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A Study of Christian (Systematic) Theology Books Used as ...

TABULATION OF THEOLOGICAL BOOKS ... A. T. S. schools, (2) theology books used as texts by those ... In order to ascertain what Christian theology books.
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Ten Outstanding Books in Mission Studies, World Christianity ...

Ten Outstanding Books in Mission Studies, World. Christianity, and Intercultural. Theology for 2019. The editor of the International Bulletin of Mission ...
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Systematic Theology (Volume 1 of 3) - Project Gutenberg

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Systematic Theology (Volume ... President and Professor of Biblical Theology in the ... V. Text-Books in Theology.
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Biblical theology can be done by looking at particular books, testaments, theology of a particular author, or the entire Bible as a whole. 17. Special ...
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A Biblical-Theological Introduction to the Old Testament

You have heard it said that our Bible contains sixty-six different books written by an unknown number of human authors in three different languages (Hebrew, ...
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Bishop Barron Recommended Books - Word on Fire

Systematic Theology. BOOKS. CLASSICAL: • Summa Theologiae St. Thomas. • On the Trinity (De trinitate) St. Augustine. • On First Principles (De principiis) ...
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SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY OF POPULAR BIBLICAL THEOLOGY BOOKS. A selected bibliography of a few helpful books that tell the Biblical drama as one story.
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Applied Theology - St. Vladimir's Seminary

Orthodox Canon Law Reference Book. ... Six Books on the Priesthood. ... The Orthodox Pastor: A Guide to Pastoral Theology, second edition.
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2022 Spring Academic Catalog - Fortress Press

a premier publisher of compelling theological, biblical, and ethical engagements for the church and the world in which it lives. Our books ...
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A Reading List for Lutherans

Lutheran Theology.*** Some may think Lutheranism is staid and respectable, but this book shows just how radical and mind-blowing Lutheranism — with its ...
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Introducción a Søren Kierkegaard, o la teología patas arriba AETH: Introduction to Soren Kierkegaard Upside Down Theology AETH (Spanish)

por Assoc for Hispanic Theological Education

Eliseo Pérez Álvarez presenta en su libro a un Kierkegaard que va más allá de lo que leemos de él en muchas introducciones. Aquí, además, es el profeta, el denunciante de la injusticia social y de la hipocresía eclesiástica y religiosa. Eliseo "nos engancha entreteniéndonos con sus imágenes culinarias, al tiempo que nos lleva a reconocer cuanta razón tenía Kierkegaard en mucho de lo que dijo ..." In this book, the author presents a Kierkegaard that goes beyond what we read of him in many textbooks. Aside from a look at Kierkegaard the prophet, the denouncer of the social injustice and of the religious and ecclesiastical hypocrisy, Álvarez treats readers to a detailed examination of the times that formed Kierkegaard’s teachings and philosphies.
Eliseo Perez-Alvarez studied theology and philosophy in Mexico City, Atlanta, Chicago and Copenhagen. He has been professor, pastor, editor and coordinator for Hispanic Ministries in Mexico, USA, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. He currently is an Associate Professor of Latino Theology and Mission at the Lutheran Seminary Program in the Southwest in Austin, Texas.

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Introducción a la teología cristiana AETH: Introduction to Christian Theology Spanish

por Justo L. González

Una clara, concisa y atrayente introducción a un campo que esta regresando una vez mas, especialmente entre los laicos comprometidos con el renovado interés en el crecimiento espiritual dentro del contexto de una tradición eclesiástica. Como historiadores del cristianismo, los autores de este libro ofrecen una introducción a las doctrinas cristianas tradicionales. Escrito en un estilo claro directo, este libro presenta una reseña de las raíces, los contextos particulares, y los entendimientos doctrinales de temas como la teología, Dios, el ser humano, Jesucristo, la iglesia, y la esperanza. A clear, concise and attractive introduction to a field that is returning once again, especially among the laity committed to the renewed interest in spiritual growth within the context of church tradition. As historians of Christianity, the authors of this book provide an introduction to traditional Christian doctrines. Written in a direct style, this book provides an overview of the roots, contexts, and understandings of issues of doctrine and theology, God, man, Jesus Christ, the church, and hope.

