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Electrical and Electronics Engineering

por Knowledge Flow

For the students are pursuing of BSc. Engineering, B.E. & B.Tech in electronics and electrical engineering, diploma in electronics & communication etc. The Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering book covers the production and distribution of power and the manufacturing of electrical and electronics components used in a number of sectors including construction, building and technology. The book covers basics of electricity, electrical circuits, laws of electricity, electromagnetism, electrical mechanics, Sinusoid and Phasor. It also provides basic laws of electronics, semiconductors and digital electronics.

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Electronic Components and Circuits Lab

por Raquel Cervigón Abad

1.  Identification of Basic Electronic Components2. Measuring DC voltages and currents
3. Analysis Techniques
4. AC Analysis
5. Passive Filters and Transfer Functions
6. Analysis of Resonant Circuits

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Designed as a text for the students of various engineering streams such as electronics/electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering, computer science and engineering, IT, instrumentation and control and mechanical engineering, this well-written text provides an introduction to electronic devices and circuits. It introduces to the readers electronic circuit analysis and design techniques with emphasis on the operation and use of semiconductor devices. It covers principles of operation, the characteristics and applications of fundamental electronic devices such as p-n junction diodes, bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), and field effect transistors (FETs), and special purpose diodes and transistors. In its second edition, the book includes a new chapter on “special purpose devices”. What distinguishes this text is that it explains the concepts and applications of the subject in such a way that even an average student will be able to understand working of electronic devices, analyze, design and simulate electronic circuits. This comprehensive book provides: • A large number of solved examples. • Summary highlighting the important points in the chapter. • A number of Review Questions at the end of each chapter. • A fairly large number of unsolved problems with answers.

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Designed specifically for undergraduate students of Electronics and Electrical Engineering and its related disciplines, this book offers an excellent coverage of all essential topics and provides a solid foundation for analysing electronic circuits. It covers the course named Electronic Devices and Circuits of various universities. The book will also be useful to diploma students, AMIE students, and those pursuing courses in B.Sc. (Electronics) and M.Sc. (Physics). The students are thoroughly introduced to the full spectrum of fundamental topics beginning with the theory of semiconductors and p-n junction behaviour. The devices treated include diodes, transistors—BJTs, JFETs and MOSFETs—and thyristors. The circuitry covered comprises small signal (ac), power amplifiers, oscillators, and operational amplifiers including many important applications of those versatile devices. A separate chapter on IC fabrication technology is provided to give an idea of the technologies being used in this area. There are a variety of solved examples and applications for conceptual understanding. Problems at the end of each chapter are provided to test, reinforce and enhance learning.

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Electrical Circuits in Biomedical Engineering: Problems with Solutions

por Ali Ümit Keskin

This book presents a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of electrical circuit theory in biomedical engineering, ideally suited as textbook for a graduate course. It contains methods and theory, but the topical focus is placed on practical applications of circuit theory, including problems, solutions and case studies. The target audience comprises graduate students and researchers and experts in electrical engineering who intend to embark on biomedical applications.

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Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems

por Tony Candela

Often, wiring and electrical work intimidate automotive do-it-yourselfers more than anything else. It's not mechanical, and therefore, it's unfamiliar territory. Electrons are invisible, and to an untrained enthusiast they can do unpredictable things. Finally, here is an enthusiast's guide that takes the mysteries and misunderstandings out of automotive electrical design, modification, diagnostics, and repair. Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems is the perfect book to unshroud the mysteries of automotive electrics and electronic systems. The basics of electrical principles, including voltage, amperage, resistance, and Ohm's law, are revealed in clear and concise detail so the enthusiast understands what these mean in the construction and repair of automotive electrical circuits. All the tools and the proper equipment required for automotive electrical tasks are covered. In addition, this in-depth guide explains how to perform more complex tasks, such as adding new circuits, installing aftermarket electronics, repairing existing circuits, and troubleshooting. It also explains how to complete popular wiring projects, such as adding late-model electronic accessories and convenience items to earlier-model cars, installing relay systems, designing and assembling multi-function circuits and harnesses, and much more.
With this book in hand, you will be able to assemble, design, and build single- and multi-function circuits and harnesses, troubleshoot and repair existing circuits, and install aftermarket systems and electronics. Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems is the perfect book for wiring a hot rod from scratch, modifying muscle car electrical circuits for cooling fans and/or power windows, or adding a big stereo and other conveniences to modern performance cars.

