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Print Books vs. E-books - Joan Ganz Cooney Center

This study details our comparison of co-reading across three book formats: print books, basic e-books, and enhanced e-books. We asked 32 pairs of parents and ...
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Large Print cookbooks, bibles, and reference books are books that readers often want to own rather than borrow. Large Print books are available in stores and.
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Chapter 10: Books and the Power of Print - FIU Faculty Websites

Most important, books and print culture enable individuals and nations to store knowledge from the past. ▫ In their key social role, books are still the ...
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Careers in Print: Books, Journals, and Scholarly Reputations

Careers in Print: Books, Journals, and. Scholarly Reputations' ... sociology recognizes both journal articles and books, thereby com-.
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Self-Publishing and Printing Services.pdf - Schuler Books

Thanks to Schuler Books' Espresso Book Machine, we can help you print your work of fiction or non-fiction, your collection of poetry, a family cookbook or ...
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E-Books vs. Print: Which is the Better Value? - Taylor ...

Jonathan Bunkell, Vice President of Online Book Sales for Elsevier,. Ltd., presented an examination of e-books versus print books in order.
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Take printed pile straight off the printer. ... the back of the book (optional). ... Test your printer settings before printing a large number of books.
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This study compared the usage of 7,880 titles that were available in both print and e-book format at the Duke University. Libraries. Although the results of ...
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eBooks and Print Books Can Have Different Affects on ...

students reading retell comprehension with print books, students read aloud for a pre-reading assessment. It was found that eBooks contain engaging reading ...
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The Way, Expanded Large Print Edition: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus

por Adam Hamilton

Travel with Adam Hamilton as he retraces the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Once again, Hamilton approaches his subject matter with thoughtfulness and wisdom, just as he did with Jesus’ crucifixion in 24 Hours That Changed the World and with Jesus’ birth in The Journey. Read The Way on your own or, for a more in-depth study, enjoy it with a small group or part of a 40-day church-wide emphasis during Lent and Easter or anytime of the year.

Using historical information, archaeological data, and stories of the faith, Hamilton follows in the footsteps of Jesus from his baptism to the temptations to the heart of his ministry, including the people he loved, the parables he taught, the enemies he made, and the healing he brought.

This 40-day focus will help you and your group grow deeper in their faith, learn more about the life of Christ, spend time daily reading and reflecting upon the Scriptures, and invite families, through the children’s and youth studies, to grow together in their faith. Additional resources include a DVD, devotional, youth and children editions, and a worship download to help with sermon planning.
Lent, Lenten, Lenten Resource, Lenten Resources, Lent Study, Lent Studies, Easter, Easter Study, Easter Studies

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Developing an Offensive System: The Blue Print

por Book 2

Dan Gonzalez presents part 2 in his 4 part series.  This product is loaded with content.  It includes over two hours of video with instruction, detailed explanations, and play analysis.  Over 50 multi-angle cut-ups of plays are included for your own review and study as well.  This volume explains the importance of using language to create a sound structure, assembling pass protections within a system, the drop back passing game and complements.

This product provides information that can be implemented within any offensive system. 

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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science Chapter 19 Print, Culture and the Modern World

por Bright Tutee

Download free NCERT Solutions of chapter 19- Print, Culture and the Modern World available at Bright Tutee. NCERT solutions are the answers of all the questions of textbook questions of Social Science. Textbook's questions help you in understanding a chapter in a better way and in scoring higher marks. These solutions are available in Ebook at free of cost. You just have to click the ‘download’ button and it will be downloaded on your desktop, laptop or mobile phones.

‘Print, Culture and the Modern World’ is the nineteenth chapter in class 10th Social Science which talks about the topics like ‘The First Printed Book and print comes to Europe’, ‘The Print Revolution and its Impact’, ‘The Reading Mania and the Nineteenth Century’, ‘India and the World of Print and Religious Reforms and Public Debates’, and ‘New Forms of Publication and Print and Censorship’.

Why you must download the NCERT solutions of the chapter ‘Print, Culture and the Modern World’?

The NCERT solutions consist of the solutions of all the questions of the textbook in detail and easy language.

• You get all the solutions of the book at one place.
• These solutions are prepared and reviewed by our experienced and competent teachers.
• You can download these NCERT solutions on any device like laptops, mobile phones, or desktop.
• These solutions are convenient to carry. You can carry it anywhere be it your friend’s house, relative’s house and you can study there. 
• These solutions help you to complete your homework and to prepare you for exams in a better way.
• And most importantly, these solutions are absolutely free. You do not have to spend a single penny for it.

Bright Tutee also provides class 10th Social Science full course which comprises video lectures, assignments, MCQs, question-banks and sample papers, model test papers and previous years’ question papers to practice the question papers well. 

You can download our Social Science Class 10th book immediately to score the top marks in class 10th Social Science.

