in his new relationship.

While his domestic situation progresses, Sansui must also continue to train his apprentices in the art of the sword. His proteges, Prince Tahlan and Saiga, having trained extensively under the unassuming Sword Apostle, are both preparing to take their own steps toward the future.

For Sansui, spring has arrived in his life after five hundred years. After years of service to a spoiled princess, having endured all that hardship together, Sansui and Blois take hesitant steps toward trying to light a fire under their relationship.

The next chapter in Sansui's grand immortal adventure begins!

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Interesting True Story: Part 1

por Anonymous Writer

This is information on how Pravin gordon the former finance managre mismanage the SARS office during his time he managed the SARS office, theres interesting sex scandals and disgusting horific scenes in this true story, extra extra read all about it today, this is not fiction it is true facts

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The World's Least Interesting Master Swordsman

por Vol 4

With the peace treaty with the Domino Republic in place, Lain's safety is all but assured, but life in the mortal world is one new conflict after another.

A new challenger seeking to be the world's strongest appears: the mystery girl, Ran. This talented wild child has a more complicated history than anyone would ever have expected.

Does might truly make right? Conflicting values collide and fates intertwine in this new chapter of a tale that explores the meaning of strength.

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Interesting Times: A Novel of Discworld

por Book 17

"May you live in interesting times" is the worst thing one can wish on a citizen of Discworld -- especially on the distinctly unmagical sorcerer Rincewind, who has had far too much perilous excitement in his life. But when a request for a "Great Wizzard" arrives in Ankh-Morpork via carrier albatross from the faraway Counterweight Continent, it's he who's sent as emissary. Chaos threatens to follow the impending demise of the Agatean Empire's current ruler. And, for some incomprehensible reason, someone believes Rincewind will have a mythic role in the war and wholesale bloodletting that will surely ensue. (Carnage is pretty much a given, since Cohen the Barbarian and his extremely elderly Silver Horde are busily formulating their own plan for looting, pillaging, and, er, looking wistfully at girls.) However, Rincewind firmly believes there are too many heroes already in the world, yet only one Rincewind. And he owes it to the world to keep that one alive for as long as possible.

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The World's Least Interesting Master Swordsman

por Vol 2

Master Suiboku's given Sansui his blessing, so in addition to guarding his mistress, Lady Douve, he's now offering instruction in swordsmanship. Not only is he teaching his fellow Japanese transferee Saiga and the foreign prince Tahlan, but he's somehow found himself teaching the city's ne'er-do-wells and the Royal Guard. Meanwhile, House Caputo, a Great House of the Arcana Kingdom, is fighting a war with the Kingdom's neighboring nation. Evidently, the army invading the Caputo lands is equipped with cheat items, but House Caputo's got a cheat of their own up their sleeve.

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Serial Killers: 101 Interesting Facts And Trivia About Serial Killers

por Jack Rosewood

Thing most terrifying thing about serial killers is that sometimes, they’re just like us, as the interesting facts in this true crime collection reveal.

Even the most diabolical of serial killers was once someone’s child, someone’s spouse, someone’s parent, but somewhere along the line, something happened to send them off the rails on a descent into madness.

Wisconsin serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer would have said he was just lonely, and that’s why 17 young men ended up dead at his hands. Never mind that he carried around a plastic bag to pick up road kill as a child – a huge harbinger of terrible things to come.

The compilation of trivia in this serial killer true crime anthology goes beyond the familiar stories to give you a glimpse of some of the more horrifying aspects of people who become famous for acts of barbarianism that are unfathomable for most of us.

By going behind the scenes, you’ll learn more about the monsters whose stories keep us awake at night, uncover the mundane hidden amongst the horrifying bits that make the evening news.

These serial killer true crime moments are those you’ll want to read around the campfire on a moonless summer night. That’s if, of course, you’re planning on staying up all night.

Sleep, if it comes, will be a nightmare.

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The World's Least Interesting Master Swordsman

por Vol 3

A young girl is caught up in the whims of fate!

Just as the new government of the Domino Republic is about to make peace with Arcana, it comes to light that Sansui’s adopted daughter Lain is the last member of the old Imperial House, turning everything on its head.

The nobles attempting to restore their former place in Domino scheme and plot to use Lain as a figurehead, while the leader of the Republic puts in motion plans to wipe out the last of the Imperial House’s bloodline... Lain is in danger! Can an uninteresting swordsman keep his daughter safe from these threats?

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The World's Least Interesting Master Swordsman

por Vol 1

Sansui Shirokuro is a young guy with an old man's name, which ends up landing him in tragic circumstances when God snuffs out his life candle after mistaking him for a geezer whose time has passed. Now reincarnated into a fantasy world, Sansui is one of the Immortals, capable of immense power... as long as he's willing to put centuries of work into achieving it. One day, after five hundred years of swinging his sword, his monotonous existence is upended entirely by the appearance of a little baby. His master sends him out into the world to raise the child, and it's there that he meets a haughty young noblewoman and her tomboyish bodyguard. His fighting style may be bland and unpretentious, but the fast-paced mortal world is about to find out just how good even the most hopeless swordsman can get with half a millennium of practice behind him!

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How to Be Interesting: (In 10 Simple Steps)

por Jessica Hagy

An inspiring visual guide to a richer life. 

“If there’s a thinker to steal from, it’s Jessica Hagy.”—Austin Kleon, author of Steal Like an Artist and Newspaper Blackout

How to Be Interesting is passionate, positive, down-to-earth, and irrepressibly upbeat, combining fresh and pithy life lessons, often just a sentence or two, with deceptively simple diagrams and graphs. Each of the book's more than 100 spreads will nudge readers a little bit further out of their comfort zones and into a place where suddenly everything is possible.

It’s about taking chance—but also about taking daily vacations. About being childlike, not childish. It’s about ideas, creativity, risk. It’s about trusting your talents and doing only what you want—but having the courage to get lost and see where the path leads. Because it’s what you don’t know that’s interesting.  

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True Funny Amazing Interesting Story

por Yolandie Mostert

This book is writtend about a wonderfull woman called Yolande Mostert, at the age of 19 she went to go help the goverment implement magnificent computerized systems to improve the goverment services. This true story is written in a fun way and you will enjoy every moment of the reading

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