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An Introduction to Sustainable Development

The book gives new consideration to the challenge of achieving lower carbon growth, climate adaptation, and the implications on sustainable development of ...
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Recommended Books for Teaching the U.N. Sustainable ...

Recommended Books for Teaching the. U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. 1: No Poverty ​​-- End poverty in all its forms everywhere. Book Title. Author(s).
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sourcebook_on_sd.pdf - International Institute for Sustainable ...

This book is printed on paper with 100% recycled content , including 15% post-consumer fibre, using vegetable-based inks. Printed and bound in Canada. Published ...
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Beyond Economic Growth - GFDRR

cialized development agencies). This book is designed to introduce read- ers to some major challenges in today's sustainable development (from the global.
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Understanding Sustainable Development Copy

This book will be of great interest to researchers and students in the field of sustainability and sustainable development, as well as ...
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sustainable development: abibliography

Education for Sustainable Development in Nigeria: Book of Readings. Minna: Niger State College of Education, 2004. Ashley, Caroline. Developing Methodologies ...
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Education for sustainable development, global citizenship education, peace education, human rights ... been the first books they have ever read and studied.
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Achieving Sustainable Development: Getting a Good Thing

None of the five books reviewed in this article is against sustainable develop- ... notion of sustainable development in this book, though the relative ...
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Join the global book club which connects young readers to books about each Sustainable Development Goal in all six official UN languages.
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Evaluating Climate Change Action for Sustainable Development

por Juha I. Uitto

This book is open access under a Creative Commons license.This authoritative book presents the ever progressing state of the art in evaluating climate change strategies and action. It builds upon a selection of relevant and practical papers and presentations given at the 2nd International Conference on Evaluating Climate Change and Development held in Washington DC in 2014 and includes perspectives from independent evaluations of the major international organisations supporting climate action in developing countries, such as the Global Environment Facility.

The first section of the book sets the stage and provides an overview of independent evaluations, carried out by multilateral development banks and development organisations. Important topics include how policies and organisations aim to achieve impact and how this is measured, whether climate change is mainstreamed into other development programs, and whether operations are meeting the urgency of climate change challenges.

The following sections focus on evaluation of climate change projects and policies as they link to development, from the perspective of international organisations, NGO’s, multilateral and bilateral aid agencies, and academia. The authors share methodologies or approaches used to better understand problems and assess interventions, strategies and policies. They also share challenges encountered, what was done to solve these and lessons learned from evaluations. Collectively, the authors illustrate the importance of evaluation in providing evidence to guide policy change to informed decision-making.

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Economics of Land Degradation and Improvement – A Global Assessment for Sustainable Development

por Ephraim Nkonya

This volume deals with land degradation, which is occurring in almost all terrestrial biomes and agro-ecologies, in both low and high income countries and is stretching to about 30% of the total global land area. About three billion people reside in these degraded lands. However, the impact of land degradation is especially severe on livelihoods of the poor who heavily depend on natural resources. The annual global cost of land degradation due to land use and cover change (LUCC) and lower cropland and rangeland productivity is estimated to be about 300 billion USD. Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) accounts for the largest share (22%) of the total global cost of land degradation. Only about 38% of the cost of land degradation due to LUCC - which accounts for 78% of the US$300 billion loss – is borne by land users and the remaining share (62%) is borne by consumers of ecosystem services off the farm. The results in this volume indicate that reversing land degradation trends makes both economic sense, and has multiple social and environmental benefits. On average, one US dollar investment into restoration of degraded land returns five US dollars. The findings of the country case studies call for increased investments into the rehabilitation and restoration of degraded lands, including through such institutional and policy measures as strengthening community participation for sustainable land management, enhancing government effectiveness and rule of law, improving access to markets and rural services, and securing land tenure. The assessment in this volume has been conducted at a time when there is an elevated interest in private land investments and when global efforts to achieve sustainable development objectives have intensified. In this regard, the results of this volume can contribute significantly to the ongoing policy debate and efforts to design strategies for achieving sustainable development goals and related efforts to address land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.

