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Books on Spirituality. Ammerman, N.T. (2014). Sacred Stories, Spiritual Tribes; Finding Religion in Everyday. Life. New York, N.Y.: Oxford University Press.

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Inner Way: Toward a Rebirth of Eastern Christian Spiritual Direction. 4AA. Aradi. The Book of Miracles. 5AA. Adler. How to Think About God.

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New Books on Spirituality. Simon Tugwell O.P.. First, two reprints, one of an undoubted classic, Brother Law- rence's Practice of the Presence of God, ...

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To welcome customers of all beliefs, we place the following restrictions on ads for nonfiction religious books: Accepted: • Nonfiction books about religion in ...


Books and texts approaching the subject from a specifically religious perspective are numerous and easily accessible. The books listed below all contain.

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Breathing I Pray by Ivan Mann. A great book on different ways of being drawn into prayer. One for dipping into. Sanctuary of the Soul by Richard Foster. If you ...


The different religious books, such as the Vedas, the Holy Bible, the sacred Quran,. Sri Adi Granth Sahib, and all other scriptures, are so many pages of the ...

Book order: Mary E. McGann, RSCJ Spirituality of the Earth ...

Required books. Brian Thomas Swimme, Hidden Heart of the Cosmos: Humanity and the New Story, Revised edition. (Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 2019).

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Recommended Books for Spiritual Reading. Prayer Primer - Fr. Thomas Dubay. Time for God - Fr. Jacques Philippe. Introduction to the Devout Life -St. Francis ...

Physical Spirituality: Changing the paradigm

por Michael Abramowitz

 Could divinity be a this-worldly rather than an other-worldly phenomenon? Could we find all the splendour of our spiritual imaginations right here in our physical reality? Science has given humanity a new perspective of the cosmos but we have yet to make the leap of imagination that would let that perspective come alive with spiritual potentials. This book explores for spiritual possibilities that do not resort to outlandish dimensions or unrealistic pantheons, with surprising results. It answers some long-standing questions - such as why spirituality is so thoroughly hidden - and provides a valuable foundation for modern spiritual seekers questing through psychedelics. Though grounded in physics, the book is accessible to all. It offers an understanding of spirituality commensurate with today's notions of consciousness and technology.

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Five Books of Spirituality

por Benny Tucker

For the First Time ever all five books, written by Benny Tucker, are now available in one volume. Very popular, Christian Letters is book one, Book two; Let the World Prepare, this is based on Revelations and the end times. Book three; God, Man, Death, and then the Judgment, this book reveals the story of the bible in a simple and easy to understand method. Book four; Sin and Man, explains the penalty of sin and that all of mankind are sinners, but God rescued us through Jesus Christ. Book five; Standing against Satan, is the newest book and it is based on Ephesians 6 and the armor of God. In this study we see that we are no match for Satan's power but with the armor of God as our defense and the Sword of the Spirit, God's word, we are ready to go on the offense against him, the devil. Now you can have all five books for simple easy price. Individual books are also still available.

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The Spirituality of Imperfection: Storytelling and the Search for Meaning

por Ernest Kurtz

I Am Not Perfect is a simple statement of profound truth, the first step toward  understanding the human condition, for to deny your essential imperfection is to deny yourself and your own humanity. The spirituality of imperfection, steeped in the rich traditions of the Hebrew prophets and Greek thinkers, Buddhist sages and Christian disciples, is a message as timeless as it is  timely. This insightful work draws on the wisdom stories of the ages to provide an extraordinary wellspring of hope and inspiration to anyone thirsting for spiritual growth and guidance in these troubled times.

Who are we? Why so we so often fall short of our goals for ourselves and others? By seeking to understand our limitations and accept the inevitably of failure and pain, we being to ease the hurt and move toward a greater sense of serenity and self-awareness. The Spirituality Of Imperfection brings  together stories from many spiritual and philosophical paths, weaving past traditions into a  spirituality and a new way of thinking and living that works today. It speaks so anyone who yearns to find meaning within suffering. Beyond theory and technique, inside this remarkable book you will find a new way of thinking, a way of living that enables a truly human existence.

