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'What Ought to Be Seen': Tourists' Guidebooks and National ...

1 For the following, John Murray, A Handbook for Travellers on the Continent: Being a Guide to Holland, Belgium, Prussia, Northern Germany, and the Rhine from ...
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The tourist's guide through the Hawaiian islands ... - Aha Moku

This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project.
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Greater Than A Tourist American Southwest Usa 50 - Central ...

Most travel books tell you how to travel like a tourist. Although there is nothing wrong with that, as part of the Greater.
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A Content Analysis of Travel Guidebooks by Sarah Quinlan A ...

The purpose of this study is to analyse and describe how travel guidebooks communicate information on socio-cultural, environmental, and other destination ...
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Literary Tourist Guides as a Form of New Literary History. A ...

of a tourist guide is a way of presenting the literary past, remembering the history of the city and its literary works, the lives of writers.
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Tourist Guide the Official Augusta Book - Digital Maine

Books by an authorized administrator of Maine State Documents. ... Augusta Chamber of Commerce, "Tourist Guide the Official Augusta Book" (1925).
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New York City Sightseeing Guide Study Reference -

When applying for a Sightseeing Guide license from the Department of Consumer Affairs, you will be required to take the. Professional Licensing Examination ...
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Tour Guide Training - Module 4 - Swisscontact

Participant Guide. 1 Module 4 | Tour ... Handle health, security and safety issues on tour . ... Provide extra information or help to tour members .
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If the Shoe Kills

por Book 3

New York Times-Bestselling Author: Folks love spending the holidays in this sunny California town—but a sudden death has cast a cloud of suspicion…

As owner of Coffee, Books, and More in South Cove, California, Jill Gardner looks forward to the hustle and bustle of holiday shoppers. But when the mayor ropes her into being liaison for a new work program, ’tis the season to be wary. Local businesses are afraid the interns will be delinquents, punks, or worse. For Jill, nothing's worse than Ted Hendricks—the jerk who runs the program.
After a few run-ins, Jill's ready to kill the guy. That, however, turns out to be unnecessary when she finds Ted in his car—dead as a doornail. Detective Greg King assumes it's a suicide. Jill thinks it's murder. And if the holidays weren't stressful enough, a spoiled blonde wants to sue the city for breaking her heel. Jill has to act fast to solve this mess—before the other shoe drops…
Praise for the Tourist Trap Mysteries

“Murder, dirty politics, pirate lore, and a hot police detective…A cozy lover's dream come true.”—Susan McBride, author of The Debutante Dropout Mysteries

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Dressed To Kill

por Book 4

A costume drama turns truly deadly in this cozy mystery set in small-town California by the New York Times bestselling author.As the owner of Coffee, Books, and More in the tucked-away town of South Cove, California, Jill Gardner has been known to enjoy a suspenseful tale of murder—as long as it’s confined to the pages of a good book. But now a local charity wants her to portray a twenties flapper in a dinner theater murder mystery. She doesn’t love the idea, but going the extra mile for a good cause never killed anybody…until now.
While everyone is expecting a “dead” body at the dress rehearsal, they are shocked to find one of their castmates actually dead. Suspicion falls on the late actor’s conniving girlfriend Sherry—who also happens to be the ex-wife of Jill’s main squeeze. Sherry is definitely a master manipulator. But is she a killer? It’s up to Jill to find out before it’s curtains for someone else.

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Hospitality and Homicide

por Book 8

New York Times-Bestselling Author: A writer checks in at a California B&B to work on a murder mystery—but the plot is all too real…
A visit to the serene coastal town of South Cove, California, could make anybody feel refreshed and inspired. But as Jill Gardner—owner of Coffee, Books, and More—discovers, some folks won’t live to tell about it . . .

Mystery author Nathan Pike checked into South Cove Bed & Breakfast to compose a compelling novel, not commit murder. But things get real when a rival B&B owner ends up exactly like the victim in his draft—undeniably dead. As Nathan prepares to complete his magnum opus behind bars, Jill’s the only one who can prove his innocence and deconstruct the plot of a twisted killer!

Praise for The Tourist Trap Mysteries

“Murder, dirty politics, pirate lore, and a hot police detective: Guidebook to Murder has it all! A cozy lover’s dream come true.” —Susan McBride, author of The Debutante Dropout Mysteries

“Lynn Cahoon has created an absorbing, good fun mystery in Mission to Murder.” —Fresh Fiction

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Murder on Wheels

por Book 6

A gourmet food truck runs smack into a killer’s appetite for murder in this small-town California cozy mystery by the New York Times bestselling author.
The food truck craze has reached the charming coastal town of South Cove, California. But bookshop café owner Jill Gardner has her reservations about Kacey Austin and her gluten free dessert truck. The South Cove newcomer appears to have stolen her recipes—not to mention her man—from Jill’s best friend Sadie. And yet, even Jill has to admire Kacey’s positive attitude. Nothing’s going to stop the spirited young woman from speeding toward her dreams…until murder stops her in her tracks.
When Kacey turns up dead on the beach, suspicion immediately falls on Sadie. Could she really have been bitter enough to kill her achingly sweet rival? It’s up to Jill to clear her friends name and put the brakes on the real killer.
This eBook edition includes a bonus teaser chapter!