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24 Hours That Changed the World, Expanded Large Print Edition

por Adam Hamilton

In his best-selling book, 24 Hours that Changed the World, pastor and popular author Adam Hamilton helped readers relive the one day in history that changed everything. Now, on this Special Edition Book and DVD package, Hamilton invites both readers and viewers to experience and understand the significance of Jesus’ final hours.

Drawing on insights from history, archaeology, geography, and the Bible, Hamilton takes us to the Holy Land and provides a deeper understanding of the most amazing day in history. We visit the sites where those earth-shaking events took place, and we walk where Jesus walked along the road that led to the pain and triumph of the cross.

Filmed on location, this 25-minute edited tour of the Holy Land video will entertain and inspire the entire family. This Special Edition Book and DVD package is an alternative to the six-session full length study and is the perfect resource for churchwide viewing nights.

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3D Printing with Autodesk: Create and Print 3D Objects with 123D, AutoCAD and Inventor

por John Biehler

3D Printing with Autodesk
Create and Print 3D Objects with 123D, AutoCAD, and Inventor

Create amazing 3D-printable objects fast with Autodesk 123D!
Imagine it. Then print it! Autodesk 123D gives you all the tools you need and it’s free. This easy, full-color guide will help you fully master 3D printing with Autodesk 123D even if you’ve never done any of this before. Authors John Biehler and Bill Fane have helped thousands of people join the 3D printing revolution—now it’s your turn. With step-by-step photos and simple projects, they teach you how to make the most of the whole 123D suite on Windows, Mac, and iPad. New to 3D printing? You’ll learn pro techniques for creating models that print perfectly the first time. Want to start fast? Discover how to scan photos straight into your models. Don’t have a 3D printer? Learn how to work with today’s most popular 3D printing services.

John Biehler discovered 3D printing several years ago and built his first 3D printer shortly thereafter. Since then, he’s shared his 3D printing knowledge with thousands of people at live events throughout Canada and the Pacific Northwest and through online and broadcast media. He co-founded Vancouver’s fastest-growing group of 3D printing enthusiasts.

Bill Fane, an Autodesk Authorized Training Centre (ATC) certified instructor, has designed with AutoCAD since 1986. Fane has lectured on AutoCAD and Inventor at Autodesk University since 1995, and at Destination Desktop since 2003. He has written 220 The Learning Curve AutoCAD tutorials for CADalyst and holds 12 patents.

From start to finish, 3D Printing with Autodesk 123D covers all you need to know. So stop waiting and start creating!
Quickly get comfortable with the 123D workspace and key features Learn the essentials of effective 3D object design Practice 3D design hands-on with simple guided exercises Generate detailed models from photos with 123D Catch Create new 3D character “monsters” with 123D Creature Prepare any 3D model for successful printing Move from existing 3D CAD tools (if you’ve ever used them) Design parts that are easy to print, and multi-part models that can be printed “pre-assembled” Print through leading 3D printing services such as Shapeways, Ponoko, Fablab, and Hackerspaces

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The Fine Print: How Big Companies Use "Plain English" to Rob You Blind

por David Cay Johnston

“No other modern country gives corporations the unfettered power found in America to gouge cus­tomers, shortchange workers, and erect barriers to fair play. A big reason is that so little of the news . . . addresses the private, government-approved mechanisms by which price gouging is employed to redistribute income upward.”
You are being systematically exploited by powerful corporations every day. These companies squeeze their trusting customers for every last cent, risk their retirement funds, and endanger their lives. And they do it all legally. How? It’s all in the fine print.

David Cay Johnston, the bestselling author of Per­fectly Legal and Free Lunch, is famous for exposing the perfidies of our biggest institutions. Now he turns his attention to the ways huge corporations hide sneaky stipulations in just about every contract, often with government permission.

Johnston has been known to whip out a utility bill and explain line by line what all that mumbo jumbo actually means (and it doesn’t mean anything good, unless you happen to be the utility company). Within all that jargon, disclosed in accordance with all legal requirements, lie the tools these companies use to rob you blind. Even worse is what’s missing—all the contractually binding clauses that companies hide elsewhere yet still enforce and abuse. Consider, for example, how:
An insurance company repeatedly delayed paying for a paralyzed man’s vital care despite court orders to pay up. Laws in nineteen states let companies like Goldman Sachs, General Electric, and Procter & Gamble pocket the state income taxes withheld from their workers’ paychecks for up to twenty-five years. A little-known government rule gives safety waiv­ers to deadly industrial facilities secretly located underneath schools and playgrounds. The “FCC Charge” on your phone bill, which appears to be a government fee, actually goes straight to the phone company.
Johnston shares solutions you can use to fight back against the hundreds of obscure fees and taxes that line the pockets of big corporations, and to help end these devious practices once and for all.