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Emotionally Healthy Spirituality: It's Impossible to Be Spiritually Mature, While Remaining Emotionally Immature

por Peter Scazzero

In this revised bestselling book, Peter Scazzero outlines a roadmap for discipleship with Jesus that is powerfully transformative. He unveils what's wrong with our current definition of "spiritual growth" and offers not only a model of spirituality that actually works, but seven steps to change that will help you experience authentic faith and hunger for God.Peter Scazzero learned the hard way: you can't be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. Even though he was the pastor of a growing church, he did what most people do:
Avoid conflict in the name of ChristianityIgnore his anger, sadness, and fearUse God to run from GodLive without boundariesEventually God awakened him to a biblical integration of emotional health and the spiritual practice of slowing down and quieting your life for to experience a firsthand relationship with Jesus. It created nothing short of a spiritual revolution in Scazzero, in his church, and now in thousands of other churches.
In this updated edition, Scazzero shares new stories and principles as he outlines his journey and the signs of emotionally unhealthy spirituality. Then he provides seven biblical, reality-tested ways to break through to the revolutionary life Christ meant for you.
Check out the full line of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality books dedicated to many different key areas of life. Workbooks, study guides, curriculum, and Spanish editions are also available.

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Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Day by Day: A 40-Day Journey with the Daily Office

por Peter Scazzero

Based on his bestselling book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, this 40-day devotional by Peter Scazzero is your guide to more intentional, meaningful, life-changing communion with God.We all struggle to find daily time to be with God for the nourishment of our souls. This groundbreaking devotional is your key to resting fully in the awareness of his presence, increasing your self-knowledge, and growing deeper, closer to God.
Each day, Peter Scazzero invites you to the ancient and yet powerful spiritual discipline of the Daily Office, the practice of pausing morning and evening to reflect on God's work in your life.
In the midst of the hustle, we have to create interludes to re-center our hearts on the presence of God. For eight weeks, each morning and evening devotional will help you create that much-needed space for silence and reflection. You will be encouraged with thoughtful readings and questions to consider. And after each a closing prayer, you'll return to your day with a renewed sense of purpose and peace. This devotional is drawn from the bestselling book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and can be read as a companion book or enjoyed on its own.
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Day by Day will anchor your life on the invitation to love God with all your heart, mind, and strength. In this guided journey, you'll discover the spiritual nourishment, joy, and peace that comes from meeting with God every day.
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Day by Day is also available in Spanish, Espiritualidad emocionalmente sana Día a día.

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Messy Spirituality: God's Annoying Love for Imperfect People

por Mike Yaconelli

Find freedom from legalism's should's and discover the deep spirituality of being loved by the God who meets and transforms you in the midst of a messy and unpredictable life.Do you ever feel like you don't pray enough, read your Bible enough, share your faith enough, love God enough . . . and ultimately that you're not a very good Christian?
Welcome to the club. Messy Spirituality was written for the silent majority of us who are convinced we just don't do Christianity right. Mike Yaconelli dares to suggest that imperfection, unfinishedness, and messiness are, in fact, the earmarks of true Christianity; that real Christianity is messy, erratic, lopsided . . . and gloriously liberating.
In these pages, he challenges you to let go of the legalism that holds you back and embrace the grace freedom that God offers. He opens your eyes to the one-size-fits-all spirituality churches often want us to embrace and shares what it truly means to walk with God in a deep, intimate, life-changing way.
Full of innovative ideas and concepts, Messy Spirituality is a classic that offers timeless wisdom for anyone ready to be free from the bonds of perfectionism.
Spanish edition also available.

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True Spirituality: Becoming a Romans 12 Christian

por Chip Ingram

A launching pad for your spiritual journey, this inspiring book provides clear, specific, and practical guidelines for becoming a Christian who lives like Christ.

Christians today live in a world that is activity heavy and relationship light. The result is spiritual emptiness. We struggle to know what God wants from us and for us . . . and we’re unsure what a real relationship with God really looks like. But that was never God’s idea. HIS idea of faith is not about rules or religion— it’s about relationship. That’s where God tells us to start. In Romans 12, God gives us a clear picture of what Christians should look like at the root level. If you’re ready to move from “in” to “all in,” then you’re ready to become a Romans 12 Christian. The next steps of your journey toward true spirituality start here.