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Sustainable Land Use and Rural Development in Southeast Asia: Innovations and Policies for Mountainous Areas

por Holger L. Fröhlich

This book is based on the findings of a long-term (2000-2014) interdisciplinary research project of the University of Hohenheim in collaboration with several universities in Thailand and Vietnam. Titled Sustainable Land Use and Rural Development in Mountainous Areas in Southeast Asia, or the Uplands Program, the project aims to contribute through agricultural research to the conservation of natural resources and the improvement of living conditions of the rural population in the mountainous regions of Southeast Asia. Having three objectives the book first aims to give an interdisciplinary account of the drivers, consequences and challenges of ongoing changes in mountainous areas of Southeast Asia. Second, the book describes how innovation processes can contribute to addressing these challenges and third, how knowledge creation to support change in policies and institutions can assist in sustainably develop mountain areas and people’s livelihoods.

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Buddhist approach to responsible consumption and sustainable development

por Thich Duc Thien

This is a great academic solace to see the Volume on Buddhist Approach to Responsible Consumption and Sustainable Development which covers Sub-Theme Five of UNDV 2019 Academic Conference.
The World of Today is suffering from the crisis of consumerism. The first paper on a Buddhist Perspective on Overconsumption and Its Negative Effects towards Society and Environment deals with it specifically in the reference of consumption beyond requirements which is generally termed as overconsumption. Such human tendency leads to negative impact on the entire force of nature and the environment. How the Buddhist principles guide us to live a better life where there is least effect on the environment and society is well explained in this paper.
The second paper in this volume, entitled Attaining a Sustainable Society through the Teachings of the Khandhaka of the Theravāda Vinaya Piṭaka is a vivid example of the benefits which one can derive from our ancient Pali literature. While studying the Theravada Vinaya Pitaka, the author explores the specific words of the Buddha in the Khandhaka which hint at the possibility of sustainability and development going together without harming other societal components. Though the Vinaya being a Pitaka for monastics, it still is highly useful for the laity as well.
The paper, Buddhist Ethics in the Establishments of Green Tourism is a unique academic contribution. Here, the writer states that the Buddha’s life and principles make us learn a lot as how green methods must be applied in our day-to-day life. The damage being caused by the genre called DEVELOPMENT needs to be controlled and for this, the words of Master exhibits his proximity to protect nature, humanity and the world order.

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Sustainable Development OECD Policy Approaches for the 21st Century: OECD Policy Approaches for the 21st Century

por OECD

Since the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, sustainability has emerged as an over-arching policy goal in the OECD Secretariat and in its Member countries. Real progress depends upon the integration of environmental and social goals with economic ones. This publication provides an overview and analysis of trends and identifies policy gaps and trade-offs that have been encountered and points to future options. The authors document positive trends which have emerged signalling greater sustainability, as well as areas where progress has proved more elusive. While the main focus is the OECD region, expanding linkages -- among all countries and regions -- form an important part of the story. The coverage of the volume reflects the OECD's diverse subject matter expertise, and some of the interdisciplinary synergies that the Organisation can generate. Part I of this two-part volume concentrates on socio-economic issues, including the integration of economics and environment; trade and environment; changing consumption and production patterns; assessing environmental performance; development co-operation; and the evolution of aid agencies since Rio. Part II takes an in-depth look at nine sectoral issues: energy; transport; agriculture; toxic chemicals; climate change; nuclear energy; urbanisation; biotechnology; and education. In short, this publication gives essential keys to meet the major challengeof the 21st century: helping to make sustainability a reality.

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Skills Development for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in Developing Asia-Pacific