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Make: Ultimate Guide to 3D Printing 2014

por Mark Frauenfelder

It’s 3D Printing: The Next Generation! The technology’s improving, prices are dropping,new models are hitting the market, and 3D printers are appearing on desktops, workbenches, lab shelves, and kitchen tables all over the world. Not only are we seeing better, faster, and cheaper 3D printers, we’re also seeing new printing materials, easier-to-use design software, powerful scanning technology, and the rise of an entire ecosystem of 3D peripherals and services that support 3D printing technology.

Make’s second annual 3D Printing Guide is once again your go-to resource for discovering the latest information in this fast-changing field of printers, software, projects, and accessories. Inside, you'll find up-to-date reviews on the latest in 3D printing technology, feature and model comparisons, tutorials and stories about 3d printing, and some of the coolest 3d printed objects out there.

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3D Printing: Build Your Own 3D Printer and Print Your Own 3D Objects

por James Floyd Kelly

Want something? Print it–with your own 3D printer!
Right now, you can print practically any 3D object you can imagine–from toys to gadgets to replacement parts, and beyond! All you need is a 3D printer…and they’re simpler and cheaper than you ever imagined. This full-color, step-by-step guide will get you started–and if you want, it’ll even walk you through building your own 3D printer from an inexpensive kit.

Packed with colorful photos and screenshots, it explains all the crucial details other books skip. You’ll walk through choosing and assembling your new 3D printer kit…brainstorming and designing new objects with free software…and then printing them on your brand-new 3D printer.

3D printing is today’s hottest new technological revolution, and this book takes you right to the cutting edge!

Discover how 3D printers work and what you can do with them Compare and choose your first 3D printer–either pre-built or kit Assemble Printrbot Simple, one of the world’s easiest 3D printer kits Install and configure software that tells your 3D printer what to do Print your first 3D project from an existing object file Use free Tinkercad software to create your own original 3D models Explore AutoDesk’s free software for 3D printing Use Print-It-For-You services for projects your home printer can’t handle Find great 3D printing projects and models on the Web Imagine creative new uses for your 3D printer

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From Design Into Print: Preparing Graphics and Text for Professional Printing, Edition 2

por Sandee Cohen

A designer in New York creates a beautiful design but when she prints it the colors become muddy. An art director in Seattle sends a file to the print shop, and they call him to say the job won’t print. The editor of a college paper can’t figure out why all the pictures in the paper are jagged. And a freelance designer is Chicago needs to bid on her first print job. Linescreen, DPI, CMYK, RIPs, bleeds, spots, and spreads: Why didn’t they teach this stuff in design school?

Sandee Cohen comes to the rescue, whether you’re producing your first newsletter or you’re an experienced graphic designer who needs to come up to speed on professional-level printing. She’ll tell you how to make your desktop printer behave, and will take the mystery out of dealing with print providers. You’ll learn all the necessary techniques, the terminology, and the rules of printing (and when you can break them). It’s like having your own production manager standing over your shoulder. The copious information in From Design Into Print will have your designs looking as stunning in print as they do on your monitor.

This book will help you:
Choose the right desktop printer for your needs Finally understand resolution Get the results you want from page-layout and image-editing applications Find the best stock images Know what to expect when RGB colors convert to CMYK Figure out your fonts Preflight your work Sound smart when talking to a print shop

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3D Modeling and Printing with Tinkercad: Create and Print Your Own 3D Models

por James Floyd Kelly

The First Complete Guide to Tinkercad: 3D Modeling That’s Powerful, Friendly, & Free!

Want to master 3D modeling and printing? Tinkercad is the perfect software for you: It’s friendly, web-based, and free. Even better, you don’t have to rely on Tinkercad’s technical documentation to use it. This easy, full-color guide is packed with photos and projects that bring 3D modeling to life!

No 3D or CAD experience? No problem: Best-selling author James Floyd Kelly teaches you step-by-step through simple examples and hands-on activities.

You’ll learn all the concepts and techniques you your skills, comfort, and confidence...and create exciting projects that show off Tinkercad’s full power. Learning 3D with your kids? You’ll even find projects you can work on together!

Quickly master the basic 3D concepts you need to understand Navigate Tinkercad’s Dashboard and tool set Create your first 3D model and control its properties Save time by incorporating publicly available elements Import hand sketches or SVG graphics into your models Use the Shape Generator to create custom shapes Add raised text and other embellishments Assemble multiple pieces into a more sophisticated model Make realistic prototypes Output molds for creating items from soft materials Transform models into STL files for printing Get great results from an online 3D printing service Move your 3D objects into the Minecraft virtual world Find answers to your most important Tinkercad questions Discover tools for tasks Tinkercad can’t handle Learn from others! Explore projects at Thingiverse and the Gallery

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