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Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling

por Mark R. McMinn

The American Association of Christian Counselors and Tyndale House Publishers are committed to ministering to the spiritual needs of people. This book is part of the professional series that offers counselors the latest techniques, theory, and general information that is vital to their work. While many books have tried to integrate theology and psychology, this book takes another step and explores the importance of the spiritual disciplines in psychotherapy, helping counselors to integrate the biblical principles of forgiveness, redemption, restitution, prayer, and worship into their counseling techniques. Since its first publication in 1996, this book has quickly become a contemporary classic—a go-to handbook for integrating what we know is true from the disciplines of theology and psychology and how that impacts your daily walk with God. This book will help you integrate spiritual disciplines—such as prayer, Scripture reading, confession—into your own life and into counseling others.

Mark R. McMinn, Ph.D., is professor of psychology at Wheaton College Graduate School in Wheaton, Illinois, where he directs and teaches in the Doctor of Psychology program. A diplomate in Clinical Psychology of the American Board of Professional Psychology, McMinn has thirteen years of postdoctoral experience in counseling, psychotherapy, and psychological testing. McMinn is the author of Making the Best of Stress: How Life's Hassles Can Form the Fruit of the Spirit; The Jekyll/Hyde Syndrome: Controlling Inner Conflict through Authentic Living; Cognitive Therapy Techniques in Christian Counseling; and Christians in the Crossfire (written with James D. Foster). He and his wife, Lisa, have three daughters.

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Hardcore Spirituality: How to Refute Atheism and Find a True Religion

por Robin Sacredfire

I do not notice much change between those that are in one religion or another, from the most popular to the most secretive. In general, all religions promote one truth, that very few are able to acknowledge or recognize, even when spending their entire life inside a certain path, no matter how advanced it might seem. The only apparent difference seems to be that, the followers do care more about each other when addressing those that are inside their circle as being special. It is really impressive to notice, in these modern times, how much most people believe that their religion is supreme to all others. Indeed, arrogance never stops impressing me. Because, in itself, arrogance neglects its own and obvious level of ignorance supporting it.
I always hear things like, “when I found this group, I never had to search for another any longer”, as if such individuals had found the best. And yet, such quest often lasted no more than two to three religions.
The sense of feeling stupid seems to easily get deceived by the sense of feeling special. It makes us wonder if, in ancient times, people behaved in the same way and said to each other, "I used to be like you, praying to thirty-three different gods, but now I only have one and I feel much more enlightened".
The content exposed in all groups that I have met for the past thirty years of my life hasn't show any improvement. Quite the opposite. Religion is very commonly becoming a kindergarten for adults. It is as if people predisposed themselves to feel accommodated with the sense of feeling good about being happy and stupid. In fact, the ones attending more secretive meetings could be compared to the children that enjoy playing games that need to be hidden from adults. And that, when you look at what they're doing, doesn't seem like anything that needs to be kept secretive.
The question nonetheless, remains: Is there such thing as a mature and truthful religion?
While for many this question has been answered, I truly believe that the answer evolved with humanity. Otherwise, I would not have written this book.
Here, I will show you in which direction religion, and spiritually in general, should be going, because the one and unifying religion of the future must be complete in all ways, and that is only possible when maintained by superior minds, supported by superior hearts and strengthen by superior souls.
In this sense, this book intends to give you a glimpse of such future, and such religion, at least, to make you part of it in spirit before such reality comes to this world. This is an introduction to the supreme religion of the future, the only religion that will never change over thousands of years.

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Medicine - Religion - Spirituality: Global Perspectives on Traditional, Complementary, and Alternative Healing

por Dorothea Lüddeckens

In modern societies the functional differentiation of medicine and religion is the predominant paradigm. Contemporary therapeutic practices and concepts in healing systems, such as Transpersonal Psychology, Ayurveda, as well as Buddhist and Anthroposophic medicine, however, are shaped by medical as well as religious or spiritual elements. This book investigates configurations of the entanglement between medicine, religion, and spirituality in Europe, Asia, North America, and Africa. How do political and legal conditions affect these healing systems? How do they relate to religious and scientific discourses? How do therapeutic practitioners position themselves between medicine and religion, and what is their appeal for patients?

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