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Practical Troubleshooting of Electrical Equipment and Control Circuits

por Mark Brown

There is a large gap between what you learn in college and the practical knowhow demanded in the working environment, running and maintaining electrical equipment and control circuits. Practical Troubleshooting of Electrical Equipment and Control Circuits focuses on the hands-on knowledge and rules-of-thumb that will help engineers and employers by increasing knowledge and skills, leading to improved equipment productivity and reduced maintenance costs. Practical Troubleshooting of Electrical Equipment and Control Circuits will help engineers and technicians to identify, prevent and fix common electrical equipment and control circuits. The emphasis is on practical issues that go beyond typical electrical principles, providing a tool-kit of skills in solving electrical problems, ranging from control circuits to motors and variable speed drives. The examples in the book are designed to be applicable to any facility.
Discover the practical knowhow and rules-of-thumb they don't teach you in the classroomDiagnose electrical problems 'right first time'Reduce downtime

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Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius 2/E

por Dave Cutcher

The Fiendishly Fun Way to Master Electronic Circuits! Fully updated throughout, this wickedly inventive guide introduces electronic circuits and circuit design, both analog and digital, through a series of projects you'll complete one simple lesson at a time. The separate lessons build on each other and add up to projects you can put to practical use. You don't need to know anything about electronics to get started. A pre-assembled kit, which includes all the components and PC boards to complete the book projects, is available separately from ABRA electronics on Amazon.
Using easy-to-find components and equipment, Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius, Second Edition, provides hours of rewarding--and slightly twisted--fun. You'll gain valuable experience in circuit construction and design as you test, modify, and observe your results--skills you can put to work in other exciting circuit-building projects.
Electronic Circuits for the Evil Genius:
Features step-by-step instructions and helpful illustrations Provides tips for customizing the projects Covers the underlying electronics principles behind the projects Removes the frustration factor--all required parts are listed, along with sources Build these and other devious devices:
Automatic night light Light-sensitive switch Along-to-digital converter Voltage-controlled oscillator Op amp-controlled power amplifier Burglar alarm Logic gate-based toy Two-way intercom using transistors and op amps Each fun, inexpensive Genius project includes a detailed list of materials, sources for parts, schematics, and lots of clear, well-illustrated instructions for easy assembly. The larger workbook-style layout and convenient two-column format make following the step-by-step instructions a breeze.
Make Great Stuff!
TAB, an imprint of McGraw-Hill Professional, is a leading publisher of DIY technology books for makers, hackers, and electronics hobbyists.

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Inductance and Force Calculations in Electrical Circuits

por Marcelo de Almeida Bueno

This book deals with the two fundamental subjects of electromagnetism. It is a useful text for courses in electromagnetism, electrical circuits, mathematical methods of physics, and the history and philosophy of science. It covers how to calculate force between two current carrying circuits, and net force on a part of a closed circuit. The calculation of the mutual inductance between two circuits and self-inductance of a single closed circuit is also described. Experiments explain the main expressions of Ampere and Grassmann. A must to help deepen the knowledge of the mind of any student of science.

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Electrical Circuits with Variable Parameters: Including Pulsed-Control Systems

por V. A. Taft

Electrical Circuits with Variable Parameters Including Pulsed-Control Systems focuses on the processes, methodologies, parameters, and approaches involved in the study of electrical circuits.

The publication first offers information on the forced current component in an oscillatory circuit with a periodically varying inductance; free oscillations in circuits with variable parameters; and operational admittances and system functions of circuits with variable parameters. The text then examines the calculation of transients by the Fourier-series method and methods for the analysis of pulse circuits and problems of the theory of pulse and digital automatic controllers. Discussions focus on theoretical principles, frequency characteristics of impulse functions, determination of the value of the system response to an impulse disturbance at instants of time between impulses, and derivatives and integrals of impulse functions.

The text ponders on the stability of circuits with variable parameters and the stability of periodic modes of operation in non-linear circuits, including the approximate method for investigating the stability of periodic modes of operation; remarks on the investigation of the stability of circuits with feedback containing parameters varying periodically (or exponentially); and analysis of the stability of pulse circuits with feedback.

The publication is a dependable reference for readers and engineers interested in the study of electrical circuits.

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Introduction to Electric Circuits

This book is designed for a one- to three-term course in electric circuits or linear circuit analysis and is structured for maximum flexibility.
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"Lessons In Electric Circuits, Volume I – DC" - Ibiblio

In the second volume of this book series, electric circuits are explored where the direction of current switches back and forth: Alternating Current, or AC.
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Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology - Free

A catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. ISBN 0 7506 5784 7 ... 2 An introduction to electric circuits.
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Electrical Circuits By Hayt 8th Edition Books Download - TRECA

This text allows students to learn the fundamental concepts in linear circuit analysis using a well-developed methodology that has been carefully refined ...
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Electrical Circuits and Systems - Springer LINK

Macmillan Education Basis Books in Electronics ... This book deals with the principles of electrical circuits and systems, and to enable.
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Electronic Circuits: Fundamentals and Applications

range of electronic circuits including amplifiers, logic circuits, power supplies and oscillators. The book is ideal for people who are studying.
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Electric Circuits (9th Edition) - Power Unit

The ninth edition of Electric Circuits represents a planned revision designed ... though this book focuses on circuit analysis, we try to provide opportuni-.
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Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering I

blossomed from focusing on electrical circuits for power, telegraphy and telephony to ... 6.4 In this book, we shall assume that the noise is white.
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electronic circuit theory -

This book is one of several resulting from a recent revision of the. Electrical Engineering Course at The Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology.
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Electrical Circuit Theory and Technology - Index of

No part of this book may be reprinted or reproduced or utilized in any form or by any electronic, ... Electrical circuit theory and technology / John Bird.
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