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Liberationis mysterium. O projeto sistemático da teologia da libertação. Um estudo teológico na perspectiva da «Regula fidei»

por Paulo Sérgio Lopes Gonçalves

A dissertacao tem pro objetivo analisar teologicamente a teologia da libertacao como Projeto Sistematico a luz da regula fidei. Expos-se sistematicamente a teologia da libertacao em seus conteudos fundamentais e dogmaticos. Buscou-se as fontes teoricas da teologia da libertacao presentes nas teologias transcendental, da historia e da praxis. Constatou-se a articulacao da fe com a perspectiva dos pobres. Analisou-se todo este sistema a luz da regula fidei com a finalidade de demonstrar as contribuicoes da teologia da libertacao para a Igreja e para a sociedade mundial, bem como, os pontos passiveis de melhor precisao dogmatico-fundamental. O Epilogo mostra a teologia da libertacao como una teologia do reino, util e necessaria para a gestacao do homem novo e da nova criacao

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Ministerio - Adoración cristiana: Teología y práctica desde la óptica protestante: Christian Worship: The Theology and Practice of Protestants AETH

por Assoc for Hispanic Theological Education

Este libro examina el tema de la adoración cristiana desde el punto de vista del protestantismo y la diversidad dentro de este. Es en esta diversidad que se han configurado modelos distintos en la organización eclesiástica y ha resultado en una adoración marcadamente creativa y flexible. El autor nos guiará por el desarrollo histórico de esta adoración y expondrá algunos de los modelos básicos. Written in Spanish, this book examines the topic of the Christian worship and its diversity from the Protestant perspective. This diversity has contributed to the configuration of different worship models in the ecclesiastical organization that results in a flexible and creative worship. The author will guide us for the historic development of Christian worship and discuss some of the basic models.

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Introducción a la vida y teología de Juan Calvino AETH: Introduction to the Life and Theology of John Calvin

por Assoc for Hispanic Theological Education

Este libro del Dr. Salatiel P. López nos introduce en el pensamiento de Juan Calvino de una forma profunda y amena; dándonos a entender que Calvino, al igual que el resto de nosotros, "somos afectados por fuerzas y circunstancias históricas que influyen sobre nuestro desarrollo personal, intelectual y espiritual de manera significativa. Además de aquellas características individuales que nos distinguen de las otras personas, y además de aquellos factores providenciales singulares en que Dios opera de manera específica en nuestras vidas, recibimos el impacto y la influencia de factores, circunstancias y personajes de la época en que vivimos, y que contribuyen a moldear nuestra existencia, nuestro carácter y nuestra manera de pensar". This book by Dr. Salatiel P. López introduces us to the thought of Juan Calvino in a deep and enjoyable manner. It makes the reader understand that all of us, like Calvin, "are affected by forces and historical circumstances that influence our personal, intellectual and spiritual development in a meaningful way. In addition to those individual characteristics that distinguish us from other people, and in addition to those singular providential factors that God works in a specific way in our lives, we receive the impact and influence of factors, circumstances and people of the era in which we live. And these elements contribute to mold our existence, our character, and our way of thinking."

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Introducción a la vida y teología de Juan Wesley AETH: Introduction to the Life and Theology of John Wesley Spanish

por Hugo Magallanes

The Holy Spirit movement in eighteenth century England gave rise to a religious revival that gave birth to the family of churches we know today as the wesleyans. Thus, by his importance as the genius organizer, it is essential to know the life and thought of one of the pillars within the Wesleyan movement: John Wesley. In this book - of a very simple and yet profound way- Dr. Magallanes offers us the most basic traits of the social-religious context in which Wesley lived in the England of the eighteenth century, aspects that influenced the family development of his character and spirituality, the education and training received in Oxford, experiences that awakened in Wesley his passion for evangelization and the doctrine of the holiness of heart and life that characterized the movement.

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The Use of Analogy in Theological Discourse: An Investigation in Ecumenical Perspective

por Joseph Palakeel

The Przywara-Barth-Balthasar debate on analogy has led to the emergence of several new analogies such as analogy of love (H.U. von Balthasar), analogy of freedom (W. Kasper), analogy of advent (E. Jungel) and analogy of man (K. Rahner). The post-modern recourse to analogy signals an ontological, epistemological and linguistic renewal of both analogy and theology in such a way that analogy is no more a principle of natural theology at the forecourt of theology, but the key hermeneutical principle of theological discourse itself. The study shows that analogy is unavoidable in theology because all theological statements are necessarily analogical.

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