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Guidebook to Murder:

por Book 1

“Murder, dirty politics, pirate lore, and a hot police detective . . . A cozy lover’s dream come true” from the New York Times bestselling author (Susan McBride, USA Today bestselling author).
In the gentle coastal town of South Cove, California, all Jill Gardner wants is to keep her store—Coffee, Books, and More—open and running. So why is she caught up in the business of murder?

When Jill’s elderly friend, Miss Emily, calls in a fit of pique, she already knows the city council is trying to force Emily to sell her dilapidated old house. But Emily’s gumption goes for naught when she dies unexpectedly and leaves the house to Jill—along with all of her problems . . . and her enemies. Convinced her friend was murdered, Jill is finding the list of suspects longer than the list of repairs needed on the house. But Jill is determined to uncover the culprit—especially if it gets her closer to South Cove’s finest, Detective Greg King. Problem is, the killer knows she’s on the case—and is determined to close the book on Jill permanently . . .
Praise for The Tourist Trap Mysteries
“Lynn Cahoon has created an absorbing, good fun mystery in Mission to Murder.”—Fresh Fiction

“I love the author’s style, which was warm and friendly . . . [A] wonderfully appealing series.”—Dru’s Book Musings

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Killer Run

por Book 5

The quick meet the dead during a small-town California charity race in this cozy mystery by the New York Timesbestselling author.
As the owner of South Cove, California’s most beloved bookstore café, Jill Gardner is more known for her sit-down-and-read than her get-up-and-go. Yet she’s been talked into sponsoring a 5k charity race along the beautiful California coast. Jill is happy to hit the ground running in support of the local preservation society—until a fellow runner stumbles over a very stationary body.
The deceased is the wife of the husband-and-wife team hired to promote the event. And while her rudeness didn’t win her any friends in South Cove, it’s her own husband who comes in first on the suspect list. When he turns to Jill for help in clearing his name, she can’t resist tracing the steps of a swift and sinister killer. But she needs to act fast before she winds up crossing a permanent finished line.
This eBook edition includes a bonus teaser chapter!

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Tea Cups and Carnage

por Book 7

In a quaint California town, a new tea shop is drawing lots of attention—and an occasional murder—in this mystery by the New York Times bestselling author.
The quaint coastal town of South Cove, California, is buzzing with excitement about the new specialty tea shop, Tea Hee—not to mention its beautiful owner, Kathi Corbin. But while the men in town are distracted by her looks, Jill Gardner, owner of the local bookshop café, senses something peculiar about the South Cove newcomer. Why, for instance, does Kathi get so pale and flustered when she hears that her sister Ivy is in town?
With a festival drawing plenty of tourists, everyone’s focused on business—until a dead body is found in a seedy motel and identified as someone connected to Kathi. Now the town is buzzing with suspicion, and it’s up to Jill to clear Kathi’s name without getting herself in hot water.

Includes an excerpt from A STORY TO KILL, Lynn Cahoon's BRAND NEW series

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Tourist Season

por Carl Hiaasen

Take a trip to exotic South Florida with this dark, funny book that established Carl Hiaasen as one of the top mystery writers in the game.

The first sign of trouble is a Shriner's fez washed up on a Miami beach. The next is a suitcase containing the almost-legless body of the local chamber of commerce president found floating in a canal...

The locals are desperate to keep the murders under wraps and the tourist money flowing. But it will take a reporter-turned–private eye to make sense of a caper that mixes football players, politicians, and one very hungry crocodile in this classic mystery that GQ called “one of the top ten destination reads of all time.”

4.2/5.00 Read the book for free
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Mission to Murder

por Book 2

A local dispute leads to suspicion of murder for a small-town California bookshop owner in this cozy mystery by the New York Times bestselling author.The small town of South Cove, California, has all kinds of attractions, from resorts and beaches to Jill Gardner’s charming bookshop café. But now Jill may have discovered yet another hidden treasure. The old stone wall on her property might be the remnant of a centuries-old mission worthy of being declared a historical landmark. There’s just one problem—and his name is Craig Morgan.
The obnoxious owner of South Cove's most popular tourist spot, The Castle, Craig makes it his business to contest Jill’s claim. When Craig is found murdered at The Castle shortly after a heated argument with Jill, even her detective boyfriend Greg has to ask her for an alibi. Jill decides she must find the real murderer to clear her name. But when the killer comes for her, she'll need to switch from historic preservation to self-preservation.

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The Tourist: A Novel

por Book 1

In The Tourist, Olen Steinhauer—twice nominated for the Edgar Award—tackles an intricate story of betrayal and manipulation, loyalty and risk, in an utterly compelling novel that is both thoroughly modern and yet also reminiscent of the espionage genre's most touted luminaries.

“Here’s the best spy novel I’ve ever read that wasn’t written by John le Carré.” —Stephen King, Entertainment Weekly

In Olen Steinhauer's explosive New York Times bestseller, Milo Weaver has tried to leave his old life of secrets and lies behind by giving up his job as a "tourist" for the CIA—an undercover agent with no home, no identity—and working a desk at the CIA's New York headquarters. But staying retired from the field becomes impossible when the arrest of a long-sought-after assassin sets off an investigation into one of Milo's oldest colleagues and friends. With new layers of intrigue being exposed in his old cases, he has no choice but to go back undercover and find out who's been pulling the strings once and for all.

*BONUS CONTENT: This edition of The Tourist includes a new introduction from the author and a discussion guide

3.8/5.00 Read the book for free
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