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This book is dedicated to him and his trainer, Wilson. Pitts. It is a compilation of all that I have learned throughout my eighteen years of boxing training ...

Beginers Guide To Boxing Pdf

Boxing Book For Beginners - Kevin Durant 2018-09-17. - Do you really wish to become a successful boxing player? - Are you looking for the best boxing books that ...

The Art of Boxing and Manual of Training

These short biographies of the two boxers who ap- pears in the cuts that illustrate Edwards' book on the. Art of Boxing, ought to satisfy anybody that he is a.

Boxers Start Up A Beginners To Boxing ...

This martial arts book is an outstanding aid to anyone training in muay thai or mixed martial arts. New students will learn the moves efficiently through clear ...

BOOK REVIEW: Kasia Boddy: Boxing: A Cultural History

Boxing: A Cultural History. Kasia Boddy. London: Reaktion Books Ltd., 2008. References, illustrations, index. 478 pp. $35.00 cloth. isbn: 9781861893697.

Boxing and Identity in Novels by Philip Roth and Norman ...

He also peoples his fiction with fighters. When in his novels he provides individuals with boxing backgrounds, he uses the sport as a sort of shorthand to give ...

JBC Book Clubs Discussion Guide

Boxing—also called pugilism, the sweet science, or the “manly art of self-defense”—is one of the world's oldest sports. Evidence exists of some form of ...

Boxing's Ten Commandments: Essential Training for the Sweet Science

por Alan Lachica

This boxing handbook provides up-to-date, in-depth coaching for serious contenders. Weaving fundamental skills into a progression of drills that hone technique in increasingly complex, demanding, and realistic fighting situations, the handbook aids fighters in developing the reflexes of a complete boxer and teaches the move from a process-and-react mentality to one of seeing-and-reacting. Hundreds of sequential images illustrate vital steps in the progression—from proper stance, effective footwork, and range to defense and counters, the importance of angles, and creating winning strategies.

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Boxing for MMA: Building the Fistic Edge in Competition & Self-Defense for Men & Women

por Mark Hatmaker

Although dramatic head kicks and garrote-tight submissions may get most of the airplay in highlight reels, the stats show that punching combinations and knockouts reap more MMA victories than any other fighting technique. This boxing primer not only covers the basics, including stance, footwork, punches, and combinations, it takes these boxing skills and views them through an MMA prism that addresses the realities of the mixed martial arts game. While there are some must-know fistic skills for MMA, there are also more than a few boxing tactics that will get you smashed in MMA. Boxing for MMA builds on the good and tosses the bad, discussing the differences in strategy and tactics when it comes to facing likely MMA scenarios. Matchups covered include Boxing vs. Wrestling, Boxing vs. Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing vs. Muay Thai, Boxing vs. the Slugger, Dirty Boxing Inside the Clinch, and Boxing off of the Fence. All the techniques are illustrated in hundreds of action-sequence images, making this guide the go-to resource for blending boxing skills into your fighting arsenal.

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Successful Boxing: The Ultimate Training Manual

por Jamie Dumas

Successful Boxing is the ultimate training manual for aspiring boxers. This indispensable resource shares tips and suggestions on how to improve skills and maximize performance. With inspiration and advice from World Champions Sergio Martinez, Saul Alvarez, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and a foreword by legendary World Champion Juan Manuel Marquez, using the information presented in this book will be just like receiving private sessions with a coach or top performer. These tips and training methods allow you to master the individual nuances of boxing to give you the winning edge. Whether you are new to the sport or a serious competitor, this book will help you reach the next level of skill development.This is the ultimate training manual for aspiring boxers. Superbly illustrated with 360 colour instructional and action photographs. Andy Dumas is a Canadian Boxing Coach who hosts and produces a number of TV fitness and sports shows and Jamie Dumas is a trainer of fitness instructors and develops workshops for fitness clubs.

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Boxing Fitness

por Clinton McKenzie

Boxing is well-known for its training regime, which produces some of the strongest, fittest athletes in the world. 'Boxing fitness', a recent development in personal fitness, has adapted elements of this training into a safe, enjoyable and effective workout. A non-contact discipline, it's fun and suitable for everyone.

In essence, it's a great cardiovascular workout that also helps develop strength, speed, co-ordination, balance and flexibility. In this book, two experts describe the techniques involved - a circuit that includes shadow boxing, skipping, punch bag and focus-pad work - and explain how a regime can be tailored to address each individual's fitness goals, whether it be weight loss, general toning, increased stamina or improved strength.

The unique structure of a boxing fitness session evokes the traditional
boxing experience, adding an authentic touch to a modern exercise regime that's suitable for men and women, young and old. Whether you're a cross-training athlete or simply want to enjoy a great workout, this clear and well-illustrated guide will help you reach the top of your game.

