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Each volume in this series presents its author's understanding of the biblical book being studied. As such, it does not necessarily represent the “official” ...


The Bible mentions several heavenly books in which the experiences and acts of human beings are recorded. Here we will explore the significance of those ...

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The following Adventist Studies books are in Weis Library and available ... Adventists and Military Service: Biblical, Historical, and Ethical Perspectives.


Copyrighted 1892, by. GENERAL CONFERENCE ASSOCIATION. OF THE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS. Page 3. PREFACE. THERE are already many useful books in the hands of the.

The Heavenly Books:

Another book was opened, which is the book of life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.” -Revelation 20:12 ...

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Before allowing a church school to purchase such books, the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist Church Office of Education has a very careful ...

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and other pioneer Adventists through many exciting experiences. This book will help children appreciate the church they are growing up in, and will ...

Adventist Pioneer Places: New York and New England

por Merlin D. Burt

It started as a movement: in tiny homes and small churches in the northeast corner of the United States. Now the Seventh-day Adventist Church circles the globe, and its members are numbered, no longer in the dozens, but in the millions. Although the church's beginnings were small, the stories of its early years are larger than life.

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What Every Seventh-Day Adventist Should Know About the Shepherd’S Rod: Volume 1, Volume 1

por Garrick D. Augustus

If you are a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, you have no doubt heard of The Shepherd’s Rod, a message of present truth and reform first presented to leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the years 1929 and 1930. It has created much controversy. In What Every Seventh-day Adventist Should Know about The Shepherd’s Rod, author Garrick D. Augustus brings to light the historic and the theological reasons behind the rejection of The Shepherd’s Rod message. It exposes the systematic misinformation, as well as the willful manipulations of the facts surrounding Victor Houteff and the movement he began more than eight decades ago. It provides clear and accurate answers to the questions raised against the Rod’s message. And, it answers the objections church leaders have historically offered as “proof” against its bearing the credentials of inspiration. Augustus fused the forensic methods of evidence analytics, as well as the investigative method of internal evidence analysis, to the claims brought against the message by the leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. His research took him from the Heritage Library in Loma Linda, California, to The Biblical Research Committee in Silver Spring Maryland, and beyond. What Every Seventh-day Adventist Should Know about The Shepherd’s Rod journeys through the pages of history and helps to separate truth from propaganda. It takes a fresh look at an old controversy that began in eternity past and has played itself out in the rank and file of Seventh-day Adventism.

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A Search for Identity: The Development of Seventh-Day Adventist Beliefs

por George R. Knight

Der Autor geht auf Fragen ein, die jeden Adventisten interessieren (sollten): Wie kamen die Adventisten zu den Glaubensüberzeugungen, die sie heute vertreten? Wie haben sich die Lehrauffassungen im Laufe der Jahre verändert? Würden die adventistischen Pioniere alle 27 Glaubenspunkte unterschreiben wollen, die heute von der Gemeinschaft der Siebenten-Tags-Adventisten als verbindlich anerkannt werden? George Knight bezweifelt das. Er legt in wohltuender Offenheit die unterschiedlichen Strömungen innerhalb der Adventgeschichte dar und verdeutlicht, dass Adventgläubige nicht aufhören dürfen, Suchende und Lernende zu sein. So aufwühlend dies klingen mag, so beruhigend wird der Leser feststellen können: An allen untersuchten Beispielen wird erkennbar, wie wunderbar Gott die Adventgemeinde geführt hat. - How did Adventists come to believe what they believe? How have those beliefs changed over the years? With compelling candor George Knight captures the ebb and flow of the doctrinal currents within Adventism, including controversies over the shut door, the law in Galatians at the 1888 General Conference, the Trinity, pantheism, Fundamentalism, the nature of Christ, and inspiration. The Adventist Church was founded by independent thinkers who would have disagreed with several of the church's current 27 fundamental beliefs. But over the years strength arose out of contention, and consensus out of debate. From William Miller to Desmond Ford, Knight catalogues the colorful personalities who shaped the discussion, and shows how God has led Adventism into a broader and deeper understanding of His eternal truth. - A Word to the Reader, A Note From the Author, List of Abbreviations, Chapter 1: The Dynamic Nature of "Present Truth", Present Truth: Fluid Rather Than Static, The Avoidance of Creedal Rigidity, The Pathway of Progressive Understanding, Chapter 2: Adventism Wasn't Born in a Vacuum, The Theological Roots of Adventism, Millennial Visions, Chapter 3: The Millerite Theological Foundation, Miller's Use of the Bible, Miller on the Second Advent, The First and Second Angels' Messages, The Seventh-Month Movement and the Great Disappointment, Chapter 4: What Is Adventist in Adventism? (1844-1885), The Centrality of the Shut Door and the Struggle for Identity, A People of "the Book", Moving Toward an Understanding of the Sanctuary, The Sabbath and the Third Angel's Message, The Final Doctrinal Pillar: Conditional, Immortality, Putting It All Together, Refining the First and Second Angels' Messages, Other Post-1850 Theological Refinements, Perspective, Chapter 5: What Is Christian in Adventism? (1886-1919), A Setting for Disagreement, Still a People of the Book? The Issue of Authority, Uplift Jesus: Righteousness by Faith and the Third Angel's Message, Uplift Jesus: The Trinity, Full Divinity of Jesus, and Personhood of the Holy Spirit, Uplift Jesus: A Two-Track Exploration Into the Human Nature of Christ, Perspective, Chapter 6: What Is Fundamentalist in Adventism? (1919-1950), A Polarizing Theological Context, Adventism Moves Toward a More Rigid Position on Inspiration, A People of the Book or a People of the Books?, A Revived Interest in Righteouness by Faith, The Crucial Role of M.L. Andreasen and His "Last Generation" Theology, Moves to Make Adventism Look More Christian, Perspective, Chapter 7: Adventism in Theological Tension (1950- ), Some Significant Developments, Track 1: The Search for Historic Adventism, Track 2: The Search for the Meaning of 1888, Track 3: The Search for Ellen White's Role and Authority, Track 4: The Search for a Theology of Inspiration Perspective, Chapter 8: What Does All This Mean?, Lessons on Polarization, Lessons on "Theological Rigor Mortis", Lessons on Theological Essentials, And What About the Advent?, Appendix: Fundamental Beliefs of Seventh-day Adventists, Index