por Rupert Maclean

Focusing on the Asia-Pacific region, which in recent years has been the engine of global economic growth , this volume surveys trends and prospects in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) with particular reference to achieving inclusive growth and the greening of economies. Underlying the increasing pressure for new models of TVET provision is the rapid pace of technological change, demand for a work force which is highly responsive to evolving needs and a transforming market place that calls for higher order skills and lifelong learning. The book proposes a re-engineered, modernized TVET system that fosters an innovative approach which enhances the employability of workers as well as the sustainability of their livelihoods. The book includes contributions from leading policy makers, researchers, and practitioners, including those in the private sector in analyzing and forecasting the most urgent priorities in skills development. The book argues for creative approaches to TVET design and delivery particularly with a view to improve job prospects , and meeting the goals of inclusion, sustainable development and social cohesion. Addressing issues such as the chronic mismatches between skills acquired and actual skills required in the work place, the volume proposes diversified approaches towards workforce development and partnerships with the private sector to improve the quality and relevance of skills development . The new imperatives created by ‘greening’ economies and responses required in skills development and training are addressed. Developing TVET is a high priority for governments in the Asia Pacific region as they seek to achieve long-term sustainable growth since the .continued success of their economic destinies depend on it. The volume also includes an emerging framework for skills development for inclusive and sustainable growth in the Asia and Pacific region.

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OECD Insights Sustainable Development Linking Economy, Society, Environment: Linking Economy, Society, Environment

por Strange Tracey

This book takes a careful look at the concept of sustainable development. What does it mean? How is it affected by production, consumption and globalisation? How it can be measured, and what can be done to promote it? The OECD produces data, research and policy recommendations on many issues related to sustainable development, including climate change, co-operation with developing countries and corporate social responsibility. OECD Insights: Sustainable Development draws on that expertise. It argues that to be sustainable, development has to be based on progress in three areas at once: the economy, society and the environment.

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Measuring Sustainable Development Integrated Economic, Environmental and Social Frameworks: Integrated Economic, Environmental and Social Frameworks

por OECD

The papers in this conference proceedings address the various conceptual, measurement and statistical policy issues that arise when applying accounting frameworks to the concept of sustainable development.

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Economic Evaluation of Sustainable Development

por Vinod Thomas

This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license.
This book presents methods to evaluate sustainable development using economic tools. The focus on sustainable development takes the reader beyond economic growth to encompass inclusion, environmental stewardship and good governance. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework for outcomes. In illustrating the SDGs, the book employs three evaluation approaches: impact evaluation, cost-benefit analysis and objectives-based evaluation. The innovation lies in connecting evaluation tools with economics. Inclusion, environmental care and good governance, thought of as “wicked problems”, are given centre stage. The book uses case studies to show the application of evaluation tools. It offers guidance to evaluation practitioners, students of development and policymakers. The basic message is that evaluation comes to life when its links with socio-economic, environmental, and governance policies are capitalized on.

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Sustainable Development Goals Connectivity Dilemma: Land and Geospatial Information for Urban and Rural Resilience

por Abbas Rajabifard

The Open Access version of this book, available at, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license. Large-scale migration from rural to urban areas, and between countries, affects sustainable development at local, national, and regional levels. To strengthen urban and rural resilience to global challenges, Sustainable Development Goals Connectivity Dilemma: Land and Geospatial Information for Urban and Rural Resilience, brings together leading international geospatial experts to analyze the role of land and geospatial data infrastructures and services for achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While the goals outlined in the 2030 Agenda have been longstanding aspirations worldwide, the complexity and connectivity between social, economic, environmental, and governance challenges are changing with large-scale urbanization and population growth. Structured in 5 parts, the themes and objectives of the book are in line with the critical challenges, gaps, and opportunities raised at all UN-GGIM events and UN-GGIM Academic Network forums. Through the different perspectives of scholars, industry actors, and policy-makers, this book provides interdisciplinary analysis and multisectoral expertise on the interconnection between the SDGs, geospatial information, and urban and rural resilience.

Sustainable Development Goals Connectivity Dilemma: Land and Geospatial Information for Urban and Rural Resilience
is an essential reference for researchers, industry professionals, and postgraduate students in fields such as geomatics, land administration, urban planning, GIS, and sustainable development. It will also prove a vital resource for environmental protection specialists, government practitioners, UN-GGIM delegates, and geospatial and land administration agencies. Features:

Introduces a holistic and new approach to sustainable development

Brings together social, economic, and environmental dimensions of sustainability

Highlights the significance and the role of geospatial information in sustainable development

Examines urban and rural interdependencies in the context of strengthening resilience

Written by experts with diverse academic and professional backgrounds who examine connectivity and develop strategic pathways

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