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Boxing Mastery: Advanced Technique, Tactics, and Strategies from the Sweet Science

por Mark Hatmaker

This guide to the finer points of boxing provides the wisdom needed to make the transition from enthusiastic beginner to proficient pugilist. The ABCs of ring generalship, offensive and defensive ring movements, feints, and draws and fakes are examined and explained along with clinching techniques, head-hunting, body work, and counter-punching chains. Strategies for boxing against tall and short opponents as well as for a variety of fighting styles such as charger, speed-demon, stick-and-move, and slugger and brawler are discussed in detail. Specific drills focus on sophisticated ring stratagems such as throwing complex combinations, cutting off the ring, fighting off the ropes, generating power, and cornering an opponent are included.

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Boxing, Masculinity and Identity: The 'I' of the Tiger

por Kath Woodward

Boxing is infused with ideas about masculinity, power, race and social class, and as such is an ideal lens through which social scientists can examine key modern themes. In addition, its inherent contradictions of extreme violence and beauty and of discipline and excess have long been a source of inspiration for writers and film makers. Essential reading for anyone interested in the sociology of sport and cultural representations of gender, Boxing, Masculinity and Identity brings together ethnographic research with material from film, literature and journalism. Through this combination of theoretical insight and cultural awareness, Woodward explores the social constructs around boxing and our experience and understanding of central issues including:

masculinity mind, body and the construction of identity spectacle and performance: tensions between the public and private person boxing on film: the role of cultural representations in building identities methodologies: issues of authenticity and ‘truth’ in social science.

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The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Boxing

por Rob Price

"The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Boxing" is the most comprehensive and up-to-date boxing-specific training guide in the world today. It contains descriptions and photographs of nearly 100 of the most effective weight training, flexibility, and abdominal exercises used by athletes worldwide. This book features year round boxing-specific weight training programs guaranteed to improve your performance and get you results. No other boxing book to date has been so well designed, so easy to use, and so committed to weight training. This book supplies you with a yearround workout program designed to increase punching speed and power in your jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. Following this program will raise your stamina and endurance which will result in extraordinary footwork that will have you dancing around opponents and hitting them with sharp combinations until the final bell.
Both beginners and advanced athletes and weight trainers can follow this book and utilize its programs. From recreational to professional, thousands of athletes all over the world are already benefiting from this book and its techniques, and now you can too!

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Boxing: Training, Skills and Techniques

por Gary Blower

Boxing - Training, Skills and Techniques is essential reading for both recreational and competitive boxers, and all those who wish to take up amateur boxing, or participate in a boxing-based programme. It offers practical advice on the many crucial factors that need to be taken into account if the boxer is to maximize his, or her, performance and potential. Topics include: an overview of the history of boxing; the amateur code; boxing weights; recreational boxing; equipment and attire; a detailed consideration of both basic and advanced techniques; the role of the coach; fitness training; gym work; running; conditioning; speed and agility training; making the weight and nutrition; planning the season, and much more.

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Mastering Muay Thai Kick-Boxing: MMA-Proven Techniques

por Joe E. Harvey

Become a champion in the Thai martial arts world with this Muay Thai training guide!

Muay Thai (or Thai boxing), the national sport of Thailand, has become one of the most prominent martial arts forms in the mixed martial arts (MMA) arena. Often called "the art of eight limbs," Muay Thai combines the use of punches, kickboxing, elbows, knees and standing grappling moves.

Mastering Muay Thai Kick-Boxing is an excellent aid to anyone training in Muay Thai or MMA—new students can learn the moves efficiently, while experienced students will refine their techniques. Author and experienced martial artist Joe Harvey presents students with over 200 color photographs and training aids, such as stepping diagrams, tables, training drills, tips, and more!

This Muay Thai book will take your practice of this intense sport to the next level.

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Speed Boxing Secrets: A 21-Day Program to Hitting Faster and Reacting Quicker in Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts

por Sammy Franco

 Speed Boxing Secrets: A 21-Day Program to Hitting Faster and Reacting Quicker in Boxing and Martial Arts is a comprehensive book written for anyone who wants to dramatically improve their fighting speed in a very short period of time. This boxing program has one goal - to make you double your fighting speed.

Speed Boxing Secrets is different from any other boxing training book. In fact, the boxing exercises featured in this book are seldom seen or discussed in boxing circles. For lack of a better word, they are "training secrets" that will dramatically increase your fighting speed for boxing, mixed martial arts, kick boxing and even self-defense. In fact, when used correctly, this unique speed development program will double your boxing speed in as little as 21 days.

With over 100 detailed photographs and easy-to-follow instructions, Speed Boxing Secrets has beginner, intermediate and advanced workout routines that will accelerate  movement speed and enhance your fighting reflexes. Best of all, you don’t need previous training experience to master these boxing drills. 

This one-of-a-kind book is based on Sammy Franco’s 30+ years of research, training and teaching the combat arts. In fact, he has taught these unique boxing training drills to thousands of his students, and he’s confident they will help you reach higher levels of speed performance.

Whether you’re an elite fighter or a complete beginner, this comprehensive book will take your fighting speed to the next level and beyond!

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