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A Brief History of Seventh-Day Adventists

por George R. Knight

This book is a story of how Adventists came to view themselves as a prophetic people, of their growing awareness of a resposibility to take their unique message to all the world, and of their organizational and institutional development as they sought to fulfill their prophetic mission. By the end of this volume, you as a reader and I as a author will find ourselves in the flow of Adventist history. - Millerite Roots. Era of Doctrinal Development. Era of Organizational Development. Era of Institutional and Lifestyle Development. Era of Revival, Reform, and Expansion. Era of Reorganization and Crisis. Era of Worldwide Growth. The Challenges and Possibilities of Maturity.

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How to Kill Adventist Education: (and how to Give it a Fighting Chance!)

por Shane Anderson

Between 1980 and 2005 Seventh-day Adventist Church membership in the North American Division increased by 75 percent. In that same 25-year period K-12 enrollment in Adventist schools dropped by nearly 25 percent. What happened? And why?How to Kill Adventist Education takes a hard look at the troubles plaguing Adventist schools. Not only are those problems identified, along with their root causes, but a simple yet effective strategy for change is proposed. And by using this proven strategy, failing schools have successfully transformed into thriving centers of Christ-oriented education.So yes, there is hope for Adventist education. Now, lets get down to business!

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Adventist Heritage of Health, Hope, and Healing

por William C. Andress

In mid-1800s America, in a milieu where thousands were dying prematurely from tuberculosis, dysentery, yellow fever, cholera, diphtheria, smallpox, and even malaria, God raised up a people with a salvific message, both physically and spiritually. In Adventist Heritage of Health, Hope, and Healing, readers will be spellbound by stories of:

The fledgling Western Health Reform Institute which became the largest health care institute of its kind.
The $5,000 miracle that led to the founding of Loma Linda University Medical Center, one of the nation's premier medical facilities in southern California.
The China Doctor, Grandma Whitney, and the humble academician with three doctorate degrees, who have influenced thousands through an integration of practical religion and health.
The prophetic Comprehensive Health Vision that outlines a 10-step program for adding years to your life.

In this book, Dr. Andress explores little known historical connections that coalesce into a persuasive case for a Christian theology of healing and wellness. Throughout the book, personal anecdotes and illustrations provide a vivid and tangible portrait of a man seeking to better understand and live out the divine plan for health of body, mind, and soul. A compelling work.--John Wesley Taylor V, Ph.D Professor of education, philosophy, and research, Southern Adventist University
If 'The health should be as sacredly guarded as the character' (Child Guidance, page 342), then this volume is as valuable as any work in theology. It is the heritage of all God's children to be healthy.--Arthur Mallon, teacher, author, and evangelist

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Adventist: The Autobiography Of Joseph Pyram King

por Joseph Piram King

Edited by Wes Bassett, Joseph P. King's autobiography spotlights American life between 1846 and 1946. King tells of his boyhood in Wilmington, N.C., during the Civil War, his bout with Yellow Fever, and his love affair with his wife of 60 years. He also tells of his long service as a minister. Included is his defense when he was put on trial for heresy in 1880. This 2nd edition contains corrections, additions, and a section of newly uncovered and collected photographs.

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